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    Command Tier 6 Ships at Any Level! Good news for those with tier 6 ships. This is quite the great news.
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    Beginning on Midgardsormr server When I first started playing in 2008, I was on the Midgardsormr server. Getting things done wasn't easy. Being friendly and willing to work with others helped a lot. It did until I met that one person that decided to make things difficult. A woman who was angry that I ended up with the name "Hannahmontana". She asked me to delete the character so the name would be available. When I didn't answer, she started raging telling me I was a heartless b**** for denying her daughter, whom had cancer, a chance to be happy with the name she wanted for her character. I was going to answer her, but with how she was acting, I figured it would be best to just keep my character still and pretend to be AFK. But, a short time later I force DCed. This way when she would see a red disc by name and assume I was away and DCed because I was away too long. I went to bed thinking maybe she was drunk or perhaps had a bad day. For the next few days, I heard nothing from her so I forgot about it. Over the next week afterwords I noticed I wasn't getting randomly invited to groups as much. I would get kicked out of alot of groups. I didn't know what was going on. I wasn't rude to anyone. I always greeted people politely. I didn't begin to figure it out until I got a message from a random person telling me she always thought of me as nice, but thought I should know that word is going around I deleted a character just to create this one just so this woman's kid with cancer couldn't have it. Since this person I was polite, I told them this was my first and only character and the person in question just came up to me telling me to delete the character and reacted badly. I mentioned I figured she had a bad day or might have been drunk so I just never answered. I didn't want whatever I said used against me. This girl understood and left saying "Good luck. Hope you make it here. This woman is very popular on the server and as long as she is mad at you, you likely won't get much done.". I got messaged by her that day asking "It would be easier if you just quit and delete your character." then she proceeding to rage and rage. She made a few threats. I quietly put my character somewhere as I made a GM call. The GM said they'd investigate after I told them how this woman had been harassing me and I hadn't even responded to or spoken with her. I mentioned it was because she wanted the name. During the next few days I did alot of soloing. Leveling and getting things done wasn't easy. A few people felt bad for me and helped me out. I always remembered to thank them and be polite. One person that offered to help with getting the Blue Mage job told me that this woman he seen making rather nasty comments about me in his linkshell had been suspended from the game for 7 days. He said he found out because one of her friends was complaining about it. My response was simply "I'm over it. I just want to enjoy the game. ^^". I was told that's a good attitude to have. Over time I figured the woman getting people to not have me in groups and kick me out of groups, would cool down. But apparently not. She and her friends had started a number of rumors about me. This was likely in retaliation for the suspension she got from harassing and threatening me in hope I would delete my character. One was that I love to flirt with married men and disrespect their wives infront of them to make them (the wives) look bad. Another was that I did "cam shows". That's just to name a few. There was many more. This woman and her friends went to great lengths to harass me. They went as far as claiming I said and did things I would never say or do. I pretended like I never saw it. I would go on as normal. I didn't answer people confronting me about rumors. I had few friends. Alot of them ditched me because the woman who wanted my name, was beginning to get them kicked out of groups and shunned from endgame type events. Some ditched me because those she knew offered them a good spot in leveling groups.The few that stuck by me could see her for the bully she was and wondered how or why she could be so popular. I ended up quitting for awhile, but when I came back, she started it up again and ranting about how I should have had the courtesy to delete my character and let her daughter use the name. She kept telling me I am the reason her daughter cries at night. I continued to ignore her. I quit again. When I came back again I learned that it was found out that she lied about having a daughter with cancer. So that meant she likely wanted my character's name for herself. Part of me felt sorry for her because I figure she'd probably get treated the same way she treated me. A part of me felt relieved because this meant I could play without being harassed. I thought wrong. Some people blamed me for her lying about having a kid with cancer and that she wouldn't have had to if I had done the decent thing and let her have my character name. So I decided to quit again. I stayed away for longer this time. Thought it was best. When I finally came back I deleted my character and recreated it. Same name. Same look. I figured maybe people would assume I was someone else that picked up the name and the previous person deleted it. A friend of mine, that knew it was me for sure, told me that many of this woman's friends had quit, but people still talk about me. I found out that those who heard the rumors spread about me believed in them so much, they even came up with some of their own. I guess that in their minds they thought they were doing the community on that server a favor by making sure people stayed away from one they were falsely lead to believe was a problem. The rumors were to the point that anything I said or did was twisted into more bad talk about me. I once waved to a character and sent him a private message saying I liked his armor. Not long after that I got nasty messages from his wife saying she's heard about me and I better not talk to her husband again. All I did was tell him I like his armor. When I once tried to heal a group of low level players I was accused of trying to extort gil when someone offered to pay me... even though I politely said "No thanks. Am glad to help anyway for free.". One of the people who remembered the rumors about me twisted me helping that group into me vindictively ruining things for people who did get paid to PL. PL means Power Leveling. In the case of this game it is a player outside group healing that group and casting buffing spells. If I was in an area and decided to fight monsters for exp, I would get accused of ruining people's experience in leveling. I would be asked to leave. So I decided to just quite. I deleted my character and recreated it. I just didn't want to play it. I didn't want anyone else to take the name and end up getting harassed. I lost track of how many linkshells I was in and got kicked out of because of the rumors and all that bs that one woman caused all because she wanted the name. If I had remembered even a portion of them, I would have brought it up earlier. Post server merge (Midgardsormr to Quetzalcoatl) Well over a year later I decided that I missed the game too much and decided to play again. When I did, I was heating up some hot pockets. When I got to the character select screen I just pressed enter. When I got back infront of my computer, I realized I was on a server called Quetzalcoatl. I was freaked out at first thinking I was hacked. But I quickly learned that there was a server merge awhile back. I figured that this would be a blessing in disguise. Things started off alright. I joined a few linkshells. 2 to be exact. In one linkshell this married couple ran it. I didn't talk much at first. I got to know a few people. Of the couple that ran the linkshell, the husband was the actually shellholder. The wife had a pearl sack. One time the owner of that linkshell decided to help me with getting Blue Mage job and get some spells. I was all for that. I thanked him politely. I said it casually. As I was working on my own to learn some spells, I got a message from his wife telling me she knew all about me and hoped I grew out of that behavior. She called me a wh**e, a sl*t, a sk**k, and other names as she accused me of flirting with her husband. I didn't respond. Because I didn't she had decided it would be a great idea to say all her cruelty in linkshell chat. She was hoping to embarrass me. For the next few days I kept to myself. I never stayed online too long. Then this woman's husband messaged me. He told me he was sorry for her behavior. He told me she had heard some rumors about me and because so many were talking about it, she assumed they were true. It also didn't help that she is jealous over anyone he talks to him not in public view. I mostly listened and just responded with "Thank you". Afterwords I thoughts everything was fine. I just would avoid making my presence known when she was online until she calmed down. I even got a pearl to another linkshell I would go in once in awhile. It was a popular linkshell on that server. The owner of that linkshell was this red haired mithra. She told me that while she knows about me that she believes the "past is the past" and she was giving me a chance. She gave me a heads up that alot of people do not like me but agreed to not bother me and others never believed the rumors. Considering the alternative, I figured this was my best chance. I decided to just stick with that linkshell. I did go into the previous one for a little bit to see if anyone I had become friendly with was on. Then next that I know, the owner's wife began to talk asking where I have been and told me that if I wanted to venture into other linkshells, I had to have her permission. At that moment I unequipped that linkpearl and dropped it. I decided to just stick with the one I was in. I would help when I could. Sometimes I would go with high level parties just to cast sneak and invisible one people so they stayed safe. When I got back into World Of Warcraft, I wasn't on as much. Over time I noticed people didn't say much to me. I figured out why from this one person I knew and found out another one of the rumors about me. The rumor being I abandon people. Apparently the people I helped out now and then were mad I wasn't on as much. A few just shunned me. Some outright decided to juice up that rumor by saying I beg for help and when it comes time for helping others, I abandon them. While he was helping me for my White Mage artifact armor, I offered to help heal him during some quest. It went on like this for awhile. People in the linkshell would ignore me when I would offer to help. So I helped this guy out for awhile. Then one day I was kicked out of the linkshell. Then my new friend refused to continue hanging out with me. He said we could talk, but not be in the same area. He explained that people from my old linkshell wouldn't stop bothering him. I didn't get in many groups. I decided to quit again. I wasn't gone long. I recreated myself. This time, no one bothered me. I was surprised. I even made a new friend. This man and his daughter. I would quest with them and we all would talk. We got along great until one day he goes on and on about how we get along. He said his daughter likes me. He then gave me a sob story about how he is about to lose his place to live. He asked me when he could move in. He didn't ask "IF". He asked "WHEN". I told him that I wish he wouldn't speak as if I had to let him move in with me. He got upset. We stopped talking for a few days until I ended up with a few people coming up to me and congratulating me. I was rather clueless as to what for. Then I found out that this guy was telling people we were moving in together. I was about to block him on the game when he messaged me. I didn't want to jump to conclusions in case others assumed, so I asked him if he was telling people were were moving in together. He said yes. Then I reminded him what I said. He told me that he took that as he could move in with me, but he figured I just didn't like his wording. I cleared things up for him. I told him that 2 months is not long enough knowing each other to move in. Especially when we never met fact to face. He got upset and said since I live in a house that I obviously have more than one bedroom. He said I could be kind enough to share my place. He tried to guilt me by saying it would be my fault if his daughter was homeless. I told him that my decision still stands and mentioned to him even if I had known him longer, I am not interested in having anyone living in my house. He went on a tirade saying I need to prioritize and need to get rid of my cat so he and his daughter could move in. I decided to block him and his daughter in case he tried to use her to bother me. Part of me felt bad about it because I had very few friends and shouldn't be picky. But another part of me didn't want to deal with someone who thought he was entitled to move in to my home. Thank goodness I never gave him my address or personal information. I avoided him as much as possible. Sadly me getting harassed and bullied started up again. Apparently this guy got so mad that he decided to juice up the rumors about me. He told people I romanced him and conned him into giving up his place so he'd move in with me then at the last minute I went psycho and now he has nowhere to go. I decided to take a break. I moved my character to another server, but in its place I created one of the same name in case someone wanted to take it. i didn't want another person ending up being abused just because people assumed it is me. A few people that hated me due to the rumors and who knew that jerk created characters on that server just to make nasty shouts about me and cause trouble. The linkshell I was in and the friends I had all fell apart. They assumed I must have done something to make these people so mad. They written me off as drama. So again I quit. I deleted that character. I didn't stay gone for long. I decided to go back on Quetzalcoatl and use the character I created from the last deletion. Same name and likeness. I also got a 2nd account and created "Provenz". I figured it might help some of the rumors die down if they were still floating around. Oddly enough, I wasn't bothered much. Not enough to quit again. I met a decent person. I joined his linkshell. He actually had my back if anyone mouthed off about me. He also didn't go psycho like the last person did. We did our various quests together. We did a bit of abyssea. Never much beyond that. Level a job. Get it to 99. Then just go to abyssea. Also we did rank missions. Compared to the rest of the game, it wasn't much. When he wanted to move to the Fenrir server. I moved with him. I was glad to because those people who harassed me before, began to harass me again. Like last time, upon server move for both of my characters, I created a "Hannahmontana" on Quetzalcoatl in its place. I decided to let it sit. When I got to Fenrir, my Hannahmontana, wasn't so welcome because of the crap before. So I kind of had to use it less to not at all. Eventually, because of the trolls from last time, they found out my Provenz was also Hannahmontana. Me and my friend both moved to Shiva. I deleted that version on Hannahmontana. So as it stood, I had Provenz on Shiva and a "Hannahmontana" on Quetzacoatl. I got a few level99 jobs on Provenz. Other than leveling and rank missions, I never did much. Eventually I ran into someone on Fenrir that transferred over to Shiva. This person was someone that bothered me before on the first time I was there that found out I was Provenz. This person stirred up alot of trouble. He told one person that I was very anti-military and was making threats regarding him. This person chosen to believe him without proof and began to harass me. Eventually I moved Provenz back to Quetzalcoatl. I used my Provenz to help level the Hannahmontana I left behind. My buddy stayed behind on Shiva because he decided to quit. I even made a few friends and came upon old loyal ones. Oddly to my shock, the person who started all the harassment against me was playing again. One day one of my friends told me to go look at his Photobucket pics. What I saw did make me feel a little better. He and a few others that knew me had a conversation with that woman and informed her of all she had caused and put me through. All because she wanted a character name. She claimed she felt bad about it, but a few sentence later she said "The b***h just needs to get the f**k over it.". She was then told that trouble still follows me around because of what she has done. The last thing said to her was "I know you have a husband and a 2 yr old kid. How would you feel if someone did to your kid what you did to this woman?". She never replied. The End? Eventually I just deactivated my characters. I got bored because I sat there thinking despite my play time I never accomplished much. No matter where I went or what I did, trouble always followed because of what that woman did. I thought maybe if I created a character that was in no way affiliated with my "Hannahmontana" that I would be happy and be able to play without issue. I was able to play without any bullying or hassle, but I was not happy. I tried this a few times. Each time lasting no more than a few weeks. I decided to quit again. I figured that with all the times I quit and all I been though, it was best. On the way back... Lately I have gotten to thinking about coming back. The feeling is stronger than ever. As I was about to log into my account to reactivate it, I saw that I couldn't. The reason why is the battery for my security token was dead. I called Square Enix support. Even emailed with them. Despite that I gave them correct information on the account and proved it was mine, they wouldn't let me have it back because I didn't have some token removal code. Basically my account was lost. I decided I would create again. I picked the Asura server. As luck would have it, I created "Hannahmontana" on it. So it looks like I get to start my adventures anew with a renewed interest. I thought alot about this. Never again will I quit because of some bullies or trolls. Even if they find me again, I won't go anywhere. If I do, it only gives them more power. With that in mind, now that the cut scenes are over, it's time to begin again. Sometimes I've wondered... I've often wondered if perhaps some of those that harassed me in Final Fantasy XI because of the woman that started it all or her herself sometimes tried to stir trouble for me with the bullies I mentioned here: "https://www.derwillezurmacht.com/blogs/entry/3-my-own-bullying-experience/". I've wondered and I've stopped caring awhile ago. People who participate in that behavior aren't worth another thought.
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    What are your thoughts on gun control? Should it happen? Should it not?
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    You can see some of my captains jumping for joy, right?
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    News and discussion for the ongoing "Flint Water Crisis" issue.
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    If a woman neglects to tell a man about a child without good and valid reason, should he be forced to pay back child support?
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    Earlier this morning I decided to re-create myself. I made it an exact likeness of what I had before. With luck, I was able to get "Hannahmontana" name on the Asura server. That's a very good thing because that is the most active server. When the beginning cutscenes ended, I was in Port Bastok. So, one of the first things I did was accept the "Lure Of The Wildcat" quest. Then I went to the mog house entrance. In speaking to the Greeter Moogle I purchased some needed items with my starter login points. Some of them was what I needed for the final limit break quest. While I am quite far from it, I figured it wouldn't hurt to be prepared. Then I bought this item that would eventually allow me to get a Tiger mount. I then talked to the 5 NPCs I needed to in Port Bastok for "Lure Of The Wildcat" as I gathered Home Points. I did the same in Bastok Metalworks. Then I went to Bastok Markets where I talked to the Linkshell Concierge. I picked up a linkshell for "VanaTrekkers". the first thing I did was check to see who was online. Just 4 people. I figured most were probably on during the day. I then talked to a few people for "Lure Of The Wildcat" quest, got some homepoints, and then accepted Bastok Mission 1-1. I also got signet. Then I picked up "Gustaberg supplies" so I could later on bring them to the outpost in North Gustaberg. I then talked to an NPC named Isakoth andgot started on making sure I had the ability to do ROE objectives. I then gathered the rest of the homepoints for the area and talked to more NPCs regarding "Lure Of The Wildcat". I then did a few ROE objectives I could do, which was talk to some crafting guild masters. I then went to Bastok Mines. The moment I entered, I got my first glimpse at Rhapsodies Of Vana'diel via a cutscene. I then proceeded to gather homepoints, a survival guide, and talked to the NPCs I needed to talk to for the last part of my "Lure Of The Wildcat" quest. I then went back to Port Bastok to officially finish "Lure Of The Wildcat" for Bastok. I got a "Blue invitation card" for my efforts. While I was in Port Bastok, I talked to NPC Clarion Star and got my "Blue institute card" so I could begin working towards the ability to get trusts in Bastok and use trusts altogether. I then went to Naji. I had to use him in a fight. As I summoned him, because of an ROE objective I accepted, I got a "cipher of Valaineral's alter ego". I then went back to Naji for my "Bastok Trust permit". I went back to the NPC named Clarion Star to trade him that cipher I got. I then learned "Trust: Valaineral". I went outside to summon him and got a "cipher of Mihli's alter ego" because of an ROE objective. I went back to Clarion Star, traded that and learned "Trust: Mihli Aliapoh".I went back outside to summon her and got a "cipher of Tenzen's alter ego". I traded that to Clarion Star for "Trust: Tenzen". I went back outside to summon him and got a "cipher of Adelheid's alter ego". I then learned "Trust: Adelheid from trading that cipher to Clarion Star. I went back outside to summon her. I got a "cipher of Joachim's alter ego". I went back inside to trade that to Clarion Star in order to learn "Trust: Joachim". After I was done getting some trusts, I went to Bastok Markets to talk to the NPC named Igsli in order to pick a unity. I picked "Yoran-Oran". I then went to Zeruhn Mines and decided to further level thief. I accepted some ROE objectives. I made sure to choose PAGE 1 from the Grounds Tomb which involved fighting Ding Bats. It meant I would get extra rewards for defeating a certain amount. Luckily one of the moogle powers that was active was "Treasure Hound". It helped for ALOT of "Zeruhn Soot" and "Bat Wings" to drop. I planned to use the "Zeruhn Soot for a repeatable quest in Bastok Mines to get Bastok fame. The "Bat Wings" were for a repeatable quest in San d'Oria to get fame there. When I got thief to level 12, I went to my mog house to change to my Warrior job. I then headed to Bastok Markets to talk to the Isakoth NPC to get some low level starter weapons for all 6 starter jobs. Then I went back to Zeruhn mines. When I got Warrior to level 12, I then changed to Monk. When I got it to level 12, I went back to my mog house and changed to Red Mage. After I did so I went to the NPC named Isakoth in Bastok Markets to use sparks to buy some Acheron Shields. I then sold them to an NPC for some gil. I then headed to this spell scroll shop and bought all I could that I could use for Red Mage, Black Mage, and White Mage up to level 12. I then went back to Zeruhn Mines for a bit. When I got to about level 8, I logged out because I was tired. This was a peaceful day back. Screenshots from playing today: https://www.facebook.com/pg/HannahmontanaFFXI/photos/?tab=album&album_id=311821539487879
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    Kentucky dad charged with murder after punching, killing baby over losing video game, police say I do wonder which game it was he felt was so important he felt the need to murder his child.
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    Austin St. John Set To Return For Team-Up In POWER RANGERS: Beast Morphers This should be very interesting...
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    This blog will be about my hysterectomy, events leading up to it, and how things have been since. The last 10 years up to December 1, 2018. Starting around 10 years ago, my menstrual cycles began to become abnormal. Sometimes I would skip a menstrual cycle (loved that). Sometimes my menstrual cycle would last twice as long. Sometimes it would be only 3-4 days but VERY HEAVY. The cramps I would get would be VERY painful. Sometimes to the point that all I did was rest during my periods. This made it hard to keep a regular fitness routine. I did my best to. It also contributed to me getting in the habit of bad eating habits. Slowly, over time, I gained alot of weight. I was regularly 135lbs-150lbs. Cramps I would get between menstrual cycles, got worse over time. Eventually I got to thinking that if I was just going to gain wait, I may as well eat what I wanted. A few times I did go back to exercising and dieting. But it never stuck. While I would be trying to stick to a regular fitness routine, the pain from the cramps and heaviness from some of my menstrual cycles made it hard. During this time I've tried many things to help make my menstrual cycles less painful and less heavy. Some things worked, but it was only temporary. That "birth control method" NEVER worked. It made things worse. HEAVIER FLOW and WORSE CRAMPS. Cramps from HELL. (December 1, 2018 - December 25, 2018) If my menstrual cycle was normal, I should have started my next one around December 1. Instead I just had very painful cramps. I even wore pads as a precaution. After 2 weeks went by, I thought it would just be one of those months where I skipped my cycle that month and just decided to deal. Around Christmas Eve the cramps stopped. I was greatful. I thought I would have a wonderful Christmas Day. WRONG. My FINAL menstrual cycle. (December 25, 2018 - February 15, 2019) On Christmas Day as I was cooking dinner, what was my FINAL menstrual cycle started. I figured it did when I felt blood run down my legs. Luckily I has only just preheat the oven and was melting butter in the pan. I turned off the stove and got in the shower. It took awhile to clean up. I then figured it was going to be one of those heavy menstrual cycles. I was not looking forward to that. I thought it would be a week of heaviness, but it wasn't. As I was approaching 2 weeks, I saw my doctor. I got a referral to get an ultrasound and to see an OBGYN. About a week later, I got my results. I was told by my doctor's office it was normal. Well that was what the receptionist told me. The OBGYN, a few days (LATE January 2019) after that told me different. She told me I had "a rather large uterus" and some other things that sounded way too technical for my taste. I explained things to her about my menstrual cycle for the last 10 years. I also told her that my current menstrual cycle had been my longest one yet and still was ongoing. Not only that...I was often dropping palm sized clots. She did an exam. By the end of the visit we discussed the solution, which would be a hysterectomy. I was asked alot of questions to make sure I understood what this would do. I was asked if there was a chance I ever wanted kids. I told her that I have never desired to have or raise kids. I was asked if I was sexually active and dating. I told her no to both and have no desire to be sexually active anytime soon. That was pretty much it. I was done with the appointment and told I would receive a call to schedule my surgery within a day or two. I did and it was scheduled for February 15, 2019 at 8:45am. On February 13, 2019 I went for my pre-admission blood test. I had my blood taken and had to answer alot of questions. Even got some praise for the fact that I don't drink often and haven't lately. It was humiliating when the visit was over and I left blood in the chair. I had changed tampons like 30 minutes prior ND was wearing a pad. Luckily the woman I spoke with understood. I went home that day and as tired as I was, I did a deep clean of some things around my house because I knew that I might not be home for a few days. I made sure my cat, Little Puss, had a few litterboxes in her room along with a sizeable automatic water feeder, a few big bowls of food, some toys, a scratcher, and a silky blanket. I would have done this on February 14th, but I had decided to make that a day out. My day out before surgery day. (February 14, 2019) I started the day watch a few movies at home: The Other Woman, King Ralph, and 2 Lava 2 Lantula. After that, I then got some sleep. When I woke up, I took a shower and got ready for the day. I put my laptop in my backpack along with a small change of clothes. I grabbed my purse. Then I got a ride to the Orange Park mall. After a quick look and seeing that the food court was packed... I decided to head on over to Buffalo Wild Wings. I had a diet coke to start. For an appetizer I had a salad with olive oil, pepper. and cheese. For my entree, I had Bourbon Honey Mustard wings. I figured, why not? I took my time in enjoying my meal. Afterwards I went to Books a Million at Orange Park Mall. After some looking around I bought some books. I bought Thinner, Carrie, and Pet Sematary by Stephen King. Then I bought this big book by Christopher Pike. It was 3 books in one: Remember Me, The Return, The Last Story. Afterwards it took a bit to get to the movie where I pre-bought my tickets for 2 movies I was going to see: Alita Battle Angel and Happy Death Day 2 U. For my first movie I got a drink and this snackpack. I had to ditch it or my second movie because I couldn't risk eating or drinking past midnight. The day of my surgery. (February 15, 2019) Once my movies were both over with around 12:45am, I made my way to my gym, which happened to be within 2 miles of Orange Park Medical Center, where I was going to have my surgery. I was on an exercise bike for a little bit, but my body was tired and worn out. So after 10 minutes, I decided to just go between the massage chairs and hydromassage lounge. As I did, I read the news on Twitter and tweeted about it. I even DMed with a few people I knew. I also began working on emails to send to people I knew to tell them I was going to have surgery in mere hours. Very few knew about it up. until that point. Around 3:45am I got a ride to the hospital. Luckily I didn't have to wait that long. Once I got there, I wandered around trying to head to the day surgery center. I ran into this nice lady who was heading right there. She let me follow her. She even allowed in earlier than its official opening time. I set my stuff down and went to the bathroom. When I came back out, I got my laptop out and thought I would log into my account with my cable company and watch something that was stored on my DVR. Like Grey's Anatomy. The episode titled "I Walk The Line". I wasn't even halfway through before I realized 2 ladies behind me (that worked there) watching along with me. When I took notice, one said she was enjoying the show. The other one said I could come in back. Meaning they were going to prep me early. Why not? I was there and they could take there time. No one would have to rush. I immediately shut down my laptop and put it in my back pack. I grabbed it and the bag with the books I bought when I was out the day before. I put my stuff, minus my phone on the chair. When I wasn't being asked questions, I was trying to send last minute emails and texts to people I was close to to let them know about the surgery. I barely finished in time. I ended up getting to the point where they had to take my stuff and put it somewhere for safekeeping until my surgery was done. I was then left alone to strip down and put on this hospital gown. When I did, I felt cold. A nurse got me a blanket. I asked if I could take a short nap and that I would like to go to the bathroom right before surgery, the latest possible I could. She said yes and someone would let me know. I closed my eyes for a moment. I thought about the fun I had the day before. I maybe got 30 minutes of rest. Then it came time for the IV. A few failed attempts. But success came in the right arm. After that I was introduced to this guy. I got the impression he was the anesthesiologist. After he left I closed my eyes and fell asleep a little. Then I was woken up by a nurse and told if I wanted to go to the bathroom, now was my last chance before surgery. So I got up and went in the bathroom. Just #1. I was quick. Then I got back up on the gurney. Once I did that guy from before came back and someone else. Something was being attached to my IV. I looked at one of the nurses and said, "Is it time?". She smiled and told me "Now you're getting the good stuff.". I tried to stay awake as long as I could. Right as I got to my OR, I felt myself drifting away. When I first regained consciousness and awareness, I felt something being pulled from my throat. I kept my eyes closed. I knew what was going on, but I was afraid if I saw it I would freak out. After that feeling was over, I felt like I was going to throw up. I suddenly opened my eyes, turned my head and threw up. Projectile style. I had hoped to smile and give a thumbs up upon opening my eyes, but obviously it didn't happen. I was taken to a room. Door was closed. A nurse helps me get another gown on. As she did, I realized I had a catheter in. After which I took a quick look around the room. I noticed I was in a room all by myself. I smiled. The nurse asked how I was feeling. I said I was hungry and asked if the TV got Disney Channel or Lifetime or Hallmark Channel. She said it got Disney channel. She even turned it on for me. After she checked my vitals, another person came in the room. They had my backpack. The nurse helped me get my laptop out and put it on nearby little table. It was turned on. We plugged my cellphone in it. I was pretty much just going to use it to keep my phone charged. Once the nurse left the room, I turned my phone on. I had alot of messages. I told my friends Angie, Mark, and Kathleen first that I was awake and the surgery went well. I kept it simple. I did the same with others that knew about the surgery. Anyone who had questions, I answered them. I watched TV and tweeted now and then when I could. Not much though. I even had a visitor. It was brief though. I was happy when someone came in with a dinner tray. I ate slowly because I didn't want to upset my stomach. After I was done I just watched tv. I catnapped a little bit until the new Kim Possible movie was on. I dozed off in the middle of it. I woke up at the start of the premiere of this new mini-series called Fast Layne, when a nurse came to check my vitals. After that I watched some of the show before falling back asleep. I woke up frequently. I never catnapped longer than an hour or two. The Day After Surgery. (February 16, 2019) I woke shortly after midnight. I smiled thinking, "Today is the day I am going home". But little did I know, at that time, I wasn't going to go home this day. While a nurse began checking my vitals, I asked for a "barf bucket". She gave me one. Just in time too. Everything I had for dinner late on the 15th ended up in that bucket...PLUS SOME! I rested a little. I tweeted some in the early morning hours. When I felt I couldn't stay awake anymore, I would set my phone aside. After all, my health was more important. When I was brought breakfast, I ate only a little because I felt very nauseated. In the early afternoon my catheter was removed. Then next thing I knew my OBGYN came in. She was at the hospital and wanted to check and see how I was doing. She told me that I will be released shortly once I urinate on my own. My response: "Why wouldn't I be able to?". She asked how I was feeling and I told her. Then I started to throw up ALOT. When lunch came, I refused the meal politely saying I couldn't eat it because I don't feel like it will hold down. The nurse on duty brought me a big cup of water asking me to drink it to see if I could pee on my own. I've tried multiple times and just couldn't. So it was decided to keep me another day. Luckily I left enough food out for my sweet cat, Little Puss. Also more than one litterbox. I watched TV and catnapped a little. Tweeted some. When it came time for dinner, I turned it away because I felt too nauseous upon smelling the food. When it was taken away, I didn't seem so nauseous. Nurses kept bringing me water. Still no urinating on my own. I was told if I didn't soon, they'd put another catheter in. The day of discharge. (February 17, 2019) Shortly after midnight I actually felt hungry without being nauseated. A nurse brought me a small thing of ice cream. I was able to eat it without issue. For some reason, about 30 minutes afterwords, I called for a nurse to help me to the bathroom. Finally I was able to urinate on my own. A good thing. That meant I would likely be discharge that day. When I got back in the hospital bed the nurse asked if I needed anything. I said I was a little hungry. She offered to bring me a sandwich and soup. I thanked her and said I would appreciate it. Both were small, which was okay. I didn't want to introduce too much into my system considering how I've handled food for the past 2 days. After I was done, I chatted with a few people via Twitter DM and text. I posted 2 pics on Instagram. One of them was of the ice cream. The other was of the soup and sandwich. I began to feel nauseated again. Sure enough, everything I just ate came up, plus more. After it calmed down I was given some anti nausea medicine and water. Also I was given some pain killer, which I was told would help. It did a little. But it all made me groggy and more tired. Part of me felt worse. Not too long after I started throwing up again. This time, projectile style. The feeling came on suddenly and woke me up. so I decided I wouldn't have another bite to eat or anything to drink unless I had to. Luckily as the day went on I felt better, not by much. A little though. When it got to be around 5pm, I was wondering if they were keeping me another day. Then a friend of mine showed up for a visit. Luckily shortly after, I was told I was being discharged shortly. I got my stuff together. I made sure to get dressed in the clean clothes I had in my backpack. Once it was time, I was discharged from the hospital. When I got home, my friend fixed me a bowl of soup as I checked on my beautiful and gorgeous cat, Little Puss. She didn't make a mess in her room, but she obviously played with her toys and enjoy the food I left for her. I went to lay in bed. Little Puss followed me and got on the bed with me. She snuggled up by my side. I had to be careful when I was given my soup. After that by friend locked the door on her way out. After I finished the soup, I put the bowl on the bedside table. I was going to get up long enough to turn on my PS3 so I could watch WWE Elimination chamber, but I fell asleep. When I woke up I realized it had already started. I figured I would just skip it because if i couldn't watch from the beginning, there was no point. I put the TV on the Disney Channel so I could relax and also enjoy some cuddles and snuggles with my ever so beautiful cat, Little Puss. It was hard to sleep because I couldn't exactly sleep how I normally do, which was on my stomach. So I had to sleep on my side. First 2 weeks after surgery Doing things was not easy. I couldn't be up for long periods. I felt sick to my stomach alot. It was very hard to hold down food. Feeling nauseated was a frequent feeling. Luckily I have a laptop, so when I wanted to do more online than my phone would allow, I could use it. Easy to use while laying down. It hurt to sit up. I only used it if I was live tweeting a new tv episode. At that it wasn't much. I was very uncomfortable during my visit with the doctor exactly one week after surgery. But atleast my incisions were healing alright. It's a good thing I did a major cleaning before surgery. When I gave my cat her food, I'd sit down and scoop some into her bowls. A day after the doctor visit, on of my incisions came open a little bit. Not enough to go to the hospital though. I put a butterfly band-aid over it and a big band-aid over that. I was told by my OBGYN to stick to a regular diet and resume that Keto Diet after I heal a bit more. Even so, I wasn't holding down food too much. But tried my best to keep my carbs down. Third week after surgery up until OBGYN appt 6 wks after surgery (3/29/2019). For AWHILE I had issues holding down food, but began to hold it down alot better as time went on. Sitting up for long periods was a problem for quite awhile. Leaning forward and putting pressure on my lower belly was an issue.It still is, but not to the extent it was. Bending over for anything hurt ALOT for quite awhile. I only took a pain killer if I had to do something around the house. I didn't want to be one of those people that took a pain killer for every little thing. At that, it didn't help much. When I went for my OBGYN appointment on March 29, 2019, I left with 2 prescriptions. One was a strong antibiotic and being told to drink some cranberry juice. But the good part was I was told I could resume my Keto diet at the beginning of April. I was also told I should hold off on going back to the gym until mid-May. That was implied by being told it takes 3 months atleast to fully heal after a hysterectomy and doing too much can hinder that. But basic stuff like housework is obviously okay. March 30, 2019 up until TODAY (4/9/2019). I am doing much better. I still get pain in my abdomen now and then when picking something up that's more than a few pounds. Not having excessive bleeding and severe cramps has been a HUGE relief. Once mid-may comes along, I will resume working out and dropping all this weight. But, I will take things as they come without pressure, but rather a desire to better myself.
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    Original Red. The reason for that is because I believe they're trying to set up an (ugh) all dinosaur crossover.
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    Since RKelly will likely be in this news for quite a bit and for awhile, this thread is for any articles and discussion regarding him.
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    Do you think alot of those in World Of Warcraft, who raid, take raiding too seriously?
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    I've been saying this for years. That game destroys lives.
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    Premiere: Saturday May 18, 2019 (8pm-10pm) Network: Lifetime IMDB Page: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9557416 Official Movie Site: https://www.mylifetime.com/movies/psycho-granny
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    This blog is a follow up to: "My Own Bullying Experience". The only bullies that won't be mentioned are ones in which there have been no changes since the last blog. The woman with the autistic child While she has done ALOT in the past, as of now, she has left me alone. She's improved a bit in how she treats others and how she is over all. I hope she continues to do so. If she does, she can be the type of person people would love to know and have as a friend. I think a large part of what made her how she was, was this group of older ladies (our age and older) persistently going after her at the direction of the one they all listened to... this woman whom was once an attorney, but disbarred. Being that this woman has owned her part in what she has done, that means there is hope. Group of older ladies & their CLOSE male friends, often directed by disbarred attorney. In my last blog I spoke of this group of older ladies and some guys they had in their little circle. The main person (female) at the center of this was a woman I thought I knew. She was often accused of being this Disbarred Attorney that's been posted about on multiple sites. One of them being the same site I was unjustly posted on by the one whom I referred to as the "bully blogger" in my prior blog. So that is part of the reason why I did not believe she was this Disbarred Attorney. I figured since I, and others, were lied about, that she was lied about as well. Sadly the Disbarred Attorney is one of very few wasn't lied about. A vast majority of what the Bully Blogger has said about her IS true. Another site Disbarred Attorney is on is one created by this man whom claims to be antibully and has bought a ".com" in her name. There was someone else that had an entire blog site about her and stuff she has done. But I had forgotten where it is. For the longest time I did not want to believe that this woman I had befriends was this Disbarred Attorney. The largest reason I did not was because the same people accusing her of being her were rather abusive and cruel towards me. What reason did I have to even believe them? Why believe people that were persistently attacking me, lying about me, stalking me, threatening me, and trying to get others after me? What ultimately lead me to the conclusion that this woman WAS in fact Disbarred Attorney was certain behaviors or hers matched claims made by multiple people that had no connection to each others. That and one say when she was complaining and making false claims about me, there were ALOT of IPs from the same place where her husband practices law and she use to that were looking my my forums. Particularly all over my "My Own Bullying Experience" blog. Basically a combination of things. But I will get into that in a moment. That and give a more detailed account of what she and her closest friends have pulled on me. In relation to claims made about her and their behavior. It's been claimed that Disbarred Attorney and her friends "attack people's jobs". A few have even said they attack where people live as in file false complaints to get them kicked out. One things Disbarred Attorney and her friends love to do is bother those known to their victims whether it be friends, family, co-workers, or acquaintences. A friend of Disbarred Attorney has even called the job of one woman, who works at a law firm, to try to get her fired. The better way to handle it instead of ranting and raging, would have been to file a complaint. When someone calls ranting and raging, who wants to listen to them? It makes THEM look like the problem even if they have a legit complaint. Disbarred Attorney, along with that one friend of hers that lives in the UK, have actively and persistently tried to find out where the woman with the autistic child works. While that woman is guilty of alot, NO ONE deserves to be harassed on the job. Since Disbarred Attorney and her friends can't cost em a job I don't have and a home I 100% own, they've resorted to other ways to try to interfere in my life beyond online. One of the ways is they attempted to get me banned from a local movie theatre. Unfortunately for them, but fortunately for me, it failed in a major way. I produced proof of threats made against me. The type of proof that can't be denied. Also I said a few things to raise some questions. One of them being "If I was such a bother to the extent being said that ion the night's in question, how come those nights, not one person exited the theatre in that establishment to complain about me?". Also on another night they filed false complaints against me with that particular theatre, I was never even there. I proved I was elsewhere that night. I also pointed out accounts made to mock me in a cruel manner. Also the claim that was made that I was "I can live tweet if I f**king want to" was proven to not be by me. Apparently Disbarred Attorney and her bunch tried to claim a friend of mine was me. That failed when my friend, whom did make that remake prove we were 2 different people. It also helped that people who knew me stood up for me and my good character. It took a short time to get this dealt with. I go to multiple theatres now. Each one that I go to has been made aware of this failed attempt to get me banned from that one theatre. Also, they've been made aware of their stalking potential, habit of causing trouble. Other places I frequent have also been made aware just in case. Another way Disbarred Attorney, that woman from the UK, and those they've "directed" have tried to interfere in my life is to bother my friends. They've accused one friend of mine of being another all because they're in the same line of work. They've messages friends of mine on Twitter and have accused them of being me for a number of reasons. One of them is hoping they will choose to not be my friend just to avoid their abuse. Another is to get them to think I had to have done something to get them so upset so they start to doubt me and turn against me. Another reason is to make it look like "trouble always follows". One thing the Disbarred Attorney and her bunch loves to do is take something the victim did (that isn't bad) and try to make it look like it was done for some nefarious purpose. This one man was doing some work for charity. Disbarred Attorney and those whom she lied to, attacked this man's good character and accused him falsely of a charity scam. One of the Canadian guys known "WELL" to Disbarred Attorney and the woman from the UK attacked me for a tweet in which I post a short video of people coming out of a movie theatre. That guy said he would disable my phone in a major way. I wasn't focusing on anyone in particular. I was showing that crowds were there for Avengers Infinity War and left the theatre happy with their experience. This man tried to make it look like I was focusing on and were after people's kids. He even went on a mini-tyrade claiming how wrong I was and how whenever I record I should ask permission of everyone in the video. Let's examine this failed logic. When a news caster does a news story at the steps of a courthouse, okay I guess they are in the wrong unless they go to each and every person that the broadcast that passes by. When people go on a trip, they take pictures. So if someone takes a picture of the capital building in Washington DC, they're in the wrong unless they go to every person in the background and ask them if it is okay. This pretty much shows that man was trying to invent reasons to attack me. As he was, Disbarred Attorney, the woman from the UK, and some of their other friends chose to "like" and "retweet" his abusive posts. Even while Disbarred Attorney pretended to be my friend. One of the worst things Disbarred Attorney and her bunch have done is create and manage profiles on twitter made to stir trouble with those who hate the victim to cause them more trouble and to stir trouble for their victims to get them more haters. Often times profiles would "pop up" to attack those who argued or disagreed with them, but mostly when it also happened to someone they wanted to get the blame. It's a pattern of their behavior I recently just picked up on as it has happened quite numerous times. They get bothered. Then I get bothered. THEN they create a profile to poke them. Thus making it seem like I am retaliating. While "some" of my other bullies have created profiles to attack themselves to smear their victims, Disbarred Attorney and her bunch took advantage of this. Things would be twisted to make it seem like they were 100% behind everything so they could get away with anything they pulled. While my bullies are guilty of alot, Disbarred attorney and her bunch tried to add to the mix. Sometimes Disbarred Attorney and her bunch would make random profiles to attack bullies of people they wanted to keep in their fold and use. The purpose of this is to get that person's bullies to attack them all so they can comfort the person just to make it appear as if they are a good friend. Sometimes this is used later on to make it seem like they've done oh so much for the person to guilt them into staying within their fold. Also done to obligate the person into helping them report people they just don't like for whatever petty reason. Often done to those they perceive as a threat to their tactics and way of life. Especially those who dare speak the truth about them. Disbarred Attorney and her bunch have made profiles pretending to be their victims. It's done mostly on Twitter and has even been done on Kik messenger. Not sure which one of them did this, but one of them made a kik messenger profile similar to the one I had at the time. I highly suspect it was either the Disbarred Attorney herself, her friend from the UK, or their friend that's pushing 50 and trolling others for whatever reason he or they want him to. They befriended the woman with the autistic child pretending to be me. It was easy for them to do since she posted her Kik ID on her profile. For the longest time I thought the supposed "suicide threats" the woman with the autistic child posted and claimed I made were false, but they are not. I found out it was someone pretending to be me. Whomever that was got me swatted. So the woman with the autistic child is technically not to blame. The person pretending to be me is. I'm not the only one they've done this to. They've pretended to be others they don't like just to get them fired from a job, evicted from a place, or frighten away their friends. One thing Disbarred Attorney and her bunch hate is when someone they know associates with someone they do not like. When this happens, often times the Disbarred Attorney will have one of her friends message that person or someone known to them asking alot of questions. If no answer is given, they get rather antsy. Especially Disbarred Attorney. She'll get a major attitude. She's done this to me, to my friends, and to countless others. One thing the Disbarred Attorney and her bunch do alot is they will take something said by someone they don't like and find a way to make it about them so as to give them a reason to retaliate in some manner. They tend to do this the most to those who ignore them and live their lives. They try to make it seem like that person is obsessed with them and lives and breathes them. The purpose is to discredit them. They've done this to me many times. All because I chose to walk away from them and not tolerate their abuse. This has been done to others whom have chosen to detach from associating with them. Sometimes to keep the hate going for their victims, the Disbarred Attorney and her bunch will approach someone, on an alternate social profiles, and show them something the victim said while trying to convince them it is about them. This is to get that person to attack their victim so they (Disbarred Attorney and friends) can sit back and watch as they play innocent. In simple terms, have someone do their dirty work for them. The Disbarred Attorney and her bunch have made profiles to cruelly mock others. This has been done to the woman with the autistic child and her child. It's been done to me. It's been done to many others. So many that I have lost count. This is so they can play innocent on their main profiles. The Disbarred Attorney, her male friend that is pushing 50, and their friend from the UK are the worst when it comes to backstabbing people. They will pretend to be someone's friend while trashing them behind their back. They've done it to me by referring to me as crazy and whacky. They've claimed I've said and did things I'd never say and do. They've done this regarding so many people. they've shared parts of conversations to make things look one way. They've even had images photoshopped, mostly by the male friend pushing 50. They've done this to my bullies and others. While my bullies are guilty of ALOT, the Disbarred Attorney and her bunch have used that to make them look worse than they are. Another things this Disbarred Attorney does is when she is mad at someone, she has them doxed as a means of intimidate for whatever purpose. Sometimes it is to keep someone from speaking the truth. Sometimes it is to scare someone off social media because they are afraid of how they'll look for continuously going after them. They go harder after those who ignore them and don't respond to them. They've tried to scare me off. They've failed. The Disbarred Attorney, the woman from the UK, and their male friend pushing 50 are the worst when it comes to poking at their victims by making fun of things and people in their life. They make fun of this one woman and her sisters by making horrible and cruel jokes about weight and special needs. they will stalk her profile and poke fun at things she says to make it seem so totally different. She gets the worst of it and so does the woman with the autistic child. They both get it worse than I do. When the Disbarred Attorney wants to talk to someone and tells them they need to have a chat, she reacts very badly if they don't have that chat or they've the one to have the last word before blocking. She might have others she knows try to talk to the person or go on a tyrade about them by giving them some nickname and ranting in tweets. Sometimes they do this for others reasons. When she goes the tyrade route, always her friend from the UK and the male one pushing 50 participate in some way. They like to subtweet, make crude remark, and stalk . What they mostly do is say something obvious to the victim, but not so obvious to others so that if the victim responds, then hey can use it against them. ALOT of what the Disbarred Attorney told me about others, and told others about others, was a bit exaggerated. Sometimes stuff was "added" into the mix. Mostly to keep people apart and keep them from "talking". This was also done in hopes the person they were talking to would attack whom they are talking about. This way Disbarred Attorney and her bunch could play innocent. Often times they ranted to my now deceased boyfriend in hopes he would help dox and attack. He never did any of those things. All he did was help them report bullies. Rightfully so at the time. But I wonder, how many of those bullies acted the way they did because they were just bad people OR because they were reacting to what the Disbarred Attorney and her bunch had engineered. Coincidentally when Disbarred Attorney gets mad at someone for some reason, things tend to "happen". If someone makes her, her male friend pushing 50, the woman from the UK. or another close friend of theirs mad she (and they) doesn't react well. She and they find a way to attack that person in some form. It could be in a variety of ways.It could range from antagonizing subtweets to push the person to lashing out to finding ways to interfere in their life beyond online. They've done it to me countless times by making false claims, making crude remarks about my deceased boyfriend that dies 2 years ago. They try to be slick about it by mentioning just enough so those they've complained about me to know who they are talking about but wandering eyes don't and will be curious enough to ask. The people who have gotten the worst of this are the woman with the autistic child and this one woman whom they've made fun of and her sisters. The Disbarred Attorney and her bunch have been known to try and catfish their victims. ALOT of the times on Twitter and sometimes on dating sites. I highly suspect that at one point they've made dating profiles pretending to be me . A few times I have been approached by the most piggish people with claims I'm on some dating site and they were just speaking with me about hooking up. I walk away from people like that and don't give them any attention. Most of their catfishing is on Twitter. They might pretend to be some random person to befriend their victim and figure out a way to use whatever they said against them. I've lost count of how many others they've done this too beside me. Alot of the time the Disbarred Attorney and her bunch will excuse their actions by claiming they're "responding in kind" or defending themselves. Because of how they are and all they've done, I've often wondered if with each supposed defense, how much of it was them was intentionally antagonizing the person they supposedly defend themselves against into attacking them. All so they could play victim. Sometimes if the person doesn't bite/fight back, when they do this, they create/invent a reason to "attack back". They try to make it seem like justice and defense. All it is is them excusing their actions. While bullies will be bullies, it does not give them the right to attack back so viciously as they do much of the time. All they prove is they (Disbarred Attorney and her bunch) are the bigger bullies. One thing I have noticed heavily among the Disbarred Attorney and her bunch is they like to give some people the impression they are helping them in order to keep them in their fold and "drinking their koolaid". They might create a profile to mock someone or pretend to be someone in order to attack others. Then on their own profiles they speak out against that profile. They tell the ones affected they'll take care of it. After some times, the one in control of said profile will deactivate it. Voila... it looks like the Disbarred Attorney and her bunch have helped alot right? This is used to make it seem like they are helpful so as to make the person they supposedly helped, feel obligate to help them how they see fit. They also do this in order to look more powerful so when they harass and threaten, it holds more weight. Another thing I've noticed ALOT about the Disbarred Attorney and her bunch is they can't stand those they talk to being friends with those they don't like, liking tweets by those they don't like, retweeting tweets by those they don't like, and associating with those they don't like in some small way. This also goes for friends of those they have in their fold and friends of those they've cast out. If a friend of mine likes a tweet by someone they don't like, they get mad. They might have one of their own message someone known to the person who made the like or Retweet or someone known to a friend of that person. All this is nothing more than an attempt to silence the person. They're hoping the person that they message gets on that person's case and demands they "talk to their friend". This is also another way that they (Disbarred Attorney and her bunch) try to keep more control. they can't stand not being in control of something or someone they want to control. I am the exact opposite of them regarding that. If a friend of mine wants to be friends with someone theta doesn't like me or I don't like, I won't tell them not to or ask them not to. That wouldn't be right to do. People have a right to be friends with whomever they want. for example, I notice some of my friend have tweeted with the woman with the autistic child that use to bully me. That's fine. For those who want to walk away from the Disbarred Attorney and her bunch, things tend to happen to them. Crap is pulled to make them look bad. Their lives beyond the online world are messed with alongside their lives online. Jobs get called. False complaints get filed. Rumors get spread to earn the person more haters. They get stalked and harassed. I can't help but wonder which of my other bullies' actions were partly because of manipulate crap pulled by Disbarred Attorney and her bunch. I have wondered how much less bullying I would have went through if it wasn't for them stirring trouble by pretending to be me while pretending to be my friend. Causing trouble for others and acting like it was at my direction. Attacking others while acting in the way my other bullies have made me look so others would see the problem is me... when it wasn't. The Ones Not Mentioned As it has been noticed by now, I left out ALOT of bullies in this blog. The reason is because this blog is a follow up... an update. The bullies left out are one who have NOT CHANGED for the better or for the worse. That in no way means they don't still bother me. Just means their actions haven't changed. How I feel NOW When it comes to the bullies that have changed for the better, which is only 1, I hope she continues to improve. She has the potential of being a GREAT person. I think the largest part of how she became a certain way is manipulation and bullsh*t from Disbarred Attorney and her bunch. The Disbarred Attorney, the male friend pushing 50, and this woman from the UK are the worst of her bunch. They seem to think it is okay to hurt people. Food for thought They've pulled so much crap that I just stopped caring about what they think. While they may claim to have great lives, how great can they be when they are so horrible to so many just to lift themselves up? Also NO NAMED were mentioned here. Nothing personally identifying. If they see this blog and rant about it, they're only proving one thing. That being they're acknowledging they're the ones that are guilty of a multitude of harassment games and more as described here.
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    One I woke up, I did about 30 minutes on my exercise bike and then got ion the game. My character was still online from last night. I finished up the "Boy And The Beast" WOTG mission in Vunkerl Inlet (S). I then used my warp ring to get out of there. I appeared in Eastern Adoulin. I used the nearby homepoint to get to Bastok Markets. Once I got their I decided to delve into the Anniversary Event for the game. But I could not. Each year they've had the event, that I knew of, they had this gob with a chest and items by the fountain in Bastok Markets. I did not see that there. Either they're not doiong the Anniversary Event this year or they're just not offering those goodies anymore. So I guess no EXP ring and cute outfits. So I went to Isakoth and traded him 3 Copper Vouchers. I then exchanged them for 3k Allied Notes currency. Then I went back to Southern San d'Oria (S) and began the mission "Wrath Of The Griffon" by talking to Rholont. The next part of the quest involves a fight in Jugner Forest (S) near the gate crystal. So I used the nearby survival guide to get to RuLude Gardens. I went in my mog house and changed to my White Mage job and the subjob was Black Mage. Then I exited to Lower Jeuno and went in the Tenshodo. I bought some spells scrolls: Recall-Jugner, Recall-Meriph, Recall-Pashh, Aspir, Blaze Spikes. Then I went to Bastok Markets. I spent sparks on some Acheron Shields. I sold them to an NPC for gil. Then I went to the auction house and bought an Apollo's staff for 100k. As soon as I equipped it, I cast the spell to take me to Jugner Forest (S). Once I got there I made my way to the "???" at H-10. I clicked on it for a cutscene. Then a fight and then another cutscene. Now back to Southern San d'Oria (S). Once I got back to Southern San d'OriaI did what I had to to finish the mission. Then I did another one involving getting into this show to see Troupe Mayakov perform. I saw Lilisette perform. In a cutscene for another missions, shortly after, I saw most of Troupe Mayakov get scratched up by Cait Sith. She is so cute... the kitty that is. My WOTG missions took me to La Vaule (S). Before heading there, I saw a character named "Clam". After a fight there, I was FINALLY able to resume ROV missions. Durodematar sent me a group invite. We did a few Unity fights. Forgot which ones by now. But we did a few before he had to go. Then I decided to resume ROV missions. I did all the way up just before "The Cursed Temple". So I guess this means I have to do some Rise Of The Zilart missions before continuing. Luckily not that many. But I'm tired, so time to sleep. Screenshots from playing today: https://www.facebook.com/pg/HannahmontanaFFXI/photos/?tab=album&album_id=320981255238574
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    California 'sexually violent predator' arrested in cold case rape, murder of woman, 81 At the very least, this man should either get sentenced to life or the death penalty.
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    No way on gun control. We have a right to bear arms! Why should the responsible Americans be punish for a few idiots?
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    Movie Title: "Avengers: Endgame" Release Date: May 3, 2019 Movie Website: https://www.marvel.com/movies/avengers-endgame IMDB Page: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4154796 Feel free to discuss anything, or even post some articles, about the upcoming "Avengers: Endgame" movie.
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    I have autism and have been getting bullied by the same people, their friends, and close associates for the past few years. I had spoken about my bullying experience in a Periscope video. I took it off of Periscope because someone thought it was funny to enter there with a name similar to someone else in an attempt to blacken their name. Apparently me blocking the fake account doesn't erase the chat for others. Because the person being mocked is recently deceased, I removed it and moved it to You Tube, making it private, out of respect. Also putting it in a blog is alot better and it's easier for someone hearing about my experience to pick up there they left off. This is no way means I haven't moved on. This just means I am changing the spot where my bullying experience is told. NO NAMES OR PERSONALLY IDENTIFYING INFORMATION WILL BE MENTIONED. My online bullying started with one single incident in late 2014. Someone sent me a tweet asking if I would donate to his Go Fund Me. I didn't respond to it. The next day I got a nasty tweet from the same person as a response to a tweet I posted about a nice time out at the movies and dinner. He raged that if I can afford that, I can afford to atleast donate $5. I blocked him. Some of his friends began to troll me. I blocked them too. I never responded to them. Ever since he started in on me, he occasionally brings me up in some angry rant. He's made false claims that I'm "stealing his work" whenever I have posted a tweet with a news article about the Flint Water Crisis. sometimes he will go awhile without bothering me and just bring me up randomly. As of the time of this blog, he hasn't bothered me in about 2 months. Eventually a friend of that individual, that started it all against me, began writing very slanderous, cruel, and crude blogs about me with the wildest claims. It was claimed I stalk and harass people and their children. It's been claimed I am my friends and they are my "sock accounts". Not once did I respond to any of this, but he made darn sure to make it seem like I did by photoshopping things to make it look like I said and did things I never did. Another individual, who's proclaimed himself to be into digital forensics began harassing me here and there since I encountered him. He's tried to send me messages on Gab.ai (aka Gab.com), since I joined, in an attempt to get me to talk to him. He's tried to lead me to believe I will be in some huge trouble if I don't. He's chosen to believe lies, falsehoods, and photoshopped images making me look bad. He's even helped with alot of that bs. Another person then got involved. A rather vile twisted individual that had a habit of falsely labeling people as bullies while posting their personal information on his site, couple with photoshopped images to make it look like I said and did things I would never do. Luckily now his website is gone. A few people that were either the above mentioned, or those close to them, had taken it upon themselves to create blogs in my name and post my personal information, pictures of me, and images that had been photoshopped to make it look like I said and did things I would never do. One person that joined in on all this was this woman who has an autistic kid. This was in early 2015. Someone told her I said things about her kid. She's taken it upon herself to frequently join in on making fun of me...fat shaming me, claiming I said and did things I'd never do. She took any chance to got to spread rumors and falsehoods about me to get others to hate me. Despite her demands that I "had better talk things out in DM". I never did. But it never stopped her from trying to make it seem like I responded to her by either just claiming I did or making accounts to bother herself while claiming its me or by having her friends troll her while claiming it is me. She's taken it upon herself to say the most horrendous things. When my then boyfriend Shawn was alive, she made fun of him when he had to have his left arm amputated. She also thought it was cool to accuse me of being all my friends. She's made wild claims that I have many twitter accounts. Once she's claimed 1,000, then 9,000, and some odd numbers all over the place. She once called into this one person's BlogTalkRadio show while extremely drunk just to rant about me. She's even had me swatted once claiming I threatened to kill myself. Joke was on her when I showed the police at my door what she was in a fuss over. It was a quote from a movie. This woman has gotten other people to come after me based on lies she's concocted. On numerous occasions she's created little videos to post on Twitter while mocking me. She's lied about me claiming I've sent her sexual messages about her minor daughter. She's done the same to others and has made the same claims. It has me wondering if she is either making accounts to send to herself or having others do that just so she can get people attacked that she just doesn't like. Either way, it's very twisted and disturbed behavior from a cruel bully. One would think since she claims to have an autistic child that she wouldn't bully others with it and make fun of others, but then again, her very behavior just isn't right. About early 2015 I befriended this group of older ladies. They and some of their close male friends seemed nice. They were trolled by some of the same people I got trolled and bullied by. Even thought I was trolled worse just for knowing them, I stood by them because I don't believe in abandoning people because of the actions of others. But it wasn't until early 2018 that things began to change for the worse. Around mid-2015 I came upon this woman whom claimed to be writing a book about bullies. She heavily bragged that her publisher loves her and she is almost done with a second, but yet she never published a first. She's approached me multiple times claiming to want to interview me. She's gotten angry when I ignored her. She's claimed that profiles that weren't even me were me just to make me look bad. She and the woman with the autistic kid did this to me alot. They both even swatted me once claiming I was threatening to kill myself. They did this over a movie quote I posted. Both of them even went as far as someone message them to act suicidal just so they can claim it is me as a means to make me appear unstable. Many times this woman made "book threats" to put people in her book as bullies. The people she claimed were bullies she was putting in her book were actually her victims. She's threatened me in Twitter DM claiming I better keep my mouth shut (about my bullying) or she would be telling other I am my friends and I have multiple personalities. This one bully that had a website with my personal info...she was good friends with him and often posted links to material with my personal info and photoshopped BS. Yet she has acted as if she is some savior. She's lied and claim I use bots and much more. This one other bully, not sure how to describe him except to say he is in his early 60s. He's trolled me by crudely calling me 5head and other cruel names. He's had close to 100 Twitter accounts suspended since 2015 (early) when I came across him. Now and then he still makes crude comments about me. He's just like this one kid in 2015 that started bullying me. That kid was 17 as of early 2015. That kid kept telling me to kill myself. He called me fat and ugly. He tried to get others after me. He kept baiting me to rage back so he and his buddies could make it seem like I attack kids. I didn't take the bait. Every now and then he resurfaces to inflict more abuse upon me. In early 2016 these 2 "Twitter Anons" befriended me. In late 2017 I began to figure out they weren't wanting to be my friend. Apparently I was some joke to them and they were using me just to make fun of me. Apparently they were friends with the man that started the bullying against me. They've accused me of stalking and doxxing kids. They've gone on tirades on Gab.ai claiming I stalk and dox people and their kids. They began to follow and be friendly with the woman with the autistic kid and tried to encourage her to go after me more. There was a period of time on Gab.ai that everyday for a few months they kept sending me messages accusing me of things I never did or said. they've threatened and harassed me. They've demanded I deactivate all social media and disappear. I never gave in. I never responded. As of right now, they only bring me up now and then. They'll go through periods of time where they rant about me on Gab and Twitter obsessively in their own little code and then they will be quiet. They'll sometimes refer to me as a set of initials or some cruel nickname. Apparently me not divulging every personal detail of my life makes me a "lying no-honor rat" to them. I've lost track of all the false claims they made about me and spread around. One of those claims is trying to say I'm a pedophile and trying to get others to go along with that false claim in order to get more people involved in harassing me. I'm not the only one they've done this to. Shortly after I met the 2 fake anons this man who ran a Twitter page for a big website he has had decided to DM my boyfriend Shawn, whom is now deceased (heart failure). This was around mid-2016. He falsely accused him of being me and in doing so accused me of trolling and said I had "d**n well better watch my f**king step". This man has harassed multiple people accusing them of horrendous things, not just me. Alot of them are minor things he made to look alot worse. He's gone after others relentlessly. When he's gone after others, he has made posts on his big website and handed out links with his own version of the story, which is often very out there and paints it how he wants others to see it. Other bullies of mine have tried to get him to go after me. That's when he sent that DM on Twitter to my boyfriend Shawn. He sent him (Shawn) some photoshopped image to make it look like I did and said things I'd never do and continued his "This is you Miley" act. In his mind he was trying to harass and intimidate me. I've never trolled him. Yet he harassed and threatened my boyfriend Shawn as if he thought it was me. This man is very vile. I once thought this man was a great man for "going after bullies", but he is nothing more than a bully himself that goes after people for stupid reasons, disagreements, and those who know (or talk to) people he just doesn't like. The woman with the autistic child has even managed to get this one political figure from Kansas and his friends to join in on the bullying of me. Every so often he and his buddies make crude comments about me, troll my Twitter timeline, take things from it, and look for reasons to make fun of and bully me. In early April of 2018, the group of older ladies and some of their male friends, began to turn against me. It started with the one that has lupus and fibromyalgia. She grew impatient with me in DMs and would get very upset if I didn't respond within a certain time. Much of the time we talked, which wasn't much when we did, she was trying to make me feel bad for something. On the day of Wrestlemania, I decided I had enough. I blocked her and stopped talking. She made subtle pokes at me in her tweets. About mid-April the rest of them pretty much turned against me. It started with the one from the UK. She used a phrase that bothered me. I politely told her and left it at that. I wasn't rude about it. But she chose to get angry and bent out of shape in a group DM (on Twitter) claiming she always walks on eggshells around me. She even said "Tired of my feelings never mattering among any of you because I'm not autistic.". 2 of her friends left the group DM. In case I offended them, I apologized to them and only brought up what was already said infront of their friend in group DM. I tried explain to both in voice videos (camera pointed at blank surface as I spoke) that I wasn't getting on their friend's case but was simply mentioning a phrase bothered me. I wasn't telling her what to and not to say. Not too long after that I received some rather enraged DMs from their friend accusing me of stabbing her in the back, going behind her back, and other awful things as I tried to explain to her I only brought up what was said infront of her and I thought I upset her friends and I was apologizing to them in case I did. When she kept berating and belittling me, it was quite obvious that she wasn't going to let up. Part of me thought she would calm down in a few days. She didn't. She then started to subtweet me along with her friend whom has lupus and fibromyalgia. That's when I decided to block the one from the UK. Not too long after she and some of her close friends began to attack me and accuse me of a wide variety of things. They even went as far as making cruel and snide comments about me and even twisting anything I said to make it seem like it was about them in order to justify their abuse. Of that group (the older ladies and some of their male friends), the ones that didn't berate me chose to click "like" on alot of cruel things said about me. As of this very moment, they still bring me up here and there and accuse me saying and doing things I'd never do. The woman with lupus and fibromyalgia still subtweets me now and then. She occasional looks for reasons to tweet about what I do. She's acted like I copy her just because I occasionally use the Bitmoji app. Each of these people have done this before to others. Some people have chosen to approach this woman I knew that was almost always very upbeat and positive. They made it look like I said and did things I would never do. She sent me an upset DM on Twitter and just stopped talking to me. That which I do not hold against her, but rather those whom have lied and manipulated her. I would have tried to talk to her, but I decided to wait on that in hopes one day she would see those people that pulled that bs, as the problem. Plus I wanted to give her space and didn't want to do to her what those people did... which was bombard her with stuff and push. Sadly that moment will never come because she recently passed away. Since she has, alot of those she knows have given condolences. The woman with the autistic kid is currently trying to say and start a rumor I am saying I am glad she is dead. That is quite an awful thing to do... use someone's death as an opportunity to get attacked. As of right now, no proof has been shown. When a bully makes a big bold claim, but shows no proof or delays in showing it, it is because it doesn't exist and they're looking to create it. If the "proof" already exists, but isn't shown, likely the bully is guilty of creating a site or profile to use later to make their intended victim look bad. The woman whom has the autistic kid is currently, as of the moment of this blog is heavily stalking and harassing me. She's changed her profile around to mock me with a distorted picture of me as the profile picture. The username has a portion of my name in it and she frequently makes very cruel remarks about me. She still accuses me of things I'd never say or do. She's accused me of making racist remarks about her kid. The woman with lupus and fibromyalgia is even participating in this abuse by "fueling the fire". The 2 "Twitter Anons", I spoke of earlier are ranting about me again claiming I created an account on Gab to harass the woman with lupus and fibromyalgia. The woman with the autistic kid is claiming I've created accounts with someone else's name just to say I am glad someone known to alot is dead. She and one of the close friends of that woman from the UK are starting this vicious rumor. This is nothing more that a vile tactic to get alot of people after me so they can sit back, relax, and chill for awhile. Even if they do, considering the habits of the one with the autistic kid, she will look for, invent, and find a reason to bring me up and blame me for something. She often does that in hopes of catching the attention of others whom have hated on me and wants them to hang on her word as if she were God. She trolls my Twitter page ALOT and often looks for things she can twist and make fun of me for. Coincidentally the woman with the autistic kid and the group of older ladies with some male friends have become friends right as this woman began viciously targeting me again as she has been lately. The woman with the autistic kid has made demands that I call her or else she won't stop. News flash... I don't give in to demands by bullies. I don't speak with or talk to bullies. Generally speaking, if someone turns against me, once they make it obvious they are a bully, I stop talking to them. What this woman wants is to be THE ONE to get me to respond. Being the one to "finally" get me to respond would make her quite popular among the other bullies. Each of those I have mentioned, even those whom have turned against me, have worked way too hard to blacken my name with lies, rumors, photoshopped images, and twisting the smallest things to make them look ugly. To them, doing this brings them pleasure and a sense of accomplishment. All their behavior proves is they have meaningless lives for stalking and bullying another to make them happy. anyone who looks at my Twitter profile sees I am a nice and decent person. Hence why the bullies will falsely claim I have multiple profiles and will often create profiles to harass each other, point fingers, then claim it is me in order to appear right. ALL of these bullies who put so much energy into harassing me, if they put it towards their own lives, then they wouldn't be so miserable that they felt the need to bully me to lift themselves up.
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    They could have done that during Dino Charge with Dino Thunder and MMPR. I am so sick of the dinosaur bullsh*t.
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    I'm thankful STO is NOT Blizzard when it comes to that.
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    This will go hand in hand with a new mission being released at around the same time.
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    You notice this only happens with Marvel movies.
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    *In light of the duplicitious nature of Brie Larson and the trouble she is sure to cause for Golden Force West, help is on the way from two sources. One of them is the mysterious Phase 4, who is a clone of the ninja Kasumi, and the other is a figure who comes from far to the east to help. Her name is Katherine Mcnamara. You may know her better as Mia Smoak. She is the recently adopted daughter of Stephen Amell(Dino Charge Green Ranger) and Emily Bett Rickards(Dino Charge Graphite Ranger.) Katherine's fighting skills are second to none. She is indeed a shinobi, with lightning style chakra similar to my own. But the difference is that she uses her defensively, whereas I use mine offensively. After the business with Black Lightning, Stephen and Emily decided to adopt her because they saw what she could do in a fight and liked it. Plus, Katherine's temperament is one where enemies have to beware of. She does not like overpowered types or types who talk trash about people for the stupidest reason. This, of course, puts a bullseye on Brie Larson's back because when Katherine learns of Brie's schemes, she vows to expose her for the phony she is. For Golden Force West leader Ciara Hanna, this is a time of uncertainty and change for her team. Ciara originally recruits Brie in order to replace the traitor Setzer. However, she soon realizes her mistake when Brie's true nature is exposed by both Phase 4 and Katherine. Needless to say, this situation is a powder keg waiting to explode and one that needs to be resolved quickly before the forces of Archadia and HIVE make their next move.*
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    It seems that Jake Foster has opened his mouth about the Beast Morphers gold ranger. Does anyone have any thoughts about this?
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    Small dog euthanized after being sexually assaulted, man gets 60 days in jail 60 days is not enough!
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    Discuss of the Activision Blizzard layoffs.
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    Movie Title: "Fast And Furious 9" Release Date: ? ?, 20?? Movie Website: IMDB Page: Feel free to discuss anything, or even post some articles, about the upcoming "Fast And Furious" movie.
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    Movie Title: "Tom And Jerry" Release Date: April 16, 2021 Movie Website: IMDB Page: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1361336 Feel free to discuss anything, or even post some articles, about the upcoming "Tom And Jerry" movie.
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    This is why I am done with Marvel movies. It's fans have become Stalinists over this.
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    Movie Title: "Hellboy REBOOT" Release Date: April 12, 2019 Movie Website: IMDB Page: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2274648 Feel free to discuss anything, or even post some articles, about the upcoming "Hellboy REBOOT" movie.
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    Lifetime is bringing out a new documentary on R. Kelly and it will air next month I feel no sympathy for a man who would sexually abuse women.
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    An excellent movie, except for the detestable Captain Marvel, champion of bullying.
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    You make a posted about a character in a show and point something out. You weren't being vulgar or rude or nasty. Just pointed something out. Someone responds to it in such a way they try to make it look like you were trying to say something bad. Then people respond to that person as if his twisted manipulation is the truth. Do you respond to any of the trolls to set things straight or just block (or mute) them and go on as if nothing happened?
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    Blake Foster woke up one day and decided to spoil Avengers: Endgame. By dawn of the next day, he was never heard from again. THE END?
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    It's the 26th, which is it's premiere date. If you check LMN right now, the movie is on.
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    Report: Swamp Thing Shuts Down Production Early in North Carolina Considering this is Warner Bros we are talking about... no surprise.
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    Any woman who witholds a man's child from him should lose their child! I never knew my father before he died because my mother did this!
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    Will your prolog be written in french or english?
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    Movie Title: "Escape Room 2" Release Date: April 17, 2020 Movie Website: IMDB Page: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9844522 Feel free to discuss anything, or even post some articles, about the upcoming "Escape Room 2" movie.
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    In my first division, virtually all of them. In my second, probably half of that.
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    Most people would have given up by now and not bothered. Shame on the b***h who started it all.
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    What Rick Snyder needs is charges and a prison cell.
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    When people act that childishly I block them and anyone stupid enough to believe their bullsh*t.
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    I was a teenager when I played. I logged on long enough to check mail and accept gold for auctions, which my parents said I could do. But then I had to do my homework. My guild leader told me since I was online I was required to raid. I told him I was only on long enough to pick up gold, items, and then log off so I could do my homework. I went to the bathroom. But when I came back to the game, I saw he sent me many many whispers. He chewed me out. He lectured me on responsibility and time management. He said it wouldn't kill me to wait 2-3 hours to do my homework. His whispers were so bad that when I reported him, he got his account banned. I found that out when I logged in the next day. During a raid once I heard this one guy smack his wife around because she asked if he could give up one raid so they could spend time together. He ranted about how important raids were and if she couldn't understand that then she could get out and take the "damn brat" (his words) with her.
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    I block, block and block. You know me well enough to know I don't waste my time on lower life forms.
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    *So the members of Ciara's Golden Force West just got a shot in the arm with the recruitment of Brie Larson. This powerhouse of a free agent can literally fry anyone who opposes her. She can also fly under her own power and could easily put a dent in both the forces of HIVE and Archadia. There's just one tiny problem with Brie Larson. This gift from heaven is in truth, a serpent from hell. Unknown to Ciara and Golden Force West, she is secretly working for Vayne Solidor as a spy. Brie's job is to collect valuable intelligence on any heroes any encounter so that Vayne can devise the perfect strategy against them. By inserting herself into Golden Force West, Brie will be feeding Vayne(and by extension, Damien Dahrk) vital information on the operation of the Golden Force organization. Needless to say, this is a coward's move one would expect from a lesser foe. The problem with Brie is that she presents herself as the ultimate ally, one anyone would want to team up with. But her duplicitous loyalties make her more trouble than she's worth. The fear is that by the time her two faced nature is exposed, extensive damage would have already been done to Golden Force West and anyone else unfortunate enough to get caught in her web of deceit. Brie is not to be underestimated. Her intelligence is as deadly as her super powers, and when Ciara learns the truth, she will have a fight on her hands. Captain Marvel? More like Captain Ratface.*
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