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  1. In June 2022 when I came back to Twitter, too long had passed since I deactivated my account. So, I started a new one "CaseyN77215". While I no longer support Amber Heard, I did then. Not too long after I signed up, I got a strange email from Twitter. It seems when someone from Germany reports you, you get a notification. I posted it. Someone who hated Amber Heard and Johnny Depp was reporting all tweets in a thread. This woman, Nancy Torgie , had a huge fit. She falsely accused me of reporting her. It seems she got the same email. I tried explaining to her she was mistaken, but she had a huge fit. She was "TorgieNancy" and later became "Myhusband07".


    It wasn't long before I started getting hateful DMs. They included threats and the typical angry bully "kill yourself" rantings. It didn't take a genius to figure out who encouraged this; Nancy Torgie. Demands were made to apologize to her. A few people pointed out to her how she was wrong. In public she apologized, but behind the scenes she still encouraged endless harassment. Eventually she began to claim and make it look as if what she was doing to me was being done to her. She got others to try to help in discrediting me. I lost track of all the horrible DMs I've gotten. All I do remember is it is in the hundreds. I'm sure multiple people used multiple accounts each. I got lied about to random people so they'd join in on the harassment. I spent alot of time reporting and blocking.


    Eventually it got to be too much. So I took a break from Twitter for awhile. During that time I occasionally came around. Also during that time, Nancy Torgie


    When I came back full time, I encountered Nancy Torgie again. But this time she had a new profile; "AliveNancy13". She chose for her first interaction to be DMs telling me to kill myself.







    I created a tweet about it and pinned to my profile.

    I made a large thread about it on December 2. I added to it on December 4 to mention I no longer support Amber Heard. I also mention a few things that came about because of Nancy Torgie ("AliveNancy13"). One of them being threatening DMs from "Toward_Forward". When I reported the DMs and clicked on the option to block at the end of it, the DM window disappeared. Sometimes that happens on Twitter. This is why I don't have screenshots. More details within the thread. My friend Keri also was threatened by "Toward_Forward".


    Ever since I told my truth about the horrible DMs from "Toward_Forward", others have come out of the wood work to attempt to discredit me. Many many attempts by those "Toward_Forward" has lied to about me are. Then there's also those trying to do so on behalf of Nancy Torgie ("AliveNancy13"). I will highlight a few key instances.


    "hare_witch" discrediting attempt on behalf of "AliveNancy13".



    Here's where "hare_witch" screwed up.  "Start a message" appears for all involved in the DM when using a mobile phone. "Start a new message" if on the pc computer, it would be "Start a new message". "hare_witch" spoke without know the facts and tried to spin a lie. "hare_witch" tried to say Nancy Torgie's suicide encouragement to me was photoshopped based on something they obviously made up. they screwed the pooch on that one.


    "injusticewtf" attempting to discredit me for "AliveNancy13"



    Here is where "injusticewtf" fails. Depending on your device and size of screen, the DM screen will look different. Some things might be positioned differently.



    "injusticewtf" attempting to discredit me for "AliveNancy13"



    Not true. Let's not forget that Elon Musk fired alot of staff and content moderation is not all there. Some reports get passed over. Some get that "no violation message" within minutes. Sadly alot of report handling is automated (for now).


    There is something I want to point out. Nancy Torgie ("AliveNancy13") didn't just send me hateful messages telling me to kill myself. She did that to one other person. This got me to thinking. Those harassing me and bullying me accuse me of photoshop all to get me harassed further and defend Nancy Torgie ("AliveNancy13"), but not one of them has even acknowledged or mentioned this. As to why Nancy Torgie ("AliveNancy13") targeted her, I don't know. She has no connection to her whatsoever. my guess is because we follow each other. Nancy Torgie ("AliveNancy13") hates me for exposing her bullying and she takes it out on this woman too. None of her friends are even acknowledging it. That implies they support the abuse.


    This woman even made a video speaking about how Nancy Torgie's ("AliveNancy13") suicide encouragement made her feel and how it's affecting her.


    While Nancy Torgie ("AliveNancy13") and her friends hate me for speaking up about her bullying, I find it disgusting this poor woman was targeted. Just because me and "Fat2FitJaxFL" follow each other doesn't mean I talk to her about the bullying Nancy Torgie ("AliveNancy13") put me through.




    There is someone I thought had my back from the start when Nancy Torgie (now "AliveNancy13", but was TorgieNancy and then "Myhusband07") first started her harassment against me. That person is "ShowUsYourData". they defended me. I was grateful. They had my back up until recently when I publicly spoke out about "Toward_Forward" sending me very threatening DMs. I noticed a little something in some tweets by her. She would defend me, but also imply I'm lying. She did such by consoling "Toward_Forward" (aka "Nadia") like she could do no wrong. I can understand defending a friend, but it's how things were worded that made me wonder. Part of me was hoping I assumed wrong. She sent me a few DMs with her thoughts on it. Mostly going on about my friend "Keri77796" telling me I have to talk to her about her wild lies. I stood up for her and stood by her. "Keri77796" also got threatening DMs from "Toward_Forward" as well. After I defending Keri and "ShowUsYourData" replied back, I deleted the DM window. I figured she was just venting. But then I DMed her back with what I said to say and a tiny screenshot of a piece of what I said previously.


    Regarding refusal to show proof, bullsh*t. I have more than proven myself on every claim I made except the most recent. The reason why is when I reported "Toward_Forward" and then block her when I got the option to at the end of the report, the DM window disappeared. Sad truth is that can happen sometimes when you report and block. I explain this to "ShowUsYourData" inprevious, now deleted DM. She only seemed to doubt me after I publicly stated that I will no longer support Amber Heard and I didn't get on Keri's case about speaking up about "Toward_Forward" and her abusive DMs. The way she brings up standing up for me in the past, it implies she is mad I didn't get on Keri's case about "Toward_Forward" and implies she wants me to shut up about the abusive DMs I got from "Toward_Forward" as well.  in response I sent her a small picture of what I said briefly.

    "But the stuff this week is so far-fetched and so lacking of any proof", makes me think. I've sent her proof of every claim I ever made except for that one instance, but here she implies I rarely ever have. She also says this while seeing her friend "Toward_Forward" viciously attacking me.

    When "ShowUsYourData" starts with "I'm even wondering if those Please Kill Yourself DMs from reincarnated Nancy are real" up until the end of the DM, it implies alot. For one, it is partially defending Nancy Torgie as innocent. She says this knowing the mounds of proof of abuse from Nancy Torgie and her friends I've sent her and she has seen herself. This also implies that since I'm not falling in line, regarding shutting Keri down in speaking up and me no longer supporting Amber Heard, that it means I'm some horrible person to not be believed. She's responsible for this implication.











    I replied to her regarding this. I stand up for Keri and called out "ShowUsYourData" on her association with many of whom have been bullying me lately. I also called her out on her partial defense of Nancy Torgie. I also called her out on the somewhat subtle way she is trying to provoke me. I also lay down the law that the bullying needs to stop before "Toward_Forward" ends up in serious trouble.












    When I sent the above, I deleted the DM window hoping she would cool down and chill out. I was wrong. She starts off here by saying she never defended Nancy Torgie. Bullsh*t. She did so partially in previous DMs I have shown. She spends most of the DM deflecting. She also tries to excuse her partial defense of Nancy Torgie. The only reason I believe she is saying sticking up for me previously was a mistake is because I won't shut my friend Keri up and I won't I no longer support Amber Heard. She acts as if she is the victim and I'm some big bad bully picking on her. There's this concept as old as time called "standing up for myself".









    The way "ShowUsYourData" keeps going on about Keri... Keri exposed a few bullies. Some coming at her. Some coming at me. The way she goes on about how she use to stick up for me. I get the vibe that she thinks I owe her and I should have shut up my friend Keri and kept my mouth shut about those she knows harassing us. Then she goes on about some kind of spy. I have better things to do than have people spy on others. That's just crazy.









    "SamusSilver3" is a good friend of mine that's known me my entire life. A few Johnny Depp fans that follow her, also followed me. they were decent people. A few people in the Amber Heard community acted as if having a few Johnny Depp followers was some sort of high sin and like people on both sides can't have friends on both sides.

    There are some people that have bullied me and harassed me more than others. Some that have stirred the pot and lied about me more than others. The list of the major ones is below. This in no way means they are the only ones bothering me and lying about me. There are other participants. These are the worst ones.

    The people that have either harassed me the most and/or the worst. Both in public and private.







    "GrouchyOscar08" (formerly Missb***h1969)


    Has left me alone (for now, but hopefully for good)

    "amberheardhouse"- Harassed me on behalf of NancyTorgie. Encouraged others to harass me.

    "PrivateArrxw"- (SUSPENDED) Stalked and harassed me and several of my friends on behalf of AmberHeardHouse.


    Alot of those lying about me and Keri that post screenshots here and there of our tweets, arrange and show them in a particular way as if they're trying to paint a picture other than how things area.


    I could go on and mention and show every little thing people have said and done. But, I would be at this for hours on end and it would be far too long. Do feel free to check out my Twitter profile and search my name, "CaseyN77215", for tweets I am tagged in to get more of a full picture. See it for yourself. Judge for yourself. I do alot of standing up for myself and speaking out. Keri ("Keri77796") wipe all of her tweet a few months ago. She felt ashamed for ever supporting Amber Heard. She forgot to remove the app's permisions and her tweets were wiped again recently. It was set to every 3 months. So, if you have any questions  as to the validity of pics of Keri's old tweets being passed around or any  questions for  me.........................................

    If anyone has any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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