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    Katherine Mcnamara: Secret Weapon

    By Goldenforce772

    *In light of the duplicitious nature of Brie Larson and the trouble she is sure to cause for Golden Force West, help is on the way from two sources. One of them is the mysterious Phase 4, who is a clone of the ninja Kasumi, and the other is a figure who comes from far to the east to help. Her name is Katherine Mcnamara. You may know her better as Mia Smoak. She is the recently adopted daughter of Stephen Amell(Dino Charge Green Ranger) and Emily Bett Rickards(Dino Charge Graphite Ranger.) Kather

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  1. *In light of the duplicitious nature of Brie Larson and the trouble she is sure to cause for Golden Force West, help is on the way from two sources. One of them is the mysterious Phase 4, who is a clone of the ninja Kasumi, and the other is a figure who comes from far to the east to help. Her name is Katherine Mcnamara. You may know her better as Mia Smoak. She is the recently adopted daughter of Stephen Amell(Dino Charge Green Ranger) and Emily Bett Rickards(Dino Charge Graphite Ranger.) Katherine's fighting skills are second to none. She is indeed a shinobi, with lightning style chakra similar to my own. But the difference is that she uses her defensively, whereas I use mine offensively. After the business with Black Lightning, Stephen and Emily decided to adopt her because they saw what she could do in a fight and liked it. Plus, Katherine's temperament is one where enemies have to beware of. She does not like overpowered types or types who talk trash about people for the stupidest reason. This, of course, puts a bullseye on Brie Larson's back because when Katherine learns of Brie's schemes, she vows to expose her for the phony she is. For Golden Force West leader Ciara Hanna, this is a time of uncertainty and change for her team. Ciara originally recruits Brie in order to replace the traitor Setzer. However, she soon realizes her mistake when Brie's true nature is exposed by both Phase 4 and Katherine. Needless to say, this situation is a powder keg waiting to explode and one that needs to be resolved quickly before the forces of Archadia and HIVE make their next move.*

  2. On June 19, 2018 I went out on a date with someone I had been talking to for awhile. He seemed nice and had been patient. So I figured "why not?". He decided on a late lunch and a movie.


    He stopped at a Golden Corral in an area of town that was less than favorable. I asked him politely why he didn't go to the one that was close to me. He simply said " I couldn't". He was getting frustrated as he was looking through his wallet. When I asked if everything was okay, he got a little snippy, "If you wanna be like that, you can pay for everything.". While I didn't mind paying for my own part on a date, I didn't appreciate how he just acted. I decided to let it go. I thought perhaps he just had a bad day.


    We both enjoyed the buffet. Things seemed okay up until this moment when an elderly gentleman began to choke. One person started doing the heimlich on him. I asked this one waitress to get help. Her response was "It's not my f**king problem.". Several people nearby were disgusted with her response. Luckily the customer doing the heimlich on the old man was able to dislodge the food from his throat. I went back to finishing my dessert. Not long after, a manager came to speak to me. I asked what it was about. He said he was talking to people about what happened and others had complained about how that one waitress responded to me. He told me a few people saw it as a callous regard for the man's life. I was asked how I saw it. I was honest. I told him I saw it as very crude and she showed little empathy for what was going on. The manager then went to other people to talk to them. The guy I was with almost immediately asked, "What is your f**king problem? You could cost her her job!". I tried explaining to him I responded to the manager with an honest answer that he was seeking. He raised his voice at me saying I didn't have to talk to him and should have declined. He wouldn't stop fussing at me. He began to yell acting like I was viciously going after that waitress's job.


    I could only take so much so I decided to walk out. On my way out, this one woman tapped my arm and said the man I was with didn't deserve me. Another person said I should find another way home and that that guy is very unstable. I walked over to this Publix that was barely 200 feet away. I just wanted to get away from the guy while I figure out how I was going to get home.


    The guy I was with cam into Publix after me. He yelled at me and berated me. He was getting overly defensive defending a woman that behaved rather badly. Several times I walked away from him, but he wouldn't stop. Eventually I got rid of him and he left me alone. I ended up finding a way home, thank goodness.


    Here and there after the fact, this man sent me nasty texts. I figured he would eventually quit, but just in case I managed to get a hold of the security footage from that Publix where he followed me around and kept berating me. After awhile, he eventually stopped. Last I heard from him was mid-July 2018.


    I did find out that the waitress was ultimately fired. Not long after that she got into alot of trouble (something unrelated) and ended up in jail for AWHILE.


    Then, for some odd reason, I heard from the bad date again on February 20, 2019 early in the morning.


    I responded with "oook**k" because I didn't remember him at first.


    I didn't remember who he was until he sent what seemed to be an apology.


    So here he is admitting wrong. Seems nice. I simply responded acknowledging what he said. I was laying down on my bed thinking about this. While he seemed sincere, I had some doubts.To avoid BS, I decided to keep things at a mildly friendly level by just talking to him there. nothing more.


    Just 2 days later out of the blue he went off on me.


    I never responded. I didn't want to. I figured he was in a mood.


    Then yesterday (2/25/2019)...


    I couldn't help but laugh at this. He messages me like he is responding to me and like a child having a tantrum. Then he accuses me of favoriting him. Why would I favorite someone who acts like this fellow has? Also, I have done nothing to this man to have to apologize to him. He acted like ALOT MORE than a jerk, yet he says I have to apologize to him. Not a chance. I do not apologize to people that act like this man had.


    A word of caution for those considering online dating. Talk to the person for AWHILE before going out with them. If they get impatient and aren't willing to work with you, it's not worth it. If someone acts like this man did, "RUN" and do not look back.

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    It all started with a simple tweet. The tweet in question has been archived at this location.


    My response was to merely point out her behavior was that of a grammar nazi since there is obviously nothing wrong with a compliment.



    This woman's response was rather abrasive and uncalled for.





    Then she proceeds to attack someone that liked and retweeted my tweet.



    Next she proceeds to attack the producer of the show The Rookie for liking my tweet. She jumps all over him him referring to me and anyone liking or retweeting my tweet as harassing her. She proceeds to tell him he should go unlike it.



    It does not stop there. Now this woman is going on implying I, and anyone liking or retweeting my tweet is a transphobe.




    I only gave one response to the conversation. She was behaving like a grammar nazi over a simple compliment someone gave her. All I did was point that out. I left it at that. Now over that I and anyone whom has liked or retweeted my tweet is being implied as transphobic. 2 people were even attacked over just liking my tweet.


    She carried on. She has chosen to try and twist this into something it is not. In no way was anything I or the original tweeter said, transphobic. There is nothing transphobic about anyone who chose to like or retweet my tweet.


    While this woman is attempting to portray herself as a victim, she needs to think about all of whom are transgender who get assaulted, beaten, raped, and even murdered just for being transgender. They are victims. She is not. How she behaved to tonight is shameful and disgraceful to he LGBT community and the rights they fight for each and every day.

  3. *So here I was, minding my own business when Samus informs me of the massive layoffs that just went on over at Activision Blizzard. You remember them, don't you? The antagonists of FOREVER GOLDEN, and the ones whose guild masters and other GMs chased a lot of us out. Well, first, let me start this off by saying I feel for those who got a layoff. Maybe they'll get jobs in places where the companies will appreciate them more than Blizzard ever did. Blizzard only cares about two things: money and maintaining a bully-friendly environment. Let me remind all the new people reading this why yours truly, Samus and the more experienced people hate that company: in 2011, a creep named Andrew Rotramel conspired to force us out by any means necessary after Zenon exposed him for the rat he is. He started with Stargirl, who was the victim of a gold selling scam. Then it snowballed to the rest of us to the point where we left that hideous world of Azeroth on May 5, 2011. After some time, a lot of us settled in the far superior world of Norrath(EQ2) where we continue to hang our hats. However, from the stories I've been hearing, the nightmares wrought by Blizzard did not end with our departure. In fact, they got worse. And with each expansion released, the stories of people quitting in droves continued to come out. And now, this sick, twisted company wants to tell people that their games are going along fine in spite of the fact that they just layed off hundreds of people. That's hundreds of human beings with livelihoods that have now been put on hold. People want to say that EA is the worst gaming company on the planet. Maybe. Their sports games aren't what they used to be. But you don't see EA pulling the kind of crap we're now seeing with Blizzard. It's been almost 8 years since we walked out of WOW. I have never been happier that we did, especially in light of today's news.

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    *We start off this blog by talking about ECW's most bloodthirsty feud: Gaby Lozoya vs. Susana Almeida. These two Mexican weather superstars have been vying for the hearts of their male audiences for years. From the weather studio to the wrestling ring, these two have been exciting their audience to a fever pitch. So during the relaunch of ECW late last year, it was decided that the two of them would share control of their brand's NWO faction. But there's a reason why the word "diva" applies to these two women. There was no way these two superstars would settle for sharing power. One had to dominate over the other, and therefore, for the last several weeks, they have been attacking each other to see who was better. The advantage so far has gone to Gaby Lozoya, whose moveset was modeled after the late Eddie Guerrero. But that doesn't mean Susana doesn't have a few tricks up her sleeve. Still, the battle continues to see which one is the dominant weather girl in the ring, and I, for one, look forward to seeing the results of this.*

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    Yesterday evening (11-10-18/11-11-2018) I was tweeting with a friend about my opinion regarding people leaving pets behind in disasters. Our general opinion was if someone is aware the fire could come their way or close enough, and/or might change direction, then they should begin preparing as soon as possible and not wait until an evacuation order. Often times when people wait, they put themselves, their family, and pets in danger.


    One person sent me a DM on Twitter and said "What if my dog runs off because she is scared and something falls on her killing her?". I answered telling her then it obviously wouldn't be her fault. Another person asked me to be more clear. I told him I spoke of those who had the chance to prepare earlier, but chose not to. If someone didn't have that chance, then the fault is on circumstances. That person then said he just wanted to be sure he understood correctly.


    Then this one enraged 19 year old girl came along.


    She inserted herself into a conversation me and my friend Samus (@SamusAran2020 on Twitter). She accused me of attacking victims of the California fires and making fun of people's pets who died. For those of you reading, I invite you to look at my timeline on Twitter (@CaseyNewton_TL) and see for yourselves. There is nothing within my tweets that imply anywhere near what this teen girl was saying. She called me a wide range of names such as: r**a*d, b***h, wh**e, skank. She even told me to kill myself. She even said she should beat my a**. I blocked her. I didn't even respond. In total it was over 43 enraged tweets. I thought that was the end of it. I figured with all the nastiness, she'd get herself suspended quickly. I was wrong.


    This one random user DMed me a link to this one tweet that 19yr old girl posted. I thanked him and took a look.


    In looking at it I realized that this girl had taken a screenshot of one of her tweets and photoshopped it to look like it came from me. To cover herself she claimed it was an Iphone screenshot another user sent to her. I also took a look at her timeline. Apparently all those extremely vulgar and threatening tweets have been deleted by her. Just so she could try to play poor sweet innocent victim.


    This person first tweeted to my friend Samus here. She never answered. I advised her against it via DM because it seems like this girl is looking to pick a fight. She thanked me and said she had a response ready, but wasn't going to bother. So we continued our tweet conversation about how there's no excuse to leave pets behind. Samus was generally saying people who are aware of the fires should prepare as soon as possible  just in case it comes their way and shouldn't abandon their pets and no excuse to if they have the chance to prepare.

    The tweet that starts with "Prep before work" seems like she was trying to quote me. I have no tweet with those exact words. I checked the tweet and it wasn't in response to anything. In plain english, she was trolling and trying to involve Samus.

    In the 3rd one she tells another user that "they", meaning me and Samus told her to kill herself.I'd never say that to anyone even if I hated the, Neither would Samus. This is nothing more than an attempt to garner pity and attention to the obvious victim card she is trying to play.

    With the 4th tweet, she continues to play her victim card.


    I checked the Twitter page of the one  this 19 year old girl that this person was pulling a pity party with. Apparently he fell for it  hook line and sinker and took a page form this girl's book. He decided to post his  own tweet he posted, but only it didn't look he sent it. He made it seem like I sent it.


    He takes another page from this teen girl's book. He tries to involve my friend Samus. He continues to do so in another tweet.


    Yeah. This guy fell for her fake victim act.


    I then checked out the twitter page for the one she said she got the screenshot from. I saw only one tweet to me.


    It wasn't in response to anything. She just chose to tag me and Samus. Perhaps she was just trying to gain a response so she could just tag in that teen girl and her new male friend. Who knows?



    I see alot of things wrong here. This 19 year old girl doens't get a response to tweets and goes on a massive raging fit. She deletes tweets and tries to play the victim. She claims I told her to kill herself. She even posted a photoshopped tweet. The man she played the victim party to fell for it and followed suit. He photoshopped a tweet to make it look like I said something I didn't. Why didn't either of them archive these supposed tweets via "archive.is"? On a PC, you just go to the address. If a person is on a phone, they can go to it in their phone's web browser. So there is no excuse to not be able to archive a tweet. They neglected to do so. Perhaps  because..........................the tweets in question they claimed were mine, were never mine to begin with. BUSTED!


    To be so petty on Twitter over no response has made me wonder how they treat people in their personal lives.

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    I started playing World of Warcraft nearly 3 years ago on my 15th birthday. At first, I thought it was a great game. It was rich in storylines with a wealth of activities to do.


    My grades always stayed good. I studied.  I didn't have to work. Parents for for everything within reason and as long as my grades are good. But pretty soon, World of Warcraft was all I did in my spare time. If I wasn't doing homework or household chores, it was always World Of Warcraft. It wasn't that way at first.


    As I advanced in levels the pressure was on to reach "max level" and get into end game content and do raids. So I was spending more and more time working on getting my levels higher to reach that maximum level. Once I did, the pressure was on to be "geared", have the the best of the best. While I enjoyed the game, I wasn't about to put it ahead of my studies or my family.


    I thought that as long as my family and school work came first, then it there would be no problems. I enjoyed playing and doing raids. The guild I was with had a schedule that fit with mine perfectly. I couldn't ask for better, right? One day I was suppose to raid, I skipped it. I informed the guild leader I needed to skip it so I could finish my science project on electricity. I thought things were fine. The next time I was at a raid, I got kicked out at the last moment and ended up with nothing. I asked why and the guild leader said I shouldn't skip out on raids. Then I got a speech about priorities and I will never get anywhere if I don't learn to put my priorities straight. I thought that was the end of it. Then I saw a post on the guild forums saying I was banned from attending raids until I learn to get my priorities in order. I posted a lengthy response. I mentioned my age and I was upfront about it form the start and that my studies and school work came first becuse getting an education is what will help me support myself after I leave home. Better education, better job, more money. The response I got back was made me rethink my time in World of Warcraft. The guild leader accused me of attacking his policies and said an extra 2-3 hours to help the guild wouldn't kill me. A few people stood up for me saying that me putting my education first was admirable. One person said "So you want him to put aside his school work for the guild one time. You told me that 2 years ago. That one time turned to many and I've had to rearrange my life around the guild needs. f**k you no longer. Grow up.". People left the guild. The guild leader blamed me for his guild starting to fall apart.


    I left my guild and tried to search for another. I got in one, but was kicked shortly after because apparently my last guild leader claimed I stole everything from the guild bank. It seems he made a toon with a name close to mine and took a bunch of stuff out. He did the same to other guild members. I will always regret every joining the Champions of Light guild on the Whisperwind server.


    I ended up changing servers. I found what I thought was a good guild. I thought so until I was expected to be on more than I could be. I was pushed and pressure to "come on for a few" to help out new guildies. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against helping new players, but I am against putting some game before things in real life. I got chastised by people for not being on one night to help out because I went to a movie. I explained that once in awhile I deserve to do something for myself considering how hard I work to do well in school. I got a lecture about how movies are entertainment and not a necessity. I fired back with saying World of Warcraft is the same thing and I wanted a little diversity in my activities so I don't get burned out. a large number of people jumped all over me. I got a long speech about priorities and how I should put my guild's needs before my own. I was like "So these people expect me to not go out or spend time with the few friends I have just for their bits and bytes on a computer game?". This was the final straw.


    While most people rage quit, I simply logged out and stopped getting time cards.  I felt relieved. While I was working on some calculus homework one day, I began to think of so much I missed out on by putting so much time to that game. Despite that school work and family and friends were #1, I still missed out on alot. I got a job at Burger King that I still enjoy. I'm helping my parents out with the bills and saving for college. I didn't think of World of Warcraft again until after 2 weeks that I quit. I started to get angry messages on Facebook asking why I've been shirking my responsibilities for the guild. I was referred to as selfish. I was told I was just as bad as some death knight named "Dfanning" that left years ago in 201. I blocked each and every one of those people. The guild that was doing this to me was some guild on the Anvilmar server. I don't remember the name of the guild, but it had the word "Shadows" in its name.


    Now that I have washed my hands of World of Warcraft, I feel like I have escaped a cult.

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