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    Since EARLY 2015 I have been getting bullied off an on. I've always wondered why. I thought it was one person or another associated with them that started it. But after all this time, I have come to realize one person in particular has been behind it, whom I shall refer to as "SCS". This is the only time I am and will speak of her publicly or privately. I have my own life to live and it doesn't revolve around her. It was someone I thought was a friend that even pretended to be. When I walked away from this woman ("SCS"), it was during Wrestlemania in 2015. She would DM me on Twitter. If I didn't respond within a few minutes, she would get mad. So I just decided to walk away from her. I decided to block/unblock to force an unfollow and just stop talking with her. Occasionally she ranted on her timeline here and there, but I ignored it. She became a little obsessive. She would poke and tweet delete hoping I would react so she could make me appear the aggressor. At the time I thought it was best I delete my Twitter account and just start a new one, which was "SamusAran2020" in early 2017. As of November 2019, I gave that account to my cat, which, by Twitter rules, is allowed. But more later. Besides there was others after me and I just wanted a fresh start. Back in 2018, I remember when I went to see Avengers Infinity War. It was an amazing experience. Not too long after I did, random people began to accuse me of live tweeting as the movie happen. I ignored them because I didn't think tweeting about the movie after I had seen it was "live tweeting". Before long people I thought were friends, that also happened to be friends of "SCS", had turned against me and began accusing me of live tweeting during a movie. A few of them went overboard in questioning me, so I left the chatroom we all were in. I forced an unfollow on some and blocked a few. Ultimately I had to block the lot of them. Some of them got very nasty and even made threats. I also had realized that SCS had stirred up this hornets nest after I saw tweets of her complaining saying I was live tweeting a movie in the theatre and causing problems. She went on an on saying I spoiled it for her. She even claimed I tried to send her the plot to the movie via DM on Twitter. I figured she would get bored eventually. I thought wrong. In early May of 2018 I got a letter saying I was banned for "one year with possible consideration for a lifetime ban". I contacted a manager I knew personally to see what was up. We talked on the phone for awhile. He said they got pictures of tweets that detail the movie as it was being watched. Things happening when it coincided. He told me corporate had received complaints claiming I was causing a disturbance and atleast 3 people threatened to never come back. I told him I wasn't even at that theatre that night. I was at another one and could prove it. So I met him for lunch 2 days later. I brought up my personal Facebook page and showed pictures of me I took OUTSIDE OF and INSIDE of a different movie theatre that was quite a bit away. Then he asked me to explain the tweets. He showed me the pictures he was sent from corporate. They showed tweets by a "SamusAran2O2O". I pointed pointed out I was "SamusAran2020" and those fat zeros were capital Os. I also pointed out how odd it looked these screenshots were taken almost right after the tweets were posted. I then told him about SCS and that group of former friends she turned against me. He looked at some of their Twitter timelines and said it became obvious that I wasn't the problem and was the victim of vicious trolling and the ringleader of it was SCS that "stirred the pot". Then he asked about this video I posted of people coming out of the theatre that night I was accused of causing trouble. I told him a friend sent it to me and I posted it for her because she didn't want her then "VERY JEALOUS" boyfriend to see it and know she saw the movie without him. I asked if he knew where the complaints came from. He said he would have to check and get back to me. Things ended there. A few days after that enlightening meeting, I got a phone call. The manager smoothed things over with corporate and I should receive something from them soon. He also told me he further looked at SCS's Twitter page and that of some of the people participating in vicious slander and defamation about me. He said multiple complaints came from the location SCS claimed she was living around. Some others came from those she was slandering me with. About 2 weeks later I received an apology letter from from corporate apologizing for everything. In late 2018 and early 2019 I would get funny looks from people that worked at the gym I went to. I thought it was because of my hairstyle. I had just decided to go with an undercut like Miley Cyrus in her Wrecking Ball video. One day I found out why. A manager approached me and told me they had received a few complaints of me molesting women in the women's locker room there. I told him immediately I would never do that to anyone. He said he knew because I wasn't logged as being there the days this woman claimed. I then asked why employees were looking at me funny. He said it was because they felt sorry for me that I was being trolled so viciously. Sometime later I found out the basic location of where they came from. The exact same place SCS was located. When I was in the hospital to have my hysterectomy, SCS was making vicious comments on her Twitter page. At one point saying she hoped I don't wake up. Those comments were reported. She was briefly locked out of her Twitter account. Since then (February 2019), she's kept her Twitter account "protected". Meaning she checked that box by "Protect my tweets". For awhile I thought she would chill out and just leave me alone. But in mid 2019, she created a page for herself. Occasionally she would rant and rage about me. She'd take tweets I posted and try to make it seem like I was talking about her and trying to attack her when I wasn't doing any such thing. She would complain about things wrong with her and claim I was making her worse by stressing her out. Alot of what she posted, she would eventually delete in order to cover her tracks. It became routine. I only knew about it because of people that would see it, attack me in Twitter DM on her behalf with such wild claims. I would get atleast a few every few days. I would handle by blocking and deleting. Then moving on. For awhile it seemed like SCS had decided to leave me alone. It was a relief. I took that opportunity to create a new Twitter profile and online persona and just give my old one (Twitter-SamusAran2020) to my cat. Of course eventually the persistent stalker, SCS, found me. A friend of mine asked me if I was going to change again. I thought about it and said I was not and the online persona (CaptainVG313) I am using now, I am keeping. In thinking about it, it's tiring to have to change just because of a stalker and bullying and those they turn against me. I thought about it and realized disappearing never helped. With all the slanderous and defamatory claims and remarks she was making publicly and privately, if I just deactivated and disappeared like before, then it would look like I was guilty of whatever she decided to accuse me of. What if someone she was lying about me to decided to take a look at me? They'd see nothing and all they'd have to go on is what she would and has been saying. Atleast by sticking around NOW as I am NOW (CaptainVG313), I have a chance. When SCS lies about me, trashes me, and who knows what else..... and people come and look at me as I am now..... They will see I am nothing like how she is making me look. Of course, there will be a few, regardless, that will believe her for whatever reason. In current (present) time, SCS spends alot of time ranting and raging about me and another friend of mine (whom I'll refer to as XA). She will take my tweets and also XA's tweets and post them on this Instagram she (SCS) created for the sole purpose of slandering, defaming, and harassing me, XA and now @Avenger K, whose permission I had to name her in this blog by name. One of the reasons why SCS is trying to make @Avenger K look bad is because she chose to speak up about SCS's slanderous actions upon me and XA. Same with XA. She has spoken up a few times defending us in her own way. She's not guilty of all that SCS is making it seem like she is. I haven't said anything about SCS up until this blog, and this will be all I will say. SCS has even made false and slanderous claims saying @Avenger K (on Twitter) is a sock of mine. This is a tactic that some bullies use on their victims to discredit them. On this Instagram that SCS has made, and occasionally on her Facebook page for herself.....she has taken screenshots of various things I have said and made it look like they were attacks on her. For instance, when I was tweeting about watching The Dentist and The Dentist 2, she made it look like I was doing so to poke fun at an issue she has with her teeth. She's taken a selfie of mine that I took with a Snapchat filter and made it seem like I did that just to poke at her. She's taken a picture of mine with wild hair and posted it with a picture of her that is 4 years old and made it look like I posted that selfie to poke fun at a picture that's 4 years old. To make this simple. SCS will take screenshots of just about anything I post. She will post it when she thinks she can spin it how she wants to make it look like an attack on her or try to make it seem like I'm copying her in little ways. I often use my Bitmoji app. I've changed the look of my avatar many times because she's changed hers around to look similar to mine, only to try and say I'm copying her. She has subtexted me alot on her page. It's hard not to know about it when people harass me on her behalf via Twitter DM. Each time it happens, block.....delete.....move on. SCS has even tried to join this forum. Luckily one of my admins banned her before she could stir trouble. I think one of the reasons she is going so hard at me online right now is because it's not like she can try to get me banned from a movie theatre again; they're all closed. Can't try and get me banned from a gym. All gyms near me log exactly when people are there and there are cameras all around. It's hard for her to get me banned from others places because the only places I've been to recently are places that have cameras all around and I've had someone with me. She can't cost me a house I 100% fully own. She can't try and cause me to lose a job I don't have. I have autism and am one of those that can't work. So, how else can she try to affect me? Easy. That's why she is going so hard at me online and keeps attacking me online. My guess is she hopes to make things so bad for me that I will not have anywhere to go or escape to. Well, here's a little newsflash. I'm not going anywhere. I'm not changing internet identities again because of her. I'm not going to stop making memes or playing my videogames or doing something I like just to avoid her twisting it and turning it into something nasty. If I do that she wins. I won't. I am here to stay. There's also a few things I found out recently. A few people that use to come after me had told me why. Apparently back in 2015 when I had ALOT of trouble with people in World Of Warcraft, it was because she got people she knew, and some of their friends, to stir trouble for me. When I had issues in Final Fantasy 11 it was because she got someone she knew to find someone that played it to start spreading vicious rumors about me and make claims of me saying things I never said. She has done the same thing to me on Twitter and other social media sites. She's bad mouthed me to people on Twitter in DM's lying about me. She's had others do the same. It wouldn't surprise me if suddenly she tried to get someone to photoshop something to make it look like I said and did something I never did. She already tries to make it look like much of what I say is some attack and/or conspiracy against her. Also, it turns out that these 2 Twitter accounts made to mock and attack me, SCS was behind both of them. She occasionally had a friend of hers help her with them though. Alot of what SCS, and those she's gotten to go after me (bully me) have pulled, fit the bully tactics I blogged about here. Most Commonly Used Tactics By Bullies and also fit quite a bit of what is blogged about here. A blog about how and why some bullies do some things. Bullying: Reasonings For Actions Fair warning..... "Bullying: Reasonings For Actions" is very long. I spoke a bit about how SCS subtexts me. Here's a blog I wrote about subtexting and how bullies use it. Subtext: How It's Used To Bully I am pretty sure that after this blog is posted, she will continue to take my tweets and make them look like some attack or conspiracy against her in her own manipulative way. By her continuing, it only shows how obsessive she is and how angry she is I won't just go away again. I am not and will not encourage anyone to speak to her on my behalf, fuss at, call her names, or attack her. For one, I don't do that immature crap. Secondly, I am not stooping to her level. I have said all I am going to say. I spoke my side. MOVING ON.
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    I know exactly who you are talking about. I found the Instagram. It is troubling that this woman is in her late 40s, or is it 30s, and acting this way. She's even using mental illness as an excuse with "I'm #mentallyill. What's their excuse". I am no Einstein but that is an attempt to excuse her long term stalking and bullying.
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    Where do I begin. I so think this is a good starting point. This is sort of a follow up to a blog by @CaptainVG313 and the comments following it. The same bully stalking her, is so doing the same to me! This woman, who is so referred to as SCS in @CaptainVG313's blog, is posting conversations I seem to have had with her band of followers. These conversations never happened! Somehow this SCS is getting these guys to feel bad for her and help her with some faking and photoshopping. What I think happened is she sent those messages herself or had someone do it. Then had them so slap my profile circle bubble over the real sender and my name at top over whoever actually sent it. So my theory and I think it is correct! I figured out the two people were that so helped her pull these messages off. I so took notice of something with these two Instagram accounts: "adultvideoes" and "virtual_.meme". Both "adultvideoes" and "virtual_.meme" so click "like" on alot of this SCS woman's slander against @CaptainVG313, @Avenger K, and another one. I so hope you got a pot of coffee on. I got so much to show. So take a moment here! The same two accounts, "adultvideoes" and "virtual_.meme" , tell this SCS I am saying all this bullsh*t are the same two that have been liking alot of the slander against @CaptainVG313, @Avenger K, and another. This so speaks volumes! There is something else I so want to point out. Take a look at what I was made to look like I said. See "Petulant". Now look at this. I do not use the word "Petulant". SCS does. It is so used in the same tone in the message that she is making it look like I sent. This so shows that SCS is actively working hard to attack, slander, defame @CaptainVG313 and those she fails to turn against her. This SCS knows I am so not @CaptainVG313 but I think she says I am hoping I will ditch her as a friend or blame her. So manipulative of a bully tactic. So sad she is using people like "adultvideoes" and "virtual_.meme" to help her with her slander and defame quest. Seeing how manipulative SCS is and what she is doing, it shows how obsessed she is. I think it so p**ses SCS off that @CaptainVG313 is sticking around and not going away, because it so makes her look bad for bullying someone that doesn't bother her.
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    I do recall 2 Twitter accounts created in order to horribly mock you. I have saved some of the stuff. The only stuff I shall sure is what I am sure "SCS" posted. These are a mere small sum of the horrendous things that this SCS had said using an account centered solely around bullying @CaptainVG313 before she gave her "SamusAran2020" account to her cat. She even went as far as making terrible comments about the baby she had put up for adoption. SCS went that far.
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    This young man knocked on the door of this woman he has been talking to online. She opened the door. He ran away screaming, "YOU SUNK MY BATTLESHIP!" THE END
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    Netflix Announces That They’ve Ordered Up a Sixth and Final Season of “Lucifer” The 3rd was suppose to be the FINAL season. Then the 4th. Then the 5th. Now the 6th. I'm not complaining. I just love the show and hope for more and more and more.
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    AMC Theatres Will Require Now Guests to Wear Masks I have mixed feelings. I personally won't go to a movie theatre with mask requirements because it is not an experience I want. To me it will ruin the experience (for me). BUT I understand that people want to feel safe and slow down the Coronavirus spread while keeping businesses open. So, simply put, I will just stay home. If I Uber (MASK REQUIREMENTS), I will wear one just for the duration of the ride. If I have to go out, it would pretty much be for groceries, take out, and chiropractor visits. None of which require masks, but I keep my distance. Movie theatres make most of their money from concessions. To enjoy concessions, people would have to remove their masks. That's obvious. What if you, the one reading this lifted yours away to eat some nachos. Someone sees, they complain. Guess what, you're asked to leave for removing your mask. Hence another reason why I prefer to wait until no mask requirements. Likelyhood of less drama or coming across someone that will stir it just to make it seem like they're being helpful. In my opinion, I think it is VERY POSSIBLE that all along AMC Theatres was going to implement a MASKS REQUIRED POLICY. I think that Adam Aron, AMC CEO wanted to drum up some attention to AMC. So he went on about "Masks not required". AMC got alot of attention and quick. Then suddenly he reverses course. Now people, those wanting mask requirements, are all happy. AMC has alot of attention. Happy attention now. Simple terms, best I can put it, is publicity stunt for more business. Bad way to do it though.
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    A Robert Kirkman Surprise: A New Walking Dead Story Too bad it's just for one issue. But it is better than nothing.
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    Should those who became disabled because of their own addiction have to adhere to stricter requirements to maintain receiving disability and assistance?
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    OMG! So obsessed. What's super creepy is how she is labeling anyone who stands up for you as you. I think she does this hoping your friends will turn against you and blame you. Disturbed!
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    I just took a look at that Instagram account. It's obvious that woman is out to get @CaptainVG313. In my opinion, I think she is criminally insane. The behavior fits. Especially the long standing and aggressive stalking.
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    Stargirl Renewed for Season 2, Moving From DC Universe to The CW Great news! So HBO Max and CW only for seeing Stargirl after season 1. DAMN! I hope HBO Max doesn't censor it like crazy!
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    Javicia Leslie tapped to play lead role in ‘Batwoman’ I can't wait to see how this works out.
  14. 8 points
    Wynonna Earp Season 4 Trailer Sets Premiere Date
  15. 8 points
    Michael Gross Shares First Official Image of Bearded Burt Gummer in ‘Tremors 7’; Releasing This October!
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    Willow 2: Ron Howard Reveals the Status of Disney+’s Potential Series I can't believe I never knew Willow 2 was even a thought. I wonder what the 2nd movie would be about.
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    Margot Robbie Set to Star in New ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ from ‘Birds of Prey’ Writer So, I guess this is sort of POTC6.
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    Chiwetel Ejiofor Returning for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness So awesome! I loved him.
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    Doctor Who: Next Annual Holiday Episode Has Already Been Filmed That is very good news.
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    That entire Instagram is very disturbing because it shows how obsessive she is.
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    Did you see where she was gay bashing her? https://archive.is/gPaMt And where she tried to cover her a** and all? https://archive.is/gwrH7 So twisted she has family and friends in the LGBT community, but gay bashes @CaptainVG313 and then uses them to cover her a** to make it look like she couldn't possibly and all.
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    I am copying an pasting a post I made in the thread about banned member "Suzikins Says". Minus the very first and very last line since they were saying why she shouldn't be allowed back. It very much makes my point an all. This person is heavily stalking @CaptainVG313. It is so evident here. https://archive.is/MblkL Here this stalker takes an Instagram pic that @CaptainVG313 posted. https://archive.is/1ebD8 Notice that this stalker cuts off the date at the bottom? Then she shows a similar meme. https://archive.is/4djAU This stalker is implying that @CaptainVG313 is copying her. I looked at @CaptainVG313's Instagram of that meme. The date on it is May 6. https://archive.is/tM634 The date on the one posted by this stalker is May 8. https://archive.is/4djAU So what we have here guys is proof this stalker is trying to trying to defame @CaptainVG313's good character. Thats not all! Apparently the stalker edited that post to remove her burning bridge meme. I think she noticed her blunder. https://archive.is/bx7am Someone is trying to hide their mistake to avoid looking bad. Too bad for her, I archived before I went to work and all. Here's the original post. https://archive.is/MblkL Here is the edited version. https://archive.is/bx7am Stalker replaced https://archive.is/4djAU With https://archive.is/inLT8 The tweet that the stalker shows in the edited version is here. https://archive.is/GmY95 In no way did @CaptainVG313 lie and all. The stalker set out to make it look like she copied her. Stalker figured her blunder and covers it up. Proof is all right here!
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    AMC Theatres Reopening Delayed To End Of July Just wait. This re-opening will change again.
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    Kanye West: Presidential hopeful wants to run the White House like Wakanda This man makes me wonder about his very own mental health. I do firmly believe that Kanye West needs a mental health evaluation. It is indeed China's fault that the coronavirus has gotten so far out of control.
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    Would you rather do without your phone for a week or no showers for a week?
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    ‘The Forever Purge’ Will Now Release in Theaters Summer 2021 FINALLY a release date.
  27. 7 points
    Sean Astin, Tami Stronach, & Christopher Lloyd to Star in Fantasy Film Man & Witch I remember Tami Stronach as the Childlike Empress!
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    Kanye West Is Running For President This has got to be a f**king joke!
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    Jeffrey Dean Morgan in Talks for Potential Future Role on Amazon’s “The Boys” Count me in as a regular watcher.
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    Premiere: Saturday June 20, 2020 (8pm-10pm) Network: Lifetime IMDB Page: Official Movie Site: (credit for synopsis to mylifetime.com)
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    John Boyega, Felicity Jones & More Join New Thriller Film Borderland Sounds like it might be interesting.
  32. 7 points
    'Beavis and Butt-Head' Returning With Two New Seasons (and Spinoffs) at Comedy Central FINALLY these two return
  33. 7 points
    Disney Villains Invade the Real World in ‘Goosebumps’-esque Middle Grade Horror Series ‘Disney Chills Talk about chillin' like a villain.
  34. 7 points
    Revival: Mike Flanagan Offers Update on His New Stephen King Film I can definitely dig that!
  35. 7 points
    New Candyman Promo: A Story Like That Lasts Forever "Tell everyone....." the way it is said at the end of the promo..... is creepy. I LOVE IT!
  36. 7 points
    Cobra Kai Moving From YouTube to Netflix That would be so cool! I hope this means we might even get a 4th season.
  37. 7 points
    New Scream Movie Officially Set to Be Released by Paramount in 2021 My guess is late 2021.
  38. 7 points
    Joseph Kosinski in Talks to Helm Twister Reboot at Universal This leaves doubt that this movie will even happen, but I hope it does.
  39. 7 points
    Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries Reboot Gets Premiere Date & Episode Details Mark your calendars!
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    I just noticed something that I don't think you did. Someone forgot to photoshop this conversation to make it look like it was you. Seeing as to how twisted this is getting, I am betting the classic "it's a sock" claim will be made to cover that blunder.
  41. 7 points
    Production Begins on Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse 2! It's about time!
  42. 7 points
  43. 7 points
    It's a sad thing, but so many bullies will use their LGBT friends and family as a cover for LGBT bashing another and say "I couldn't possibly".
  44. 6 points
    What's everyone's job status and all right now? Did this stupid Coronavirus cost you your job?
  45. 6 points
    Here's what I understand. Why is Officer Nolan being framed? Why him? How will he get out of it?
  46. 6 points
    The Wonder Years: ABC Developing Reboot Series With Black Family It will be interesting to see how this show plays out.
  47. 6 points
    Stranger Things Season 4 Looking to Restart Production in September Let's hope for the best and no more delays.
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    Having Coronavirus is not what I would call a good day.
  49. 6 points
    My guess is she is doing so to boost her follower and like numbers.
  50. 6 points
    Proof positive that this woman is actively trying to make @CaptainVG313 look terrible.
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