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    There's this person I thought I knew that I met in 2011. I always thought she and her spouse were great people. Sometimes her spouse gave me a ride to the grocery store if it was too hot out to walk. Each time I always gave some gas money. Seemed fair. When Hurricane Irma came and the eye was over us, I went to her house to see if she and her spouse were okay. I rarely saw her and her spouse argue. Maybe twice, if that. I remember on one occasion when I was walking to the store I ran into her spouse and he was very angry with her. Her spouse was considering leaving her. I let him speak. He mentioned how she has "issues" and she using to "wail on him". I forgot what he was angry about then. It's been awhile since I thought about it. I told him that if he can deal with all he has and she hasn't gotten that wild on him lately, it shows improvement. Then I told him about an ex-husband of mine that I wished had shown the progress she has. I ended up talking him down from leaving her. At that time I thought she was a sweet woman. On another occasion he was considering leaving her because of stress. I heard him talking on the phone when I was out for a walk. Like the last time, I talked him out of it. Now.....Let's fast forward to end of October 2019. Towards the end of the month, her husband died. I found out when I went briefly for some fresh air and a walk. Without question, or being asked, I did what I could to comfort her. Luckily I had my purse with me and this little adapter and 2 cords. So I used my phone to charge hers so she could call family (hers and deceased spouse's). Family came. I let them park in my driveway and infront of my house, despite that I don't like when people park infront of my house. I put that aside to be nice and I'd want the same respect if I was in her situation. I let her family, and her spouse's, hang out in my driveway while the police were at her house. Also use my bathroom. I stayed with them until she went with her spouse's mother to stay with her a few days. As soon as I got inside I laid down. My back was hurting really bad. I texted her every day atleast twice asking how she was and how she was coping. I offered kind words. When it came time for her spouse's celebration of life service, I went with her. I helped set up as in put stuff on the tables. My back, especially in the pelvic area, began to hurt alot. I sucked it up because I felt it would be rude, bad etiquette, and poor manners to complain about that. The service was a beautiful one. Everyday I would text her and ask how she was and offer kind words. Sometimes eh answered. Sometimes not. I figured that even if not, kind word could make a difference. But I tapered off to once every 2-3 days because of how she reacted to me in mid-January (this year) when I informed her of how those working on her lawn were hanging out on my property, left garbage from their lunch break, and were very nasty to me when I politely asked them to pick up their mess. The head person (a woman) of the bunch was a raging mess. I was very polite when I told her and I mentioned that I was on a video call with a friend of mine before I went to politely confront these lawn people and a little later my friend told me when I thought I hung up I didn't. I mentioned she saw everything and began recording shortly after the head of that lawn group began raging at me. I never threatened her. I never said I would use the recording for any purpose. I even told her I was merely making her aware and kindly asked her to replay to those people to keep to her yard and not set foot on my property. I didn't get a response right away, which was fine by me. When I did finally get a response, it wasn't very kind. She told me that "if" I was telling the truth, I was to produce that video I spoke of. When I asked my friend about it, she told me she doesn't cater to rude people. I told her that she just wanted to see it. Then she told me that she thinks she is being rude by demanding it. I respected her choice. We were cool. I relayed to her (the neighbor with deceased spouse) that my friend respectfully declined. Not too long later I got a reply back telling me that her dead spouse's mother was "demanding" to see it and says I was lying. I took a moment to think. I wasn't about to push and pressure my friend just because of what she (neighbor with deceased spouse) was saying. Part of me wanted to ask if her deceased spouse's mother really said what she claimed, but then I thought it was a bad idea. I mean, what if she never really said that? So I responded simply saying I wasn't going to push my friend and all I wanted to do was make her aware and ask that her lawn people stay off my property. I left it at that. Then she replied back saying " I don't want or need any drama. So please stop this.". With that, she was implying I was starting drama. So I replied, "You're implying I'm trying to start drama. I was merely making you aware of something and was dropping it.". She then accused me of cutting her down and said, "You have to understand, my husband died". I stopped responding after that. Awhile later she texted me asking me when I was going to apologize. I replied simply to say I had nothing to apologize for when I was merely bringing her attention to something and was trying to drop it but she was carrying it on. I sent her a screenshot showing so. Then my last words were then "This is the last I will say of it.". I didn't get a response. The next time I interacted with her, beyond the usual comforting words because of the loss of her husband, was in mid-February when I texted her to tell her that the tarp of hers that ended up in my yard on February 6th, due to that strong storm, was placed by her deceased spouse's car where some other tarp was. Then I told her "Sorry I would have put it there sooner, but today is a good day for my back for now". I also mentioned I noticed her dogs were loose in her yard and I was bringing it up because of a huge portion of her fence missing. I didn't expect a response for awhile since she was at work. But she responded about 45 minutes later. I expected a simple "ok" or "Thanks for telling me", which would have sufficed. But instead she responded in a very nasty manner. She accused me of taking her tarp down and stealing it. Then she berated me and said her dogs were never loose in her yard. She said they were on leads. She accused me of saying her dogs had wandered over to my yard. First, I sent her links to two small videos showing the wind furiously blowing stuff around on the day of that big storm. One showed her tarp blowing to my yard. I simply said "I didn't steal or take down your tarp. Proof it blew to my yard.". Then I sent screenshots of what I said about her dogs and said "Nowhere did I say they were in my yard. The only dogs that have been was this one dog on occasions that would bark and bark and made it hard for me to sleep." She responded to me accusing me of "always" tearing her down and "I just can't take this drama". Thus she implied I am causing her drama. I kindly asked "How am I causing you drama? Please tell me how so I am aware." She accused me again of tearing her down and I should be kinder because she just lost her husband. She ranted on saying I was accusing her dogs of making noise to the point I couldn't sleep. I sent her screenshots and said "I never said your dogs were making that noise. She then accused me again of stealing her tarp and taking it down. She then said "G*d damn it it isn't fair to keep my dogs inside all the time, but since it offends you so, I will!". I told her I never said she had to. I sent the entire convo, up to that point and asked, "Where do I say or imply you 'have to' keep your dogs inside all the time?". She then said I was being "so mean" and I have to be nicer to her situation because she just lost her husband. I then sent a final response to her "This subject will no longer be discussed. Moving on". At that point, I stopped responding and let her rant. She repeated saying I was being mean and kept implying I was drama. She said "I just lost my husband a few times.". After that I figured she was having a bad day. So I thought I would let her chill and text her in a few days and ask how she was and if I could do anything for her. But I halted that decision later that night when I heard her ranting to someone in her driveway about me! She claimed I was being very mean and cruel and said such awful things. In short, she was claiming I said and did things that I would never say and do. Luckily she didn't know I heard. A friend of mine, came over the next night. The same one I was on a video call with before politely confronting those lawn people wrongfully on my property. One of the first things that she said was "What is wrong with that neighbor of yours? She is ranting on about someone.". When she mentioned details, I told her about the day before. I then had to go to the bathroom. While I was, she looked at my phone and saw all the texts. When I got out of the bathroom, she told me she had said many things that were out of line and doesn't see how anything I said warranted such hostility. Then she said that she is starting to come across as someone who is using her spouse's death as an excuse for her behavior considering she would say "my husband just died" conveniently after being nasty to me. She said she got the impression she was trying to guilt me into feeling at fault for her actions. I mentioned to her that is something that should never be said. Then my friend said she was merely explaining how she (the neighbor with the deceased husband) was coming across. We simply hung out for a bit, then she went home. A few times, over the next week, I've heard the neighbor (with deceased husband) mention me to visitors at her house and others with claims of cruelty and other stuff. Each time I would hear this I would scurry away or pretend I heard nothing. I couldn't help, but feel bad for whomever else she was talking about. Recently my friend texted me alot of screenshots while making a few points. The screenshots were of some things on the neighbor's (the one with the dead husband) Facebook profile. She told me she was subposting (she calls it subtext) about me, which is talking about someone without mentioning their name. My friend pointed out memes she posted coincidentally after very nasty messages I was sent. Right after one of the times she was making all sorts of accusations, she posted a meme to imply she is "always watching" and she will "go crazy on a b***h". She pointed out multiple other instances. After awhile I told my friend "I understand the point and I have thinking to do.". So she stopped pointing things out to match up with the nasty texts and timing of rants. So I started doing alot of thinking. First..... I couldn't help but think about that one time she (neighbor with the deceased husband) ditched me at the grocery store about 2 years ago. Her husband, whom was alive then told me she just misunderstood. Much later, he told me she did it on purpose and told me not to tell her. To be honest, I blew it off as maybe he was upset or just stating his opinion, while she wasn't around. Now I honestly wonder. Second..... I was there for her everyday, up until she began to be nasty to me without just cause asking how she was and what I could do for her. I made that offering despite the pain in my mid to lower back, which I thought then, was a UTI that wouldn't go away. That which I made her aware of on very few occasions but only to provide understanding if I was slow. I couldn't help but think....."How many times did she ask how I was, how I felt, or if I was okay.". Come to think of it, she's never asked. Not once. Third..... She's slandered and defamed my character to people I don't know. All without just cause while trying to make it seem like she had just cause. What kind of person does that? I would pass it off as her grieving, but some of what she has said has crossed a few lines. If anyone acts on the slander and defamation she has spewed forth, she can be held liable. Fourth..... She's subposted me a few times over the last month. If I had to list every instance, I would need a pot of coffee. I could be scared or angry. I'd have every right to be. But I am not. Instead I can't help but think how one can be so hateful. Fifth..... Conveniently after subposting about me, and others, she would post things about God trying to give the impression she is very godly going and all about God's word. Sixth..... I lent her money on a few occasions. Grand total of $200. Never more than $40 on an occasion. Only $120 of it was ever paid back. Still owes me $80. Am I going to ask for it back? No. Considering how she treated me last time I spoke with her politely, I can't help but wonder how badly she would react. I decided that it's not worth the stress. Seventh..... Her family and that of her dead spouse thanked me for my kindness that night he died. But she never did. I'm not one to make waves over a "thank you" and lack there of. Even if someone doesn't say thank you, it's okay. All I care about is anything I do is appreciated. I'm trying to think, what appreciation has she shown? Eighth..... I understand she's been though alot. Especially losing the love of her life (heart attack.....or was it heart failure). But that doesn't mean her behavior towards me, some select others, and some of the subposting she has done is okay. Do I hold a grudge or hate her for it? No. I only hope she finds peace to where this small lashing out isn't part of her trying to numb the pain. I am in no way saying she has no right to feel hurt or vent. I am merely saying I hope she heals enough so she is happy and doesn't continue the negativity I mentioned. Ninth..... I never once bad mouthed her to anyone. Despite how she's treated me, I never will. I am above that drama. Tenth..... In early 2017, I lost the love of my life. Not once did I ever mistreat anyone in any way. In the last year and a half I lose my mother and step mother. I was never snippy, rude, or snappy to anyone because of my my grief. I have a health issue I am dealing with. Turns out the UTI I had the was tough to get rid of wasn't the big problem causing me all that pain. Turns out I have scoliosis in my lower lumber region with a few other little issues, which I posted about in this tweet. https://twitter.com/CaptainVG313/status/1231270219458342912 Proof of said issues here: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=148745933255392&id=113800510083268 I am trying to concentrate on improving these issues. Part of which involves doctor appointments, regular stretches and exercise. Also trying to eliminate stress. Part of doing so is trying to avoid stress, things that cause it and those that cause it. I guess what I am trying to say, and please forgive any bad wording, is I think it is best I no longer attempt any interaction with this woman (neighbor with deceased husband) unless absolutely necessary.....as in life or death situation. I won't go on complaining about her, ranting about her, or find excuses to talk about her. That's what someone with an empty life would do. After this point (the posting of this blog), I won't think about her, talk about her, or pay attention to her. While I do pride myself in being understanding, I can only be so understanding before I've had enough. I don't hate her. I don't resent her. I do not wish her harm. I am not bitter. Nor do I hold a grudge. I am simply moving on as if she doesn't exist. Life goes on.
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    A little while ago another admin noticed a blog comment made to this blog by someone that had just signed up. https://archive.is/zp28P Right away member "Kjnk.star" was banned. Around the same time she is ranting and raging upon her Twitter page (http://archive.is/Adv1m) slandering our member @Mandy Girl. Not just that, she is telling some made up story in an attempt to garner pity to her lies, defamation, and slander. She also makes an attempt to say those that have @Mandy Girl's back is the very thing she is, a bully. A statement regarding this shall be posted shortly.
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    I want to know what some of you reading this would say to that woman.
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    Anyone with class does not act like her.
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    You're making the right decision. Push the negativity out and concentrate on your health and what's good in your life.
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    One thing that many people don't think about is that men get abused too. Just like women. For some men it is harder to come forward for fear they won't be believed because of the belief that men need to be tough or some other reason. One of the worst ways men get abused is when the woman LIES and claims that what he did to her is actually what she did to him. I'll name a few examples of this. Example#1 The woman get needy. She asks him for money and expects him to say yes when she asks. Might frequently do so frequently and come up with a reason to claim urgent need. Often times giving little ultimatums to get it like "You you don't I'll....." and then she will name something she will or won't do that will either make him feel bad or like he's doing something terribly wrong. Might event attempt guilt trips. Emotional and mental abuse right there. Example#2 The woman will stalk him for whatever reason she chooses to. When caught, will often try to come up with a reason. Might even try to make it look like it is the other way around. Example#3 The woman will choose to date someone that is less than favorable. Believe it or not, some women do this. She will be willing with him sexually in some ways and pretty much be very submissive to alot out of choice. Then she will turn around and act like he pushed, pressured, or forced him. It might simply be her whining to friends for attention and/or out of anger. Also she might pull this after a break up in an attempt to rally people to her side and to make it harder for the guy to be believed should he choose to speak up. She might also be doing it just to make him look bad so more will give her attention. Some women use this to their advantage to excuse recent behaviors that might be considered questionable or just plain crude or nasty. This mainly is done by those whom are attention seekers to a heavy degree or by those angry they aren't (or haven't) gotten their way and they're just reacting very badly. Example#4 The woman might make a claim of physical trauma that doesn't match up with what she shows. She might claim she was with the guy and he wrecked the car while she was in it. Will make it sound pretty bad, but yet she posts pics of a few tiny bruises in various spots. Bad car wrecks don't leave just little bruises here and there. Example#5 The woman might choose to get with a man that has a criminal record and/or a very bad reputation. This way when she chooses to lie, it's more likely to be believed. More so when there is a break up and all her friends rally around her to give her attention. Especially if she chooses to post about it and keeps mentioning "background check". Besides lies and trickery..... there is also physical abuse. Example#1 The woman throwing things at the man for any reason other than self defense. Example#2 Hitting, kicking, punching, and/or causing any kind of physical harm INTENTIONALLY for any reason other than self defense. Example#3 Breaking his stuff for any intentional reason. Besides physical, emotional, and mental abuse.....there's also that evil pastime of messing with his life. Example#1 The woman attacks him on social media by naming and shaming him. Example#2 The woman files false complaints against him regarding his business (if he's an owner) or about him if he just works somewhere. Example#3 The woman leaves false and fake reviews regarding a place where he works or has worked. When we hear stories of domestic violence. Most of them involve women being abused by men. We don't hear many stories about men being abused by women. That doesn't mean it doesn't happen or men should be ignored or cast aside. Men deserve to be heard just as much as us women.
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    Wow! She's worse than some of the mean girls at my high school.
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    The less attention negative people get, the better.
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    Beta just killed this guy that said he recognized his voice. The death seemed so quick and vicious. What's the deal with that?
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    That negativity does not belong in her life.
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    That's the part that annoys me! She's never said a bad word about her, but this woman has made an effort to slander her by name and point her out! I was jogging through the neighborhood and heard her saying the most aweful things while pointing at her house!
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    She will be better off that way.
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    OMG! @Captain VG was right! Beta is a country singer. When she showed me that picture of these record albums dropped by some guy in Fear The Walking Dead, I saw a picture on one that looked like the Beta actor. The way he looked, just stunk of country. We agreed. Last night's episode very much confirmed it. He was a country singer named Half Moon.
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    The Walking Dead Season 10 finale delayed until later this year due to the coronavirus epidemic I just don't understand! Shouldn't they have done all the post production awhile ago?
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    The Coronavirus has taken the world by storm. It's considered an "PANDEMIC" by the World Health Organization (WHO). There's lots of ways we can help slow/stop the spread of it. Each of which I shall discuss. Wash hands! This is very important. Do this before leaving home. Don't forget to do so after you use the bathroom. You might also want to do so as you enter a grocery store or any other place you go into. More products available for online ordering. There are companies that have some items listed online as "in store only". Some of these items should also be listed online to help with the overcrowding at the stores. The more people flooding the store, the closer they are together and longer..... the more likely the virus will spread to more and faster. Incentives can be offered to entice someone to order online during this crisis. Use hand sanitizer! Before you sign it at the doctor's office, pay for your groceries, or touch things at the store..... use hand sanitizer if you got it. STAY HOME if you're sick. While the Coronavirus is wreaking havoc on the world, stay home while you're sick. See if you can get a friend or family member to get you what you need. Even if you don't have the Coronavirus, if you get others sick, you make them more vulnerable to it if they get it and more likely to get it due to weakened immune system. STOP THE PANIC BUYING AND HOARDING! All panic buying does is help the Coronavirus spread more, easier, and often because it puts people in crowds more often, closer together, for longer. Also it deprives others of their basic needs. Wha tis this..... the starving games? Therefore they have to leave home more often and be out longer, closer to people, and in crowds just in hopes of getting their basic needs met. Panic buyers share major responsibility in the spread of the Coronavirus. Also panic buying is just rude. LIMIT PURCHASES! Grocery stores should start limiting purchases of particular items so more people can get what they need. It also helps to limit potential exposure to Coronavirus. You're not out as long in any particular spot. SANITIZE your stuff after others use/touch. If you give someone a ride, sanitize where they sat. Wipe it down and/or spray it with disinfectant. AVOID crowds and gatherings/parties. The less you're around more people, the slower the spread of the Coronavirus. DO NOT touch others IMMEDIATELY after coughing, sneezing, wiping your nose, or scratching your a**! Use common sense and common courtesy. When you cough and you're out in public, TRY to cough into your upper sleeve. When you blow your nose, throw the tissue away in a trash can as soon as you can. Social distancing! PRACTICE IT! Do your laundry in warm water after getting home from going out. If you must go out, once you get home, strip down and do some laundry with what you were wearing. Have settings on HOT water. AVOID touching your face without washing your hands. If you must touch your face, wash your hands or use hand sanitizer first. There's lots of other little things we can do to help minimize the spread of Coronavirus, but these are the main ones. Be vigilant. Be diligent.
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    I will not answer the door to her or anyone associated with her. If any notes are left on my door, they will be shredded. If she or anyone associate with her tries to approach me while I am outside, I won't be rude, crude, cruel, or nasty. I will walk away. All my life, I've given multiple chances because I'm a nice person and thought if I didn't, that it meant I was a bad person. But, I learned from a good friend that if I stop giving chances to someone that keeps being rude, crude or cruel..... it doesn't mean I'm a bad person. It means I'm taking charge of my life, standing up for myself, and showing I won't just take it. Moving on as if the person doesn't exist is a more mature response than lashing back, which is something I don't do. If she chooses to continue to slander me to those who come over to visit her, it will make her look bad doing so to someone that doesn't bother her. This is the last I will say about this matter and that person. After this posted is posted, I will live my life as if she doesn't exist. I will not think about her. I won't bring her up. I will not respond to anyone bringing her up or mentioning her. She will not occupy another thought in my mind. I don't hate her. I don't hold any grudges. I'm just done. #MovingOn
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    Exactly as I said, self absorbed.
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    It annoys me when some people expect people to flock to them when they want something or want comfort, but if they have a chance to help someone and all, they scoff at it.
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    That's why, when it becomes obvious, we should stop feeding into that negativity. Had CVG continued to associate with this woman with no charge in her behavior, she'd be feeding into it.
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    I know exactly who you are talking about. It is sad to know she has treated you the way she has been. You've always said such nice things about her. The way I see it, her loss.
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    I would like to take a moment to say a thank you to all those who continue to work to make sure we all have our basic needs met. Also a special thank you to all those that have to work in the front lines of this whole Pandemic; they risk themselves for us. Truck Drivers Doctors Nurse practitioners Nurses Hospital Staff Firefighters EMTs First Responders Police Pharmacy Staff Restaurant Workers Grocery Employees Fastfood places Delivery Drivers Veterenarians The Military Government/Political Officials Your Cable Provider Your Internet Service Providers Your Satellite TV Provider The Television Networks News casters/reporters Meteorologist (weather guys/gals) Social Media sites (those keeping them operational) Amazon (and sites like them) Landscapers Hair Salons/Barbers WWE AND all others working during this Corona Virus Pandemic.
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    It seems we got introduced to a new character last night; Princess. what do you all think?
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    If a man is found out to not be the father of a child that he has been paying child support for, should the woman have to pay him back all monies paid thus far? EXAMPLE: John has paid $2,356 in child support to Francis for their daughter Shari. John is then found out to not be the biological father. Should Francis have to pay John back the $2,356?
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    Coronavirus quarantine: How to cope with social isolation during pandemic I can't speak for others, but I can speak for myself 1) I have a variety of DVDs I can watch. 2) I have several streaming services and apps: Hulu, Netflix, Curiosity Stream, Disney Plus, Tubi, Lifetime Movie Club. Soon the NBC service (Peacock?) 3) I have several gaming systems and entities: Xbox360, XBoxOne, PS4, PS3, Steam, my phone and miscellaneous PC games. Between all those, I have alot of games. 4) Create memes. 5) Live tweet new movies and NEW TV show episodes from home. 6) Watch You Tube videos I've made of my game play. Specifically State Of Decay (main game), State Of Decay: Lifeline, and The Walking Dead Telltale Game. Watch them like a big big movie. 7) Spend time with my beautiful, sweet, gorgeous, and loving 9ear old kitten. 8) Chat with friends online or text. 9) Read a book. 10) Read articles about space. 11) Exercise a little, but not push it. The list is endless on what I can do to occupy myself and stay in good spirits.
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    Dear "Ungreatful and self absorbed", Has it occurred to you that there's other people, besides those useful to you, that go through stuff too? When was the last time you talked to your neighbor asking how she was? Never. You only have talked to her when you want something. She's always asked how you were.
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    That woman is terrible! I wouldn't even tell that to someone I despised!
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    So an understatement. What that woman has is a mean streak.
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    That is so why it makes me happy that my friend has no intention to acknowledge this woman further. She so doesn't need her drama.
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    I was speaking with someone earlier. This person tried to get me to go to the beach with him and several others. I said no. They asked again. They tried to guilt me and make me feel like I'm no fun. I told him "No thanks. Not with the pandemic going on.". I mentioned the MANDATORY "stay at home" orders. His response to that was him saying he was "just joking". He tried to make me feel like I'm uptight, that I need to let loose, and have fun. Then he made a comment about how I shouldn't stay cooped up and should have some fun. My response was telling him pandemics are nothing to joke about and reminded him of the MANDATORY "stay at home" orders again. Also how get togethers are a bad idea.He pretty much tried to make me feel bad like I'm some buzzkill. I see this two ways. 1) Either he was joking, in which case joking about pandemics is just plain WRONG. OR..... 2) He was serious, in which case he was encouraging stupidity and potential Coronavirus spread. Here's what I want. To those reading this, tell me what you think.
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    The Walking Dead 10.15 Promo & New Photos: The Tower
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    Beta was once a country singing legend. That's been made clear in several ways. But how did he go from that to how he is now?
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    Christopher Meloni to Reprise Elliot Stabler in SVU Spin-Off! Whatever the show is, count me in as a viewer.
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    Alabama couple accused of having sex in police department parking lot Wow! Just wow! These people are a special breed of human.....
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    No I do not have the Corona Virus. Not that I know of. Many people, including myself, are choosing to self isolate. This is how I am coping with passing the time. Me coping with self isolation..... Various Streaming services. If I am looking for something to watch besides normal TV I got Netflix, Hulu, CBS All Access, Tubi, Lifetime Movie Club, Amazon Prime Video and Disney Plus. So I have a variety of streaming services I can use to watch a variety of movies and TV shows. This will especially come in handy when new TV show episodes and new TV movies showing start to dwindle down. DVDs a plenty! I have a number of DVDs. For example I got the entire Sliders series. I have all the Sharknado movies (1-6). I have both of the Power Rangers Megaforce series. I have some disaster movies. I even have ALL Friday The 13th movies and ALL the Nightmare On Elmstreet movies too. I have quite the variety. Gaming galore! I have an XBox One, XBox360, PS4, PS3, and my PC with Steam on it. I have quite a few games on each. I subscribe to PS Now and XBox Game Pass Ultimate. So I got ALOT of games at my disposal with those 2 services. Some games I play can be done only online (Guild Wars 2, Final Fantasy XI, Everquest 2, Star Trek Online). But luckily I have a few games that can be played without an internet connection. This comes in handy when my internet connection gets slow or goes out due to so many homebound people using the internet. Books to read. I have several books. Among them are: The Green Mile, Carrie, Thinner, Under The Dome, and some others. Exercise, I must. I have a sitdown exercise bike. Easy to use and provides support for my back. I also have a treadmill and a punching bag. I do have some back issues, which I hope improve over time. Hence why I am taking this day by day. Cleaning, I should. Of course cleaning is necessary and something that needs to be done. Puzzle Books.....Fun pastime. I love logic puzzles and crosswords. I also love puzzle mysteries. Hidden item puzzles are fun too. Chilling to some music. I listen to a variety of music. I'll sometimes listen to music when I read or when I play a video game. Or while I am waiting on a ride to get to the chiropractor. I'll also listen to music when I exercise in the comfort of my own home. Music while cleaning helps get the jobs done. Spending time with my cat. Whether it be throwing a fuzzy mouse for my cat, or laying with her to watch TV.....I enjoy spending time with her. One thing I love to do is give her cat nip then have her chase this feather thing around that I have on a poll. Making memes. Making memes is always fun. I like to make sure when I create them, that I am satisfied with how it looks. I take pride in my work. Live tweeting. I love to live tweet new TV show episodes and new TV movies. I also love to tweet with friends and others. I love to participate in various Twitter trends. As you can see, I have come up with alot to do so I am never bored.
  35. 8 points
    Maya Bishop is not fit to be Captain! That's my opinion. What's yours?
  36. 8 points
    The drunk wino sneaks into the building. He steals what he thinks is a bunch of panties. He leaves. Something stinks! He then realizes he stole a bunch of dirty diapers from a nursing home garbage bin. THE END!
  37. 8 points
    The Walking Dead Episode 10.13 Promo Teases Michonne’s Last Episode
  38. 8 points
    I don't think you crossed any lines. You totes had the right to speak your mind.
  39. 8 points
    She so should t knock on her door. I advised her not to answer and so rip up anything she leaves there.
  40. 8 points
    I am sure you apologize, bit this woman hasn't tried. She's made a huge effort to try to make my friend believe she is at fault for how she treated her.
  41. 8 points
    That is what makes this woman rather self absorbed. And self centered. If something benefits her, she is all for it. Unless it does not.
  42. 8 points
    I agree. She needs positivity, not negativity.
  43. 8 points
    Yes. Not only that, but he should sue!
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    Condom Shortage Seen As World's Biggest Sheath Producer Is Under A Coronavirus Lockdown You know what a great condom substitute is? NO SEX. People can try to keep it in their pants until all this is over. Or atleast use birth control.
  45. 7 points
    The end of the last episode was rather unnerving. At first I thought Dr Weber may be drunk. But it seemed like he might have had a stroke. I'm not sure what's going on. Anyone shed any light on this?
  46. 7 points
    Yo0u are the nicest, kindest person I know. I do not see any reason this awful woman would have to treat you in such a way.
  47. 7 points
    This woman is very toxic. Your life is better without her negativity.
  48. 7 points
    This makes you alot better than her.
  49. 7 points
    How do you plan to handle everything from this point? 1) If she knocks on your door? 2) If she approaches you outside your house? 3) Leaves a note on your door? 4) If she texts you? 5) Her family knocks on your door? 6) Someone visiting her tries to approach you while you're outside? 7) She posts on her Facebook lying about you? 8) She keeps slandering you to people who visit her? 9) She continues to subtext about you? 10) She tries to join here? 11) She finds a way to let you know she wants to talk? 12) Are you hoping she will apologize? 13) People approach you about her?
  50. 7 points
    There is something seriously wrong with that woman and all! You are not drama! You are not cruel! You'd never cut anyone down. She's the one cutting you down.
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