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    On June 19, 2018 I went out on a date with someone I had been talking to for awhile. He seemed nice and had been patient. So I figured "why not?". He decided on a late lunch and a movie. He stopped at a Golden Corral in an area of town that was less than favorable. I asked him politely why he didn't go to the one that was close to me. He simply said " I couldn't". He was getting frustrated as he was looking through his wallet. When I asked if everything was okay, he got a little snippy, "If you wanna be like that, you can pay for everything.". While I didn't mind paying for my own part on a date, I didn't appreciate how he just acted. I decided to let it go. I thought perhaps he just had a bad day. We both enjoyed the buffet. Things seemed okay up until this moment when an elderly gentleman began to choke. One person started doing the heimlich on him. I asked this one waitress to get help. Her response was "It's not my f**king problem.". Several people nearby were disgusted with her response. Luckily the customer doing the heimlich on the old man was able to dislodge the food from his throat. I went back to finishing my dessert. Not long after, a manager came to speak to me. I asked what it was about. He said he was talking to people about what happened and others had complained about how that one waitress responded to me. He told me a few people saw it as a callous regard for the man's life. I was asked how I saw it. I was honest. I told him I saw it as very crude and she showed little empathy for what was going on. The manager then went to other people to talk to them. The guy I was with almost immediately asked, "What is your f**king problem? You could cost her her job!". I tried explaining to him I responded to the manager with an honest answer that he was seeking. He raised his voice at me saying I didn't have to talk to him and should have declined. He wouldn't stop fussing at me. He began to yell acting like I was viciously going after that waitress's job. I could only take so much so I decided to walk out. On my way out, this one woman tapped my arm and said the man I was with didn't deserve me. Another person said I should find another way home and that that guy is very unstable. I walked over to this Publix that was barely 200 feet away. I just wanted to get away from the guy while I figure out how I was going to get home. The guy I was with cam into Publix after me. He yelled at me and berated me. He was getting overly defensive defending a woman that behaved rather badly. Several times I walked away from him, but he wouldn't stop. Eventually I got rid of him and he left me alone. I ended up finding a way home, thank goodness. Here and there after the fact, this man sent me nasty texts. I figured he would eventually quit, but just in case I managed to get a hold of the security footage from that Publix where he followed me around and kept berating me. After awhile, he eventually stopped. Last I heard from him was mid-July 2018. I did find out that the waitress was ultimately fired. Not long after that she got into alot of trouble (something unrelated) and ended up in jail for AWHILE. Then, for some odd reason, I heard from the bad date again on February 20, 2019 early in the morning. I responded with "oook**k" because I didn't remember him at first. I didn't remember who he was until he sent what seemed to be an apology. So here he is admitting wrong. Seems nice. I simply responded acknowledging what he said. I was laying down on my bed thinking about this. While he seemed sincere, I had some doubts.To avoid BS, I decided to keep things at a mildly friendly level by just talking to him there. nothing more. Just 2 days later out of the blue he went off on me. I never responded. I didn't want to. I figured he was in a mood. Then yesterday (2/25/2019)... I couldn't help but laugh at this. He messages me like he is responding to me and like a child having a tantrum. Then he accuses me of favoriting him. Why would I favorite someone who acts like this fellow has? Also, I have done nothing to this man to have to apologize to him. He acted like ALOT MORE than a jerk, yet he says I have to apologize to him. Not a chance. I do not apologize to people that act like this man had. A word of caution for those considering online dating. Talk to the person for AWHILE before going out with them. If they get impatient and aren't willing to work with you, it's not worth it. If someone acts like this man did, "RUN" and do not look back.
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    *So the members of Ciara's Golden Force West just got a shot in the arm with the recruitment of Brie Larson. This powerhouse of a free agent can literally fry anyone who opposes her. She can also fly under her own power and could easily put a dent in both the forces of HIVE and Archadia. There's just one tiny problem with Brie Larson. This gift from heaven is in truth, a serpent from hell. Unknown to Ciara and Golden Force West, she is secretly working for Vayne Solidor as a spy. Brie's job is to collect valuable intelligence on any heroes any encounter so that Vayne can devise the perfect strategy against them. By inserting herself into Golden Force West, Brie will be feeding Vayne(and by extension, Damien Dahrk) vital information on the operation of the Golden Force organization. Needless to say, this is a coward's move one would expect from a lesser foe. The problem with Brie is that she presents herself as the ultimate ally, one anyone would want to team up with. But her duplicitous loyalties make her more trouble than she's worth. The fear is that by the time her two faced nature is exposed, extensive damage would have already been done to Golden Force West and anyone else unfortunate enough to get caught in her web of deceit. Brie is not to be underestimated. Her intelligence is as deadly as her super powers, and when Ciara learns the truth, she will have a fight on her hands. Captain Marvel? More like Captain Ratface.*
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    Something is very wrong with him. One minute he is seemingly normal. The next minute he is raging. I highly suspect he is bipolar and should be on medication.
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    Morons like this idiot should only be dealt with one way. He needs to be locked up in a mental institution, have his eyelids taped open, and forced to watch reruns of Power Rangers Dino Charge.
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    In your own words, what do you consider to be bullying?
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    I think he could benefit from the proper meds.
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    I hope you changed your number. He sounds very unhinged.
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    My cousin Carrie is bipolar and acts just like this guy.
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    The Constitution protects against cruel and unusual punishment.
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    He leaves you alone for 7 months. Then he begins to bother you again. He's a bit of a creeper.
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    *Thanks to the heinous actions of the Archadian Empire's robotics division and their leader, Colonel Hakeev, Power Rangers Zeo were now without their leader, Melissa Benoist, as a shot from Hakeev took out her connection to the Red Zeo Crystal. But help would soon be coming for the gang from Seattle. From the far away planet of Arus, Lion Voltron Force leader Pidge heard of PR Zeo's plight and came up with a plan to give the team a serious makeover. To that end, he sent his new friend, Jacqueline Scislowski, to become the new leader of the Zeo Rangers. But her coming isn't an ordinary one. Pidge knew that for Melissa's team to move forward, they would have to take a more Voltron-esque approach to things. That meant empowering the Delta Zeo Zords with crystals found only on Arus. It also meant making the Zeo team into Paladins similar to what the Voltron Force has. Jacqueline's arrival to Team Zeo turned them into the Paladins of Zeo when unmorphed. They received new weapons and smaller vehicles from which to fight the growing threat of Archadia. Since they specifically have an eye for getting even with Hakeev, that was Jacqueline's first task as new boss of the group. And her presence on the team brightened their mood almost immediately. A new day was dawning for the wielders of the Zeo Crystal's powers. And Archadia had better watch out, because Jacqueline and co. were coming to get them.*
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    Maybe, but I have doubts. He waited half a year to bother her again.
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    *In light of the duplicitious nature of Brie Larson and the trouble she is sure to cause for Golden Force West, help is on the way from two sources. One of them is the mysterious Phase 4, who is a clone of the ninja Kasumi, and the other is a figure who comes from far to the east to help. Her name is Katherine Mcnamara. You may know her better as Mia Smoak. She is the recently adopted daughter of Stephen Amell(Dino Charge Green Ranger) and Emily Bett Rickards(Dino Charge Graphite Ranger.) Katherine's fighting skills are second to none. She is indeed a shinobi, with lightning style chakra similar to my own. But the difference is that she uses her defensively, whereas I use mine offensively. After the business with Black Lightning, Stephen and Emily decided to adopt her because they saw what she could do in a fight and liked it. Plus, Katherine's temperament is one where enemies have to beware of. She does not like overpowered types or types who talk trash about people for the stupidest reason. This, of course, puts a bullseye on Brie Larson's back because when Katherine learns of Brie's schemes, she vows to expose her for the phony she is. For Golden Force West leader Ciara Hanna, this is a time of uncertainty and change for her team. Ciara originally recruits Brie in order to replace the traitor Setzer. However, she soon realizes her mistake when Brie's true nature is exposed by both Phase 4 and Katherine. Needless to say, this situation is a powder keg waiting to explode and one that needs to be resolved quickly before the forces of Archadia and HIVE make their next move.*
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    Movie Title: "Captain Marvel" Release Date: March 8, 2019 Movie Website: https://www.marvel.com/movies/captain-marvel IMDB Page: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4154664 Feel free to discuss anything, or even post some articles, about the upcoming "Captain Marvel" movie.
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    I am no longer speaking to the creep. If a man can't behave like a gentleman on a first conversation, then he isn't worth a chance.
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    He needs to be medicated if he is bipolar.
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    If it is, don't associate with him. He doesn't know how to behave on a first date. So I doubt he is mature enough to handle a relationship.
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    He behaves like a loon and expects you to apologize? What is wrong with him?
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    I hope this isn't the weirdo I talked to last month on Plenty Of Fish. Super creepy!
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    *Last night I was reminded why I shouldn't tie myself to any one fandom when a fan based Power Rangers Twitter account decided to talk from both sides of its mouth. On one hand, it presents itself as being a proud supporter of the PR franchise, but on the other hand, it turns around and criticizes it at every turn. I naturally called that account out on its BS by suggesting that what that account said sounded like someone who wanted the PR franchise to fail. If you had been tracking the account in question like I have, you would find this to be true. But this is merely a symptom of a bigger problem: some of entertainment's biggest fandoms have been rotting to the core for years. As a result, I have been at war with each one for quite some time. I will point out a few of them here. Star Wars, for example, is notorious for having a very toxic fandom, and that franchise has been suffering for it since 2017, when the Last Jedi came out. I monitor social media for the types of conversations that go on in the case of Star Wars, and a lot of them aren't things you should be subjected to. They are never satisfied with the product as its been presented and therefore, they are ruining it altogether for the average viewer. Then there's Star Trek. This one went off the rails in 2009 with the Abramsverse atrocity. Those series of movies stunk up the joint, as they say, and it was made worse by the arrival of Discovery. Discovery gave a platform for social justice warriors to try to silence anyone who has a problem with it, like I do. I have been a big Trekker since 1986, and to see what Discovery has done to this once proud IP is beyond sad. Next we have the Arrowverse. 2017-2018 saw this vast universe take a serious black eye, first with the notion of making Iris West a speedster, and then leaving Legends out of the Elseworlds crossover. And what's the excuse I keep hearing regarding the latter? That they didn't need to be there, which is flat out nonsense. Finally, we come back to the Power Rangers. I've been at war with this particular fandom for 15 YEARS!!! Do the math, folks. This would put the problem squarely on Power Rangers Dino Thunder. Even back then, the dinosaur theme was getting played out, and the fans think that season was a great one. Problem with that way of thinking is that that particular season doesn't age well. So when we got Dino Charge in 2015, this gave the intractable fandom a reason to be complete a-holes, mocking anyone who hated this particular season and who loved Samurai and Megaforce. Anyone who knows me knows why I am particularly protective of Samurai and Megaforce. They gave me two of the best Yellow Rangers in recent years, Emily and Gia. But this is the main problem with the PR fandom in particular. If you don't go along with their groupthink mentality, you are ostracized or worse. And there are friends of mine here who can attest to this as well. Last night's encounter with a rather foul PR Twitter account showed me that while I can be a fan of something, it is not a good idea to latch myself to a fandom in general. Be warned, folks.*
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    Konami Anniversary Collections Include Castlevania, Contra, and Arcade Classics I am most interested in the Castlevania collections.
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    1. Name calling. 2. Stalking. 3. Physical abuse. 4. Continuing to bother someone after they ask you to stop. 5. Doxxing. 6. Lying about someone in order to make them a target to others. 7. Purposely excluding someone from a group without a valid reason. 8. Excessive pressure. 9. Slander for the purpose of making the victim feel bad. 10. Filing false complaints. 11. Calling the victim's job and saying stuff just to get them fired. 12. Basically anything to degrade or demean the victim.
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    Meet Colonel RoboCop, KFC’s Latest Colonel Sanders
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    She has done nothing wrong to this man to have to apologize.
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    I firmly believe that at the very least he is bipolar.
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    I find it quite disturbing that this man chose to defend that waitress, whom made it clear she does not value human life. That says alot about him. So the way he recently behaved should not come as a shock.
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    https://www.everquest2.com/news/eq2-members-double-xp-and-status-eq20-march-2019 The MMO that truly set the standard hits 20 years this year, and EQ2 is also part of the celebration.
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    What’s the Closest Planet to Earth? Not Venus, Scientists Say I never knew this.
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    5-year-old Jacksonville boy sworn in as JSO's junior officer after saving mother's life That is a very brave young man.
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    Failed 1970s Venus Probe Could Crash to Earth This Year Let's hope it doesn't fall on a place that is inhabited.
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    *For those of you who are not aware of the existence of the Nine Tailed Beasts of Naruto fame, here's a reader's digest edition. The Nine Tailed Beasts were created when the legendary Sage of Six Paths broke up the power of the monstrous Ten Tailed beast that existed long ago and gave each of the nine their own soul. During the chaos of the Fourth Great Ninja War, they were the centerpiece of Madara Uchiha's plan to plunge the world into a global genjutsu known as the Infinite Tsukuyomi. Naturally, his plan failed, and the Nine Tailed Beasts were freed from all obligations to their jinchuriki hosts at the time, including Naruto Uzamaki. Now, these nine beasts have found their way to America and the GFU at large. Three of these beasts were about to make an immediate impact on our heroes. For starters, the watery Three Tails, named Isobu, ended up in the body of Katie Cassidy, during her duties as advisor to President Cameron-Bure. Then there's the bug-like Seven Tails, Chomei. It was implanted in the body of WWE superstar Alexa Bliss. The problem, she was being tailed by Trent Fernandez, formerly of Power Rangers Dino Thunder. He wanted to recreate the now-destroyed Akatsuki, and needed the power of the tailed beasts to do it. Alexa happened to be in his sights, so she had to make a run for it. And what of the Eight Tails, Gyuki, which resembled an octopus? This massive tailed beast was about to encounter Golden Force East leader Caity Lotz, as she was heading to a meeting with Thunder Force. Needless to say, those who were infused with the power of a tailed would see a massive increase in power and strength. In the case of Katie Cassidy, her gaining of the power of Isobu would soon come in handy as she gets mixed up in the kidnapping case of the three Golden Force founders and their kidnapper, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of Archadia's AMC division. The arrival of the tailed beasts to the GFU at large was about to drastically alter the balance of power between good and evil for a long time to come. This is only the beginning of this story.
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    I have autism and have been getting bullied by the same people, their friends, and close associates for the past few years. I had spoken about my bullying experience in a Periscope video. I took it off of Periscope because someone thought it was funny to enter there with a name similar to someone else in an attempt to blacken their name. Apparently me blocking the fake account doesn't erase the chat for others. Because the person being mocked is recently deceased, I removed it and moved it to You Tube, making it private, out of respect. Also putting it in a blog is alot better and it's easier for someone hearing about my experience to pick up there they left off. This is no way means I haven't moved on. This just means I am changing the spot where my bullying experience is told. NO NAMES OR PERSONALLY IDENTIFYING INFORMATION WILL BE MENTIONED. My online bullying started with one single incident in late 2014. Someone sent me a tweet asking if I would donate to his Go Fund Me. I didn't respond to it. The next day I got a nasty tweet from the same person as a response to a tweet I posted about a nice time out at the movies and dinner. He raged that if I can afford that, I can afford to atleast donate $5. I blocked him. Some of his friends began to troll me. I blocked them too. I never responded to them. Ever since he started in on me, he occasionally brings me up in some angry rant. He's made false claims that I'm "stealing his work" whenever I have posted a tweet with a news article about the Flint Water Crisis. sometimes he will go awhile without bothering me and just bring me up randomly. As of the time of this blog, he hasn't bothered me in about 2 months. Eventually a friend of that individual, that started it all against me, began writing very slanderous, cruel, and crude blogs about me with the wildest claims. It was claimed I stalk and harass people and their children. It's been claimed I am my friends and they are my "sock accounts". Not once did I respond to any of this, but he made darn sure to make it seem like I did by photoshopping things to make it look like I said and did things I never did. Another individual, who's proclaimed himself to be into digital forensics began harassing me here and there since I encountered him. He's tried to send me messages on Gab.ai (aka Gab.com), since I joined, in an attempt to get me to talk to him. He's tried to lead me to believe I will be in some huge trouble if I don't. He's chosen to believe lies, falsehoods, and photoshopped images making me look bad. He's even helped with alot of that bs. Another person then got involved. A rather vile twisted individual that had a habit of falsely labeling people as bullies while posting their personal information on his site, couple with photoshopped images to make it look like I said and did things I would never do. Luckily now his website is gone. A few people that were either the above mentioned, or those close to them, had taken it upon themselves to create blogs in my name and post my personal information, pictures of me, and images that had been photoshopped to make it look like I said and did things I would never do. One person that joined in on all this was this woman who has an autistic kid. This was in early 2015. Someone told her I said things about her kid. She's taken it upon herself to frequently join in on making fun of me...fat shaming me, claiming I said and did things I'd never do. She took any chance to got to spread rumors and falsehoods about me to get others to hate me. Despite her demands that I "had better talk things out in DM". I never did. But it never stopped her from trying to make it seem like I responded to her by either just claiming I did or making accounts to bother herself while claiming its me or by having her friends troll her while claiming it is me. She's taken it upon herself to say the most horrendous things. When my then boyfriend Shawn was alive, she made fun of him when he had to have his left arm amputated. She also thought it was cool to accuse me of being all my friends. She's made wild claims that I have many twitter accounts. Once she's claimed 1,000, then 9,000, and some odd numbers all over the place. She once called into this one person's BlogTalkRadio show while extremely drunk just to rant about me. She's even had me swatted once claiming I threatened to kill myself. Joke was on her when I showed the police at my door what she was in a fuss over. It was a quote from a movie. This woman has gotten other people to come after me based on lies she's concocted. On numerous occasions she's created little videos to post on Twitter while mocking me. She's lied about me claiming I've sent her sexual messages about her minor daughter. She's done the same to others and has made the same claims. It has me wondering if she is either making accounts to send to herself or having others do that just so she can get people attacked that she just doesn't like. Either way, it's very twisted and disturbed behavior from a cruel bully. One would think since she claims to have an autistic child that she wouldn't bully others with it and make fun of others, but then again, her very behavior just isn't right. About early 2015 I befriended this group of older ladies. They and some of their close male friends seemed nice. They were trolled by some of the same people I got trolled and bullied by. Even thought I was trolled worse just for knowing them, I stood by them because I don't believe in abandoning people because of the actions of others. But it wasn't until early 2018 that things began to change for the worse. Around mid-2015 I came upon this woman whom claimed to be writing a book about bullies. She heavily bragged that her publisher loves her and she is almost done with a second, but yet she never published a first. She's approached me multiple times claiming to want to interview me. She's gotten angry when I ignored her. She's claimed that profiles that weren't even me were me just to make me look bad. She and the woman with the autistic kid did this to me alot. They both even swatted me once claiming I was threatening to kill myself. They did this over a movie quote I posted. Both of them even went as far as someone message them to act suicidal just so they can claim it is me as a means to make me appear unstable. Many times this woman made "book threats" to put people in her book as bullies. The people she claimed were bullies she was putting in her book were actually her victims. She's threatened me in Twitter DM claiming I better keep my mouth shut (about my bullying) or she would be telling other I am my friends and I have multiple personalities. This one bully that had a website with my personal info...she was good friends with him and often posted links to material with my personal info and photoshopped BS. Yet she has acted as if she is some savior. She's lied and claim I use bots and much more. This one other bully, not sure how to describe him except to say he is in his early 60s. He's trolled me by crudely calling me 5head and other cruel names. He's had close to 100 Twitter accounts suspended since 2015 (early) when I came across him. Now and then he still makes crude comments about me. He's just like this one kid in 2015 that started bullying me. That kid was 17 as of early 2015. That kid kept telling me to kill myself. He called me fat and ugly. He tried to get others after me. He kept baiting me to rage back so he and his buddies could make it seem like I attack kids. I didn't take the bait. Every now and then he resurfaces to inflict more abuse upon me. In early 2016 these 2 "Twitter Anons" befriended me. In late 2017 I began to figure out they weren't wanting to be my friend. Apparently I was some joke to them and they were using me just to make fun of me. Apparently they were friends with the man that started the bullying against me. They've accused me of stalking and doxxing kids. They've gone on tirades on Gab.ai claiming I stalk and dox people and their kids. They began to follow and be friendly with the woman with the autistic kid and tried to encourage her to go after me more. There was a period of time on Gab.ai that everyday for a few months they kept sending me messages accusing me of things I never did or said. they've threatened and harassed me. They've demanded I deactivate all social media and disappear. I never gave in. I never responded. As of right now, they only bring me up now and then. They'll go through periods of time where they rant about me on Gab and Twitter obsessively in their own little code and then they will be quiet. They'll sometimes refer to me as a set of initials or some cruel nickname. Apparently me not divulging every personal detail of my life makes me a "lying no-honor rat" to them. I've lost track of all the false claims they made about me and spread around. One of those claims is trying to say I'm a pedophile and trying to get others to go along with that false claim in order to get more people involved in harassing me. I'm not the only one they've done this to. Shortly after I met the 2 fake anons this man who ran a Twitter page for a big website he has had decided to DM my boyfriend Shawn, whom is now deceased (heart failure). This was around mid-2016. He falsely accused him of being me and in doing so accused me of trolling and said I had "d**n well better watch my f**king step". This man has harassed multiple people accusing them of horrendous things, not just me. Alot of them are minor things he made to look alot worse. He's gone after others relentlessly. When he's gone after others, he has made posts on his big website and handed out links with his own version of the story, which is often very out there and paints it how he wants others to see it. Other bullies of mine have tried to get him to go after me. That's when he sent that DM on Twitter to my boyfriend Shawn. He sent him (Shawn) some photoshopped image to make it look like I did and said things I'd never do and continued his "This is you Miley" act. In his mind he was trying to harass and intimidate me. I've never trolled him. Yet he harassed and threatened my boyfriend Shawn as if he thought it was me. This man is very vile. I once thought this man was a great man for "going after bullies", but he is nothing more than a bully himself that goes after people for stupid reasons, disagreements, and those who know (or talk to) people he just doesn't like. The woman with the autistic child has even managed to get this one political figure from Kansas and his friends to join in on the bullying of me. Every so often he and his buddies make crude comments about me, troll my Twitter timeline, take things from it, and look for reasons to make fun of and bully me. In early April of 2018, the group of older ladies and some of their male friends, began to turn against me. It started with the one that has lupus and fibromyalgia. She grew impatient with me in DMs and would get very upset if I didn't respond within a certain time. Much of the time we talked, which wasn't much when we did, she was trying to make me feel bad for something. On the day of Wrestlemania, I decided I had enough. I blocked her and stopped talking. She made subtle pokes at me in her tweets. About mid-April the rest of them pretty much turned against me. It started with the one from the UK. She used a phrase that bothered me. I politely told her and left it at that. I wasn't rude about it. But she chose to get angry and bent out of shape in a group DM (on Twitter) claiming she always walks on eggshells around me. She even said "Tired of my feelings never mattering among any of you because I'm not autistic.". 2 of her friends left the group DM. In case I offended them, I apologized to them and only brought up what was already said infront of their friend in group DM. I tried explain to both in voice videos (camera pointed at blank surface as I spoke) that I wasn't getting on their friend's case but was simply mentioning a phrase bothered me. I wasn't telling her what to and not to say. Not too long after that I received some rather enraged DMs from their friend accusing me of stabbing her in the back, going behind her back, and other awful things as I tried to explain to her I only brought up what was said infront of her and I thought I upset her friends and I was apologizing to them in case I did. When she kept berating and belittling me, it was quite obvious that she wasn't going to let up. Part of me thought she would calm down in a few days. She didn't. She then started to subtweet me along with her friend whom has lupus and fibromyalgia. That's when I decided to block the one from the UK. Not too long after she and some of her close friends began to attack me and accuse me of a wide variety of things. They even went as far as making cruel and snide comments about me and even twisting anything I said to make it seem like it was about them in order to justify their abuse. Of that group (the older ladies and some of their male friends), the ones that didn't berate me chose to click "like" on alot of cruel things said about me. As of this very moment, they still bring me up here and there and accuse me saying and doing things I'd never do. The woman with lupus and fibromyalgia still subtweets me now and then. She occasional looks for reasons to tweet about what I do. She's acted like I copy her just because I occasionally use the Bitmoji app. Each of these people have done this before to others. Some people have chosen to approach this woman I knew that was almost always very upbeat and positive. They made it look like I said and did things I would never do. She sent me an upset DM on Twitter and just stopped talking to me. That which I do not hold against her, but rather those whom have lied and manipulated her. I would have tried to talk to her, but I decided to wait on that in hopes one day she would see those people that pulled that bs, as the problem. Plus I wanted to give her space and didn't want to do to her what those people did... which was bombard her with stuff and push. Sadly that moment will never come because she recently passed away. Since she has, alot of those she knows have given condolences. The woman with the autistic kid is currently trying to say and start a rumor I am saying I am glad she is dead. That is quite an awful thing to do... use someone's death as an opportunity to get attacked. As of right now, no proof has been shown. When a bully makes a big bold claim, but shows no proof or delays in showing it, it is because it doesn't exist and they're looking to create it. If the "proof" already exists, but isn't shown, likely the bully is guilty of creating a site or profile to use later to make their intended victim look bad. The woman whom has the autistic kid is currently, as of the moment of this blog is heavily stalking and harassing me. She's changed her profile around to mock me with a distorted picture of me as the profile picture. The username has a portion of my name in it and she frequently makes very cruel remarks about me. She still accuses me of things I'd never say or do. She's accused me of making racist remarks about her kid. The woman with lupus and fibromyalgia is even participating in this abuse by "fueling the fire". The 2 "Twitter Anons", I spoke of earlier are ranting about me again claiming I created an account on Gab to harass the woman with lupus and fibromyalgia. The woman with the autistic kid is claiming I've created accounts with someone else's name just to say I am glad someone known to alot is dead. She and one of the close friends of that woman from the UK are starting this vicious rumor. This is nothing more that a vile tactic to get alot of people after me so they can sit back, relax, and chill for awhile. Even if they do, considering the habits of the one with the autistic kid, she will look for, invent, and find a reason to bring me up and blame me for something. She often does that in hopes of catching the attention of others whom have hated on me and wants them to hang on her word as if she were God. She trolls my Twitter page ALOT and often looks for things she can twist and make fun of me for. Coincidentally the woman with the autistic kid and the group of older ladies with some male friends have become friends right as this woman began viciously targeting me again as she has been lately. The woman with the autistic kid has made demands that I call her or else she won't stop. News flash... I don't give in to demands by bullies. I don't speak with or talk to bullies. Generally speaking, if someone turns against me, once they make it obvious they are a bully, I stop talking to them. What this woman wants is to be THE ONE to get me to respond. Being the one to "finally" get me to respond would make her quite popular among the other bullies. Each of those I have mentioned, even those whom have turned against me, have worked way too hard to blacken my name with lies, rumors, photoshopped images, and twisting the smallest things to make them look ugly. To them, doing this brings them pleasure and a sense of accomplishment. All their behavior proves is they have meaningless lives for stalking and bullying another to make them happy. anyone who looks at my Twitter profile sees I am a nice and decent person. Hence why the bullies will falsely claim I have multiple profiles and will often create profiles to harass each other, point fingers, then claim it is me in order to appear right. ALL of these bullies who put so much energy into harassing me, if they put it towards their own lives, then they wouldn't be so miserable that they felt the need to bully me to lift themselves up.
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    Name a movie, tv show, or video game with an actor in common with what the poster above has posted. For example Legend Of Prince Valiant Beauty and the Beast Murder She Wrote I will start us off: Saved By The Bell
  36. 2 points
    AMC Announces They’re Developing A Second Walking Dead Spin-off So this should come as no surprise.
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    Movie Title: "Jay And Silent Bob REBOOT" Release Date: ? ?, 20?? Movie Website: IMDB Page: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6521876 Feel free to discuss anything, or even post some articles, about the upcoming "Jay And Silent Bob REBOOT" movie.
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    The bullying factor has something to do with that.
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    I thought it was very interesting. My favorite part was when Chris helped that old man having a heart attack. Atleast I believe that was the boy's name. Favorite parts people?
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    Would you rather stay up until 5am or have to get up at 5am?
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    'London patient' second patient in nearly 12 years appeared to be cured of HIV: report Amazing!
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    Ocasio-Cortez, chief of staff illegally moved $885K in campaign contributions 'off the books,' FEC complaint alleges Ocasio-Cortez is as rotten as they come.
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    Hey dear friends, As you know, I'm French, I just want to talk what's happen in France since almost 2 months, since Macron decided to increase fuel taxes, electricity, gas... It was canceled by Edouard Phillippe, Prime Minister, but it's not sufficient and it's bluring, why ? Because, normally France is a democracy, we noticed some referendums, all law, is the people, by the people, we haven't it since 2005, the European constitution, but I'll notice this later. Yellow protesters want "RIC" (Référendum d’initiative citoyenne) to have like 500.000 endorsements then to send it to national assembly to analyze this by deputies, it take alot times, but could works, maybe... In France we lost 1 factory per day they relocated in others members EU countries, 800 jobs are lost per day since 1992, we approved the article 63 of European Treaties about to relocate without the authorization of the French government, but only by the European Parliament, we can't change european treaties, because article 48 said : "Unanimity for changes any treaty" EU have 28, soon 27 members of EU, it's like they live in a big building and someone ask to have a new color wall, someone want a new stairs, and someone again want a new door entrance, yes it's like that, but who decides ? European Commission. Back to 2005, France voted "NO" for European constitution, but Nicolas Sarkozy applied this in 2008 like we voted "YES"... And now, the situation is very catastrophic, but some people want a referendum to reclaim the FREXIT (I not shame to say I voted for a guy that we want Frexit, last presidential in 2017, but censored by medias cause of that) more French talk about that, and yes, it could be happen, with next european election, because article 50, is not to have unanimity to reclaim a Frexit, Brexit, Italexit... So wait and see for may 2019.
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    Too bad World Of Warcraft isn't suffering over this. But people lose their jobs and that wretched game gets more attention.
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    Storm’s highest wind gusts reached hurricane strength in some spots WOW!!!
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    My biggest problem by far is with the PR fandom. It's as if you can't enjoy the show without dealing with infants.
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    Can't Buy Me Love (original version)
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    Hook (1990s movie)
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    Law and Order: SVU (tv show)
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