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    Toxicity Within.......... "Young and the Restless - Summer Newman" fanbase

    By Alice

    Disclaimer: I am in no way saying, or implying, that the entire soap opera, or Young and the Restless fandom, is toxic. I am merely pointing out a toxicity within.   Just as I woke up for the day, I took notice of some trolling regarding @CaptainVG313's opinion about a character within the Young and the Restless show. 2 friends of ours, @Mandy Girl and @Zenon, took it upon themselves to have her back. They stood up for her and made it known they shared her opinion. That which can be se

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  1. Today I decided I'd try to give Hooters another chance since the last time I ate food from there, the experience wasn't good.

    So after I went to pick up my new glasses, I went to Hooters (after Books-A-Million).


    As soon as I stepped in, I saw this wonderful set up.



    I was seated in less than 30 seconds after I took the above picture. My server was a wonderful woman named Allicyn.


    In looking at the menu, I decided to make it a cheat day and enjoy myself.  I ordered a few delicious items.


    For an appetizer I had "Buffalo Chicken Sliders".



    As 1 of my 2 meal items, I had "15 Roasted Wings with Samurai Teriyaki sauce".



    As my 2nd meal item, I had "Buffalo Chicken Tacos".



    As a side item, I has "Waffle Fries".



    I didn't eat all that food right there on the spot. I ate about 1/3 of it there and put the rest i boxes to take home. That which I am enjoying as I type this blog.


    The food was great. The experience was great. What made it even better was learning that the manager, Sal, that came on here to slander and lie about me.....was no longer the manager at that Hooters. I'll be honest. That made me feel alot better. It added to the experience.

  2. Disclaimer: I am in no way saying, or implying, that the entire soap opera, or Young and the Restless fandom, is toxic. I am merely pointing out a toxicity within.


    Just as I woke up for the day, I took notice of some trolling regarding @CaptainVG313's opinion about a character within the Young and the Restless show. 2 friends of ours, @Mandy Girl and @Zenon, took it upon themselves to have her back. They stood up for her and made it known they shared her opinion. That which can be seen by viewing the responses to this tweet.





    One such troll that @Mandy Girl and @Zenon had @CaptainVG313's back to was rlj101767 of Twitter. He chose to be snippy with his attack upon @CaptainVG313.



    @Mandy Girl's response to rlj101767 of Twitter.



    @Zenon's response to rlj101767 of Twitter.



    The troll, that I firmly believe instigated the trolling upon @CaptainVG313, and then upon @Mandy Girl and @Zenon for having her back, is BlushOrchid of Twitter. All with this particular tweet and a series of tweets afterwords.








    Both @Mandy Girl and @Zenon stood up for our friend @CaptainVG313.




    WeAreInOur20s of Twitter chose to respond to @Mandy Girl. She does so in such a way so as to encourage those viewing to troll. @Mandy Girl never referred to BlushOrchid of Twitter as a Summer fan. In saying "Summer clone" she was implying she is behaving quite like Summer Newman of Young and the Restless. Any sensible person that watches Young and the Restless would have seen that, but these people choose not to acknowledge.




    BlushOrchid of Twitter chose to quote their own tweet in order to troll @CaptainVG313 for ignoring them and @Mandy Girl for standing up for our friend @CaptainVG313. Being they used the "#YR" hashtag, they were hoping to get them trolled; possibly harassed.



    BlushOrchid of Twitter then chose to respond to their own tweet in an attempt, and hopes to get @Zenon trolled; possibly harassed.



    WeAreInOur20s of Twitter took it upon herself to wrongly and falsely accuse @Zenon of having 3 accounts. The very reason that @Zenon's tweet does not show when being quoted is because WeAreInOur20s of Twitter is blocked by her. Accusing one of having multiple accounts tends to be said by one whom is attempting to get one bullied, harassed, and/or trolled. This is quite common amongst bullies and habitual internet trolls and is used when the victim has people who have their back. The purpose of such a claim is to convince those watch that it is the same person so they are most likely to join in.



    This is the tweet, in question, that WeAreInOur20s of Twitter had decided to quote.



    Quite a few people responded to join in in hopes to ignite/carry on quite a bit more trolling.

    Blush Orchid of Twitter



    ManalS116 of Twitter




    angels4everr on Twitter




    TeamAlexandria7 of Twitter




    freehopelogan on Twitter




    JessicaLP2016 on Twitter


    Anyone that took it upon themselves to respond to WeAreInOur20s of Twitter tweet (archived here: https://archive.is/iPHMa), is guilty of attempting to keep the trolling and harassment going and quite heavily implying they are supportive of such behavior. That, in my opinion, is just as bad as them targeting @Zenon , and our friends @Mandy Girl and @CaptainVG313 themselves.



    All this trolling and crazy behavior because @CaptainVG313 stated her opinion on a character (Summer Newman) on the Young and the Restless show.


    As people, we are all entitled to our own opinions. But we are not entitled to attack other people for their opinions. Differing opinion does not give one license to troll, harass, or bully another. It does not give anyone any right to try to encourage such behaviors upon those they do not share an opinion with. @CaptainVG313 never said that what she had said was a fact. It is quite obvious it was an opinion. But BlushOrchid of Twitter chose to take their disagreement to a whole new level.


    While the entire Young and the Restless fandom is most definitely not toxic, I have noticed quite alot of toxicity when it comes to fans of one Summer Newman, a character on the show. While I do believe that not all Summer Newman fans are toxic, a great majority are.



    Edit! (last updated: 5/2/2021 8:56pm Eastern Time)

    erika_kay10 and TeamBeMyKatie choose to behavior atrociously upon @CaptainVG313because she is not a fan of Victoria Newman and Summer Newman.



    WeAreInOur20s continues on with a rather often used bullying tactic used by bullies when their victim has friends and/or support.



    It is firmly believed that WeAreInOur20s is making an attempt to play the role of the victim and hide from her atrocious actions in her recent temporary Twitter deactivation.


  3. *Bayleview Mall - Dellington, FL*

    -Miyana went inside the mall to look around for a brief time before her series of Star Wars movies. A few people stared at her in the beautiful dress she made. She went into Gamestop to take a look at some of the games. A Nintendo Switch Lite caught her eye. She had always been a Playstation and XBox type of girl. She decided to purchase it and a few games.

    As she exited the store, she continued on to the kiosk with all the Hickory Farms gift boxes. She saw one she thought Nick would love. It had 2 small sausages, 2 kinds of cheeses, and 2 little jars of mustard. She decided to purchase it.

    Then Miyana decided to head to the theatre.-

    *Bayleview Mall Movie Theatre*
    -Once Miyana got to the theatre, she reached in her purse to pull out her VIP ticket, which would allow her access to the VIP seats on the second floor of the grand xl theatre where all the Star Wars movies would be playing. The employee she showed her ticket to gave her a special lanyard to wear around her neck. She put it on. That same employee noticed her Hickory Farms bag.-

    Richie: "Excuse me, but no outside food allowed."

    Miyana: "This isn't food I'll be eating here. This is a gift for for my boyfriend."

    Richie (whispering): "You owe me. I'll see you later."

    -Miyana just walked past him. She spotted Nick over by the customer service desk. He spotted her as she approached him.-

    Miyana: "I got you something."

    -Miyana handed him the small Hickory Farms bag.-

    Officer Nick Provenz: "I love it. I will nibble this treat when I get home tonight."

    -At that moment, both Nick and Miyana were interrupted.-

    Ralph Mollins: "Officer Provenz, would this be the woman you told me about?"

    Officer Nick Provenz: "Yes chief. This is Miyana."

    -Miyana politely introduced herself.-

    Miyana: "It's a pleasaure to meet you Chief Mollins. I've heard many good things about you sir."

    Ralph Mollins: "Like wise."

    -Before another word could be said, Nick excused himself to go speak with the theatre manager.-

    Ralph Mollins: "I was wondering if he would ever make a move. I'm glad he did. He'll be much happier."

    Miyana: "Truth is I was wondering when he would. I'm glad he did."

    -Nick then came back over to them. Right as he did, Miyana noticed him almost stumble as if he was in pain. Chief Mollins then excused himself so he could go see a movie with his wife.-

    Officer Nick Provenz: "I spoke with the manager. You are taken care of for the duration of...the event."

    Miyana: "What do you mean?"

    Officer Nick Provenz: "Anything you want, it's yours. The concessions staff will be made aware. And he is willing to keep an eye on your stuff in his office so you do not have to worry about it being taken should you leave your seat."

    Miyana: "Thank you. I'll probably only have some popcorn. But not for a bit though. We just ate."

    Officer Nick Provenz: "Which theatre are you in?"

    Miyana: "Theatre #1."

    Officer Nick Provenz: "Damn it... That p**sant Hemmings is over that way. Let me know if he bothers you."

    Miyana: "I will."

    -Miyana then handed Nick the bag with her Nintendo Switch Lite and games so his manager friend could keep them safe.-

    Miyana: "Nick, are you feeling okay?"

    Officer Nick Provenz: "Just a little mild stomach ache. It will pass."

    Miyana: "If it gets too bad, let me know."

    Officer Nick Provenz: "If it gets unbearable I will see about going home."

    Miyana: "If it comes to that, you let me know. You give me the keys and I will drive you."

    Officer Nick Provenz: "I will be fine. I want you to enjoy your evening.You've been looking forward to this for awhile."

    Miyana: "If it was me, what would you do?"

    Officer Nick Provenz: "I would not hesitate to take you home or to the hospital if need be."

    Miyana: "And how would you feel if I kept it to myself?"

    Officer Nick Provenz: "Point made. And you will let me know if Hemmings bothers you?"

    Miyana: "Of course."

    -Miyana gave him a smile as she headed towards the theatre. She was already out of Nick's view when she encountered Officer Jack Hemmings. She tried to walk by him into the theatre, but he stopped her.-

    Officer Jack Hemmings: "You owe me an explanation."

    Miyana: "Get out of my way please."

    Officer Jack Hemmings: "Not until you explain why you had some guy answer your phone pretending to be your boyfriend."

    Miyana: "The man that answered my phone is my boyfriend and that's Officer Provenz. Now please move aside."

    Officer Jack Hemmings: "Are you serious? Him? He's old enough to be your father. I'm 23."

    -Miyana reached in her purse and got her phone out. She sent a quick text to Nick.-

    Miyana (text to Nick): "Hemmings. Prob. Theatre1"

    -Officer Hemmings was getting irritated.-

    Officer Jack Hemmings: "Are you going to answer me?"

    Miyana: "I already told you I'm not interested. You need to leave me alone."

    -Moments later, Nick showed up.-

    Officer Nick Provenz: "Hemmings, she's repeatedly told you she isn't interested. You need to leave her alone."

    Officer Jack Hemmings: "This doesn't concern you."

    Officer Nick Provenz: "What you are doing is harassment. On top of that it concerns me because she is my girlfriend."

    Officer Jack Hemmings: "You're 43. She's 20. You could be her father! Seriusly, you!"

    Officer Nick Provenz: "Our chief is here seeing a movie. I could go get him if you have any further issues."

    Officer Jack Hemmings: "Screw you. I'll go work up front. Have fun back here a**hole."

    -Officer Hemmings then stormed away.-

    Officer Nick Provenz: "Are you alright?"

    Miyana: "I am now. It's so creepy. He just met me today and he acts like this. Something isn't right with him."

    Officer Nick Provenz: "I will.....see....."

    Miyana (interrupting): "Nick, are you okay?"

    -She noticed he put his hand on his right side.-

    Miyana: "Is it tender there?"

    -Nick nodded. Miyana put her hand on his forehead. It was VERY WARM.-

    Miyana: "Nick, I think it's your appendix. Tenderness in the area. Fever. You're in pain. Do you think you can get to your car?"

    Officer Nick Provenz: "Yes....."

    -Slowly Nick and Miyana began to head in the direction of the front of the theatre. As they were, the manager approached them, noticing that Nick was not feeling well. Miyana told him what was wrong. Just as she did, he collapsed.-.....

  4. When I got back on, I was still on the planet Aeos. After speaking with Captain Grafton, I met Arumat of the Eldarian 13th Independant Armored Division. He has a very bad attitude. I did a quest that involved finding a patient. Once I did I spoke with Captain Grafton and Supreme Commander Gaghan. Edge was made the new captain of the SRF-003 Calnus.


    Upon departing Aeos, I participated in some Private Actions. Watching how Welch interacted with Faize was very comical. I talked with Faize in the main area of the Calnus. The conversation looked very familiar. I was suppose to be given choices on how to respond when talking about Crowe. And I was suppose to be able to choose whether or not to say "put a sock in it Reimi". I guess there are a few difference between the XBox360 version and this 4K HD remaster on the PS4. After this I chose to "rest until arrival".


    Once I got to Lemuris, I exited the ship. In fighting the first enemy, it nearly wiped my party (Edge,Reimi,Faize) out. I rushed to Triom where the people greeted us as if we were gods. We met Ghimdo and Lymle. Once the cutscene was over, Lymle joined the party. I immediately went to this one house that would give me a free rest and had a save point. Rested. Saved.


    I then decided I would head to Alanaire Citadel and get the "Treasure Sense" skill book for Lymle. I did just that while avoiding all enemies on the way. Once I got the skill book and used it on Lymle, I was able to see the locations of all treasure chests, mining points, and harvesting points. So I decided to gather all that I could. Mainly for the Party SP and EXP. I was hoping to gain maybe a level or two to help me out so I don't come near death in each battle. The SP I earned was spent on skills. Mainly the ones to help with drops.


    Once I got all the treasure chests and harvesting points I could, I went to Trion to purchase a bowstring. I went back to the Calnus and worked on some item inventing. Luckily I came with with the Hunting Bow recipe before my party SP ran out. Thanks to the Eldarian Bow I bought on Aeos before leaving, I had all the ingredients to make the Hunter's Bow. After I created it, I decided to enjoy some food from Hooters that I ordered and log off.

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    In August of 2006 Pluto was demoted and no longer considered a planet thanks to the IAU.


    Now here's a a few things from an old news article that warrant some attention: Pluto Demoted: No Longer a Planet in Highly Controversial Definition


    The vote involved just 424 astronomers who remained for the last day of a meeting of the International Astronomical Union (IAU) in Prague.

    "I'm embarassed for astornomy," said Alan Stern, leader of NASA's New Horizon's mission to Pluto and a scientist at the Southwest Research Institute. "Less than 5 percent of the world's astronomers voted."

    How convenient! When there were so few astronomers available, Pluto's planetary status was put to vote. At that...less than 5% of the world's astronomers had the chance to vote. I call, FOUL!



    "It's patently clear that Earth's zone is not cleared," Stern told SPACE.com. "Jupiter has 50,000 trojan asteroids," which orbit in lockstep with the planet.

    Stern called it "absurd" that only 424 astronomers were allowed to vote, out of some 10,000 professional astronomers around the globe.

    So since "Pluto is not a planet" because its orbit isn't clear, then Earth and Jupiter shouldn't be either. But yet, they are planets. So Pluto should be too.

  6. I hate boys so much right now!


    I spent 2 hours getting ready for a date. I did hair and make up. I spent so much time. The boy Greg, never showed up to meet me at Chili's! Totes rude!


    I waited for like 2 hours! I found out Greg was at a friend's partying and he was drunk! I hope they like cops!

  7. One thing I have noticed with bullying, both mild and severe forms, is that some bullies will resort to subtext instead of mentions. Subtext is a way someone can talk about someone or something without making a specific mention.


    Often times it is done just enough so the victim knows it's about them and maybe a few close friends of the bully.

    The common purpose of this is to provoke the victim into

    1) Doing or saying something that the bully can use to make the victim look bad

    2) Doing something the bully can use to take action against them to further their own false victim card.

    3) Lashing out so the lies the bully tells look even more true.

    4) Doing something that makes the victim look like the aggressor and the bully appear to be the victim.


    Another nefarious purpose of a bully subtexting, is to create hatred regarding those they just don't like, or want to eventually hurt.

    Now, how does a bully do this?

    1) Lurking their social media and making vague comments about what they see. The kind that will stir up hate and possibly animosity regarding the subject. That which the bully will be vague about.

    2) Post pics of what their victim has said, while blocking out what identifies them. Then saying what they need to in order to try and make it seem like what the victim said is about them. Usually accompanied by ranting and complaining for effect.

    3) Makes comments about the victim regarding their looks and things about them. Just enough so the victim knows it is about them. This is to get those close to them (the bully) disgusted with the subject of their complaint/rant.


    Subtext is also used for the bully to, in a way, control their victim and affect what they do and how.

    What the bully hopes to accomplish?

    1) The victim changes what they do, even though nothing is wrong with it, in order to avoid hurtful remarks by the bully.

    2) The victim posts less to deter the bully from subtexting them.

    3) The victim interacts less online to almost not at all.

    4) The victim changes what they post about.

    The fact of the matter is, bullies will do what bullies do regardless of what you do. They just change how they do it. So why not just continue to do what you like to do regardless of what they do. Atleast then you retain some normalcy and happiness. Plus it makes you better equipped to handle things emotionally and mentally. That's what I do.


    With enough subtext over time in the manner above, the bully creates enough hatred and annoyance with the subject being spoken of vaguely. This is so when the bully identifies their subject, those who have read the subtext will have enough hatred and frustration so that if they choose to "check out" the victim, they will misjudge even the most innocent things. This is so it is harder for those checking out the victim to see that they truly aren't the problem. Also to make it harder to see the bully for who they are.


    As to why bullies subtext their victims and decide to, there's a variety of reasons. But whatever the reason, the longer the bully keeps it up, the worse and more obsessed, they look.

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    Yesterday I was suppose to get a Nintendo Switch that I ordered from Amazon. I didn't get it. I thought it would be at my door when I got home. Later last night when I checked my email, i saw that Amazon said it was delivered.


    Right then I decided to look through my video surveillance recording of when I was out. I found the thief!


    My next door neighbor was the one that stole it. I thought I would resolve this peacefully. I knocked on their door. The wife answered. She told me her 2 kids were playing it and asked if I was really that much of a b***h to take it away from 2 kids. I told her I know she stole it from my front porch. She told me to run along or she'd cut me up!


    So I went back to my house to call the police. When they got here, the woman told them she bought it for her kids and I had no proof. Soni showed the police the surveillance video, proof of purchase. After some checking, the police confirmed she had stolen my package and she was arrested. She got riled up as the police handcuffed her saying it's my fault she will lose work and won't be able to pay rent. She went on how it's my fault her kids won't have a place to go. My only response was what I said to the arresting officer "She chose to steal and threaten me, the fault is hers".


    I found out this morning that the owner of that house she was renting is going to work on an eviction. Her arrest last night was the final nail in the coffin.

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    *We start off this blog by talking about ECW's most bloodthirsty feud: Gaby Lozoya vs. Susana Almeida. These two Mexican weather superstars have been vying for the hearts of their male audiences for years. From the weather studio to the wrestling ring, these two have been exciting their audience to a fever pitch. So during the relaunch of ECW late last year, it was decided that the two of them would share control of their brand's NWO faction. But there's a reason why the word "diva" applies to these two women. There was no way these two superstars would settle for sharing power. One had to dominate over the other, and therefore, for the last several weeks, they have been attacking each other to see who was better. The advantage so far has gone to Gaby Lozoya, whose moveset was modeled after the late Eddie Guerrero. But that doesn't mean Susana doesn't have a few tricks up her sleeve. Still, the battle continues to see which one is the dominant weather girl in the ring, and I, for one, look forward to seeing the results of this.*

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