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    Alisha Diphda, the Gold Beast Morpher Ranger

    By Goldenforce772

    *In the central European nation of Zestiria, a young girl named Alisha Diphda lived a very sheltered life. She was a bit of an aristocrat, with all the amenities life could have afforded her. As both a princess and a knight, she knew how to defend her land from invaders and trespassers. No challenge was too great for her to handle. And because her nation was isolated from the rest of the world politically, she dismissed the events occuring in the world during the last several years as being nothing but fairy tales. The BLACKEST NIGHT war? The stuff to scare children. The BRIGHTEST DAY? Stories to be left to gossip mongers to discuss. Even FOREVER GOLDEN'S Blizzard war was dismissed as something that was not her nation's problem. However, when her advisers warned her of the activities of Damien Dahrk's HIVE organization, as well as the growing threat of Archadia, Alisha realized she could no longer ignore the rest of the world's problems, as they would soon start to affect Zestiria. So when the offer to safeguard the Beast Morpher powers was made to her, Alisha had no choice but to accept. A new power falling into the hands of evil would certainly spell disaster both for her and her nation. Alisha would ultimately prove that all that glitters truly was gold.*

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  1. *In the northern European country of Vesperia, we come to another aristocrat whose destiny was about to change. Her name: Estellise Sidos Heurassein. This princess of Vesperia was similiar to her counterpart in Zestiria, Alisha Diphda, in that she lived a sheltered life for all these years. She was used to being waited on hand and foot. But unlike Alisha, her fighting skills weren't close to being strong enough to help her defend her own country. That's because her military, for the most part, did the fighting for her. Of course, Vesperia got along with its neighbors even though they opposed the very notion of a European Union. Vesperians believed in their national identity and will give anyone a bloody nose to maintain it. So for Estellise, life was pretty sweet. Or so she thought. Lately, she got word from her intelligence network on the attacks in North America by the forces of Archadia and she soon realized that even her nation may not be safe from this menace. So her training began in earnest under the watchful eye of her caretakers. She soon developed proper leadership skills as well, the type that would make her a perfect Red Ranger. For in the coming dark times, she must lead her new team, the Beast Morphers, against the forces of Vayne Solidor, and by extension, Damien Dahrk. As long as nothing unexpected happens, Estellise should make her nation proud.*

  2. While portions of this blog will be similar to my blog regarding bullying tactics, it will be quite different. I will delve into various types of actions and behaviors that bullies engage and participate in. Not everyone who participates in the actions below is a bully, but all bullies participate in many to all of them.


    The false claims of "harassing, doxxing, stalking kids" and/or being a pedo.
    When a bully resorts to false claims of someone being: into child porn (sending/receiving), a pedophile, stalking kids, harassing kids, and/or doxing kids... it is a sign of pure desperation. This type of desperation is often extreme, given the severity of the false claims. The Primary purpose of such is to gain the attention of their intended victim for some agenda and to cause them harm: emotionally and mentally. Sometimes physically if they come upon someone willing to go that far.

    1. Scare the person into feeling like talking to them is their best option.

    2. Scare the person into telling them what they want to hear.

    3. Scare the person into not posting as much on social media or about certain subjects.

    4. Scare the person off social media altogether.

    5. Incite others to begin attacking the individual, so they can slowly taper off, and play innocent.

    6. To give the person a bad reputation that will likely be unrepairable due to the fact they and others they got to help, are further spreading the lies and rumors.

    7. To get someone alot of haters QUICKLY. Hence why it's often used as a last resort tactic.

    8. To cost their victim their friends.

    9. To cost the victim their job.

    10. Typically used when many other methods of gaining a victim's attention and/or getting them to comply to demands (of some sort)...HAVE FAILED.


    False claims of animal abuse.

    This is done for pretty much the same reason as the above, but with a few added twists.

    1. Scare the person into feeling like talking to them is their best option.

    2. Scare the person into telling them what they want to hear.

    3. Scare the person into not posting as much about their pet (in pic form). Used as a method of control and to exert control over the person. The less pics posted, the less their is to make their claims look invalid.

    4. Incite others to begin attacking the individual, so they can slowly taper off, and play innocent.

    5. Hopes to rally people to report the individual. This works well with #3, but only if the person begins to post less and less of their happy beloved pet.


    False claims of obsession. (PEOPLE)

    Often done for the bully to look more like the victim and their victim to look like the aggressor by discrediting them, appear more desired, and gain more of a following. This done via a multitude of methods.

    1. Accusing random people of being their intended victim. All while putting on a show acting as if it were true.

    2. Creating accounts. Sends horrific messages to themselves. Goes on their account to point the finger at their intended victim.

    3. Tries to make it look like posts made by their victim are about them. Will likely rant heavily (or close) to help the rant gain more traction.

    4. Brings up the past, twists it, and tries to make it seem like it is "history of an obsession".


    False claims of obsession & addiction. (Things/Activities)

    This is often done to make the victim appear obsessed and/or addicted to a particular thing, activity or hobby. The purpose of this is to make the victim feel bad and/or destroy interest in what they like. Also used as a means to discredit them and make them appear unstable.

    1. Looks for and seeks out any articles or blogs they can find in which people have written about obsession & addiction regarding that particular interest. If the victim likes drawing, then the bully might seek out articles about obsessions with drawing. They then posts several articles of that subject in a row hoping the victim is watch and will lash out...therefore giving the bully an excuse to play the part of the victim.

    2. They try to come up with ways to make it seem like that particular interest or hobby is currently doing the victim harm.

    3. The bully will do and say things to make their victim feel so bad about their interests that they slowly lose interest or taper off by alot. This is done to make the victim more vulnerable.


    Photoshopping of images

    This is done for a variety of reasons in order to accomplish many things. None of which are good.

    1. A means to discredit the victim to their friends, family, and the public eye.

    2. Sometimes timed. If the bully wants the victim to cute down on talking about certain subjects, they'll post photoshopped images around the time the victim talks about those subjects and/or photoshopped images concerning that subject that are somehow aimed at the victim.

    3. Posting of the faked images in groups and social circles that the victim frequents. This is in hopes that people involved with the victim's interests will talk to them shun them and possibly get others to do so. This is an isolation tactic meant to isolate them and make their interests less enjoyable.

    4. To turn people against each other. Sometimes use to divide friends away from the intended victim by making it look like they said and did things they'd never do, that the person whom would see the images thinks is terrible or worse.

    5. Will send a screenshot taken with a cellphone to a friend (or themselves). Then photoshop the image. Send back to phone. All so the bully can proclaim "I took it with my phone. How can it be photoshopped." and or "You can't photoshop images to that extent with a phone!".


    Suicide encouragement, justification, and cover up

    A bully will often encourage the victim to commit suicide. They will try to justify it and cover it up in a multitude of ways.

    1. The bully will specifically target those going through tough times that are either "verified" accounts (Gab and Twitter) or celebrities that have been open about mental illness. They will act like they are there to help. They will put on a good act.

    2. They will seek out those who have either tried to commit suicide or know someone that did. Then the bully will act overly sympathetic to the person to gain their favor and make themselves appear to be such a good person. this way if it comes out that the bully encouraged suicide, it's less likely to be believed.

    3. Sometimes the bully will claim the victim is suicidal, but at the same time be bullying them and coming up with a multitude of ways to make it seem justified. This makes it obvious who the bully is and that the claims of the victim being suicidal are either false. If the victim is suicidal, this only makes the bully look that much worse.

    4. When the truth comes out about the bully's suicide encouragement to one or more of their victims, The bully might often resort to diverting attention away by claiming the victim is suicidal; photoshopped images could be shown to make the claim appear valid. Bits and pieces of what they've said previously could be shown along with a few words from the bully that will try to make it appear their victim is suicidal.


    Pick & Choose what to show.

    Often times the bully will justify their actions by means of showing screenshots and other things to justify their actions. Much of the time they "pick and choose" what to show to paint the picture they want seen.

    1. One of the biggest things a bully will "pick & choose" on is they only show what the other person has said; rarely what they (the bully) have said. At that, it will be portions, that the bully pics and chooses that will make them look the best and the victim look worse.

    2. Portions of things will often be saved and archived to paint the picture the bully chooses to paint. Whatever will suit them best. Part of a private message might be saved. The bully might show only one message in a conversation or bits and pieces while leaving alot out.


    Cycling through victims

    When bullies have multiple victims, they will often "cycling through them. They'll bother one person for a bit and then move on to

    1. To avoid looking obsessed about any particular person.

    2. To appear more powerful by having their friends, along with them, gang up on the victim while trying to make it look legitimate.

    3. To lower their victims into a false sense of security by leaving them alone just long enough and then pouncing on them again.


    Compile and post.

    One thing a bully will do is "compile and post". What this means is they will take the worst posts (or a select few) about their victim, compile it together for whatever purpose they choose.

    1. A one-stop shop to view material about intended victim. Makes it easy for it to share and get around for maximum impact.

    2. The bullies know onlookers hate having to scrounge around for info. Being it is in a neat nifty little package (all in one spot), the bullies think onlookers will be more appreciative of the effort to compile everything so they don't have to hunt around. They (the bullies) then take advantage of this and will put it "out there" that if anyone wants more info beyond what they see, to come to them to provide. This is to entice the onlookers to looking at what they posted and compiled and come to them for more.


    Slanderous sites, blogs, and videos

    When a bully creates blogs, sites, or videos with slanderous material about the victim, it is for one of many reasons and will often contain bits and piece of convos they will put together how they want to give the impression they want others likely to be combined with photoshopped material to portray the victim how they want others to view them.

    1. They want it to have a lasting impact.

    2. They want something that will appear in search results for the many search engines out there. This way if anyone researches the victim, they are made to look bad.


    Trashing in hashtags, groups and posts

    The purpose of this is to spread the hate, lies, and rumors about the victim far and wide. This is done a few ways and serves several purposes.

    1. In hopes others will see their plights and help spreads the bs on their on. Means less work for the bully so they can look as "innocent" as possible.

    2. To instigate. The bully hopes the victim and/or their friends will see the bs and respond or lash out. This is so the bully can have real material to use and make it appear as if the victim started it and/or make it seem like friends of the victim are the victim.


    Contacting jobs

    Some bullies will contact a person's place of employment with false complaints as if they were a patron there or acting as if they are a "concerned person" and try to stir trouble for them any way they can while attempting to seem legitimate.

    1. Most of the times contact the victim's employment when they are SURE that the victim was working that day.

    2. Alot of the times the bully will try to work around not giving any personal contact info if asked for a follow up.

    3. Sometimes the bully will have info prepared to give, if the needs calls for it, like a burner number and email address they created for the occasion.

    4. The story given, as for the reason for contact, will often be something that is hard to prove or something that makes it seem like some things mean things they don't.

    5. Often times the bully will rant in an upset (hurt and/or insulted) mann or very angry tone in hopes they will be believed for the simple fact that they wouldn't be so upset or so angry over nothing.


    Contacting Places

    Sometime the bully will contact a place they know their victim will be for the purpose of creating trouble for them. This tends to be done when the bully has a hard time getting to the victim in other ways.

    1. File a complain with that place of business as if they were there and claiming the victim caused them such a disturbance. When this is utilized, the bully will have some of their friends do the same thing, so it looks more legit because "if the person wasn't a problem, why are their several complaints?".

    2. Call giving the place a warning about the person, claiming they're trouble, and offering what they call proof. Likely that which is a link to a site, blog, or video they created to make the victim look bad. Sometimes the bully will tell the one they are speaking to to speak to this or that person. Sometimes tell them to Google the person. this is done if slanderous sites, blogs, and videos were created to make the victim look bad.


    Befriending their friends

    The bully might try to befriend the friends of their victim for a variety of reasons and in a variety of ways.

    1. The bully's main goal being to cause a divide between the victim and their friends and followers.

    2. The bully's main goal being to make the victim look like they are the one with problem  by befriending a bunch of friends and followers at once hoping to scare the victim so they will message all their friends complaining about them (the bully). So this way the victim looks like some nit picker while the bully looks innocent saying and doing nothing.

    3. The bully's main goal being to isolate the victim by slowly approaching their friends with claims they will do their best to make legit. This is so slowly one by one the victims friends will slowly disassociate with the victim.


    Attacking friends

    The bully will often attack friends and followers of their victims. A bit of purposes for this.

    1. To isolate the victim from their friends by leading the friends to believe it will stop if they disassociate from their friend (the bully's victim).

    2. To turn the victim's friends against them with lots of attacks. The bully hopes that the friends of the victim will think there is some merit to what the bully is saying due to the fact that the bully won't let up and think "Wow it must be true since they are so stuck on it".

    3. Get the friend of the victim to believe that the victim has been bad mouthing them or doing things behind their back they'd be disgusted with. This is to drive a wedge in the friendship.


    Faking financial need

    Sometimes a bully will pretend to be in financial need for several reasons.

    1. To garner pity attention so that if they look less menacing and more "sad". This way if their bullying comes to light, it is less likely to be believed because "how can someone in such need be so awful?"

    2. To divert attention away from their bullying and bad behavior.

    3. If their bullying gets known, they can claim the other person is lying and trying to "kick them when they're down".

    4. Claim the stress from their financial need was a contributing factor in them acting out. This would be if the bully wants to try and excuse what they did and sugar coat it.

    This is in no way saying those in financial need are faking it. This is merely stating why and for what reasons a bully would fake financial need.


    Posing as part of Anonymous

    This is to intimidate others for a multitude of reasons and purposes.

    1. To scare others into doing what they want them to do.

    2. To intimidate people into talking to them.

    3. Intimidate others into telling them what they want to hear so they can use it later for some purpose.

    4. To make themselves appear and seem more powerful so as to be more effective in intimidating others.

    5. To gain a following, popularity, and fame so they are more effective in spreading hate, lies, rumors, and doing anything to bully and intimidate..

    6. Will misuse those who believe their lie of being a real anon into helping to spread their bs and possibly attack others. Also makes them appear more powerful.


    Convince of legal trouble

    Will try convincing the victim or others that know the victim, that the victim could be in legal trouble.

    1. Sends the victim messages and tries to convince them they're going to be in legal trouble. This is to intimidate the victim into talking to the bully.

    2. Makes posts and does whatever they can, from lying to posting photoshopped images, to convince those around them that their victim is in legal trouble or could be. Meant to scare the victim into either talking to them for some bogus resolution or leaving social media.

    3. To discredit the victim and make it less likely for people to listen to them, drive people away, and get them to isolate themselves.


    Claims of email authentication for Twitter DMs

    Quite often when faked/photoshopped Twitter DMs are posted, the bully will claim they are authenticated via email to make them appear more real.

    1. To make the Twitter DM seem real they will be either repeatedly say they're authenticated via email or say it once very sternly or angrily in a "you better believe me" tone in their words.

    2. If trying to show an "authenticated DM" via email method, they will photoshop this authentication email. First they do so by having someone send them what they want to be seen or they will do so from a sock account. Then check their email, screenshot that DM, and then paste that part over what was said from the person they're trying to fake a DM against. Voila fake DM email authenticate, or so it seems.

    3. To go further to make the supposed "email authenticated DM" appear real, they will go on and on and whine about email headers claiming they can't be faked. This is in hopes lurking eyes will believe they're real.

    4. If the email headers for the supposed "email authenticated DM" are posted, some will assume "omg it is real"... because they are. Think of what was said in number 2 above. The headers from both emails would be the same because from Twitter. So because of that alone and constant whining that the DM can't be fake because the exact contents of the DM appear in the notification email...the bully hopes that people will think the DM can't possibly be faked.

    5. Some bullies will get SLOPPY and fake an "email authenticated DM" via photoshop entirely. When this is done, they will often fake the email headers in case authenticity comes into question. Take email headers from an email from Twitter and paste them into a screenshot of email headers for the "email authenticated DM" that they want people to see.


    Follow/befriend Social media accounts stirring the pot

    The bully will often follow social media accounts that are stirring trouble with others.

    1. They will act sympathetic to their cause. Just enough to gain some trust and a follow. Doing this with multiple people and they gain a following of "greatful" people whom they (the bully) will think won't mind helping them out when they target others.

    2. Console the person doing the attacks in tweets or via DM. Basically kissing their butts telling them how wrong the other is and how right they are. This is to gain a little trust and possibly another person that will feel "greatful" enough to pay attention to their bs, help spread it, and maybe even target those they (the bully) doesn't like.


    Digging into the life of another

    ALOT of the times a bully will dig DEEP into the lives of their victims. Many reasons and many purposes with many agendas on their mind.

    1. To find something they (the bully) can use against the victim to get them enemies, hate, and even get them targeted about others.

    2. Butthurt over being ignored and wanting to get the victim's attention.

    3. To scare the victim into talking to them to make some kind of deal that the bully will trick the victim into thinking it is their "only way". BIG MISTAKE! Anything said, the bully will hold to use against the victim later. The bully will likely cut up the convo, show bits and pieces later, twist the truth, and use to hurt the victim with whatever terrible picture they painted.

    4. Scare the victim into leaving social media. The likely reason is because the bully sees the victim as being a threat. Especially if the victim doesn't interact with them and the bully hates looking bad for bothering them.

    5. Pass on to others alongside a few twisted things, lies, and rumors, in hopes that that person will cause them some trouble so the bully can play innocent and be relieve of some responsibility (in their mind).

    6. So they can put it out there in a variety of ways so ever if the bully quits or gets in trouble, the info is out there for another troll/bully to use should they choose.


    Situational harassment

    Sometimes a bully might harass someone for talking about a particular issue for a number of reasons and react in a number of ways.

    1. The victim is getting more attention when speaking about an issue than the bully is.

    2. The bully might get jealous and harass the victim by defaming or slandering them to others publicly and privately. That will likely be to others speaking about the same issue.

    3. So fewer will listen to the victim and the bully has more of a chance to get more attention.

    4. Main goal is for the bully to get the victim to stay away from the issue. Less competition.



    One thing almost every bully will do at point is subpost. This is posting about someone without naming them. There's many purposes and reasons for this.

    1. To poke at the victim and make fun of them in a way that's likely obvious to them and not as likely to others. If somewhat obvious to others, the bully can claim it's about someone else. If very obvious, they'll try to excuse it. On way is mentioning that they don't mention names.

    2. To hopefully anger and upset the intended victim enough so they act in a manner that the bully can use against them at that time or later, should they choose.

    3. Things might be worded in such a way so that multiple victims of the bully will think it is about them.

    4. To catch the attention of other bullies about a mutual victim in hopes to incur their ire so they (the onlooking other bully) will go after the victim they are subposting about.


    Follow around in games

    Sometimes to get to the victim, make them feel trapped, and/or just to bug them... a bully will follow them around to games they play.

    1. The bully will start playing some of the games that the victims plays. Try to make friends in that particular gaming community. When the time is right, they use those new found friends to help target their victim and/or make things difficult for them in the game and on social mediums they (the victim) is on.

    2. Play a game on the same server as the victim. Troll them. Message random people about them. It could be anything from saying they should avoid them to encouraging them to look at any material about them. Specifically material piece together just right to make the victim look bad.

    3. Play on the victim's servers and try to get into the same guild and/or make friends with the same people. Gain trust. When timing is right, take advantage of that trust by acting as if they are a concerned individual about the victim. They then share what they "just happened to come across" which would be any slanderous put together against them.

    4. Same as #3 above but the bully will do and say little things to put the victim in a not so pleasant light. Then eventually share what they "just happened to come across" which would be any slanderous put together against them.


    Self attacks

    Sometimes the bully will engage in what I would call "self attacks" via one of the ways below.

    1. Create social media accounts and send themselves crude remarks so they can play the part of the victim while accusing their victim of being the attacker. This tends to happen most when thebully starts to look bad for their attacks upon them. The goal of this is to make their (the bully's) attacks look and appear justified.

    2. Create a buzz of victimhood for the bully. Make them appear more vulnerable like they are the victim and the victim is the bully. Might even resort to lying to their own friends and fool them in to backing them (the bully) up so the facade looks even more real.

    3. Complain about the victim excessively to others with false claims in hopes they will believe it thinking "if it wasn't true, why would he/she be so stuck on it and so angry so long".

    4. Leave obviously fake bad reviews for themselves. This is to make themselves appear more like a victim. The more of a victim that the bully appears to be, the more believable they seem when they point the finger at whom they intend to make it seem like is bothering them. Often times this is something they've been bullying and/or are jealous of.


    Accusing randoms of being a particular

    A bully will often accuse random people, and sometimes random bot accounts, on social media of being their victim.

    1. To arouse curiosity about the victim in hopes people will ask questions and/or talk about them. Perfect time for the bully, or someone they choose, to somehow steer those people in the right direction to slanderous material about the victim.

    2. The bully hopes people will see them as someone so traumatized by the victim and begin to wonder "What did this person do to them" and  pity them (the bully). People who fall for that are easy prey to whatever lies the bully has to tell and anyone who backs it up.


    One sided conversations

    Often times a bully will engage in one sided conversations. Basically responding to posts made by the victim to make it seem like a conversation has or is taking place. This is done in several ways for several purposes.

    1. To make it appear as if the victim said something, but deleted it.

    2. To unnerve the victim in hopes of either scaring them into either not posting as much, getting off that social medium, or off social media altogether.

    3. To unnerve the victim to the point they lash out.

    4. To unnerve the victim to the point they say or do something that the bully can use to discredit them.

    5. To lead their friends and onlookers into believing the victim stirred trouble, got rid of the evidence (deleted posts), in hopes that they will join in on causing trouble for the victim.


    Twist the past. Fake the past.

    Another vile way for a bully to affect the victim is to give them a fake past or twist it.

    1. Make it seem like something in the victim's past happened for different reasons.

    2. False claims made in which if the victim tries to prove it false, it gives the bully more material to twist and use.

    3. To create  a bad look and vibe about the victim.


    Delays in showing proof

    A bully will delay in showing proof, they claim to have, for many reasons.

    1. They don't have any.

    2. To create a buzz and hype.

    3. They want to buy time to have "proof" manufactured.

    4. To scare the victim into thinking they have something, so they will do as the bully wants, which could range from telling them what they want to hear to disappearing from social media.


    Projection of faults

    A bully will often project their faults on to the victim. This is a vile tactic to further slander and defame the victim in a few ways for several purposes. The main one being accusing the victim of what they, themselves, are guilty of.

    1. To divert attention away from themselves (the bully).

    2. A way to get more attention on the victim for a particular fault so as to garner them more attention to  decrease the liklihood of attention falling upon the bully for it.

    3. To help alleviate the guilt. More guilt alleviated, the better it is for the bully. Less slip ups in their quest to further slander, abuse, and harass the victim.


    "Law enforcement needs to be involved"

    Alot of the times, a bully with blather on and on about how "law enforcement should be involved" in regards to the victim and in their false claims against the victim.

    1. Scare the victim into to coming to them to "talk" and "work on a resolution". NEVER DO THIS!!! Bad idea. The bully is hoping to have more to twist to make their false claims appear legit.

    2. Scare the victim into admitting to something they never did in order for some hope of a few moments of relief. VERY BAD IDEA. the bully will just use this against the victim later to further discredit them.

    3. Scare the victim off social media.

    4. Scare the victim into doing things they want them to do.


    Taking pics from victim's social media

    The bully will takes pics from the victim's social media for some purpose or another.

    1. To create cruel memes.

    2. To pass around and solicit others about the victim. Entice them to bother the victim.

    3. To use for impersonation accounts.

    4. To pass around to others for the purpose of making fun of the victim.

    5. To intimidate the victim by making them feel hunted.

    6. Will take an innocent picture from the victim's social media like of their pet, or something in their life, and make a nasty comment. That comment being unrelated to the victim. This shows obsession on part of the bully/stalker in their need to constantly find reasons to poke.


    Soliciting on behalf of the victim

    Approaches others and solicits them on behalf of the victim in many ways for many purposes.

    1. Openly posts a picture of their victim with one or more people tagged along with a few wisecracks. Purpose is to get people to join in on making fun of the victim. Often done to reinforce the false belief that no one likes or listens to the victim.

    2. To get the victim unwanted sexual attention such as messages of a sexual nature.


    "No ones likes/listens to..."

    Claims, by the bully, that "no ones" likes or listens to the victim.

    1. Will go on and on to others, in a public setting, about how no one listens to the victim or likes them. Nothing more than an attempt to make them look bad.

    2. Tries to do whatever they can to validate false claims that "no one listens to or likes" the victim.

    3. Will have others back up the claims and anything created to support it.


    Excuses to bring up the victim

    For one reason or another, often times the bully will find a reason, or way, to bring up the victim and try to make it not look like an obsession.

    1. Try to make it seem like something the victim was accused of in the past is something they are guilty of now.

    2. Scour their social media posts for something they can make it seem is about them. Point it out.

    3. Photoshop some images to make it seem like the victim is talking about them.



    To further cause the victim anguish, a bully might impersonate them.

    1. Create social media accounts pretending to be the victim and lash out at others. Later go on their real profile and point fingers or have others do it then they point fingers.

    2. Create a social media profile and flirt excessively with people and steer them to the victim's actually social media on other social mediums.

    3. To cause trouble for the person the bully is pretending to be in order to scare them into giving them what they want or disappear from social media.


    Back up lies

    One thing a vast majority of bullies will do is have people back up their lies and back up lies in return.

    1. Will have several of their friends back up by convincing them it's the truth or getting them willing to go along with the lie knowing it is a lie.

    2. Will photoshop a few things to back up the lies.

    3. Will take bits and pieces of conversation that they think will back up the lies.


    Name calling (obvious)

    Bullies will often resort to name calling to start and here and there for a number of reasons.

    1. Used to get a rise out of the victim.

    2. The bully will call the victim names and try to pass it off as "just playing around" for the sole purpose of making the victim look bad should they say anything.

    3. To get the victim to feel bad about themselves.

    4. To put on a show for friends and/or other fellow bullies. Looks fun to the bullies, but degrading to the victim.


    Name calling (specialized)

    Sometimes the bully will call their victim a name that is innocent to others, but they know will hurt their victim or a particular name over and over again to give it a negative meaning.

    1. The bully will call the victim a name that is sometimes used to describe something about someone that seems harmless. But they will do so over and over and in such a way so as to make the victim feel bad about it.

    2. Call someone a seemingly harmless name over an over again with the intent to annoy and/or traumatize to the point that name they're being called becomes hurtful.

    3. Calling someone a specific name to a condition they have that seems harmless, but do it in such a way that it causes them emotional distress or makes it obvious their hurtful intent.


    Follow in social sites

    Alot of bullies will follow their victim around in a particular social site.

    1. The bully will make a point to try and join in discussions the victim is involved in in order to make them (the victim) feel uneasy they're around.

    2. Will join in on discussion the victim is involved info the sole purpose of trying to make them look bad in some way by any means.

    3. Will click like on posts the victim makes not because they actually like the posts, but because they want to get the victim's attention in hopes to unnerve them and possible to get the victim to lash out.


    Follow around social sites

    Often times a bully will follow their victim around to multiple social sites.

    1. Sign up for a social media page where the victim is just to be there to unnerve them. In this case the bully has something on their page to make it obvious it's them. Just enough to unnerve the victim, but not make it seem obvious to others.

    2. Create multiple profiles on each site the victim is on.Actively use whatever profile on whatever site the victim is currently active on.


    Contacting friends and family

    One thing alot of bullies are resorting to is contacting and threatening to contact friends and family members of their victims for one or more of many reasons.

    1. To cause unease and discord between their victim and their friends.

    2. To cause issues between the victim and family.

    3. To instill fear in the victim. That fear being of how friends and family will view and treat them based on the bs by and from the bully.


    False apology

    While apologies are nice and good to do, but only when someone is genuinely sorry. Often times a bully won't apologize to be sincere, but rather for a number of other reasons.

    1. To soften their image so they look less like a bully and help retain some sort of following that will have their back should they (the bully) start up their bullying again.

    2. So if the victim speaks out, the bully and/or their friends can use it to make the victim appear as if they are out to get the bully or haven't moved on. This could be used to make the victim appear to be unstable.

    3. An attempt to appear to be the better person.


    Blame a victim to another victim

    The bully will often use one victim to place the blame on for another getting the bullying they are getting.

    1. Often used to get victims to attack each other.

    2. Will direct a message to a victim and make it seem like it's the fault of another for them being bullied.

    3. Will often have "evidence" falsified and created to make it seem as if one of their victims slandered another.


    Jump in on threads

    Sometimes a bully will "jump in" to post threads that the victim is in.

    1. They'll post a link with a little tidbit of enticement to get people to "check it out". That link could lead to a site with slanderous material about the victim. That could range from photoshopped images of convos that never took place or of things to make it seem like the victim did or said things they'd never do. It might even include a video with carefully put together manipulated things to paint a truth that is far from true.

    2. Claims will be made of what the victim supposedly said and done. Photoshopped images may be shown. Possibly even bits and pieces of old convos shown and put together to paint the picture the bully wants people to see.

    3. the bully mainly rants about the victim and how they did this and that. So much so they hope people will believe them based on "If it wasn't true, why would they be so stuck on it".


    Liking/Sharing abusive posts

    One of the most well none things a bully will do is share and like/favorite abusive posts. They'll often get others to do the same thing.

    1. To help spread abuse and get it seen by more. They'll do so in such a way that people will join in thinking and seeing it as just "harmless fun". This way, others are more likely to give it attention and help spread it around.

    2. To help rumors spread further and stick.

    3. To give the appearance to the victim, should they see the abusive post, that alot of people just don't like them.

    4. To contribute towards giving the victim a bad rep.


    Persistent pressure to talk to a specific person

     Persistent pressure to talk to a particular person to resolve a "supposed" matter that the bully claims there to be..

    1. Frequent messages and subtweets/posts to the victim pressuring them to talk to them (the bully) or a friend of theirs.

    2. Will try to get the victim to believe it is their only option.


    Bully an apology

    The bully will get pushy regarding their victim to get them to apologize what they want them to apologize for. Often times they do this to those who did nothing wrong.

    1. Attack the victim in one of numerous ways as they demand an apology. Therefore implying it won't stop until the apology is given.

    2. A purpose of this is so the bully can record (screenshot or video) the apology so they have something to use against the victim later. Often as an admission of guilt. This is why it is not a good idea for anyone to apologize for something they didn't do just to get someone off their back.

    3. A way to demean the victim to make them believe they did something wrong.


    The Job whine and attack

    When someone is unemployed either temporarily or permanently, this is also prime time for bullies to attack.

    1. Persistently complain and point out that their victim is jobless. Will often over do it or do it at times they think their victim will be most affected by something.

    2. Attack the victim's character and try to make it seem like something about them is why they're jobless or over exaggerate the real reason.

    3. Will harass and slander a victim via slanderous sites or postings which can easily be found by an internet search. Then complain about the victim being jobless without thinking they (the bully) are very likely a large reason their victim is due to the horrendous slander and defamation they have created and spread far and wide.


    Using their kids to help bully

    Some bullies will enlist the help of their own kids or kids they know in helping them bully others.

    1. Have their child help them hack the account of someone they don't like if they know more about how to.

    2. Will have their own child, or one they know, do bullying for them for the simple fact that they are a minor and penalties (if caught) are not as stiff for adults.

    3. Will have their child record them making fun of someone, but will lead the child to believe it is them just doing their own random imitations. Either that or will come up with another reason.


    Sit back and watch

    Seeing a crime and doing nothing, when you can, is just as bad as doing the crime yourself. Some bullies will stir up their friends and just watch as they torment their victim.

    1. To appear powerful to the victim by making it seem like people will listen to them and bother them (the victim) if they (the bully) should ask.

    2. To take pleasure  in the misery of their victim.


    Create petitions

    The bully will create a petition regarding the victim as for the purpose of humiliating them.

    1. Create a petition whose subject will be the victim and the target is the head honco of a social media platform they are on.

         A) The purpose will be calling for the victim's suspension or banning for whatever reason the bully states.

         B) The bully will be a few of their own signature. Will often use a VPN and switch servers so the VPN is different everytime.

         C) Will pass around the position and present what they will portray as a good reason in order to get others to sign, pass it around, and get more signature.

         D) Will repeatedly try to get attention to the petition from the main people that run  social site.

    2. Create a petition that calls attention to something embarrassing about the victim.

    3. Create a petition as a means to make fun of the victim in some way.


    Make a Fundraiser

    Will create a fundraiser as a means to humiliate the victims or get them in trouble.

    1. Will create an online fundraiser pretending to be the victim or someone know to them.

         A) Will come up with a heartfelt reason to get people to donate.

         B) Will make it so those donating can easily find the victim, check them out for themselves in hopes (by the bully) that people will see the victim as a scammer running a fraudulent campaign.

    2. Will create the fundraiser just to humiliate the victim for something.


    ALWAYS RIGHT (unless being wrong serves a purpose)

    While much of the time the bully "always has to be right", sometimes they will admit some fault.

    1. An attempt to get the victim to listen and gain a response.

         A) This is mainly used on victims who do not acknowledge anything about what the bully says or does.

         B) To make themselves look like they're sorry (when they're not) in hopes the victim's friend will encourage the victim to talk to them.

    2. To make themselves appear like they're sorry and gain attention for "trying to do the right thing".

    3. To make it seem like they are turning over a new leaf for the purpose of making the victim looking bad and/or obsessed about them should they speak up.


    Victim bashing over more attention on an issue.

    When victim gets more attention on an issue than the bully does, the bully might claim the victim somehow stole from then.

    1. The bully bad mouths the victim to those they've been talking to.

    2. The bully talks about the victim to those they know while telling enough of a story.

         A) to entice them to attack the victim.

         B) to entice them to help spread vicious rumors about the victim.

    3. Will try to make it look as if the victim is only speaking on the issue at hand because of them.

         A) Will try to make it seem like a method of stalking them.

         B) Will try to make it seem like it is part of some obsession with them.


    Stalking and lurking their social media

    Will stalk and lurk the social media belonging to the victim in hopes of finding something they can "use".

    1. Will take any pictures that are slightly less than perfect.

         A) To make fun of them.

         B) Pass them around in hopes others will make fun.

    2. Will take something said in an attempt to twist it around.

         A) To make it seem like something sinister.

         B) To make it seem like it is about them.

         C) To make it seem like it is some kind of hidden confession.

    3. For the purposes of gathering info for a detailed dox.

    4. For gathering info to put together in a way so as to use later on to try and intimidate the victim for some purpose.


    Excuses to contact

    Often times a bully will look for excuses to contact their victim. Often times it's an attempt to get a response out of the victim.

    1. Might send a private message claiming, in an enticing way,  they have information for them.

    2. Act angry about something claimed about the victim in hopes the victim will contact them to "straighten it out".

    3. Pretend to be concerned.

    4. Offer condolences if the victim is going through something in hopes the victim will respond so they (the bully) can initiate a convo that will eventually lead to the bully trying to "trap" the victim in some form.


    False accusations with back up

    Will make false accusations in an attempt to intimidate for some purpose.

    1. Will have things photoshopped to make it seem like the victim said and did things they'd never do.

         A) Go to tweet faking sites, create fake tweets, and then accuse their  victim of doing it.

         B) Create a social media account in victims name, attack others, and have their friends back up the lies and claims by the bully that it is the victim.

         C) Will create their own email headers and photoshop them into a pic to make it seem like an email came from someone it didn't.

    2. Will have friends back up the lies so people will believe them based on the fact that "so many are saying it and wouldn't be if it wasn't true" false ideal.

    3. Will spew forth so many lies about the victim so any accusation made seems more believable.


    "They're all bots!"

    The bully will often claim those close to the victim, on a given social media site, are all bots.

    1. To make the victim appear unstable, devious, and/or "crazy"

    2. In order to discredit the victim and harm their credibility.

    3. To smear their reputation and make them appear to be  "cheat" or worse.

    4. To scare off friends.

         A) Hoping the friend will get angry at and/or blame the victim for being accused of nd thought of being a bot.

         B) Hoping the person will stop talking to the victim in order to avoid the abuse.


    Revenge Porn

    Revenge porn is posting nude or partial nude photos of the victim. This is often a desperate tactic for a bully.

    1. Might post a nude or partially nude picture they (the bully) has of the victim that was sent to them.

         A) Post upon a revenge porn site.

         B) Post upon the victim's social media.

         C) Post in random spots.

    2. Will pass around around a nude or partially nude picture that was sent to them.

         A) Send to friends or family.

         B) Send to co-workers.

         C) Send to victim's contacts.

    3. Will photoshop a victim's head on to a naked body.

         A) Pass it around to others.

         B) Encourage others to pass it around.

         C) Will post it in places or just show others while claiming it was sent to them by the victim.



    One of the most common things a bully does as an attempt to scare, blackmail, and/or humiliate the victim.

    1. Will stalk victim's social media in order to gather information to put together for a "dox".

    2. Will pretend to be someone other than who they are to...

         A) get to know the victim so they can get information for a dox on the victim.

         B) get to know the victim's friend in hopes of hearing something they can use to add to a dox or help dox the victim.

    3. Will use a dox to scare a victim off social media for a number of reasons.

    4. Will use a dox to blackmail the victim.

         A) Make a demand and threaten to share dox if it is not met.

         B) Will post the dox anytime the victim does something the bully doesn't like so as to "train" them do do things to how the bully thinks they should.

    5. Will share the dox with their friends coupled with nasty rumors as a means to encourage it to be spread around.


    Denying a friend is a bully

    Alot of the times a friend or two (of the bully) will adamantly deny that obvious bully, that's their friend, is a bully.

    1. Will try to steer attention away from their friend's horrible bullying behavior.

    2. Will try to justify their bully friend's actions.

    3. Will try to convince the victim that they are wrong.

         A) Will keep telling the victim they misunderstood so the victim will begin to think they're wrong or feel bad.

         B) Will point out little things about the victim to make it seem like they're wrong and make them feel wrong.

    4. Will click "like" or "favorite" on an abusive status their friend's while trying to claim their friend isn't a bully.

    5. Will just flat out deny it by saying their friend isn't a bully.



    Classic action of a bully is to threaten their victim in orde tto get a demand met, scare them, make them vulnerable, or even discredit them.

    1. Threaten the victim in a way so as to scare them off social media.

    2. Will threaten to post something true or false that will embarrass the victim such as a dox or anything that can make the victim look bad. .

    3. Death threats.


    4. Threat to pin their (the bully) actions on the victim.

    5. A threat to ruin the life of the victim or someone close to them.

    6. Threats of harm.

    7. Threats to take something from the victim.


    Hit And Run Postings

    Basically the bully posts things and deletes them, as soon as they think the victim has viewed it, in hopes of getting their attention in some way.

    1. To make the victim mad.

         A) So they will lash out and the bully can cry victim, while making it seem like the victim attack first.

         B) So they will likely rant and rage to their friends and look silly because the bully would have already deleted their post.

    2. To unnerve the victim.

    3. To gain a reaction that the bully can later twist and use to make the victim look bad.


    Spread rumors and lies

    One of the most classic tactics by a bully; spread rumors and lies about the victim.

    1. To get the victim lots of negative attention.

         A) The more others attack the victim, the less the bully has to... so they can "keep their nose as clean as possible".

         B) Take pleasure in watching the victim being tormented by others so they won't have to put in the work themselves.

    2. To enjoy the victim's misery.

         A) Because of the rumors & lies and how hurtful they are.

         B) Because of all the negative attention the victim is getting.

    3. To damage the victim's reputation.

    4. To mess with the victim's ability to find work or accomplish anything.

    5. To get people to shun the victim.


    Twisting and manipulating posts

    Sometimes a bully will try to make it seem like a post is about something that it is not.

    1. Will try to make it seem like a post is about them.

         A) For the purpose of playing victim.

         B) To make the victim look bad.

    2. To make the victim look like they meant something different to a particular person that is likely to react badly towards the victim over the false perception.

    3. To unnerve the victim in hopes they will obsessively try to "clear up" things and try to explain what they meant.

         A) To make the victim look unhinged as they feverishly explain.

         B) So they look anxious and the bully can make it seem like guilt and/or deflection.

    4. To get the victim negative attention.


    Concerned person trying to warn

    The bully will act like they are just a "concerned person" trying to do others a favor by warning them about the victim.

    1. Will show people a few photoshopped images that discredit the victim and give a reason for wanting to warn others.

    2. Will make frequent posts about the victim with links to slanderous material about them while preaching they're trying to warn the public of a great perceived threat.

    3. Will claim they're a victim and don't want the same to happen to others in hopes others will listen and possibly pass around the warning about the victim.


    Obvious to victim, but not others

    The bully will say and do things that are often obvious to the victim but not others.

    1. Some slick sub-posting in hopes the victim will see and react badly so the bully can play victim.

    2. Will find a reason to talk about subjects sensitive to the victim in order to unnerve them enough that they  react in a way the bully can use to make them look bad.


    Speaking for others

    While trashing, attacking, or just talking the victim, the bully will act as if they're speaking for "everyone" (or close).

    1. While making fun of the victim, will claim "everyone thinks/says so".

    2. Will claim "No one" likes the victim.

    3. Will claim someone said something that they didn't.


    Faking a disability

    Will fake a disability for a number of reasons.

    1. To play the victim easier.

    2. So their victim looks bad if they speak out about them.

    3. To play innocent and look like they couldn't possibly bully someone with the disability they (the bully) claims to have.

    4.  Will claim their child has a disability they don't have.

         A) For attention.

         B) For pity.

         C) To distract attention away from their horrible behavior.


    Attempt to scare off of social media

    A bully will sometimes try to scare their victim off of social media.

    1. Will often do this when they get tired of looking bad for bothering someone that doesn't bother them.

    2. So when the bully bad mouth the victim, there isn't any (or much) interaction around that has a chance to show what the bully says about them isn't true.

    3. Will make threats of all kinds.

         A) To dox.

         B) To post things that will humiliate the victim or make them look bad.

         C) To "swat" them and make it seem like there is a legitimate reason.


    Excuses to criticize

    While criticism is normal, a bully will look for excuses to criticize.

    1. When the victim is having a bad day.

    2. When the victim makes a mistake; even a tiny one.

    3. When someone else tries to pick a fight with the victim.

    4. Just because they feel like it.

    5. Poke at the victim's weight.

    6. Poke at the victim's flaws.

    7. When they (the bully) does better than the victim at something.

    8. When the victim says something the bully doesn't agree with.

         A) Will try to make it seem like it was necessary for them (the bully) to comment the way they (the bully) just did.

         B) Will try to make it seem like the victim said something wrong to the point of deserving an attack by them (the bully).


    Frequent bad posts

    The bully will often make unfavorable posts about the victim.

    1. Post photoshopped images to make it seem like the victim said and/or did things they didn't.

    2. Just rant and rage about the victim for some reason.

    3. Post pics of the victim and make fun of them.

    4. Show posts made by the victim and finds a reason to make fun of them.

    5. Will post crude things said by other about the victim.


    Following/Friending accounts targeting the victim

    The bully will follow other social media accounts that are targeting the victim.

    1. To make them victim feel uneasy.

    2. To make the victim feel outnumbered.

    3. Hopes to get info regarding the victim.

         A) For a dox.

         B) To use in attacking them later.

    4. In hopes they'll follow back and help spread more hate, lies, and rumors about the victim.


    Involve others in their bulls**t

    The bully will try involving others in their campaign against the victim.

    1. Will try to convince others the victim is a threat to them.

    2. Will try to convince others that they'll be a big help if they helped warn others about the victim.

    3. Rant and rage about the victim to others in hopes they'll join in too.


    Encourage blocking

    Will encourage people to block their (the bully) victim on social media.

    1. On Twitter, will try to get those with alot of subscribers to their block list, to block their (the bully) victim.

         A) In hopes their (the bully) victim's tweets will get less attention.

         B) The more that will seem to shun the victim.

    2. To try and make the victim feel like they are not liked and make them wonder if the problem is them.

    3. An attempt to scare the victim off social media.

    4. Will make a public post encouraging others to block their victim.


    Encourage reporting of posts & profile

    A bully will try to encourage others to report a victim's social media posts and profiles.

    1. Will randomly message others with a believable reason as to why they should report a victim's posts and/or profile.

    2. In hopes the victim's posts will disappear.

    3. In hopes somehow the victim's social media profile will be deleted/suspended.

    4. Will makes public posts encouraging others to report their victim.


    "Got the goods"

    Often time s the bully will say something to make it seem like they "got the goods" on the victim.

    1. Will make public posts that will tease and give the impression they have something on the victim.

         A) That condemns them.

         B) That makes them look like a fraud or hypocrite.

         C) That they have proof to some sinister thing they claim the victim did.

    2. Might message the victim and push their buttons in a way so as to suggest they got something on them.

         A) To scare the victim into talking to them.

         B) To cause the victim to react in a way that they can later use.


    Building an opposite following

    Sometimes the bully will try to build a following in regards to something that is an opposite of what their victim is into for the purpose of having more listeners to when they choose to complain about the victim.

    1. If the victim is Republican/Conservative, the bully will try to build followers and friendships with those whom are Democrat/Liberal.

    2. If the victims likes a particular character in a TV show, the bully will try to build a following with people who like a character that is a rival to that one the victim likes.

    3. Will build a following in something the victim doesn't like.


    Threats over being caught and/or punished

    When a bully is caught doing wrong or loses a social media account over their actions, they might make threats towards and/or regarding their victim.

    1. Will say something similar or close to "You/he/she do not want to get on my bad side."

    2. Will say something that is similar or close to "You're/he's/she's starting to get on my bad side."

    3. Will make threats regarding a victim of theirs when a social media account of theirs (the bully's) is suspended for bad/hateful behavior.

    4. When someone points out what they did wrong, they make threats towards or regarding the victim.

         A) To give off the impression the victim did something wrong and the bully has a right to be angry.

         B) To intimidate and/or scare the victim hoping they won't report their bullying again.


    Cellphone "fake and zoom"

    Sometimes to be more believable, a bully will use their cellphone to take a picture of a photoshopped picture. Then zoom in so any proof the picture is not the bully looking at an active page and not just a pic brought up on a PC via a program, is not visible.

    1. So onlookers will see it and think because it was taken with a cellphone that the contents are real.

    2. To further make the victim look bad and discredit them.

    3. To attempt to gain credibility to later use to slander and defame their victim.


    Over bragging

    While it is normal for people to brag once in awhile, a bully will overdo it.

    1. Will often brag about good fortune that is either not true or will stretch the truth.

         A) For the purpose of making their victims feel like their lives are mediocre compared to theirs.

         B) To make themselves look more fabulous in hopes of gaining more followers/friends that will see their rants about their victim and/or possibly be willing to listen to them.

    2. To give the impressions of power and/or superiority.  


    Profile Creation to post Victim Info

    A common practice amongst bullies is to create a social media profile just to post info about their victim.

    1. To unnerve the victim enough for a response.

    2. To scare the victim into giving them something they want.

         A) Talk to them.

         B) Disappear from social media.

        C) Provide info they want that they can twist and use later on another.

    3. Humiliate the victim.

    4. Encourage others to join in on bullying  the victim.


    Won't sincerely admit fault or responsibility

    Alot of the times a bully might appear to be changing for the better, but a dead give away that it is just an act is their inability to admit fault and accept responsibility for their actions.

    1. Will avoid the issue altogether in hopes those who know about their horrible deeds will eventually forget.

    2. Will put the blame elsewhere; thing, situation, or person.

    3. Might admit fault to some things and pretend to be sorrowful in hopes everyone will forget about all of their deeds or atleast pass that off as an apology for everything.



    This is when the bully calls the police and sends them to the victim's house by making up a seemingly believable reason.

    1. Will pretend to be concerned and go as far as lying by saying the victim threatened to kill themself.

    2. Will claim they're concerned for the victim's well being.

         A) Will twist something the victim said that is cause for the concern.

         B) Will try to make the victim appear to be unstable and ask for a "wellness check".

    3. Will pretend to be the victim on a social media profile and act unstable while trying to sound like the victim as much as possible.

         A) Will point out the unstable behavior to friends in hopes they'll help swat.

         B) Will swat the victim themselves while pointing out that profile.


    Bully/Pressure to sex

    While sex is a natural thing between 2 consenting people. sometimes some people will "Bully" or put too much pressure on a person to get it.

    1. Will use the classic line "If you love/care about me..."

    2. Will try to guilt the other.

         A) Will keep pointing out they took them out to dinner and paid for everything that night (others if they have) and imply "You owe me".

         B) Will persistently point out to them they've gotten them gifts and it would be the kind thing to do.

    3. Will physically hit the victim and imply it will stop once the victim agrees to sex.

    4. Will try to manipulate the victim into agreeing to sex.

         A) By making threats.

         B) Blackmail.


    Conversation manipulation

    One thing nearly all bullies love to do is try to make the conversation go or look a certain way.

    1. Attempt to make it seem like the victim is saying or has said something different than what they are.

    2. Will try to change the subject.

         A) To play victim.

         B) To divert attention away from their misdeeds.

         C) To talk themselves up

    3. Will show extreme emotion at key times to mislead others into believing they've been greatly affected by what the bully wants them to believe they've been affected by.


    Fake "team up"

    Will chill out from attacking the victim for awhile and claim other bullies that bother them (victim) are also bothering them (bully) while asking for some "team up" of sorts.

    1. In hopes to get the victim to talk to them.

    2. Hoping the victim will confide in them details about how they were treated due to the projected belief they share a common bond.

         A) The common bond being supposedly the same bully.

         B) For the purpose of using what the victim says to target their bully for their (bully) own agenda.

    3. Dislike of the "supposed common" bully:

         A) Victim wants the bullying to end. Bully is mad at the other bully

         B) Wants to use victim to take out their common enemy as in reporting their social media and using anything the victim says to get others involved.

    4. The bully wanting the team up makes the victim feel like they have a common enemy and attempts to get the victims to talk.

         A) Should the victim start "talking", the bully wanting the "team up" passes it along to the "supposed" bully in common to be used to hurt the victim.

         B) Should the victim not talk, they might get made and go after their common bully in their victim's name. Win win for the bully.


    Book/Blog threats

    A threat by the bully to post a blog or include the victim in their book as something less than favorable.

    1. "This will go in my book/blog" said when the victim isn't doing what the bully wants them to do.

    2. Each time the bully  fails to get the victim's attention, they post a blog.


    Seeming sudden turnaround

    When a bully seems to have made a sudden turn around from hard core stalking and bullying, but is just suppressing their bad nature temporarily.

    1. A very sudden change from extremely mean to nice.

         A) Likely for some agenda yet to be known.

         B) To give the impression to wandering eyes that they're a nice person so when they rage again, those wandering eyes will most likely see them as having a very good reason.

    2. To give the impression of hard work and effort in that they can change.

         A) In order to gain a following of people so they have more to listen to them.

         B) Just enough til people have almost forgotten about their bad deeds.


    Pretend to be friend while putting victim out there

    Will put forth the image that the victim is a friend, while hiding their less than favorable true intentions.

    1. If the bully's friend poke at the victim, they do not have their back by asking them to stop.

         A) Might claim to be staying out of it.

         B) Will pretend to be busy.

         C) Will try to excuse the behavior.

    2. Will create a profile that mocks the victim.

         A) Will blame another bully for it.

         B) Will claim to be reporting it so they appear to be a dutiful friend when in reality they are not.

         C) Pretends to be outraged by the profile so the victim won't have a clue their "supposed friend" is stabbing them in the back.

    3. Creates a fake profile they use to befriend their victim's other bullies.

         A) To pass off information to them they can use to poke at the victim.

         B) To feed them false info to give them more reason to attack the victim.

    4. Creates  fake profile to message random people.

         A) To get the victim more haters.

         B) To earn friendship of random people so they're more likely to listen to the bully that is bad mouthing their victim.


    Pretty presentation to raise questions

    Sometimes a bully will put together a collection of things that took time to put together in order to cause questions to be raised about the victim.

    1. A collection of screenshots (true, false, & twisted) will be put together that will be most likely to catch the attention of wandering eyes.

    2. A collection of various materials (true, false, & twisted) put into a video in such a way so as to catch and keep attention.


    "No one likes them"

    The bully will try to tell and convince others that "no one" likes the victim.

    1. To help gain more haters for the victim.

    2. To try and make the victim feel insecure should they (the victim) see their posts.

    3. To make the victim  look like bad news by trying to convince others that no one likes them.

    4. In hopes of convincing their friends to avoid the victim.


    Gain followers to help spread hate

    The bully will try to gain more followers/friends to their social media for the purpose of spreading their hate further.

    1. The more people to listen to the hate the bully spews forth about the victim.

    2. The more people that there are to possibly help spread the hate thinking they are doing the bully a favor.


    Looking for reasons to talk about same things victim is

    Sometimes a bully will look for a reason to talk about the same things their victim is.

    1. To unnerve the victim.

    2. To hopefully make the victim mad enough to come at them.

         A) So they can play innocent victim and make the victim look bad.

    3. Hopes the victim will complain to their friends and that their friends will see them as someone that...

         A) Complains too much.

         B) Is unstable.

         C) Nitpicks over nothing.

    4. Hopes the victim will pay attention and start sub-posting them.

         A) So they have an excuse to complain about the victim.

         B) So they can make the victim seem obsessed.


    Send a friend to start arguement

    The bully might send a friend of theirs to try and start an argument with the victim.

    1. The bully's friend might use another profile, and possibly multiple profiles, so it looks like random people.

         A) Which makes the victim look like they are the problem and just love to make everyone mad.

         B) To make the victim doubt themselves and wonder if they're doing something wrong.

    2. In hopes of embarrassing the victim by making it seem like they...

         A) Don't have all the facts.

         B) Don't know what they're talking about.


    Blame and reel back

    Sometimes the bully will put the blame for their actions elsewhere in hopes of reeling the victim back to them.

    1. For the purpose of using and abusing again.

    2. Will play on past good times to get the victim to open up to them again.

         A) To have material they can some how use against them later.

         B) To have stuff to give their other bullies.


    "Afraid of a few simple questions"

    Bully might claim the victim is afraid to answer "simple questions".

    1. Might make this claim when they direct questions at a victim ignoring them.

    2. To humiliate the victim by making it seem like they have something to hide.


    False identity

    The bully accuses the victim of being someone they aren't.

    1. Victim is most likely accused of being someone that has ALOT MORE haters.

         A) Since hate for the victim existed under false pretenses, even the most innocent things the victim says or does will be viewed in some twisted or bad light.

         B) By the time people figure it's not the person they're lead to believe, there will still be some haters for the victim.

    2. To unnerve the victim enough to give them (the bully) a reaction that they can use in some way.

    3. To make the victim feel unworthy of their own individuality.


    Frequent 1UPing

    When the victim shows happiness or enjoyment, the bully figures out a way to "do better" than the victim.

    1. To make the victim feel mediocre, like they can't measure up.

    2. To make themselves appear to be better than the victim to others.

    3. Puff up their own ego.


    Bully for a friend

    Sometimes the bully will bully someone a friend of theirs has a disagreement with.

    1. To make it seem like they got their friend's back.

    2. To make themselves appear to be more powerful based on "Mess with one, you get the pack" mentality.


    Cycling through actions

    Occasionally a bully will "change up" their action upon their victim.

    1. In hopes of keeping the attention they already get.

    2. So their actions don't appear to be overused.

    3. So they look less like the problem.


    Staging power

    The bully will say and do things to make themselves appear powerful and more powerful than they already are.

    1. Try to scare people off social media that they think can easily be scared off and make the reason for it seem justifiable.

         A) Goes after "easy targets". The easier the target, the easier scared off. The more that get scared off. Makes the bully look more powerful.

         B) To gain respect amongst other bullies and those they might want help from.

    2. To bring themselves (the bully) up by making others miserable.

         A) Confidence helps with power.

         B) Helps keep those from challenging the bully.

    3. Tries to gain as many followers on social media as they can.

         A) Gives the impression alot of people listen to them.

         B) Makes victims feel intimidated in thnking alot like and listen to the bully.


    Work-around isolation

    When a bully fails to get many from the general public to block the victim and help encourage others to do so, they will resort to more shadier tactics; a workaround.

    1. Will get others within their own circles to block them.

         A) Randomly message those within their (the victim's) circles with slanderous (& untrue) material to get them to block the victim and encourage others to do so as well.

         B) Will creates profiles to pretend to be the victim, cause trouble, and then use their own profiles to blame the victim.

    2. Will get their friends to find friends of theirs with influence to get them to block the victim and get others to do so as well.

         A) Helps to avoid connecting the blocking campaign to the bully.

         B) Helps get more haters for the victim.

         C) Helps get even more people to block the victim.


    Makes believe misfortune and bad luck is the victim's fault

    Bully will blame the victim for their bad luck and misfortune.

    1. To avoid taking any responsibility they may have had in their own misfortune.

    2. To avoid looking weak.

    3. In hopes others will take pity on them...

         A) And go after their victim for them.

         B) And help them go after their victim.

    4. To make the victim look as bad as they and other bullies claim they are.

         A) To make the lies put forth about the victim seem more true.

         B) To make the victim look less credible.


    Shaming reasons

    The bully looks for reasons to shame the victim.

    1. If the victim is overweight, they shame them for their weight in obvious and non-obvious ways.

    2. For blemishes they have.

    3. Shame for any deformities.

    4. Shame for a recent tragedy.

    5. Shame over little mistakes.


    The "FOREVER" victim

    Will overuse "Forever victim" and "Forever the victim" when speaking of their victim.

    1. Trying to imply that the victim is annoying and justifies the bully ranting about them.

    2. To imply that the victim has a habit of "playing victim".

    3. To make people curious enough to ask the bully "what the victim did" to them.

    4. To make the victim feel bad like they've done something wrong.




    I will close this off by saying this. The tactics above, are tactics and actions I've seen and heard of many bullies using on their victims. The purpose here is to bring awareness.

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    Yesterday evening (11-10-18/11-11-2018) I was tweeting with a friend about my opinion regarding people leaving pets behind in disasters. Our general opinion was if someone is aware the fire could come their way or close enough, and/or might change direction, then they should begin preparing as soon as possible and not wait until an evacuation order. Often times when people wait, they put themselves, their family, and pets in danger.


    One person sent me a DM on Twitter and said "What if my dog runs off because she is scared and something falls on her killing her?". I answered telling her then it obviously wouldn't be her fault. Another person asked me to be more clear. I told him I spoke of those who had the chance to prepare earlier, but chose not to. If someone didn't have that chance, then the fault is on circumstances. That person then said he just wanted to be sure he understood correctly.


    Then this one enraged 19 year old girl came along.


    She inserted herself into a conversation me and my friend Samus (@SamusAran2020 on Twitter). She accused me of attacking victims of the California fires and making fun of people's pets who died. For those of you reading, I invite you to look at my timeline on Twitter (@CaseyNewton_TL) and see for yourselves. There is nothing within my tweets that imply anywhere near what this teen girl was saying. She called me a wide range of names such as: r**a*d, b***h, wh**e, skank. She even told me to kill myself. She even said she should beat my a**. I blocked her. I didn't even respond. In total it was over 43 enraged tweets. I thought that was the end of it. I figured with all the nastiness, she'd get herself suspended quickly. I was wrong.


    This one random user DMed me a link to this one tweet that 19yr old girl posted. I thanked him and took a look.


    In looking at it I realized that this girl had taken a screenshot of one of her tweets and photoshopped it to look like it came from me. To cover herself she claimed it was an Iphone screenshot another user sent to her. I also took a look at her timeline. Apparently all those extremely vulgar and threatening tweets have been deleted by her. Just so she could try to play poor sweet innocent victim.


    This person first tweeted to my friend Samus here. She never answered. I advised her against it via DM because it seems like this girl is looking to pick a fight. She thanked me and said she had a response ready, but wasn't going to bother. So we continued our tweet conversation about how there's no excuse to leave pets behind. Samus was generally saying people who are aware of the fires should prepare as soon as possible  just in case it comes their way and shouldn't abandon their pets and no excuse to if they have the chance to prepare.

    The tweet that starts with "Prep before work" seems like she was trying to quote me. I have no tweet with those exact words. I checked the tweet and it wasn't in response to anything. In plain english, she was trolling and trying to involve Samus.

    In the 3rd one she tells another user that "they", meaning me and Samus told her to kill herself.I'd never say that to anyone even if I hated the, Neither would Samus. This is nothing more than an attempt to garner pity and attention to the obvious victim card she is trying to play.

    With the 4th tweet, she continues to play her victim card.


    I checked the Twitter page of the one  this 19 year old girl that this person was pulling a pity party with. Apparently he fell for it  hook line and sinker and took a page form this girl's book. He decided to post his  own tweet he posted, but only it didn't look he sent it. He made it seem like I sent it.


    He takes another page from this teen girl's book. He tries to involve my friend Samus. He continues to do so in another tweet.


    Yeah. This guy fell for her fake victim act.


    I then checked out the twitter page for the one she said she got the screenshot from. I saw only one tweet to me.


    It wasn't in response to anything. She just chose to tag me and Samus. Perhaps she was just trying to gain a response so she could just tag in that teen girl and her new male friend. Who knows?



    I see alot of things wrong here. This 19 year old girl doens't get a response to tweets and goes on a massive raging fit. She deletes tweets and tries to play the victim. She claims I told her to kill herself. She even posted a photoshopped tweet. The man she played the victim party to fell for it and followed suit. He photoshopped a tweet to make it look like I said something I didn't. Why didn't either of them archive these supposed tweets via "archive.is"? On a PC, you just go to the address. If a person is on a phone, they can go to it in their phone's web browser. So there is no excuse to not be able to archive a tweet. They neglected to do so. Perhaps  because..........................the tweets in question they claimed were mine, were never mine to begin with. BUSTED!


    To be so petty on Twitter over no response has made me wonder how they treat people in their personal lives.

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    I started playing World of Warcraft nearly 3 years ago on my 15th birthday. At first, I thought it was a great game. It was rich in storylines with a wealth of activities to do.


    My grades always stayed good. I studied.  I didn't have to work. Parents for for everything within reason and as long as my grades are good. But pretty soon, World of Warcraft was all I did in my spare time. If I wasn't doing homework or household chores, it was always World Of Warcraft. It wasn't that way at first.


    As I advanced in levels the pressure was on to reach "max level" and get into end game content and do raids. So I was spending more and more time working on getting my levels higher to reach that maximum level. Once I did, the pressure was on to be "geared", have the the best of the best. While I enjoyed the game, I wasn't about to put it ahead of my studies or my family.


    I thought that as long as my family and school work came first, then it there would be no problems. I enjoyed playing and doing raids. The guild I was with had a schedule that fit with mine perfectly. I couldn't ask for better, right? One day I was suppose to raid, I skipped it. I informed the guild leader I needed to skip it so I could finish my science project on electricity. I thought things were fine. The next time I was at a raid, I got kicked out at the last moment and ended up with nothing. I asked why and the guild leader said I shouldn't skip out on raids. Then I got a speech about priorities and I will never get anywhere if I don't learn to put my priorities straight. I thought that was the end of it. Then I saw a post on the guild forums saying I was banned from attending raids until I learn to get my priorities in order. I posted a lengthy response. I mentioned my age and I was upfront about it form the start and that my studies and school work came first becuse getting an education is what will help me support myself after I leave home. Better education, better job, more money. The response I got back was made me rethink my time in World of Warcraft. The guild leader accused me of attacking his policies and said an extra 2-3 hours to help the guild wouldn't kill me. A few people stood up for me saying that me putting my education first was admirable. One person said "So you want him to put aside his school work for the guild one time. You told me that 2 years ago. That one time turned to many and I've had to rearrange my life around the guild needs. f**k you no longer. Grow up.". People left the guild. The guild leader blamed me for his guild starting to fall apart.


    I left my guild and tried to search for another. I got in one, but was kicked shortly after because apparently my last guild leader claimed I stole everything from the guild bank. It seems he made a toon with a name close to mine and took a bunch of stuff out. He did the same to other guild members. I will always regret every joining the Champions of Light guild on the Whisperwind server.


    I ended up changing servers. I found what I thought was a good guild. I thought so until I was expected to be on more than I could be. I was pushed and pressure to "come on for a few" to help out new guildies. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against helping new players, but I am against putting some game before things in real life. I got chastised by people for not being on one night to help out because I went to a movie. I explained that once in awhile I deserve to do something for myself considering how hard I work to do well in school. I got a lecture about how movies are entertainment and not a necessity. I fired back with saying World of Warcraft is the same thing and I wanted a little diversity in my activities so I don't get burned out. a large number of people jumped all over me. I got a long speech about priorities and how I should put my guild's needs before my own. I was like "So these people expect me to not go out or spend time with the few friends I have just for their bits and bytes on a computer game?". This was the final straw.


    While most people rage quit, I simply logged out and stopped getting time cards.  I felt relieved. While I was working on some calculus homework one day, I began to think of so much I missed out on by putting so much time to that game. Despite that school work and family and friends were #1, I still missed out on alot. I got a job at Burger King that I still enjoy. I'm helping my parents out with the bills and saving for college. I didn't think of World of Warcraft again until after 2 weeks that I quit. I started to get angry messages on Facebook asking why I've been shirking my responsibilities for the guild. I was referred to as selfish. I was told I was just as bad as some death knight named "Dfanning" that left years ago in 201. I blocked each and every one of those people. The guild that was doing this to me was some guild on the Anvilmar server. I don't remember the name of the guild, but it had the word "Shadows" in its name.


    Now that I have washed my hands of World of Warcraft, I feel like I have escaped a cult.