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    Most Commonly Used Tactics By Bullies

    By Captain VG

    1. “They’re all the same person”: An accusation so very commonly used by a bully when their victim has friends. Especially if they aren’t so easily frightened away.   2. Accusing the victim of the very things they are guilty of: Often done so the bully can place the guilt elsewhere and look less guilty to the public eye.   3. Claims to have proof of some sort, but delays in showing it: Usually done to buy the bully time in order to have proof created to their own

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  1. Apparently during Wrestlemania last night I received some texts from this guy I did not even know. Just to be nice and polite, I sent a simple response this morning as I was about 3/4 the way through the first Sharknado movie in the Sharknado marathon. I simple said "Oh good morning....." just in case it was someone I know playing around using a new number. Then I muted my texts. I continued on with watching the Sharknado marathon on the SyFy network.


    I took a look at my texts around 4:21pm and saw a whole bunch of texts from this person, which made it obvious it wasn't anyone I know playing around. The texts are below.

    https://imgur.com/a/sJyshes - (Texts from a crazy man.)


    He gets angry I don't respond after my initial text by cursing me out. He tries to act high and mighty and makes a bad attempt to get me to apologize. He goes on about what he wants in a relationship. That's when I began to figure out he was one of those romance scammers. Not sure how he got my number. Probably a wrong number and he thought he had the right one.


    When he asked if I was sure if I was good with my money and could take care of my man, that made it so obvious he expected me to take care of him financially. He asked if I lived alone and if I would dedicate myself to him. He goes on about trust and being trustworthy. In other words, he tries to make me think he is some honest and upstanding guy. He tells me about himself. He works hard to convince me of the appearance he is trying to put forth. He then goes on saying he wants me to be real and be honest. As I am reading this, I can't help but laugh so hard. Here's this romance scammer trying very poorly to convince me he is an upstanding guy while lecturing me about how he wants honesty.


    He begins asking about romance and mentioning God. He mentions family. Again he goes on about trust and loyalty. He then makes a snide comment saying I would be greedy. Likely butthurt from no response. He tries to claim I am making him feel bad.


    After his attempted guilt trip, he then gets right to the point in a way: "I can't date someone that can't give me money it's just a waste of time.....".  He keeps asking when I will give him money. He asks if I use cash app. He mentions that what I have in my account is all that matters. He then tries to use God to guilt me. He then mentions he can stop working if I want him too. He says he wants $10,000. He goes on a little and tells me 1am tomorrow morning I should send him money. Then he mentions $20,000.


    That was all that was there was as of the time I read all that. I blocked him right away.



    NOW.....MY THOUGHTS on the entire thing.....

    LOL! I can't help but laugh. I'm not sure how this guy got my number. I only said one thing to him. It baffles me as to how he thought he was entitled to money, not having to work, me supporting him. Especially after trying to tell me all that matters is how much I have in my account and I send him money. This guy made himself obvious. He is most definitely not getting any money from me.


    So folks, feel free to get a good chuckle out of this. I know I am. :lol5::lol8::lol4::lol15::lol2:



  2. 1. “They’re all the same person”: An accusation so very commonly used by a bully when their victim has friends. Especially if they aren’t so easily frightened away.


    2. Accusing the victim of the very things they are guilty of: Often done so the bully can place the guilt elsewhere and look less guilty to the public eye.


    3. Claims to have proof of some sort, but delays in showing it: Usually done to buy the bully time in order to have proof created to their own benefit.


    4. Accusing those who stand up to the bully as being one of their main victims: So quite often used to discredit the victim they are accusing the person of being and make them (the bully) look more like the victim and all when they are not. Also an attempt to make them (the bully) look right in everything they say and to gain sympathy.


    5. Lurking their victim’s social media: The bully might lurk a social media page belonging to the victim and look for anything they can twist in order to make the victim look bad or give them (the bully) something to talk about.


    6. Stalking their victim on social media: Will often create pages just to contact their victim on social media in an attempt to gain a response and get a reaction that they can then later on twist to their own benefit.


    7. Lies about the victim and has their friends back it up: A lie will be made up or something the victim said gets twisted to make it look ugly. Friends of the bully and the bully will go on and on about it in hopes that wandering eyes seeing the discussion will think it’s true because it is so talked about.


    8. Accusing their victim of being someone they’re not: Usually done in hoping others will join in and help attack the victim so the bully can lay back and let others do the work for them.


    9. Invents one sided conversations: Will respond to posts they can make it appear as if it is about them in order to make it look like it is about them. Used by the bully to often pretend to be a victim.


    10. Finds little excuses to keep bringing up the victim: This involves employing one or more of the other bullying tactics listed here.


    11. Photoshopping and fabricating evidence/proof: Often done to make the victim look bad and discredit them. It can range from making a fake convo look real to worse.


    12. Will often accuse random people of being a particular victim of theirs: One of the purposes of this is to scare off friends by implanting in their mind that as long as they associate with the victim of the bully, they’ll continue to get the abuse. Main purpose is to isolate their victim and make them more vulnerable.


    13. Will often create social accounts to harass themselves then blame one of their victims: This is to make it look like the victim in question is bothering them and to justify their abuse upon the victim.


    14. Tries to make it look as if someone’s social media posts, videos, and/or conversations are about them in some way: Done when the bully is really bored and looking for something to complain about or looking for an excuse to stir trouble for the victim.


    15. Spreads rumors: Often done in combination with the bully having his/her friends act as if the rumors are true in some form by spreading them and/or twisting them and creating new ones.


    16. Name calling: A bully will often call their victim names with the intent of making fun of them.


    17. Encouraging suicide (aka “an hero”): For one reason or another the bully might get frustrated with the victim’s lack of response to them and encourage them to kill themselves. Sometimes they’ll find another reason to encourage it.


    18. Trying to involve others in their plight against the victim: Will go for a pity party to help convince people to involve them.


    19. Finding excuses to criticize the victim: While criticism is normal, a bully will often find excuses and invent reasons to criticize the victim.


    20. Claims what is true about them is true about the victim: Often times when a bully is guilty of something, they’ll accuse their victim of it to take the attention off themselves (the bully).


    21. Shaming: The bully will often find a way to shame their victim in some way. One of the top ways is to make fun of their looks.


    22. Frequent and/or nasty posts on the victim’s social media: Done as an attempt to intimidate the victim and make them look bad.


    23. Threats: It can range from threats of bodily harm to threats of doxing to death threats. Basically any kind of threat.


    24. Posting and/or spreading around the victim’s contact data (aka Doxxing): This is done to scare and intimidate a victim. Also used in conjunction with rumors so as to encourage others to take the harassment and bullying to the next level so the bully can lay back and play innocent.


    25. Digging into the victim’s personal life: Involves posting public records, twisting the truth, and telling their own story to make things look ugly and the victim look bad. It also shows how obsessed the bully is.


    26. Obsession: This is shown in many ways. One of them being stalking their social media. Another is making alot of posts about their victim and looking for excuses and making up reasons to justify it. Another is creating blogs about them just to complain and make them look bad.


    27. Revenge Porn: An extreme method of shaming. Sometimes it might be actual naked photos of the victim or the bully will place the victim’s head on a naked body.


    28. Posing as part of Anonymous: This is done to instill fear in the victim to get them to give in to whatever they want/demand. Some who pose as part of Anonymous will get pretty elaborate in their ruse to gain a following so when they go after their intended victim, they have more people to back them and whatever hate they want to spew forth. Some will start off acting as if they are all about justice. They’ll advocate for some causes to get that following. The more in their corner, the more to help spread whatever lies or hate about their intended victim.


    29. False accusations of stalking, doxing, and harassing kids: This is often done when the bully is desperate to get the victim’s attention in hoping to get them to give in to any demands they have. The bully hopes the victim will get so desperate to be left alone and to have peace that they will talk to them or disappear from social media. Often times when a bully looks bad from bothering an innocent person, this tactic is used to rally more people to listen to them and hopefully help them in their campaign against the victim. Bullies hate looking bad for bothering someone that doesn’t bother others, so by using this tactic they hope to gain a response from the victim that they can use to justify prior actions.


    30. Hit and run postings: Will often make a post directed at the victim and will delete it after they’ve seen it and/or responded. This way, they can make the victim look like the instigator.


    31. Posts that are obvious to the victim, but not to others: What this means is the bully will post something they know will strike a nerve in the victim to gain a response, but is not obvious to random onlookers. This manipulative tactic is used to make the victim appear to be the aggressor.


    32. Claims of “No one else listens to…”: This is a means for the bully to try and discredit the victim and make them appear unapproachable and keep onlookers from listening to or talking to them. Often times other tactics are used with this one to validate it.


    33. Solicitation on behalf of the victim: With malicious, crude, or cruel intent in mind… encourages others to make/initiate contact with the victim under false pretenses.


    34. Condemnation because of what is done by another: They will condemn someone for the actions of another as a means to get the person to get on their case in hopes it will drive them apart or cause turmoil between them. A manipulative tactic to slowly isolate the victim and/or make them vulnerable.


    35. Looking for reasons to post about the same things the victim is in some form: This is usually done in hopes the victim will get so annoyed and angry that they will retaliate. This way the bully can make themselves look like the victim and the victim look like the aggressor.


    36. Hiding behind or using  an illness or disability: This is done is several ways.

    a) Being particularly nasty to someone and suddenly going on about any illnesses or pains they may have. This is used and done to divert attention away from the bullying and nastiness and get people to think “How can this person in this condition do that?” if anyone calls the person out on it.

    b) Using the fact that they have a child, friend, or relative as a reason for how they “couldn’t have done or said something”.  For example they may attack someone with a particular disability that someone they know has and use that to cover themselves and play innocent.

    c) Pretending to have (faking) a disability or illness for sympathy in order to garner more people for their side on an issue or matter:  Mostly done with curable illnesses or ones in which it is hard to prove they don’t have.

    d) Using an illness or disability as an excuse for their actions. Particularly done to take attention off the bad behavior and give the bully the appearance of “innocence”.


    37. “You’ll be hearing from my attorney.” or similar said as a means and for the purpose of intimidation to getting what they want without just cause: Said by bullies to scare their victims and those they (the victim) know into silence.


    38. “.....just a kid!”: Said by a kid that is bullying an adult, but with "I'm" or similar with it. Said by someone with "He/she is" before it that is implying that a child can't possibly bully an adult. Either way it's defending the bullying of an adult by a child.

  3. *Welholme's Fort*

    -Celestra headed over to where several of the kingdom's soldiers had their horses tied up. She then found one to her liking. She put the saddle on the horse making sure everything was in its place. Then Royal Knight Daniels came up to her.-

    RK Daniels: "Celestra, please... you need to stay here where it is safe."

    Celestra: "Safe.. you say that like we can just all stay here and live happily or something. Unless something is done, they will eventually find us."

    -Celestra then got up on the horse and gave Royal Knight Daniels a small salute then pressed forward towards the cave leading out of the fort. She made sure to tread on quietly so as to not attract attention exitting the cave so just in case she was spotted, no one would discover where all the others were hiding.-

    *Siender Forest*

    -Celestra continued riding through the forest. In the distance towards the castle was lots of commotion. She then began to ride in that direction. SUDDENLY her horse was startled; she was thrown. She then saw 3 people surround her. She looked up seeing 3 Kalgoren soldier pointing their weapons at her.-

    RG Shalice: "Well, what do we have here now. Some skinny little whelp."

    RG Drover: "Hey you, get up!"

    -Celestra then stood up looking directly at Royal Guard Shalice.-

    Celestra: "Take me to the one who lead you here."

    RG Drover: "Shut up whelp! You will not speak unless told!"

    -Royal Guard Drover gave Celestra a hard shove. As she fell to the ground, her helmet came off. Right as it fell off, RG Drover jabbed her in the side with his sword. 4 inches deep it went. Then suddenly Royal Guard Shalice saw her face and noticed who she was.-

    RG Shalice: "YOU IDIOT! She is the one his highness wanted us to find!"

    RG Syron: "She also happens to be the one we came here for."

    *Small Camp in Siender Forest close to Welholme Castle*

    -Prince Rossler took a seat at the table by his tent beside Royal Guard Captain Danzer.-

    Prince Rossler: "Shalice, Syron, and Drover have been gone an awfully long time. they had better not be...."

    RG C Danzer: "Sire, look. There they are."

    Prince Rossler: "I see that. But who is that Shalice is carrying?"

    -Prince Rossler stood up, as did Royal Guard Captain Danzer. They both walked towards Shalice, Syron, and Drover.-

    Prince Rossler: "Shalice who is this you carry?"

    RG Drover: "Sire I didn't mean.. I-I didn't know it was..."

    RG Syron: "Drover, shut up."

    RG Shalice: "Sire, We.. we came across her by chance... We.."

    Prince Rossler: "MEDICS!"

    -Suddenly 2 medics hurried in their direction with a stretcher. Royal Guard Shalice placed her upon it.-

    Prince Rossler: "You make sure she gets taken care of."

    -After the medics took Celestra to a nearby tent, Prince Rossler then focused his angered glare towards Royal Guards Shalice, Drover, and Syron.-

    Prince Rossler: "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO HER?!"

    RG Syron: "It was Drover... he ran her through."

    RG Drover: "I didn't know it was her!"

    Prince Rossler: "You.."

    RG Drover: "She had full armor... everything.. how was I suppose to know..."

    Prince Rossler: "SILENCE idiot!"

    -Prince Rossler then turned towards Royal Guards Shalice and Syron.-

    Prince Rossler: "You two, hold Drover to his knees...... NOW!"

    -Royal Guards Shalice and Syron force Drover to his knees. Drover begged for his life, but it was too late. Prince Rossler drew his sword and brought it down upon Drover's neck.-

    Prince Rossler: "You two, clean this up."

    -At the other end of the camp, the only medic around, Medic Worrman, tended to Celestra.-

    Medic Worrman: "I see you've opened your eyes. How do you feel?"

    Celestra: "Light headed and weak. Who...who are you? Where am I?"

    Medic Worrman: "Medic Worrman Princess. Where you are is not important. What is is that you rest. You've lost alot of blood."

    Celestra: "Nice to meet you sir. Is it okay if I put a shirt on?"

    Medic Worrman: "Certainly Princess."

    -Medic Worrman picked up a nearby large blue shirt handing it to Celestra. He turned around. Celestra removes the small blanket that was laying across her chest, then she put on the shirt. She grimaced in pain as she laid back down.-

    Celestra: "I'm descent now."

    Medic Worrman: "Are you up for a visitor?"

    Celestra: "Uh, sure"

    -Not even a moment later, Sir Jevon Richards entered the tent.-

    Sir Jevon Richards: "Medic, your meal for the night is ready. You may go. I'll tend to the princess."

    Medic Worrman: "Yes sir."

    -Medic Worrman headed out to where the meals were being served.-

    Celestra: "Y-you, it's you... you murdered Advisor Brethen!"

    Sir Richards: "Shut up! You will get your rightful punishment for what you did!"

    -Sir Jevon Richards pointed towards a large cut on his face, which was poorly stitched. Before Celestra had a chance to scream, Sir Richards put his hand over her mouth. He then gave her a quick hard blow to the head. Nearly instantly she lost consciousness. He grabbed her putting her over his shoulder. He took a quick look outside the tent. He smiled devilishly as he noticed no one was around on this end of the camp. He made his way to the nearest horse. He put Celestra over the front of the saddle as he got on.-

    Sir Richards: "You will pay indeed little princess."

    -Sir Richards then rode off further, deeper into the forest as he thought about what to do with the limp Princess Celestra.-.....

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    Today in New York City the plastic bag ban went into effect. Alot of people spoke out about it on Twitter. Some for, some against. I saw a few mature debates. A few people were pointing out these biodegradable bags seen on Chewy.com for those who have to pooper scooper after their dogs.
    But this one person in particular had caught my eye. This man was trying to pick a fight with someone that was politely telling him how she puts her plastic bags to use. Some ideas I thought of as decent for those who choose to use plastic bags.
    I can respect anyone's opinion, but when someone comes across as pushy, I cannot . He even accused this woman of trying to fight him, when all she did was state how she puts her plastic bags to use. A more mature response for him would have been him simply telling her there are alternatives and she could choose or not choose to use them.
    I thought it ended there. It didn't. This man trolled the timelines of one of the people that didn't agree with him.
    He attempts to make a showcase of this gentleman in hopes others would pounce upon him as well. He tries to make the entire conversation appear to be different than what it was.
    This was another response to that woman this man kept pushing and poking at.
    I will agree with her. He was a bit degrading. He accused her of fighting and he is trying to make the conversation look different on his timeline. Also, he's coming across as a bit of a drama junkie.
    I've also seen other similar situations. Atleast 4 in the last hour alone in regards to this plastic bag ban. I understand people wanting to cut down on plastics, but I am noticing a disturbing trend of harassment and pressure by a majority of those that are for the ban. If some of these people wanting others to listen more, there is something called manners and being polite.
  4. *Dellington, FL USA - Police Station*

    -Nick stepped out of the station to head to his police car when he heard a few rookies chatting it up, talking about him and his temper. He blew it off deciding they weren't worth it. He wasn't looking forward to the day much, as he had to put up with one of the most annoying rookies as his partner, til his (the rookie's) partner was off sick leave. The rookie was waiting for him by the car.-

    Officer Jack Hemmings: "What are we going to do today? Anything exiting?"

    -They both got into the police car.-


    *Dellington, FL USA - the streets*

    Officer Nick Provenz: "For now we patrol the area. Answer any calls that come in."

    Officer Hemmings: "Sounds boring."

    Officer Nick Provenz: "It's our job. Something can happen at any time. Tell me rookie, if police work is so boring why did you even take this job?"

    Officer Hemmings: "Because my father and his father and his father's father was a cop."

    Officer Nick Provenz: "Shouldn't do it unless you want it. Those who do not desire the job, often fail."

    Officer Hemmings: "I do want it. I do, but just didn't appreciate the pressure from my...."

    -Officer Hemmings stopped mid-sentence as he spotted a beautiful young woman rollerblading on the sidewalk in the neighborhood they were driving through. Nick noticed him staring at her. He recognized her as Miyana Lansing.-

    Officer Hemmings: "You know her?"

    Officer Nick Provenz: "Yes I do. Why?"

    Officer Hemmings: "She's so f'n hot. Think you could put in a good word for me?"

    -Officer Hemmings rolled down the window and gave whistle. As he did, Miyana looked back to see what the noise was. In the moment she turned around she was momentarily distracted. She fell backwards over a branch.-

    Officer Nick Provenz: "You idiot!"

    -Nick stopped the police car and got out. Miyana noticed him as he got out.-

    Officer Nick Provenz: "Sorry about my partner. Are you alright?"

    Miyana: "I'll be okay. I just need to clean my arm here off."

    -Nick noticed she skinned her arm quite good from her elbow to her wrist. He went to his squad car to get the first aid kit.-

    Officer Nick Provenz: "Really sorry about this. I have to put up with this idiot until his partner is off sick leave."

    Miyana (smiling): "It's quite alright Nick."

    -After Officer Nick Provenz finished tending to Miyana's arm, he helped her up.-

    Officer Nick Provenz: "I must insist you allow me to give you a ride home."

    Miyana: "Sure."

    -Officer Nick Provenz opened the back door of his police car for Miyana. She got in.-

    Officer Jack Hemmings: "Are you alright?"

    Miyana: "I'll be okay."

    Officer Jack Hemmings: "I'd like like to make it up to you by taking you to dinner sometime and..."

    Miyana (interrupting): "That's okay...No thanks."

    Officer Jack Hemmings: "Come on let me..."

    Officer Nick Provenz (interrupting): "She already said she was not interested. We've been on patrol for less than an hour and already you've caused trouble."


    *Miyana's Apartment building*
    -A few minutes later Officer Nick Provenz, Officer Jack Hemmings, and Miyana arrived at Miyana's apartment at the Crimson Arms Apartment Complex. Officer Nick Provenz got out of the police car and opened the car door for Miyana. He walked her to her front door.-

    Officer Nick Provenz: "Be sure to take it easy."

    Miyana: "I will rest for a little while then I got to get ready to go out tonight to see this marathon of Star Wars movies. Episodes 1-9."

    Officer Nick Provenz: "Bromwell Cineplex?"

    Miyana (nodding): "Yes actually."

    Officer Nick Provenz: "Perhaps I will see you there."

    Miyana: "I will look out for you. But in case I don't see you..."

    -Miyana took the pen out of Officer Nick Provenz's shirt pocket and a small piece of paper from her pocket. She wrote down her number.-

    Miyana: "I know we run into each other often enough, but in case we don't, here's my number."

    Officer Nick Provenz: "Thank you. Be sure to gently clean your arm and put a sterile clean bandage over it."

    Miyana (smiling): "I will. You be safe out there."

    -Officer Nick Provenz went back to his police car to an impatient rookie. But before dealing with him, he put Miyana's phone number into his phone. Officer Jack Hemmings noticed.-

    Officer Jack Hemmings: "How old are you?"

    Officer Nick Provenz: "43, why?"

    Officer Jack Hemmings: "I'm 23. Shouldn't I be the one asking for her number?"

    Officer Nick Provenz: "Not that it is your business, she offered. Now can we be adults and get back to work?"

    -Officer Jack Hemmings grumbled as he and Officer Nick Provenz went on their way.-


    *Miyana's apartment*
    -Shortly after she entered her apartment, there was a knock at that door. It was the apartment complex manager, Randy Delliger.-

    Randy Delliger: "Are you aware of our code of coduct policy?"

    Miyana: "Is there a problem  Mr Delliger?"

    Randy Delliger: "Why was the police dropping you off?"

    Miyana: "Officer Provenz is a very good friend of mine. He was giving me a ride home."

    Randy Delliger: "Haven't you heard of Uber? We don't need the police around here. It's bad for business. Keep that in mind. This is your only warning."

    -He then left. Miyana closed the door. She headed straight to the bathroom to take a bath. As she filled the tub with warm water, she began to slowely unwrap the bandage on her arm as she stepped in the tub.-.....

  5. Just Life

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    Yesterday I was suppose to get a Nintendo Switch that I ordered from Amazon. I didn't get it. I thought it would be at my door when I got home. Later last night when I checked my email, i saw that Amazon said it was delivered.


    Right then I decided to look through my video surveillance recording of when I was out. I found the thief!


    My next door neighbor was the one that stole it. I thought I would resolve this peacefully. I knocked on their door. The wife answered. She told me her 2 kids were playing it and asked if I was really that much of a b***h to take it away from 2 kids. I told her I know she stole it from my front porch. She told me to run along or she'd cut me up!


    So I went back to my house to call the police. When they got here, the woman told them she bought it for her kids and I had no proof. Soni showed the police the surveillance video, proof of purchase. After some checking, the police confirmed she had stolen my package and she was arrested. She got riled up as the police handcuffed her saying it's my fault she will lose work and won't be able to pay rent. She went on how it's my fault her kids won't have a place to go. My only response was what I said to the arresting officer "She chose to steal and threaten me, the fault is hers".


    I found out this morning that the owner of that house she was renting is going to work on an eviction. Her arrest last night was the final nail in the coffin.

  6. *So the Arrowverse's Crisis on infinite Earths has begun and so much has happened that it's going to take a while to process. The punching of Harbinger by Batwoman, the destruction of Argo and ultimately, Earth 38 itself, and the attack of the shadow demons were just some of many highlights we saw tonight on this most momentous of events, not the mention the various cameos of past heroes. If the rest of the Crisis is as good as this first part was, we are in for quite a ride. Everyone has their favorite scenes from this chapter, I'm sure, but if you know me at all, you know that I am magnetically drawn to Sara Lance. And nowhere was this apparent then when she, Lois Lane and Brainiac 5 travelled to Earth 16 to recover Lois' kid. That's when they ran into old Oliver, and all of a sudden, it looked like Arrow Season 2 all over again. The interaction between Sara and Old Oliver showcased why Sara will forever be my favorite Arrowverse hero. Her words of reassurance to Oliver were very sweet, in my opinion, and in that moment, I really envied him. The chemistry between these two characters is just amazing, and if this is how Oliver has to go out, then the writers did it right. However, there was one aspect of this first episode I didn't like, and that was the inclusion of Lena Luthor. This rat, who was sore that she wasn't told Supergirl's secret sooner, tried to overdramatize everything in the face of an apocalypse. The fool does not realize that during times like this, the last thing anyone needs is more drama. I wish she had perished when Earth 38 did, quite frankly. And this makes the return of Lex Luthor even more unbearable to watch. Still, Crisis started with a bang, and I eagerly await the next episode.*

  7. The Ugly Truth

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    Last night I was suppose to be home by 11pm. I didn't get home until 11:30pm. So I got grounded.


    I was late for my curfew because I got a call from my ex boyfriend David telling me that my friend Marla was drunk and asked if I could drive her home. He said he didn't know how much longer he could keep her keys from her. So I went to get her. It was either that or let her drive home.


    I got Marla home safe. I got ground for being late for curfew, but it was totes worth it. Marla is safe. She didn't drive drunk, which could have endangered others.

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    Besides the power of immortality, the immortal legends have extra ordinary powers. One of them being telekinesis (to an extent). Another; the extraordinary ability to heal. Also the ability to control electricity and its power (to an extent) and the forces of natures (to an extent). Once the female reaches age 18 and the male reaches 35, the aging process literally stops. The immortal legends in this story are able to summon a pair of angelic-like wings at will.


    Ashlyn Kenner found out she was one of the immortal 2 when she was just 6 years old. A being known as Black Midnight had come to her to tell her what she was and expressed the importance that it would not be wise for anyone to know unless they had to. After all, wouldn’t she want close to a normal life?


    Ashlyn lives in a town called Prezing, Florida on the east coast; about half way down the state. She was an only child. She had a wonderful mother, but an alcoholic father. Started when she was 10 years old. What lay in store for her? What would her eternity in life be like? Only time would tell.

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    In the year 2089 AD in the month of March, the World Space Exploration Federation formed. The United States, Russia, China, Japan, and many other countries joined the newly found organization. A number of years later, even the country of Iran joined. Those within the WSEF worked together in a joint effort to take space exploration a step further with technology that would allow those on the planet reach other worlds. More powerful telescopes were built. Plans to colonize other worlds were being made.


    In 2094 AD a scientist by the name of Anthony Blacktone discovered a planet in a solar system far away from their own. One of which he name Fujon. In 2095 AD a branch of the WSEF came in contact with an alien race known as the Delarien. Very few knew of their existance. The only ones that knew were a select few within the United States Military Force. The Delarien’s were from the planet of Delar in the Telthun Solar System from the Andromeda galaxy.


    In 2098 a scientist Stephen Jackson began work on the first hyper warp drive engine with technological assistance from the Delarien’s. With this technology, the people of Earth would surely have the means to venture out into the stars.


    In 2099 AD the United States and China being at odds over who was to head the production of the Hyper Warp Drive Engine and who would have exclusive rights over this new found technology. China argues that they should have exclusivity because of all the past technological advances they’ve contributed to the world. The United States argues that the rights should go to all those within the WSEF.


    World War III got out of control. Nukes were fired. Atom bombs were used. Many many lives were lost. After a few months, a cease fire was called. But it was too late. The persistent use of nukes, atom bombs, and various chemical weapons put such a strain on the environment that it had become unlivable. Humans were forced to live in cities underground or domed cities above ground.


    Despite all that has happened with World War III and the deterioration of Earth’s environment, the Hyper Warp Drive Engine was completed by scientist Stephen Jackson in 2105 AD. A man by the name of Thalius Hawking was picked to test out this device in a space ship first. To everyone’s delight, the testing went well. He then became known as a hero, giving courage to all those on Earth of one day venturing to a new world. Upon which the mass production of several vessels were made. To celebrate this magnificent feet and a new beginning in space exploration, a new calendar was adopted.; SD. SD for Space Date.


    Elyria was born in the year 13 SD in the domed city of Palthom to Thalius Hawking and his wife Rena. When she was a mere 7 years old she learned she was different from all others she had come to know. A mystical being known as Drakor guided her for the first year of knowing what she was, after that she was left to fend for herself but not before being told there was another like her.


    Arumar was born on the doomed world of Delar. From a very young age he was trained to be the best of the best for the Delarian army. He was hardcore and showed no mercy. He trained hard and he trained well. He was 5 years old when he found out what he was. He took it quite well and decided to make the most of it. He was told there was another like him, but nothing more than that. As to if and when these immortal two would meet…. who knows. Now begins the story of Immortal Legends: Version 7……

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    In the world of Ulgothe there is 2 different realms: The Realm of Light and the Realm of Darkness.


    In the Realm of Darkness, the Velarien Kingdom was the kingdom that reigned over all. It’s ruler was an evil being known as King Malgore of the shadow elves. His son, Prince Valynn was the crowned prince and next in line to rule the kingdom and reign over the Realm of Darkness.


    For the Realm of Light, it was the Kingdom of Felgarde that was the reigning kingdom. It’s ruler was a strong, and stubborn, man known as King Hydalgo. He had the best royal army out of all the kingdoms in the world of Ulgothe. One of his favorite soldiers was a young beautiful female paladin known as Lilyana.


    When Lilyana was only 7 years old she found out from a being known as Xarien what she was; one of the immortal two. She was in disbelief at first, but after a lengthy simple explanation, Xarien got through to her. To her dismay, Xarien revealed that the other like her was of pure evil in the Realm of Darkness.


    Prince Valynn found out what he was when he was a mere age of 10 from Xarien. He urged the young prince to become a just ruler so one day he and the other like him could fight side by side against evils greater than those from the Realm of Darkness. Sadly Prince Valynn didn’t take to Xarien’s idea too well and kept along the path of evil…..

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    Ashelynn (nicknamed Ashe) Jameson was 7 years old when she first figured out she wasn’t an ordinary girl. A being of vast and great power known as Gestore. For 2 years Ashelynn had wondered who the mysterious person was that occasionally appeared to her as if he was watching over her like a guardian angel. Her best friend Larry was with her when she learned of who and what she was. Gestore expressed the importance of why he must keep this a secret from all he knew. for if he uttered a word, his life and that of his friend Ashelynn would never be the same.


    When Ashelynn was 11 years old she learned that there was another like her, but was saddened to learn he was evil by nature. “In time you might come across the other like yourself and come to know him by what many call him…’the Fireghost’.”. is what Gestore told her. He warned her to be careful when crossing his path. Ashelynn had asked if there was a chance that one day he, the Fireghost could be turned to the side of good so they could combat the evils of the universe together. She was told it was highly unlikely, but still hoped someday it could happen.


    Ashelynn’s first encounter with the Fireghost was on her 12th birthday. He appeared in the form of a firey apparition. At first Ashelynn thought it was part of a prank her best friend Larry was playing on her, but when she got a feeling of extreme uneasiness, she knew something wasn’t right. Off and on it kept appearing to her in that form. Never saying anything, never doing anything. Just there.. watching… as if waiting for the right moment to make its move…..


    Now begins Immortal Legends version 4!

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    Kimber and Jaxon have been best friends since they met at a party her mother attended to welcome a few new neighbors to the neighborhood. They were next door neighbors and 4 years apart in age, but nonetheless, they were the best of friends. On Kimber’s 8th birthday is when she found out who and what she was. Jaxon was happy for her, but at the same time disappointed since Kimber would go on living long after he would pass on. But to Jaxon’s amazement, he turned out to be the 2nd immortal one of legend. Knowing he would spend eternity with his best friend made him happier than a Make-A-Wish kid on Christmas.


    Over the next few years, both Jaxon and Kimber trained their newfound abilities together. As they did, they grew closer as best friends. Jaxon had begun to develop feelings for Kimber. Alas, he was afraid to tell her. What if she thought it was just because of what she was…what he was? Unbeknownst to Jaxon, Kimber felt the same way. Only time would tell what would happen with these two and all that would come forth.


    Together, Kimber and Jaxon will face many great trials and tribulations, many evils, and most off all while trying to have a normal life…..

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    When Kiara Drake was only 5 years old she learned of her powers and abilities from a being known only as White Lion to a select few. She was in great disbelief at first for she was only a mere child at the time. Through various events and visits throughout that year, she came to understand a little of what lay ahead for her. She also learned there was another like her out there somewhere, but was never told who. She always wondered.


    When she was 13 years old, Kiara had her first battle using her powers with 3 mysterious creatures that she spotted at the river bank near her home. They looked similar to the Tengu Warriors from the first Power Rangers movie except their beaks were shorter. It was during her first battle that her best friend Rick figured out the secret she had been keeping all this time. He always wondered why she periodically had to go just for “no reason”.


    Christmas day of 2015 was her first encounter with this strange being that looked like a cross between the orcs from Lord of the Rings and vampires from various stories and movies she has seen, had appeared. It just watched her. It stood there just watching her as if almost it was entranced. This happened again on a few occasions. Shortly there after these beings similar to that creature, known as Vampyro kept coming around. They never stuck around for very long. She always wondered why. Soon, she was about to find out…..

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    Tonight SA was enjoying a new episode of Law And Order: Special Victims Unit. She made a simple statement of what the episode is about. It centers on abortion. A 13 year old girl named Evangeline runs away from home to go to New York City to get an abortion because she was raped by her step father. BT1960 took it upon herself to attack SA over the simple statement of what the episode centered around.




    I took it upon myself to defend SA. I feel like I was justified. BT1960 replied to me claiming she doesn't judge anyone and says I shouldn't judge her. But what did she do to SA just over stating what an episode was about? She put herself in a position to be judged when she took it upon herself to attack without thinking.


    I flat out told her she lacked integrity if she didn't delete her tweet and apologize. I meant it and I stand by it. How BT1960 came at SA attacking her was uncalled for. Especially when SA was stating what a tv show episode centered around.



    If you look at the bio of BT1960, you will see it says "Football nerd/Catholic/ND Fan/Cubs Fan  My own girl/Sarcastic Smartass/#MeToo/Sexual Assault Survivor and Advocate". She claims to be a sexual assault survivor, but attacks one online. All over SA stating what the Law and Order SVU episode was about.




    The very behavior of this woman puts her in a very bad position to be judged very poorly due to her own actions.


    She puts herself in a position to be judged

    1) and asked if she really is a sexual assault victim/survivor and advocate. I am in no way saying she is not. I am just saying she puts herself in a position to be questioned if she really is because

    ----------A) she attacks another sexual assault survivor.

    ----------B) she blindly attacks SA telling her she has no right to comment in response to her (SA) tweet over what an episode  of Law and Order SVU centered around.

    ----------C) shouldn't victim advocates exercise patience and not fly off the handle over something as simple as stating what a TV show episode is about?

    2) she claims she doesn't judge anyone, but yet she harshly judged SA over stating what a TV show episode centered upon.

    3) attacked SA out of the blue.

    4) she tried to play herself off as a victim in this when she was clearly the aggressor.

    5) as petty and childish. While I believe people have a right to block someone on social media, the reason BT1960 blocked me was because

    ----------A) she knew I was right about her behavior and wanted to try and avoid incriminating herself and/or

    ----------B) she knew she was wrong in how she approached SA and wanted to hide from it so she could play the victim in this and/or

    ----------C) she can't handle anyone simply calling out her bad behavior.



    If BT1960 attempts to say any of the above was altered /photoshopped or deletes the tweets and tries to act as if what she said never took place................I have proof that can't be denied.

    PROOF: http://archive.is/4Fkiw



    BT1960 behaved very poorly at the end of last night. Based on her actions and what she proclaims to be, I have every right to call her a hypocrite. She also behaved liked a bully. In closing I will say this, BT1960 needs to learn to look before she leaps and try to be more respectful to others.

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    Late on Sunday October 14, 2019, I was enjoying a friend ("PersonA") of mine's tweets regarding the show 9-1-1. There was a short period of time when she stopped tweeting. I assumed she was tending to her pet. I then notice someone ("PersonB") had sent her a rather nasty tweet regarding a tweet she made about a character ("CharacterA") upon the show. "PersonB" had referred to her as "r**a*ded" and she should have been aborted. I refreshed the screen after walking my dog. I noticed that the actor ("ActorA") of "CharacterA" had responded to "PersonB's" tweet  regarding "PersonA's" tweet about "CharacterA". "ActorA's" response  was 3 laughing smilies. It sickened me that "ActorA" thought it was funny that "PersonB" called "PersonA" a r**a*d that should have been aborted. I was getting ready to report the converasation, but I end up with an error. Sure enough "PersonB" and "ActorA" deleted their tweets. So, evidence of this attack was completely gone. I thought, perhaps, maybe they both realize what they did and deleted because they knew they were wrong. I highly doubt "PersonA" even saw it. So I decided to let it go as I watched the Twitter pages for "ActorA" and "PersonB".



    A small bit later I noticed that "PersonB" quoted a tweet by "PersonA" while tagging "ActorA". "PersonB" was telling "ActorA" that "PersonA" was dissing him.  "ActorA" responded in a way that gave the impression he thought "PersonB" was being funny. There is nothing funny about attacking another or trying to get someone attacked. "PersonB" came across strongly as he was hoping fans of "ActorA" and his character ("CharacterA") would attack "PersonB" over their opinion of a TV show character. In no way was "PersonA" attacking "ActorA".


    Had "ActorA" not put the laughing smiley after "Bit harsh". I would have assumed "ActorA" was defending "PersonA" to "PersonB". But here it impresses that "ActorA" thinks "PersonB" is funny".



    I had responded to the tweet by "ActorA". Almost immediately, he had deleted his tweet.


    At first I thought maybe "ActorA" realized how it came across. Then I remembered how he had deleted his laughing smilies to the horrible tweet "PersonB" sent "PersonA" earlier, in which he told "PersonA" she was r**a*ded and should have been aborted. Part of me wanted to bring that up, but part of me thought it was a bad idea considering both "PersonB" and "ActorA" deleted those tweets and erased evidence it ever took place.



    "PersonB" took it upon himself to approach me in an attacking manner. Had it not been for the first sentence, I would have simply responded to him informing him that regardless of intent, he came across a particular way.


    Behavior by "PersonB" after this tweet strongly indicates that he was feeding me a line of bullsh*t here. Part of me wanted to bring up the actual initial interaction I witnessed between him an "ActorA"



    "PersonB" took it upon himself to take to his Twitter page to complain about the matter in a way that implies he is attempting to play the victim card. One person's ("PersonD") response makes it clear as to why "PersonB" has selectively deleted some tweets and is attempting to make himself to be the victim. So that way others coming upon his plight, would  be more likely to believe however he chooses to portray the matter.


    A few people ("PersonC", "PersonD", and "PersonE") took it upon themselves to coddle this rather childish behavior.



    "PersonA" thanked me for defending her. To which, "ActorA" had responded. My response was simple and asking that he understand that making light of an attack on another is never okay.


    Part of me had wanted to tell him off and point out that using laughing emojis with sarcasm to an attack on another is nowhere near an apology. But because he had deleted his tweet, that he had claimed was an apology, onlookers might take a brief look at the above and get the impression that "ActorA" is being targeted. I doubt this was his intent, but he does need to be careful how he comes across.



    With this tweet, and how it was worded, it indicates that "PersonB's" intent was to act as if I was "after" him in some manner. In the above tweet I had shown, I was merely making a point to "ActorA". I was not rambling on like a spoiled child.


    "PersonE", whom was one of those whom only saw what "PersonB" wanted them to see, decided to back up "PersonB" in his fabricated claim that what he said was not an attack.



    At first, I thought this was purely an innocent bystander chiming in based on purely what wasn't deleted by "ActorA" and "PersonB". Which made the matter look different. But what disturbs me is how she downplays "ActorA's" laughing at the attack on "PersonA". That "ActorA" making light of an attack on "PersonA" was rude and uncalled for. Hardly light hearted. I did not want to respond saying such and chalked it up to this person being a devoted fan of "ActorA's"  "CharacterA" . Often times devoted fans have a hard time as seeing their idol as less than flawless.


    I thought I would leave "PersonF" to their thoughts. One of the reasons I am showing this tweet is due further communication from this individual after this.



    A few thoughts did pop into my mind. If "ActorA" was truly laughing at people's reactions to his charter's ("CharacterA") reaction, then why didn't he respond to "PersonA's" tweet directly? First she says "PersonB's" tweet was not an attack. But in speaking about "ActorA", she indirectly refers to "PersonB's" tweet as an attack.


    As I have previously stated, the way "ActorA" responded was very indicative of him praising "PersonB's" attack upon "PersonA". This one is coming across as one of those devoted fan types as I mention regarding the previous tweet.



    "PersonB" overdramatizing upon his Twitter timeline. Highly likely due to the drama he started and had stirred.


    Being he had used the hashtag for the show 9-1-1, perhaps he was hoping for a few onlookers upon his timeline and others to be on his side regarding the trouble he had stirred.



    This is the Twitter DM I had received from "PersonF". Apparently, and likely, due to lack of engagement with her borderline trolling, she took it upon herself to attack me. She uses the fact we differ in political beliefs to excuse the behavior of "PersonB" and "ActorA". I would hardly call "ActorA" making light of an attack by "PersonB" upon "PersonA" harmless engagement.



    At this point, I had decided to block this individual. I would have before, but I do not block over devoted fan behavior. Attacks, yes.



    I will admit that I did report "PersonB"on Twitter. The explanation I gave was "an attack upon an individual with the intent to cause further harm in hopes others would attack as well". I did not think Twitter would react so quickly. But I am glad that they had.


    Hopefully "PersonB" will cool off and stop targeting people whom are not fans of "CharacterA".



    Another person ("PersonG") approaches me and defends "PersonB" acting as if he did no wrong. Also, in defense of "ActorA" making light of an attack on "PersonA" by "PersonB".Always the tool of the troll is to call someone delusional and lie with a claim of arguing too much.


    Highly likely this person is a random fanboy of "CharacterA". A rather hyper one twisting the situation to make "ActorA" out to be some helpless victim.


    I am completely disgusted with "ActorA". Mostly because what he claims to have been an apology, was him making light of an attack by "PersonB" upon "PersonA". Also because he claims he was asking "that not to happen". In no way did he do so. If what he erased was what he said, why delete it?


    I have come to notice that when it comes to "CharacterA" a wide majority (not all, but alot) of his fans will attack those whom are not fans of "CharacterA", even if they are fans of "ActorA", whom plays "CharacterA". If I chose to post everything, or even half, of attacks on non-fans of "CharacterA", I would be writing this blog until Christmas.


    Why do the actors not do or say anything about their fans attacking non fans? By doing nothing and saying nothing, they are enabling this horrendous behavior and putting forth the image that they're okay with it. I am in no way saying any actor should confront a bully or a troll. What I am saying is a generalized statement stating something is not okay, can go a long way. Also by doing and saying nothing, the "rabid fans" continue to attack non-fans under the belief that the actor is okay with such behavior. And, in a way, this is a form of censorship which implies "If you do not like my character, I'll sit back and watch my fans attack you until you do.".



    Update#1: 1:30am ET on 10/21/2019:  https://www.derwillezurmacht.com/blogs/entry/82-toxicity-within-fanbases-9-1-1/?do=findComment&comment=685

    Update#2: 7:48pm ET on 10/23/2019: https://www.derwillezurmacht.com/blogs/entry/82-toxicity-within-fanbases-9-1-1/page/3/?tab=comments#comment-699

    Update#3: 9:38pm ET on 10/23/2019: https://www.derwillezurmacht.com/blogs/entry/82-toxicity-within-fanbases-9-1-1/?do=findComment&comment=700

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    When I first joined Twitter, I created the account name "@MandyBaby40". It wasn't long before my account was hacked and taken by some teen. Or hacked by a friend of hers and given to her. I was like "f**k it" and just stayed away from Twitter.


    Eventually I made a new Twitter. I had all but forgotten about everything until, by chance, I came upon a tweet from my original account that was stolen. Every so often I would report that account to Twitter. I lost track of how many times I did. Eventually I stopped. But,later On I came upon this tweet.


    Whoa and behold, the person that stole my original account lost it and created a new one. Not a smart move to whine about Twitter deleting an account you stole because you out yourself as the one who had it stolen. I tried to change my name to my original. I got back an error that the name wasn't available. I checked and my stolen account was gone. Apparently Twitter did delete it. Thank goodness on that because people who steal accounts should not be allowed to keep them. I contacted Twitter and actually got a non-generic response. I got a long speech about how when an account is deleted, it takes awhile for the name to be "released" and allowed to use again.


    So I kept trying each day I logged on to Twitter. Just as Sunday October 13 came to a close, I was able to claim my old name back.


    In a way it feels like justice was served. The person that stole my original account lost it. I was able to eventually use "MandyBaby40" again.

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    At my high school, we have metal detectors. We have to empty our pockets, backpacks, and purses. We get searched too. Everything gets checked. With school shootings becoming common, it is understandable. But to what extent? How far is too far?


    When my friend Brooke was being checked, one of the school security officers took it upon herself to read parts of her journal with a fellow officer beside her. She got chastised for saying she loved seeing the 3 From Hell movie with her Foster mother. She was told, infront of nearby students, that she has a sick mind to enjoy watching people being brutally murdered. Those nearby, not seeing her journal, but overheating that jerk of a security officer, teased and bullied her for the next week by calling her a future school shooter!


    One time when going to school, a male security officer held up tampons that he found in my backpack. He made a very cray cray comment Saying tampons imply that I am sexually free!


    One kid got escorted to the principal's office and suspended for 2 days because a security officer found a picture of He-man holding a sword up high. It was deemed a potential threat.


    I am all for school safety. But I think school security should stop humiliating us high schoolers of petty bullsh*t and stick to doing their jobs!

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    Two days ago I had a Twitter DM conversation with a man that blocked my friend M---y. I thought it was accidental. It happens. It turned out to be anything but. The entire DM conversation is below. Due to the no "naming and shaming" rule, I have blotched out names, personal photos, and chat identities. I have confirmed with 3 admins that all that is shown below is authentic.



    I approached this person believing the blocking of my friend @s-----------0 (M---y) was accidental. Then @i--c---------r tells me he received "very very" disturbing message that my friend M---y had written. He says that in them M---y was bullying his friend L---a. I have known M---y for a long time. She is kind, sweet, patient, understanding and would never bully or be hurtful to anyone. This man @i--c---------r is friends with the same people spoken of here: https://www.derwillezurmacht.com/blogs/entry/52-my-own-bullying-experience-part-2/, minus the woman with the autistic kid. She has no association with this man or his actions. I knew this and M---y knew this, but she didn't want to judge him based on a few of his friends being bullies. It is obvious who passed on the lied about M----y to him.





    It is quite obvious that @i--c---------r chose to believes those lies that were sent to him. Not once did he attempt to try and talk to M---y.
    Not once did he stop and think about any of the following.
    1. All the pleasant interactions he and M---y had.
    2. All the nice interactions on M---y's twitter timeline.
    3. How respectful and understand M---y has been with him and others.
    4. All the attacks on the timelines of those he is friends with that have stalked, harassed, and bullied M---y.
    @i--c---------r just chose to blindly believe these people who are frequently nasty to others. These same people who will turn against those who won't turn a blind eye and outlive their use.

    The way @i--c---------r responds to me is very telling. It's a "it's no big deal" impression. Considering the claims he was making, odd isn't it.





    I offer @i--c---------r the blog my friend M---y wrote regarding the people that turned against her unjustly and have been bullying, stalking, and harassing her. He, very easily, brushes it off. She never talked about its contents after posting it.
    Then @i--c---------r claims to have proof M---y was using a parody account to attack and bully others. Not once did @i--c---------r offer up this so called proof he said he had.

    I made a point to @i--c---------r about @e----m raging about that blog on her Twitter timeline. Considering no names were mentioned in that blog, what does it show besides guilt.





    I continue to make my point to @i--c---------r about how these friends of his have abused M---y. I point out he turns a blind eye to attacks on others via their own Twitter timelines.

    Right after I make my good and valid point, @i--c---------r decides to say he was given the IP address of M---y's computer. I continue to defend her saying she'd never attack anyone.





    I continue to defend my friend M---y. This @i--c---------r claims to have "irrefutable proof!". Not once did he offer anything up to prove his claims. He didn't even try to send me what he was sent that made M---y look so bad. He just gets annoyed that I don't sway his way on the claims. To me, this is very fishy.





    Here, @i--c---------r acknowledges that M---y had been nice to him. One plus for him. Atleast he acknowledged that. I then tell him that it is possible to forge a computer IP address. People can lie about it. People can photoshop screenshots taken. People can have their friends back up their lies. People can forge the data, pass it off to a few who ask very few questions so they have some back up. Strength in numbers.

    It seems that @i--c---------r is acknowledging that IP addresses can be forged. Just right after he claims they can't be. Now, which is it?





    I make a point to @i--c---------r that he was given false data. I also make a point how M---y is a good person and has shown she's a good person, but he chooses to believe different without questioning it.
    Then @i--c---------r tries to get the subject changed by saying he had his life hacked, but I chose to stay on topic. But I chose to stay on topic and point out how he is defaming M---y's character.

    Generally speaking, when someone tries to suddenly change the subject, it is because their BSing is showing, might show, and/or is getting them nowhere.





    After my point about how he is defaming M---y's character, @i--c---------r claims he had it researched by a private investigator. I make good points and he is now getting very "cagey" as he makes a bold claim.





    Then @i--c---------r says he hired a private investigator with his own money to "check out all these sick people". Wait a minute, I thought he said M---y was responsible. But he hires a PI to check out "all these sick people". Someone's story is changing a little.
    I point out how his friends target M---y and others and that he turns a blind eye. His response was saying he's not passing on a word of this as if he is doing M---y or me a favor.
    So, @i--c---------r allegedly hired a PI to check out these messages he was shown. He claims he got M---y's computer IP address from this PI. He says he had this PI "check out these sick people", when he had claimed only M---y before. A PI can't legally obtain a computer's physical address from these claimed messages unless law enforcement or an ISP got involved and obtained it.

    I guess what I am saying is, @i--c---------r is lying. My guess is he is hoping I will pass on what he said to M----y so she will get scared and slink away from social media, like his bullying friends have been trying to do to her. 





    I point out, again, to @i--c---------r that he believes lies about M---y, a good person. Then I point out how he says nothing about his friends' attacks on others. Then I point out that he is an accessory to their bullying, threats, and stalking because he sees it and does nothing.

    Then @i--c---------r gets very defensive acting like I am judging him. All I did was make a few points. Then he says he is a grown man and can do what he wants. So he is saying if he wants to lie, pass on lies, or defame someone that it is okay.




    These "friends" of @i--c---------r that I spoke of that have bullied, stalked, and harassed M---y, are the ones blogged about here: https://www.derwillezurmacht.com/blogs/entry/52-my-own-bullying-experience-part-2/
    They are that disbarred lawyer and her friends.
    @i--c---------r has been lied to. He has chosen to run with these lies and blindly believe what he was shown. Based upon his actions and behavior in our conversation, I firmly believe he was lying about hiring a PI.
    1. Why would someone be paying alot of money for a PI to get someone's "computer IP address", only to do nothing with it?
    2. A PI can't legally obtain someone's physical computer address without involvement of an ISP and/or law enforcement. No ISP or Law Enforcement agency will go about obtaining that information unless a crime has been committed in which they are prosecuting for.
    3. Not once was any type of proof offered.
    4. First he claims M---y is responsible. Then he says he hired a PI to check out "these sick people", implying more than one. Story change.
    5. He tries to get the subject changed as I make valid points.
    6. He gets cagey as I make valid points.

    7. Showed agitation when I wouldn't sway his way on his defamation about M---y and continued to stand up for her and have her back.

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    It all started with a simple tweet. The tweet in question has been archived at this location.


    My response was to merely point out her behavior was that of a grammar nazi since there is obviously nothing wrong with a compliment.



    This woman's response was rather abrasive and uncalled for.





    Then she proceeds to attack someone that liked and retweeted my tweet.



    Next she proceeds to attack the producer of the show The Rookie for liking my tweet. She jumps all over him him referring to me and anyone liking or retweeting my tweet as harassing her. She proceeds to tell him he should go unlike it.



    It does not stop there. Now this woman is going on implying I, and anyone liking or retweeting my tweet is a transphobe.




    I only gave one response to the conversation. She was behaving like a grammar nazi over a simple compliment someone gave her. All I did was point that out. I left it at that. Now over that I and anyone whom has liked or retweeted my tweet is being implied as transphobic. 2 people were even attacked over just liking my tweet.


    She carried on. She has chosen to try and twist this into something it is not. In no way was anything I or the original tweeter said, transphobic. There is nothing transphobic about anyone who chose to like or retweet my tweet.


    While this woman is attempting to portray herself as a victim, she needs to think about all of whom are transgender who get assaulted, beaten, raped, and even murdered just for being transgender. They are victims. She is not. How she behaved to tonight is shameful and disgraceful to he LGBT community and the rights they fight for each and every day.

  8. *So here I was, minding my own business when Samus informs me of the massive layoffs that just went on over at Activision Blizzard. You remember them, don't you? The antagonists of FOREVER GOLDEN, and the ones whose guild masters and other GMs chased a lot of us out. Well, first, let me start this off by saying I feel for those who got a layoff. Maybe they'll get jobs in places where the companies will appreciate them more than Blizzard ever did. Blizzard only cares about two things: money and maintaining a bully-friendly environment. Let me remind all the new people reading this why yours truly, Samus and the more experienced people hate that company: in 2011, a creep named Andrew Rotramel conspired to force us out by any means necessary after Zenon exposed him for the rat he is. He started with Stargirl, who was the victim of a gold selling scam. Then it snowballed to the rest of us to the point where we left that hideous world of Azeroth on May 5, 2011. After some time, a lot of us settled in the far superior world of Norrath(EQ2) where we continue to hang our hats. However, from the stories I've been hearing, the nightmares wrought by Blizzard did not end with our departure. In fact, they got worse. And with each expansion released, the stories of people quitting in droves continued to come out. And now, this sick, twisted company wants to tell people that their games are going along fine in spite of the fact that they just layed off hundreds of people. That's hundreds of human beings with livelihoods that have now been put on hold. People want to say that EA is the worst gaming company on the planet. Maybe. Their sports games aren't what they used to be. But you don't see EA pulling the kind of crap we're now seeing with Blizzard. It's been almost 8 years since we walked out of WOW. I have never been happier that we did, especially in light of today's news.

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    *We start off this blog by talking about ECW's most bloodthirsty feud: Gaby Lozoya vs. Susana Almeida. These two Mexican weather superstars have been vying for the hearts of their male audiences for years. From the weather studio to the wrestling ring, these two have been exciting their audience to a fever pitch. So during the relaunch of ECW late last year, it was decided that the two of them would share control of their brand's NWO faction. But there's a reason why the word "diva" applies to these two women. There was no way these two superstars would settle for sharing power. One had to dominate over the other, and therefore, for the last several weeks, they have been attacking each other to see who was better. The advantage so far has gone to Gaby Lozoya, whose moveset was modeled after the late Eddie Guerrero. But that doesn't mean Susana doesn't have a few tricks up her sleeve. Still, the battle continues to see which one is the dominant weather girl in the ring, and I, for one, look forward to seeing the results of this.*

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    I started playing World of Warcraft nearly 3 years ago on my 15th birthday. At first, I thought it was a great game. It was rich in storylines with a wealth of activities to do.


    My grades always stayed good. I studied.  I didn't have to work. Parents for for everything within reason and as long as my grades are good. But pretty soon, World of Warcraft was all I did in my spare time. If I wasn't doing homework or household chores, it was always World Of Warcraft. It wasn't that way at first.


    As I advanced in levels the pressure was on to reach "max level" and get into end game content and do raids. So I was spending more and more time working on getting my levels higher to reach that maximum level. Once I did, the pressure was on to be "geared", have the the best of the best. While I enjoyed the game, I wasn't about to put it ahead of my studies or my family.


    I thought that as long as my family and school work came first, then it there would be no problems. I enjoyed playing and doing raids. The guild I was with had a schedule that fit with mine perfectly. I couldn't ask for better, right? One day I was suppose to raid, I skipped it. I informed the guild leader I needed to skip it so I could finish my science project on electricity. I thought things were fine. The next time I was at a raid, I got kicked out at the last moment and ended up with nothing. I asked why and the guild leader said I shouldn't skip out on raids. Then I got a speech about priorities and I will never get anywhere if I don't learn to put my priorities straight. I thought that was the end of it. Then I saw a post on the guild forums saying I was banned from attending raids until I learn to get my priorities in order. I posted a lengthy response. I mentioned my age and I was upfront about it form the start and that my studies and school work came first becuse getting an education is what will help me support myself after I leave home. Better education, better job, more money. The response I got back was made me rethink my time in World of Warcraft. The guild leader accused me of attacking his policies and said an extra 2-3 hours to help the guild wouldn't kill me. A few people stood up for me saying that me putting my education first was admirable. One person said "So you want him to put aside his school work for the guild one time. You told me that 2 years ago. That one time turned to many and I've had to rearrange my life around the guild needs. f**k you no longer. Grow up.". People left the guild. The guild leader blamed me for his guild starting to fall apart.


    I left my guild and tried to search for another. I got in one, but was kicked shortly after because apparently my last guild leader claimed I stole everything from the guild bank. It seems he made a toon with a name close to mine and took a bunch of stuff out. He did the same to other guild members. I will always regret every joining the Champions of Light guild on the Whisperwind server.


    I ended up changing servers. I found what I thought was a good guild. I thought so until I was expected to be on more than I could be. I was pushed and pressure to "come on for a few" to help out new guildies. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against helping new players, but I am against putting some game before things in real life. I got chastised by people for not being on one night to help out because I went to a movie. I explained that once in awhile I deserve to do something for myself considering how hard I work to do well in school. I got a lecture about how movies are entertainment and not a necessity. I fired back with saying World of Warcraft is the same thing and I wanted a little diversity in my activities so I don't get burned out. a large number of people jumped all over me. I got a long speech about priorities and how I should put my guild's needs before my own. I was like "So these people expect me to not go out or spend time with the few friends I have just for their bits and bytes on a computer game?". This was the final straw.


    While most people rage quit, I simply logged out and stopped getting time cards.  I felt relieved. While I was working on some calculus homework one day, I began to think of so much I missed out on by putting so much time to that game. Despite that school work and family and friends were #1, I still missed out on alot. I got a job at Burger King that I still enjoy. I'm helping my parents out with the bills and saving for college. I didn't think of World of Warcraft again until after 2 weeks that I quit. I started to get angry messages on Facebook asking why I've been shirking my responsibilities for the guild. I was referred to as selfish. I was told I was just as bad as some death knight named "Dfanning" that left years ago in 201. I blocked each and every one of those people. The guild that was doing this to me was some guild on the Anvilmar server. I don't remember the name of the guild, but it had the word "Shadows" in its name.


    Now that I have washed my hands of World of Warcraft, I feel like I have escaped a cult.

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