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    Yesterday evening (11-10-18/11-11-2018) I was tweeting with a friend about my opinion regarding people leaving pets behind in disasters. Our general opinion was if someone is aware the fire could come their way or close enough, and/or might change direction, then they should begin preparing as soon as possible and not wait until an evacuation order. Often times when people wait, they put themselves, their family, and pets in danger. One person sent me a DM on Twitter and said "What if my dog runs off because she is scared and something falls on her killing her?". I answered telling her then it obviously wouldn't be her fault. Another person asked me to be more clear. I told him I spoke of those who had the chance to prepare earlier, but chose not to. If someone didn't have that chance, then the fault is on circumstances. That person then said he just wanted to be sure he understood correctly. Then this one enraged 19 year old girl came along. She inserted herself into a conversation me and my friend Samus (@SamusAran2020 on Twitter). She accused me of attacking victims of the California fires and making fun of people's pets who died. For those of you reading, I invite you to look at my timeline on Twitter (@CaseyNewton_TL) and see for yourselves. There is nothing within my tweets that imply anywhere near what this teen girl was saying. She called me a wide range of names such as: r**a*d, b***h, wh**e, skank. She even told me to kill myself. She even said she should beat my a**. I blocked her. I didn't even respond. In total it was over 43 enraged tweets. I thought that was the end of it. I figured with all the nastiness, she'd get herself suspended quickly. I was wrong. This one random user DMed me a link to this one tweet that 19yr old girl posted. I thanked him and took a look. In looking at it I realized that this girl had taken a screenshot of one of her tweets and photoshopped it to look like it came from me. To cover herself she claimed it was an Iphone screenshot another user sent to her. I also took a look at her timeline. Apparently all those extremely vulgar and threatening tweets have been deleted by her. Just so she could try to play poor sweet innocent victim. This person first tweeted to my friend Samus here. She never answered. I advised her against it via DM because it seems like this girl is looking to pick a fight. She thanked me and said she had a response ready, but wasn't going to bother. So we continued our tweet conversation about how there's no excuse to leave pets behind. Samus was generally saying people who are aware of the fires should prepare as soon as possible just in case it comes their way and shouldn't abandon their pets and no excuse to if they have the chance to prepare. The tweet that starts with "Prep before work" seems like she was trying to quote me. I have no tweet with those exact words. I checked the tweet and it wasn't in response to anything. In plain english, she was trolling and trying to involve Samus. In the 3rd one she tells another user that "they", meaning me and Samus told her to kill herself.I'd never say that to anyone even if I hated the, Neither would Samus. This is nothing more than an attempt to garner pity and attention to the obvious victim card she is trying to play. With the 4th tweet, she continues to play her victim card. I checked the Twitter page of the one this 19 year old girl that this person was pulling a pity party with. Apparently he fell for it hook line and sinker and took a page form this girl's book. He decided to post his own tweet he posted, but only it didn't look he sent it. He made it seem like I sent it. He takes another page from this teen girl's book. He tries to involve my friend Samus. He continues to do so in another tweet. Yeah. This guy fell for her fake victim act. I then checked out the twitter page for the one she said she got the screenshot from. I saw only one tweet to me. It wasn't in response to anything. She just chose to tag me and Samus. Perhaps she was just trying to gain a response so she could just tag in that teen girl and her new male friend. Who knows? I see alot of things wrong here. This 19 year old girl doens't get a response to tweets and goes on a massive raging fit. She deletes tweets and tries to play the victim. She claims I told her to kill herself. She even posted a photoshopped tweet. The man she played the victim party to fell for it and followed suit. He photoshopped a tweet to make it look like I said something I didn't. Why didn't either of them archive these supposed tweets via "archive.is"? On a PC, you just go to the address. If a person is on a phone, they can go to it in their phone's web browser. So there is no excuse to not be able to archive a tweet. They neglected to do so. Perhaps because..........................the tweets in question they claimed were mine, were never mine to begin with. BUSTED! To be so petty on Twitter over no response has made me wonder how they treat people in their personal lives.
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    You post a word that starts with the last letter of the word from the poster above Ex. Free, Evict, Train. I''ll start HAPPY
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    Danger Zone by Kenny Logins (from Top Gun)
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    That girl that bullied you could benefit from anger management classes and the right medication. She seems bipolar like my brother Dan.
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    Fox Orders Remake of Rookie of the Year If they stick to baseball, I hope the team will be the Yankees.
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    The Walking Dead season 4 episode 8
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    I voted democrat.
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    Homeless veteran who helped stranded woman says he can't get GoFundMe cash from couple This is a tough one. If the money was raised for him, it should go to him. But them keeping it is kind of fraudulent, right?
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    One day when someone told Colin Kaepernick to go to Hell, he did. The devil packed up and moved out. THE END
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    New Jersey train passenger filmed sanding his foot with power tool Looks as if New Jersey has a loon.
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    There's a growing, and disturbing, trend on social media. People get mad and begin falsely accusing someone of being a pedo and trying to make it seem as if the tiniest things about the person makes them one. Do you think there should be legal consequences for those going out of their way to falsely accuse someone of being a pedo and trying to make it seem like they are...with the intent being to cause them grief and/or harm in some form?
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    I'm married to Ivanka Trump.
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    I think lying about sexual assault of any type should be an offense punishable by having to register as a sex offender and doing atleast 5 years in prison. More if the lie cause any harm to the victim.
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    Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
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    Some You Tube videos of pimple popping.
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