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    BULLYING: Courtesy Of Spicyryan & His Crew/Friends

    By CaptainVG313

    It all started when I picked up a linkshell pearl from the linkshell concierge called "WTFVanadiel". When I saw the name, I liked it. I thought that it was a chill group of people that liked to have fun. I figured, why not? As soon as I said "Hello", I got a very rude greeting from Spicyryan. Calmly and politely, I try to talk things out with Spicyryan privately. All he did was give me excuses for his rude behavior. He continues to try to justify being rude just because. In a few ways, he kept t

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  1. 1. “They’re all the same person”: An accusation so very commonly used by a bully when their victim has friends. Especially if they aren’t so easily frightened away.


    2. Accusing the victim of the very things they are guilty of: Often done so the bully can place the guilt elsewhere and look less guilty to the public eye. Also to take the attention off themselves (the bully) in terms of what they're guilty of.


    3. Claims to have proof of some sort, but delays in showing it: Usually done to buy the bully time in order to have proof created to their own benefit.


    4. Accusing those who stand up to the bully as being one of their main victims: So quite often used to discredit the victim they are accusing the person of being and make them (the bully) look more like the victim and all when they are not. Also an attempt to make them (the bully) look right in everything they say and to gain sympathy.


    5. Lurking their victim’s social media: The bully might lurk a social media page belonging to the victim and look for anything they can twist in order to make the victim look bad or give them (the bully) something to talk about.


    6. Stalking their victim on social media: Will often create pages just to contact their victim on social media in an attempt to gain a response and get a reaction that they can then later on twist to their own benefit.


    7. Lies about the victim and has their friends back it up: A lie will be made up or something the victim said gets twisted to make it look ugly. Friends of the bully and the bully will go on and on about it in hopes that wandering eyes seeing the discussion will think it’s true because it is so talked about.


    8. Accusing their victim of being someone they’re not: Usually done in hoping others will join in and help attack the victim so the bully can lay back and let others do the work for them.


    9. Invents one sided conversations: Will respond to posts they can make it appear as if it is about them in order to make it look like it is about them. Used by the bully to often pretend to be a victim.


    10. Finds little excuses to keep bringing up the victim: This involves employing one or more of the other bullying tactics listed here.


    11. Photoshopping and fabricating evidence/proof: Often done to make the victim look bad and discredit them. It can range from making a fake convo look real to worse.


    12. Will often accuse random people of being a particular victim of theirs: One of the purposes of this is to scare off friends by implanting in their mind that as long as they associate with the victim of the bully, they’ll continue to get the abuse. Main purpose is to isolate their victim and make them more vulnerable.


    13. Will often create social accounts to harass themselves then blame one of their victims: This is to make it look like the victim in question is bothering them and to justify their abuse upon the victim.


    14. Tries to make it look as if someone’s social media posts, videos, and/or conversations are about them in some way: Done when the bully is really bored and looking for something to complain about or looking for an excuse to stir trouble for the victim.


    15. Spreads rumors: Often done in combination with the bully having his/her friends act as if the rumors are true in some form by spreading them and/or twisting them and creating new ones.


    16. Name calling: A bully will often call their victim names with the intent of making fun of them.


    17. Encouraging suicide (aka “an hero”): For one reason or another the bully might get frustrated with the victim’s lack of response to them and encourage them to kill themselves. Sometimes they’ll find another reason to encourage it.


    18. Trying to involve others in their plight against the victim: Will go for a pity party to help convince people to involve them.


    19. Finding excuses to criticize the victim: While criticism is normal, a bully will often find excuses and invent reasons to criticize the victim.


    20. Shaming: The bully will often find a way to shame their victim in some way. One of the top ways is to make fun of their looks.


    21. Frequent and/or nasty posts on the victim’s social media: Done as an attempt to intimidate the victim and make them look bad.


    22. Threats: It can range from threats of bodily harm to threats of doxing to death threats. Basically any kind of threat.


    23. Posting and/or spreading around the victim’s contact data (aka Doxxing): This is done to scare and intimidate a victim. Also used in conjunction with rumors so as to encourage others to take the harassment and bullying to the next level so the bully can lay back and play innocent.


    24. Digging into the victim’s personal life: Involves posting public records, twisting the truth, and telling their own story to make things look ugly and the victim look bad. It also shows how obsessed the bully is.


    25. Obsession: This is shown in many ways. One of them being stalking their social media. Another is making alot of posts about their victim and looking for excuses and making up reasons to justify it. Another is creating blogs about them just to complain and make them look bad.


    26. Revenge Porn: An extreme method of shaming. Sometimes it might be actual naked photos of the victim or the bully will place the victim’s head on a naked body.


    27. Posing as part of Anonymous: This is done to instill fear in the victim to get them to give in to whatever they want/demand. Some who pose as part of Anonymous will get pretty elaborate in their ruse to gain a following so when they go after their intended victim, they have more people to back them and whatever hate they want to spew forth. Some will start off acting as if they are all about justice. They’ll advocate for some causes to get that following. The more in their corner, the more to help spread whatever lies or hate about their intended victim.


    28. False accusations of stalking, doxing, and harassing kids: This is often done when the bully is desperate to get the victim’s attention in hoping to get them to give in to any demands they have. The bully hopes the victim will get so desperate to be left alone and to have peace that they will talk to them or disappear from social media. Often times when a bully looks bad from bothering an innocent person, this tactic is used to rally more people to listen to them and hopefully help them in their campaign against the victim. Bullies hate looking bad for bothering someone that doesn’t bother others, so by using this tactic they hope to gain a response from the victim that they can use to justify prior actions.


    29. Hit and run postings: Will often make a post directed at the victim and will delete it after they’ve seen it and/or responded. This way, they can make the victim look like the instigator.


    30. Posts that are obvious to the victim, but not to others: What this means is the bully will post something they know will strike a nerve in the victim to gain a response, but is not obvious to random onlookers. This manipulative tactic is used to make the victim appear to be the aggressor.


    31. Claims of “No one else listens to…”: This is a means for the bully to try and discredit the victim and make them appear unapproachable and keep onlookers from listening to or talking to them. Often times other tactics are used with this one to validate it.


    32. Solicitation on behalf of the victim: With malicious, crude, or cruel intent in mind… encourages others to make/initiate contact with the victim under false pretenses.


    33. Condemnation because of what is done by another: They will condemn someone for the actions of another as a means to get the person to get on their case in hopes it will drive them apart or cause turmoil between them. A manipulative tactic to slowly isolate the victim and/or make them vulnerable.


    34. Looking for reasons to post about the same things the victim is in some form: This is usually done in hopes the victim will get so annoyed and angry that they will retaliate. This way the bully can make themselves look like the victim and the victim look like the aggressor.


    35. Hiding behind or using  an illness or disability: This is done is several ways.

    a) Being particularly nasty to someone and suddenly going on about any illnesses or pains they may have. This is used and done to divert attention away from the bullying and nastiness and get people to think “How can this person in this condition do that?” if anyone calls the person out on it.

    b) Using the fact that they have a child, friend, or relative as a reason for how they “couldn’t have done or said something”.  For example they may attack someone with a particular disability that someone they know has and use that to cover themselves and play innocent.

    c) Pretending to have (faking) a disability or illness for sympathy in order to garner more people for their side on an issue or matter:  Mostly done with curable illnesses or ones in which it is hard to prove they don’t have.

    d) Using an illness or disability as an excuse for their actions. Particularly done to take attention off the bad behavior and give the bully the appearance of “innocence”.


    36. “You’ll be hearing from my attorney.” or similar said as a means and for the purpose of intimidation to getting what they want without just cause: Said by bullies to scare their victims and those they (the victim) know into silence.


    37. “.....just a kid!”: Said by a kid that is bullying an adult, but with "I'm" or similar with it. Said by someone with "He/she is" before it that is implying that a child can't possibly bully an adult. Either way it's defending the bullying of an adult by a child.


    38. Stalking and harassment beyond the internet: Involving a mixture of the above, but involves stalking and harassment anywhere; online and offline.


    39. Claims of butthurt over disagreements when reported/penalized for bullying: Often times the bullying will claim their victim is butthurt over some disagreement. Mainly done to discredit the victim and make them look like a joke.


    40. Downvotes/Dislikes (for the purpose of bullying): While downvotes and dislikes on posts in itself are not bullying, it can be in the following circumstances.

    a) Encouraging others to downvote/dislike. Often coupled with trash talk, rumors, lies, and made up stuff to further encourage others to do so.

    b) Creating multiple accounts for the purpose of downvoting/disliking people's posts.  A humongous waste of time and shows an unhealthy obsession with their victim.

    c) Offering people compensation of any kind if they will downvote/dislike another's post.  This is to increase the chances of those willing to help regularly with downvotes/dislikes.

    d) Encouraging others to see if they will help to encourage more to downvote/dislike. Usually done by the truly obsessed.


    41. “See a therapist!”, "Seek help!": While telling someone they need therapy is not bullying, it can be. Mostly when the bully is wrong and the victim is right. They try to convince them (or others) they're crazy by being overly persistent that they seek help. Often used to shut someone up or start a fight. Can be used to discredit the victim, should the bully get called out, by attempting to make it look like they genuinely care somehow.....in case the victim complains.

  2. Awhile ago I messaged Reddit user "night__hawk_", the ONLY MODERATOR for the "/bullying" subreddit, about some harassing and threatening posts. I mentioned they've been reported and I'd like them to take a look at the reports. A few days went by and nothing. However a few posts of mine disappeared. Comments to posts too. These posts and comments were in no  way crude. They were supportive. Even comments 2 friends of mine (@Zenon and @DesertFox) made, were removed. BUT.....nasty and threatening comments were left up. I'd assume "night__hawk_" was just busy and didn't have time to get rid of the nasty comments, except that they had the time to remove supportive comments by my friend @Zenon and @DesertFox.....AND had time to remove supportive comments and posts by me. Also a post where I mentioned a bullying experience was deleted.....AND they've had time to make posts and comments on other subreddits. I got the impression that "night__hawk_" didn't care so I just deleted my message to them. I was just going to let it go and move on. Well, until "night__hawk_" FINALLY messaged back about 2 weeks later.


    HERE is the conversation. My comments and explanation are below.








    You won't see what I sent prior because I deleted the chat conversation believing I'd likely never hear from "night__hawk_". I decided to call them out on the wrongful removals of my posts and "night__hawk_" allowing the bullies posts to remain. I was going to close it off after I said I would but I laid down with my cat Little Puss and took a nap with her. When I woke up I added more, which I thought was necessary. I called out "night__hawk_" on  doing NOTHING about horrible posts and hateful comments towards me. AND I asked that "night__hawk_" do better by listening to people and paying attention to reports. I was polite and calm. I explained things and spoke of how things looked. NOT ONCE did I say anything mean, crude, hateful or degrading. I simply called out "night__hawk_" on what I saw going on and their lack of attention to the bullying and them deleting my posts.


    I got a response from "night__hawk_" claiming they do not remove posts unless they are extreme and tried to blame it on the "auto mod". I'd believe it and just see it as settings are out of whack except for a few factors.

    1) Why were harassing and threatening posts left up, but mine were deleted and any comments supportive of me?

    2) My post about my bullying experience was up for quite a bit as were supportive posts and comments. If an automod deleted them, it would have been within a few hours, NOT a few days.


    Then "night__hawk_" claimed my message was very hurtful and accusing them of doing something they didn't do. Then "night__hawk_" had the nerve to claim I was bullying them. In no way was I crude, cruel, or mean. I made a point. I was calm and polite. I called them out on stuff I saw that wasn't right. "night__hawk_" claims they didn't remove anything..... I call BS on that. "night__hawk_" was active in other subreddits and various things made it obvious the automod didn't remove my posts. Can't blame it on another mod since they are the ONLY HUMAN MOD in the "/bullying" subreddit. Then "night__hawk_" switched gears quickly and acted like they cared and said to have a nice week.


    Then I responded back defending myself. I called out "night__hawk_" on their behavior and false claims of me being hurtful and a bully. I pointed out that I think they're only sorry they got called out on their selective post deleting. I also pointed out how the behavior of "night__hawk_" was bullying itself. I  pointed out that privately calling out "night__hawk_" calmly and politely was not bullying. I also mention there is 4 people I should apologize to that warned me how posts in that subreddit just disappear. Regarding those 4 people I merely said it seems like a nice subreddit. But still it is the right thing to do to let them know they were right and I was wrong. One of those people warned me about "night__hawk_" claiming they will act like the victim when called out on their faults.  I really have to eat crow on that and apologize for not believing them and defending "night__hawk_". While I was nice about it still.....it's the right thing to do.


    As I mentioned before, "night__hawk_" is the only human mod on the "/bullying" subreddit.






    As stated before and I will state again..... In no way did I bully "night__hawk_". I calmly and politely defended myself as I made valid points.


    However, "night__hawk_" was a bully. They chose to selective delete my posts and those supporting me. But posts from bullies were left up until Reddit itself took action. "night__hawk_" chose to place responsibility for actions of theirs, that obviously weren't done by an automod, on the auto mod. "night__hawk_" tried to pass off me pointing things out, calmly and politely, as bullying. What does that say to me? It says to me that they are trying to guilt me so they don't have to feel guilty about anything.


    Had "night__hawk_" told me they have been busy, I'd have understood. Had they not falsely claimed I was a bully. Then I would have accepted their response, despite suspicions, and let things lay.


    I'll close this with one question for all those reading..... Was I being a bully to "night__hawk_" in any way, shape, or form?

    NOW.....MOVING ON.....


    EDIT:(UPDATED: 4/16/2022 at 9:05pm ET)

    UPDATE#1: https://www.derwillezurmacht.com/blogs/entry/244-false-bullying-claims-by-night__hawk_-of-reddit/?tab=comments#comment-3707

    UPDATE#2: https://www.derwillezurmacht.com/blogs/entry/244-false-bullying-claims-by-night__hawk_-of-reddit/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-3723

  3. *The following is a tale of two people who lived separate lives on the old Earth, and who were brought together as a result of its destruction. Former detective Sian Welby of England once ran a small-scale investigative agency in New York, handling unusual cases. But her business dried up dramatically as a result of the Damien Dahrk war and the treachery of Agent Zero. Sian found herself on Erebonia 500 years later, confused at first, but soon figured out everything that had happened. She used her detective skills to find out that Agent Zero was the cause of the destruction of everything she ever knew. In the town of Bareahard, she ran into Christine Lakin, a veteran of the first crimefighting age, and like Sian, Christine, too, soon figured out what lead to the tragedy she had experienced. The two of them decided to head to Heimdallr to explain their situation to Rufus Albarea, the brother of Golden Force Maxima member Jusis. Rufus understood what they went through and had a proposition for them. The Erebonian nation had a space exploration in operation and needed people to lead the crew of the USS Atlantica on a mission to investigate a wormhole within the Erebonian star system that was said to lead back to the Milky Way Galaxy. Sian and Christine agreed to Rufus' idea and were soon taken to their new starship, where they met the rest of the crew. The Atlantica crew, which consisted of Fayt Leingod, Sophia Esteed. Cliff Fittir, Maria Traydor, Nel Zelpher, Albel Nox, Peppita Rosetti, Roger Huxley, Mirage Koas, and Adray Lasbard, were good people whose desire for exploring space was second to none. The group soon left orbit and headed to the wormhole, where Sian made the decision to travel through it and see where the wormhole would lead them to. Surprisingly, the Atlantica crew ended up in Earth's solar system, where they learned the full truth behind the final fate of Sian and Christine's home world. Earth was little more than a lifeless chunk of rock floating in space, and had been in that condition since the Azure Chevalier used her power to transport the heroes involved in the Damien Dahrk war, as well as many others, to Erebonia. Sian and Christine were horrified by what they saw and then decided to head back to Eerebonia via the wormhole to report what they discovered to Rufus. Sian and Christine returned to Heimdall and did just that. That's when Rufus told them that the fiend responsible for the betrayal that lead to Earth's destruction, as well as the Azure Chevalier, were both on Erebonia. He also told them about Briana's Golden Force Maxima and their mission to rediscover the cities of gold. That's when Sian pitched an idea to Rufus. She wanted to revive Christine's old Golden Force Secondary to guard the homefront while Briana and co. were away. Christine seconded the idea immediately knowing that such an idea would eventually take them to the fiends responsible for destroying Earth. Rufus approved the idea and suggested to add the Atlantica crew as members. The new team would be based on Bareahard. For Sian and Christine, a new chapter of their lives was about to begin.*

  4. Upon hearing of Bob Saget's death, I decided a great way to honor him was to enjoy what he was best known for.....his role as Danny Tanner on Full House and Fuller House. I decided to begin right after watching The Rookie a 2nd time early Monday January 10, 2022.


    At about 2:04am ET on Monday January 10, 2022, I began my "Full House to Fuller House" marathon. I finished my marathon at 5:41am ET on Saturday January 22, 2022.


    Nothing but Full House and Fuller House during that time except for deviations for

    1) NEW TV show episodes (not many).

    2) New TV movies (not many).

    3) Sleep.

    4) Basic hygiene.

    5) Playtime and feeding my cats.

    6) Pausing to take care of something for one of my beautiful cats.



    Everytime I saw Bob Saget on screen, I was reminded of all the joy, laughter, and good times he gave us as America's favorite dad in Full House and later, Fuller House.


    It felt good to see Bob Saget at his best and watch his character, Danny Tanner, grow and evolve. It's been a wonderful and unforgettable 12 days.


    May Bob Saget rest in peace knowing he was loved, admired, and adored by many for all he was and all he has given us.

  5. *Just when I thought the Brec Bassinger betrayal from some time ago over the mask issue was bad, the unthinkable has now happened. The White Canary herself, Caity Lotz, has shown her true colors and revealed herself to be just as bad as Bassinger when she blocked some friends of mine over the same issue. I have been blind to a fraud who in the end, has proven to be far more damaging than even Bassinger. Because of her betrayal, my Golden Force Universe is now forced to undergo an evolution. One were new heroes must arise to protect a brand new world. And the sad part is, I had admired this girl for the longest time, even when other fandoms outright attacked her, such as that of the Azure Chevalier. But I should have seen the handwriting on the wall on two fronts. First, when I had ordered a video from her during an online comic con, she did not seem thrilled to want to do it, unlike the Power Rangers, for instance, who were more than happy to do theirs for me. Second, I noticed in some pictures how she was good friends with a certain Iris West-Allen, one of the most toxic characters in the entire Arrowverse. That alone should have sent red flags for me. But I know better now. I hear the CW network she's on is up for sale. I sincerely hope that sale means that this shared universe that has dominated my life for nearly 10 years gets its plug pulled, leaving only HBO Max to do its super hero shows by itself. I am now beginning to understand why people tend to crap all over the Arrowverse. It's mainly because of two things: Bad writing and bad acting. I did not want to believe this because I was blinded by the White Canary's beauty and reputation. I have now woken up. It seems television itself has been going down the crapper since this woke nonsense began around 2010. Rest assured, I will not be fooled in this manner again. Only those who deserve support will get it from me. And right now, it's no one wearing a costume.*

  6. Tonight I got an order from Dominos Pizza. My delivery driver was Brittney. She greeted me very pleasantly with a smile. She was very polite. Excellent driver. Her very behavior (all good) showed me she enjoys her job and making customers happy.


    When I got inside I checked my order. Everything looked GREAT.

    My order

    1) A Brooklyn (crust) pepperoni pizza.



    2) 2 orders of 10 mild buffalo wings.



    3) 1 serving Pasta Primevera.



    4) Garlic Parmesan bread twists with cheese marinara dip.




    Everything tasted GREAT!!

    The wings had the right amount of mild sauce  on them.

    The Garlic Parmesan Bread Twists were DELICIOUS with and without the cheese marinara dip.

    The Pasta Primavera was flavorful with every bite.

    The Brooklyn Style Pizza with Pepperoni was great. Even when I had to reheat a few slices, it was still good.


    Perfect meal as I was enjoying a massive Full House (soon to lead into Fuller House) marathon. Everything was very satisfying to the taste buds.

  7. Disclaimer: I am in no way saying, or implying, that the entire Iris West fanbase, is toxic. I am merely pointing out some of the toxicity within.


    For this blog, I shall be showing and making points on the various levels of toxicity within.............the "Iris West fanbase".


    Tweet#1 - attacked for

    Tweet link: https://twitter.com/Goldenforce772/status/1470928979276320776

    Archive link of tweet: https://archive.md/JfV5d


    Background: 2 friends of mine had chosen to live tweet during an episode of The Flash. Based upon context, I assume these tweets were made at the moment Joe West yelled at his daughter Iris West. Our own @Goldenforce772 had merely chosen to state his opinion regarding a TV show character.


    What happened next is various people had taken it upon themselves to attack him for his opinion. That which is shown below.

    Tweet link: https://twitter.com/adora721/status/1471010463529902080

    Archive link of tweet: https://archive.md/OpIcu




    Tweet link: https://twitter.com/NicoleW27542851/status/1471039821011423234

    Archive link of tweet: https://archive.md/twIvw




    Tweet link: https://twitter.com/angelfireeast24/status/1471022429015138304

    Archive link of tweet: https://archive.md/t8aEe




    Tweet link: https://twitter.com/angelfireeast24/status/1471023141681971202

    Archive link of tweet: https://archive.md/nGbQf




    Tweet link: https://twitter.com/SegaviaIsabella/status/1470933648782225409

    Archive link of tweet: https://archive.md/3BJpc




    Tweet link: https://twitter.com/NicoleW27542851/status/1471039821011423234

    Archive link of tweet: https://archive.md/twIvw




    Tweet link: https://twitter.com/lovelyiriswest/status/1470939470987993093

    Archive link of tweet: https://archive.md/MWy9l




    Tweet link: https://twitter.com/westallenfam1/status/1470938970427113473

    Archive link of tweet: https://archive.md/zwrNX




    Tweet link: https://twitter.com/FashionMaven88/status/1470933233122660354

    Archive link of tweet: https://archive.md/T4WXt




    Tweet link: https://twitter.com/Nyiko_D_Ndlovu/status/1471044823796920322

    Archive link of tweet: https://archive.md/pvg5U





    Tweet#2 - attacked for

    Tweet link: https://twitter.com/smoakxdoe/status/1470926930820096004

    Archive link of tweet: https://archive.md/ZHHpP


    Background: This person merely displayed her dislike of Iris West taking cheap shots at Mia's father.


    Overnight people dogpiled upon this person because they didn't agree with her.

    Tweet link: https://twitter.com/MG_daliaa/status/1471064369001869312

    Archive link of tweet: https://archive.md/2mH6P



    Tweet link: https://twitter.com/bronnyjamessss2/status/1471044407344386054

    Archive link of tweet: https://archive.md/71d2h



    Tweet link: https://twitter.com/Nyiko_D_Ndlovu/status/1471000394570645506

    Archive link of tweet: https://archive.md/FwSb6



    Tweet link: https://twitter.com/turkeytall/status/1471115403493531648

    Archive link of tweet: https://archive.md/072mj





    I do believe that I had made my point. If I chose to post all the harassment inflicted upon others by Iris West Fans, then we would likely be here all week. The point is that the Iris West fandom is full of toxicity.

  8. I hate boys so much right now!


    I spent 2 hours getting ready for a date. I did hair and make up. I spent so much time. The boy Greg, never showed up to meet me at Chili's! Totes rude!


    I waited for like 2 hours! I found out Greg was at a friend's partying and he was drunk! I hope they like cops!

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    Yesterday I was suppose to get a Nintendo Switch that I ordered from Amazon. I didn't get it. I thought it would be at my door when I got home. Later last night when I checked my email, i saw that Amazon said it was delivered.


    Right then I decided to look through my video surveillance recording of when I was out. I found the thief!


    My next door neighbor was the one that stole it. I thought I would resolve this peacefully. I knocked on their door. The wife answered. She told me her 2 kids were playing it and asked if I was really that much of a b***h to take it away from 2 kids. I told her I know she stole it from my front porch. She told me to run along or she'd cut me up!


    So I went back to my house to call the police. When they got here, the woman told them she bought it for her kids and I had no proof. Soni showed the police the surveillance video, proof of purchase. After some checking, the police confirmed she had stolen my package and she was arrested. She got riled up as the police handcuffed her saying it's my fault she will lose work and won't be able to pay rent. She went on how it's my fault her kids won't have a place to go. My only response was what I said to the arresting officer "She chose to steal and threaten me, the fault is hers".


    I found out this morning that the owner of that house she was renting is going to work on an eviction. Her arrest last night was the final nail in the coffin.

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    *We start off this blog by talking about ECW's most bloodthirsty feud: Gaby Lozoya vs. Susana Almeida. These two Mexican weather superstars have been vying for the hearts of their male audiences for years. From the weather studio to the wrestling ring, these two have been exciting their audience to a fever pitch. So during the relaunch of ECW late last year, it was decided that the two of them would share control of their brand's NWO faction. But there's a reason why the word "diva" applies to these two women. There was no way these two superstars would settle for sharing power. One had to dominate over the other, and therefore, for the last several weeks, they have been attacking each other to see who was better. The advantage so far has gone to Gaby Lozoya, whose moveset was modeled after the late Eddie Guerrero. But that doesn't mean Susana doesn't have a few tricks up her sleeve. Still, the battle continues to see which one is the dominant weather girl in the ring, and I, for one, look forward to seeing the results of this.*

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