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    Power Rangers Gone Dark

    By Goldenforce772

    *Europe seems to be the place for emerging Power Ranger teams lately. In Northern Europe, our friends in Ninja Steel are beginning their quest to assemble the pieces necessary to establish a new Beast Morphers team. However, another new team is about to emerge in Greece. When the shards of a very evil sword known as Soul Edge fall into the hands of a certain gymnastics powerhouse, Simone Biles, she decides to take them to the famed Mount Olympus to see if they could be put to good use. She encou

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    Late on August 31, 2019, a longtime friend of mine, Mi***, was tweeting with some of her friends regarding one person's cat that is not doing well. If I recall, the issue with the cat, Si***, was something to do with the kidneys. Mi*** was saying that this meant that S**** couldn't have tuna. Then in a later tweet she mentioned "treats" in a general manner of speaking.


    Nowhere in M****'s tweet above did she even remotely suggest anything that could remotely harm a cat. Treats generally means a reward that the person or animal really likes or would. Then some rather random individual, "A****C**P*", chose to respond to her treats tweet in a rather crude manner.




    As seen here, this individual chose to attack M**** by strongly implying she would intend to harm, and desire to cause harm, upon another individual's cat. This person also strongly implies M**** is very stupid. The way he worded it was very suggestive that he was hoping to embarrass and humiliate her. M**** never would wish harm upon another animal.




    In this tweet, this individual attempts to cover up his attack upon M****. If this person looked at entire conversations, he would have seen that Miley was generalizing when talking about treats and she frequently suggests tuna as a treat for any cat.




    M**** had every right to block this individual. Especially in how he had attacked her and implied she'd intentionally harm someone's cat. He counties to strongly imply that she is stupid. Also his butthurt over a block is apparently obvious. This tweet implies he is encouraging people to speak to him about the matter.


    I, and a few others, had chosen to defend M**** to this person. Not once did anyone harass, threaten, shame, or bully this individual.


    Defense tweet #1



    Defense tweet #2



    Defense tweet #3



    Defense tweet #4



    Defense tweet #5



    Defense tweet #6



    Defense tweet #7



    Defense tweet #8



    Defense tweet #9



    Defense tweet #10



    Defense tweet #11



    Defense tweet #12



    Defense tweet #13



    Defense tweet #14



    Defense tweet #15



    My thoughts regarding the defense of M****. Not one person attacked him. Each of them expressed their opinion and thoughts. No one said anything degrading.


    I have come to notice that "A****C**P*" had chosen to protect his tweets. So I conducted a search of tweets to him. I found 4 tweets that gave strong indications that "A****C**P*" had been openly discussing the matter beyond what I, and others defending M****, had seen.


    Questionable tweet #1



    Questionable tweet #2



    Questionable tweet #3



    Questionable tweet #4



    My thoughts in regards to the questionable tweets are as follows.

    1. It has become obvious to me that these 4 are comforting "A****C**P*".

    2. Why would someone need comfort unless they spoke of something that struck their nerves?

    3. There is talk of weirdos coming out. This implying that "A****C**P*" is saying something to indicate he is being attacked.

    4. Talk of weird people on social media implies that someone on social media struck a nerve recently.

    5. Talk implying he was attacked for being friendly. This makes me think of when he tried to make it appear as if he was being friendly to M****, when he clearly was not.



    My final thoughts.

    What happened, should not have happened. M**** had not done anything wrong. She merely suggested to "M***C***M*****" that she give S**** treats, which meant something he likes, that he can have. Anyone looking at the first picture within this blog should be able to see such. "A****C**P*" took it upon himself to respond to M****'s tweet in such a manner so as to suggest she was suggesting harmful things for S****.

    He attempted to cover up his depraved behavior by acting as if he was giving a friendly suggestion. What is friendly about taking what M**** said and making it appear as if she was suggesting something harmful, when it is clear she was not? In one of his tweets he gave strong indications he wanted attention for him regarding this matter when he said to DM him with questions. Why would he do that unless he planned to go on and on hoping to rally people to his side, all while playing the part of the victim?

    People defended M****. They had every right. M****'s good character was being attacked by "A****C**P*". Not one of them attacked him or defamed him. He was called out on his atrocious actions.

    In my opinion, the questionable tweets I had posted, were highly indicative that "A****C**P*" was complaining about the matter and attempting to play the victim card. 

    Anyone who cannot see how wrong "A****C**P*" is needs to re-evaluate their morals and what kind of people they are that think what did did was okay.

  1. In less than an hour (2:02am ET on 8/17/2019), SyFy Channel's "Off The Deepend Weekend" begins. It will last until Monday August 19 at 2:00pm ET.

    I posted a schedule here: https://www.derwillezurmacht.com/topic/1523-off-the-deepend-weekend-8172019-8192019/



    I will be watching EVERY single movie involved in this event. I will check in to "trakt.tv" for each and every single movie on during this "Off The Deepend Weekend" event.


    I am 100% dedicated to enjoying "Off The Deepend Weekend" to the fullest. Especially the premiere of "Zombie Tidal Wave".

  2. *Europe seems to be the place for emerging Power Ranger teams lately. In Northern Europe, our friends in Ninja Steel are beginning their quest to assemble the pieces necessary to establish a new Beast Morphers team. However, another new team is about to emerge in Greece. When the shards of a very evil sword known as Soul Edge fall into the hands of a certain gymnastics powerhouse, Simone Biles, she decides to take them to the famed Mount Olympus to see if they could be put to good use. She encounters two individuals with pure hearts, the Alexandra sisters(Cassandra and Sophitia), and they agree to help Simone out with her dilemma, especially since, like a lot of other people around the world, they are sensing a growing evil threatening to destroy the world. (That would be Archadia and HIVE, for those not paying attention.) After a bit of a search, they gather the people necessary to tap into the power of the Soul Edge shards to become the next great Power Rangers team, Power Rangers Soul Calibur. As for their assigned colors, it goes something like this: 

    Cassandra Alexandra(Soul Calibur Red Ranger): This girl has a lot of spunk. She also has a lot of power and skill. Her skills with a sword and shield make her an excellent demon slayer, and like her sister, Sophitia, possesses a kind soul. Her gung ho attitude and desire to make a difference make her an excellent choice to be leader of the team. 

    Sophitia Alexandra(Soul Calibur Blue Ranger): She has a reserved personality, but there's no doubt that she can handle herself well in a fight. She comes with a variety of skills, including the all important healing skills. As Cassandra's older sister, she has to make sure that Cassandra doesn't do anything stupid. She is currently hailed as a savior in her homeland. 

    Chai Xianghua(Soul Calibur Purple Ranger): This lady is another one who has mastered the art of using a sword in a fight, but doesn't use a shield like Cassandra does. Still, one of her best qualities is that she has this special way of making people want to love her. She also has an affinity for water based fighting skills, which will be tested when global tensions with Archadia and HIVE continue to build. Xianghua isn't afraid to tackle these menaces head on, and that is why this team will go far. 

    Isabella "Ivy" Valentine(Soul Calibur White Ranger): If you want to know why Ivy is known as a mankiller, just look at any recent picture of her and realize she could have any man she wants. But, that is tempered by a very hot and short temper that makes her rather unpredictable. Her weapon of choice is a sword that morphs into a whip. Think sado-masochism on steroids. When it comes to punishing enemies, she is unmatched. Time will tell how she handles herself against an enemy that schemes to end the world that she knows. 

    Simone Biles(Soul Calibur Green Ranger): She is athletic, she is bright, she is easy to get along with and as the discoverer of the Soul Edge shards, she may have changed the landscape of the crimefighting community forever. In the world of gymnastics, she is about making history. She plans to do the same in the world of crimefighting once she is told of Archadia and HIVE. As an added note, she was the one who once helped Golden Force East bring Blizzard War criminal Gabrielle Douglas to justice in Rio. Having said this, this new team could not have a better personality in its lineup. 

    2B(Soul Calibur Black Ranger): This lady is an android similar to KOS-MOS and T-elos. This means her IQ is through the roof and her fighting skills are those to be feared. She possesses awesome firepower and is ready to take on any challenge. It will be interesting to see what effect the power of a Soul Edge shard has on an artificial life form. If there's one thing to be said about 2B, it's that she doesn't mess around when it comes to battling and defeating the enemy. 

    Together, these six girls hold the fate of Greece and all of southern Europe in their hands, and perhaps maybe the rest of the world as well. The planet continues to grow more dangerous, and these ladies will be needed to stem the tide of destruction by any means necessary. 

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    Two days ago I had a Twitter DM conversation with a man that blocked my friend M---y. I thought it was accidental. It happens. It turned out to be anything but. The entire DM conversation is below. Due to the no "naming and shaming" rule, I have blotched out names, personal photos, and chat identities. I have confirmed with 3 admins that all that is shown below is authentic.



    I approached this person believing the blocking of my friend @s-----------0 (M---y) was accidental. Then @i--c---------r tells me he received "very very" disturbing message that my friend M---y had written. He says that in them M---y was bullying his friend L---a. I have known M---y for a long time. She is kind, sweet, patient, understanding and would never bully or be hurtful to anyone. This man @i--c---------r is friends with the same people spoken of here: https://www.derwillezurmacht.com/blogs/entry/52-my-own-bullying-experience-part-2/, minus the woman with the autistic kid. She has no association with this man or his actions. I knew this and M---y knew this, but she didn't want to judge him based on a few of his friends being bullies. It is obvious who passed on the lied about M----y to him.





    It is quite obvious that @i--c---------r chose to believes those lies that were sent to him. Not once did he attempt to try and talk to M---y.
    Not once did he stop and think about any of the following.
    1. All the pleasant interactions he and M---y had.
    2. All the nice interactions on M---y's twitter timeline.
    3. How respectful and understand M---y has been with him and others.
    4. All the attacks on the timelines of those he is friends with that have stalked, harassed, and bullied M---y.
    @i--c---------r just chose to blindly believe these people who are frequently nasty to others. These same people who will turn against those who won't turn a blind eye and outlive their use.

    The way @i--c---------r responds to me is very telling. It's a "it's no big deal" impression. Considering the claims he was making, odd isn't it.





    I offer @i--c---------r the blog my friend M---y wrote regarding the people that turned against her unjustly and have been bullying, stalking, and harassing her. He, very easily, brushes it off. She never talked about its contents after posting it.
    Then @i--c---------r claims to have proof M---y was using a parody account to attack and bully others. Not once did @i--c---------r offer up this so called proof he said he had.

    I made a point to @i--c---------r about @e----m raging about that blog on her Twitter timeline. Considering no names were mentioned in that blog, what does it show besides guilt.





    I continue to make my point to @i--c---------r about how these friends of his have abused M---y. I point out he turns a blind eye to attacks on others via their own Twitter timelines.

    Right after I make my good and valid point, @i--c---------r decides to say he was given the IP address of M---y's computer. I continue to defend her saying she'd never attack anyone.





    I continue to defend my friend M---y. This @i--c---------r claims to have "irrefutable proof!". Not once did he offer anything up to prove his claims. He didn't even try to send me what he was sent that made M---y look so bad. He just gets annoyed that I don't sway his way on the claims. To me, this is very fishy.





    Here, @i--c---------r acknowledges that M---y had been nice to him. One plus for him. Atleast he acknowledged that. I then tell him that it is possible to forge a computer IP address. People can lie about it. People can photoshop screenshots taken. People can have their friends back up their lies. People can forge the data, pass it off to a few who ask very few questions so they have some back up. Strength in numbers.

    It seems that @i--c---------r is acknowledging that IP addresses can be forged. Just right after he claims they can't be. Now, which is it?





    I make a point to @i--c---------r that he was given false data. I also make a point how M---y is a good person and has shown she's a good person, but he chooses to believe different without questioning it.
    Then @i--c---------r tries to get the subject changed by saying he had his life hacked, but I chose to stay on topic. But I chose to stay on topic and point out how he is defaming M---y's character.

    Generally speaking, when someone tries to suddenly change the subject, it is because their BSing is showing, might show, and/or is getting them nowhere.





    After my point about how he is defaming M---y's character, @i--c---------r claims he had it researched by a private investigator. I make good points and he is now getting very "cagey" as he makes a bold claim.





    Then @i--c---------r says he hired a private investigator with his own money to "check out all these sick people". Wait a minute, I thought he said M---y was responsible. But he hires a PI to check out "all these sick people". Someone's story is changing a little.
    I point out how his friends target M---y and others and that he turns a blind eye. His response was saying he's not passing on a word of this as if he is doing M---y or me a favor.
    So, @i--c---------r allegedly hired a PI to check out these messages he was shown. He claims he got M---y's computer IP address from this PI. He says he had this PI "check out these sick people", when he had claimed only M---y before. A PI can't legally obtain a computer's physical address from these claimed messages unless law enforcement or an ISP got involved and obtained it.

    I guess what I am saying is, @i--c---------r is lying. My guess is he is hoping I will pass on what he said to M----y so she will get scared and slink away from social media, like his bullying friends have been trying to do to her. 





    I point out, again, to @i--c---------r that he believes lies about M---y, a good person. Then I point out how he says nothing about his friends' attacks on others. Then I point out that he is an accessory to their bullying, threats, and stalking because he sees it and does nothing.

    Then @i--c---------r gets very defensive acting like I am judging him. All I did was make a few points. Then he says he is a grown man and can do what he wants. So he is saying if he wants to lie, pass on lies, or defame someone that it is okay.




    These "friends" of @i--c---------r that I spoke of that have bullied, stalked, and harassed M---y, are the ones blogged about here: https://www.derwillezurmacht.com/blogs/entry/52-my-own-bullying-experience-part-2/
    They are that disbarred lawyer and her friends.
    @i--c---------r has been lied to. He has chosen to run with these lies and blindly believe what he was shown. Based upon his actions and behavior in our conversation, I firmly believe he was lying about hiring a PI.
    1. Why would someone be paying alot of money for a PI to get someone's "computer IP address", only to do nothing with it?
    2. A PI can't legally obtain someone's physical computer address without involvement of an ISP and/or law enforcement. No ISP or Law Enforcement agency will go about obtaining that information unless a crime has been committed in which they are prosecuting for.
    3. Not once was any type of proof offered.
    4. First he claims M---y is responsible. Then he says he hired a PI to check out "these sick people", implying more than one. Story change.
    5. He tries to get the subject changed as I make valid points.
    6. He gets cagey as I make valid points.

    7. Showed agitation when I wouldn't sway his way on his defamation about M---y and continued to stand up for her and have her back.

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    It all started with a simple tweet. The tweet in question has been archived at this location.


    My response was to merely point out her behavior was that of a grammar nazi since there is obviously nothing wrong with a compliment.



    This woman's response was rather abrasive and uncalled for.





    Then she proceeds to attack someone that liked and retweeted my tweet.



    Next she proceeds to attack the producer of the show The Rookie for liking my tweet. She jumps all over him him referring to me and anyone liking or retweeting my tweet as harassing her. She proceeds to tell him he should go unlike it.



    It does not stop there. Now this woman is going on implying I, and anyone liking or retweeting my tweet is a transphobe.




    I only gave one response to the conversation. She was behaving like a grammar nazi over a simple compliment someone gave her. All I did was point that out. I left it at that. Now over that I and anyone whom has liked or retweeted my tweet is being implied as transphobic. 2 people were even attacked over just liking my tweet.


    She carried on. She has chosen to try and twist this into something it is not. In no way was anything I or the original tweeter said, transphobic. There is nothing transphobic about anyone who chose to like or retweet my tweet.


    While this woman is attempting to portray herself as a victim, she needs to think about all of whom are transgender who get assaulted, beaten, raped, and even murdered just for being transgender. They are victims. She is not. How she behaved to tonight is shameful and disgraceful to he LGBT community and the rights they fight for each and every day.

  3. *So here I was, minding my own business when Samus informs me of the massive layoffs that just went on over at Activision Blizzard. You remember them, don't you? The antagonists of FOREVER GOLDEN, and the ones whose guild masters and other GMs chased a lot of us out. Well, first, let me start this off by saying I feel for those who got a layoff. Maybe they'll get jobs in places where the companies will appreciate them more than Blizzard ever did. Blizzard only cares about two things: money and maintaining a bully-friendly environment. Let me remind all the new people reading this why yours truly, Samus and the more experienced people hate that company: in 2011, a creep named Andrew Rotramel conspired to force us out by any means necessary after Zenon exposed him for the rat he is. He started with Stargirl, who was the victim of a gold selling scam. Then it snowballed to the rest of us to the point where we left that hideous world of Azeroth on May 5, 2011. After some time, a lot of us settled in the far superior world of Norrath(EQ2) where we continue to hang our hats. However, from the stories I've been hearing, the nightmares wrought by Blizzard did not end with our departure. In fact, they got worse. And with each expansion released, the stories of people quitting in droves continued to come out. And now, this sick, twisted company wants to tell people that their games are going along fine in spite of the fact that they just layed off hundreds of people. That's hundreds of human beings with livelihoods that have now been put on hold. People want to say that EA is the worst gaming company on the planet. Maybe. Their sports games aren't what they used to be. But you don't see EA pulling the kind of crap we're now seeing with Blizzard. It's been almost 8 years since we walked out of WOW. I have never been happier that we did, especially in light of today's news.

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    *We start off this blog by talking about ECW's most bloodthirsty feud: Gaby Lozoya vs. Susana Almeida. These two Mexican weather superstars have been vying for the hearts of their male audiences for years. From the weather studio to the wrestling ring, these two have been exciting their audience to a fever pitch. So during the relaunch of ECW late last year, it was decided that the two of them would share control of their brand's NWO faction. But there's a reason why the word "diva" applies to these two women. There was no way these two superstars would settle for sharing power. One had to dominate over the other, and therefore, for the last several weeks, they have been attacking each other to see who was better. The advantage so far has gone to Gaby Lozoya, whose moveset was modeled after the late Eddie Guerrero. But that doesn't mean Susana doesn't have a few tricks up her sleeve. Still, the battle continues to see which one is the dominant weather girl in the ring, and I, for one, look forward to seeing the results of this.*

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    I started playing World of Warcraft nearly 3 years ago on my 15th birthday. At first, I thought it was a great game. It was rich in storylines with a wealth of activities to do.


    My grades always stayed good. I studied.  I didn't have to work. Parents for for everything within reason and as long as my grades are good. But pretty soon, World of Warcraft was all I did in my spare time. If I wasn't doing homework or household chores, it was always World Of Warcraft. It wasn't that way at first.


    As I advanced in levels the pressure was on to reach "max level" and get into end game content and do raids. So I was spending more and more time working on getting my levels higher to reach that maximum level. Once I did, the pressure was on to be "geared", have the the best of the best. While I enjoyed the game, I wasn't about to put it ahead of my studies or my family.


    I thought that as long as my family and school work came first, then it there would be no problems. I enjoyed playing and doing raids. The guild I was with had a schedule that fit with mine perfectly. I couldn't ask for better, right? One day I was suppose to raid, I skipped it. I informed the guild leader I needed to skip it so I could finish my science project on electricity. I thought things were fine. The next time I was at a raid, I got kicked out at the last moment and ended up with nothing. I asked why and the guild leader said I shouldn't skip out on raids. Then I got a speech about priorities and I will never get anywhere if I don't learn to put my priorities straight. I thought that was the end of it. Then I saw a post on the guild forums saying I was banned from attending raids until I learn to get my priorities in order. I posted a lengthy response. I mentioned my age and I was upfront about it form the start and that my studies and school work came first becuse getting an education is what will help me support myself after I leave home. Better education, better job, more money. The response I got back was made me rethink my time in World of Warcraft. The guild leader accused me of attacking his policies and said an extra 2-3 hours to help the guild wouldn't kill me. A few people stood up for me saying that me putting my education first was admirable. One person said "So you want him to put aside his school work for the guild one time. You told me that 2 years ago. That one time turned to many and I've had to rearrange my life around the guild needs. f**k you no longer. Grow up.". People left the guild. The guild leader blamed me for his guild starting to fall apart.


    I left my guild and tried to search for another. I got in one, but was kicked shortly after because apparently my last guild leader claimed I stole everything from the guild bank. It seems he made a toon with a name close to mine and took a bunch of stuff out. He did the same to other guild members. I will always regret every joining the Champions of Light guild on the Whisperwind server.


    I ended up changing servers. I found what I thought was a good guild. I thought so until I was expected to be on more than I could be. I was pushed and pressure to "come on for a few" to help out new guildies. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against helping new players, but I am against putting some game before things in real life. I got chastised by people for not being on one night to help out because I went to a movie. I explained that once in awhile I deserve to do something for myself considering how hard I work to do well in school. I got a lecture about how movies are entertainment and not a necessity. I fired back with saying World of Warcraft is the same thing and I wanted a little diversity in my activities so I don't get burned out. a large number of people jumped all over me. I got a long speech about priorities and how I should put my guild's needs before my own. I was like "So these people expect me to not go out or spend time with the few friends I have just for their bits and bytes on a computer game?". This was the final straw.


    While most people rage quit, I simply logged out and stopped getting time cards.  I felt relieved. While I was working on some calculus homework one day, I began to think of so much I missed out on by putting so much time to that game. Despite that school work and family and friends were #1, I still missed out on alot. I got a job at Burger King that I still enjoy. I'm helping my parents out with the bills and saving for college. I didn't think of World of Warcraft again until after 2 weeks that I quit. I started to get angry messages on Facebook asking why I've been shirking my responsibilities for the guild. I was referred to as selfish. I was told I was just as bad as some death knight named "Dfanning" that left years ago in 201. I blocked each and every one of those people. The guild that was doing this to me was some guild on the Anvilmar server. I don't remember the name of the guild, but it had the word "Shadows" in its name.


    Now that I have washed my hands of World of Warcraft, I feel like I have escaped a cult.

  4. Luke Jimenez (HOME: Savini Residence)
    When I first started out, I chose Breakdown level 1 and to start as a random non-hero character. I was "Luke Jimenez". 2 zombies cam at me from the getgo. Once I defeated them, I checked the map to see what was available for communities to start in. I had 3 options: McReady Farmhouse, Kirkman Residence, and the Savini Residence.


    I chose to bunk up at the Savini residence with the survivors there. Not even a moment later, Quentin called out over the radio asking for an escort. As I got in my truck I chose to fix up: bedroom, kitchen, and library. I headed to where Quentin was and saved him from the zombies. But he ran off. Prsumably to wherever he was staying. Then I went in an office building  to check this pile of stuff and a box, which tends to yield bundles of materials. I was right. It paid off.


    Right as I was headed back to home, something popped up about a besieged. It was at the house across from where I was staying. After that I decided to set up a medical area at home. Now it was time to go home, get some supplies and do a besieged. There was really nothing wiorth while to use for the beseiged, so I just decided to head over there. I spoke to Marcus Campbell and agreed to help him with the besieged. Luckily it went well.


    After the besieged, I checked the map. I had a "facility need". So it was time to get some serious work done. I had to find some cotton swabs. I went to the little shed on the map that was pointed out. I didn't find them there, but I found some medical supplies. I then headed on over to this one warehouse, I wanted to turn into an outpost. I found a couple bundles of materials there and the cotton swabs I needed in order to finish building a small medical facility at home base. I mad sure to wait on the collection of one undle of materials so that when I set up an outpost, I would sort of have a little bonus to materials. I think it means I lose less each day to help maintain the community. Once i was done there, I headed to the mini mart near the Snyder Trucking Warehouse. I gathered some bundles of food and turned it into an outpost. Upon finishing there I headed home. I put the truck in a parking space. The community automatically collected the supplies I gathered. now it was time to give Luke Jimenez a rest because he was now listed as hurt.



    Myles Hoyt (HOME: Savini Residence)
    Now it was time to give Myles Hoyt a chance. Well I didn't have any other choice, but hopefully he will be of some use. the first thing I did was go to help these two sruvivors that needed help: Jaiden Archer and Becca Collins. After I helped them kill the zombies swarming them, I searched that barn. I found some food supplies and materials supplies. We then got in the minivan I stole and began to head to home.


    As I was heading home, I got to thinking, why not put these two to good use and have them along as I gathered more supplies. My first stop was the downtown Marshal police department. I completely looted that place of its weapon and ammo. After that, I took us to the gas stations across from the Snyder Trucking Warehouse. I found some fuel supplies and food supplies. Good fortune indeed. I immediately went home. I dumped what I had in the supply locker and switched to Jaiden Archer.



    Jaiden Archer (HOME: Savini Residence)
    Upon switching to Jaiden Archer, my game saved. Since I am tired, I have decided to log out and get some sleep. I shall resume later and see what Jaiden has to offer then.


    Screenshots from my "State Of Decay: Breakdown" game play so far:


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