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    The only time I said anything about this whole matter was a tweet I posted in which I stated I liked the actor, but just not his character Buck. I also put a sad emoji by the last sentence because I was disappointed an actor I liked was making a joke of me. Regardless of his intent, he came across that way. I actually got a tweet from the actor who plays Buck. I wasn't really paying attention to alot of tweet's. I caught my friend @Retra_Alice_U's tweet defending me. Some I ignored. Some people I had to block because they were targeting me very abusively. So I never saw the tweet that was deleted. Because of the character Buck's behavior in regarding him wanting to sue the city, fire department, and Bobby... I began to detest him. THE CHARACTER, not the actor. I began to voice it. Others did as well. A few people chose to harass and threaten me just because I started to not like Buck (character not the actor). Much of it was in DM on Twitter. I figured it would all die down eventually if I just kept blocking people posting nasty tweets and sending nasty messages. A few people accused me of "Hating on Oliver" just because at that time I didn't like Buck. While I do have autism, I am not stupid. I know the difference between ACTOR and CHARACTER. It's possible to like an actor, but dislike one of his/her characters. But yet some people will still falsely accuse someone of hating on the actor, because someone dislikes a character. Not long ago I noticed this. While I have shown distaste for Buck (not the actor), I never once said the character Buck or the actor Oliver should be written off the show. Not once have I said a bad word about the actor, Oliver Stark. What I said in the tweet shown above would in no way come close to bad mouthing him. After this tweet was posted I received many nasty DMs on Twitter. I lost count after 85. But yet I go about my business. Why... because I don't let anyone run my life via their actions and/or words. Of all the Buck fanatics that chose to viciously attack me, only one DMed me pleasantly. I almost missed that DM because I have been reporting and blocking those sending me nasty messages. This person didn't want to be named, so I will respect their request. They don't me they took a thorough look at my tweets and noticed I was telling the truth when I mentioned I liked Buck alot up until he decided to sue the city, fire department, and Bobby. He even pointed out some tweets he found. Then I was asked "Do you think you will like Buck again?". All I said was "It's possible" I started to not like him for a reason and if that reason goes away... who knows?". One thing many people fail to realize is with TV characters that there will be times we love them and times we hate them or want them (The characters not the actors) to rot or burn in Hell. Just because someone dislikes a character now, doesn't mean they will dislike them forever. Another thing. Just because someone expresses alot of dislike about a character, does not mean they want them off the show or they think it is a "bad character". Yes, I dislike Buck ALOT right now. No I don't think he should be off the show. He's a good character on the show. He's been loved. He's been hated. He's been pitied. Some have cried for him. He's (Buck) brought out all of the emotions. That makes a character interesting. Just because I dislike Buck, doesn't mean I don't find him interesting. Above I spoke of the fact that I liked Buck up to a certain point. Which, to be exact, was towards the end of the episode of 9-1-1 on October 14, 2019. Below I shall show some tweets, old and new, showing and proving that up until October 14, 2019 I adored Buck. The above tweets are just a small handful of pro-Buck tweets on my profile prior to when I began to dislike him (the character, not the actor). If any of those who targeted me for harassment and sent me threatening messages had bothered to check they would have seen them and more. Those with common sense and decency would see that... 1) I adored Buck up until a certain point. 2) I never said that Buck should be off the show. 3) Based on tweets prior to disliking Buck and why I started disliking him...that it's possible I'll start liking him again after some time of him not doing what he did for me to dislike him. Speaking about the character, not the actor. Alot of people chose to attack first. Without looking into anything. Some people lied to infuriate some Buck fans so there would be more attacking me. Some went as far as creating fake tweets, posting pics of them just to justify their vicious attacks. Attacking someone because they don't like a character or criticize it is not only immature, but also bullying. I am in no way saying all Buck fans are bad people or bullies. Just the ones attacking people over their opinion of the character. I never said Buck should be written off the 9-1-1 show and other things claimed that I said (that I didn't). I know the truth. I and those close to me know I never said what's been claimed about me and that is enough for me.
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    You are alot bigger of a person than I would have been. Oliver Stark shouldn't have posted that tweet claiming you said something that you didn't. He was out of line there.
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    UPDATE#3 (as of 10/23/2019 at 9:38pm ET) I took it upon myself to send "ActorA" a series of tweets in what I thought of his behavior regarding his attack upon "PersonA". I was in no way attacking "ActorA" Although I am quite sure the obsessed "CharacterA" fans will attempt to make it seem as such. My purpose of my series of tweets was to tell my side and defend "PersonA" to lies being told by "ActorA", whom has crossed the line to becoming a bully.
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    The CW Is Replacing ‘Arrow’ With ‘Green Arrow And The Canaries’ Atleast Mia Smoak will be around.
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    Blizzard faces an impossible choice, but choose it must Thanks to all who participate in #BoycottBlizzard, we are all being heard. Never let up. Don't give up. #BoycottBlizzard forever! That's because Blizzard has no values. They say they do, but do not show it. That's because Blizzard values that Chinese money. And let's not forget they ban anyone from their Twitch channels if anything close to "Hong Kong" is mentioned. So of course, Blizzard doesn't want to do anything to upset China. I do wonder how China would take it if people used many of Blizzard's products and plastered FREE HONG KONG (or similar) all over them. So Blizzard will do ANYTHING to stay in China's good graces. To make more of an impact, we should stamp FREE HONG KONG and LIBERATE HONG KONG on something from every Blizzard product and game. The more we cover, the more it will affect Blizzard. The gaming community shouldn't be looking to Blizzard for leadership. They're censorship hell. Right now I smile because people are finally seeing Blizzard Entertainment for what they are all of you who read this...I encourage you to start putting LIBERATE HONG KONG and FREE HONG KONG on any and all Blizzard games and products. This will help make more of an impact. Don't let up. Don't give up. Never surrender.
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    When, do you think, is the proper time to start... 1. Putting out Christmas merchandise in stores? 2. Putting up a Christmas tree in the home and decorate it? 3. Putting up Christmas decorations in your home? 4. Showing Christmas movies on TV? 5. Putting up Christmas lights outside your house? 6. Buying Christmas presents?
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    Forget about him. He's not worth another thought. There are better actors out there with an actual comprehension of the difference between actor and character.
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    Something is wrong with these people, I swear
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    I've blocked all of those idiots. I have better things to worry about than a bunch of clowns.
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    These people lie every time they open their mouth. I'm sorry I ever played any of their stupid games back in 2008.
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    I know you still like him. I do not understand why after this, but I cannot be a fan of someone that treats people this way over a character dislike.
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    Walking Dead Season 10'S Satellite Can Lead To Maggie's Return One can only hope. Anyone with theories?
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    Luckily I'm nice when I'm drunk.
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    I don't think Blizzard cares to listen to Congress. To Blizzard, the only voice that matters are their own and China's.
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    At the end of last night's episode of Chicago Med, Dr Manning went in Lucas's room and locked the door to keep the parents out so she good give him an antibiotic drip. Did she go too far?
  16. 2 points
    I did a small search on Twitter in reference to what was shown here. These fans of Character A are absolutely terrible to anyone they don't agree with.
  17. 2 points
    You do good there. Be careful. I think Actor A has a severe truth allergy.
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    "Person I" spoke alot of truth. Actor A is turning into a real d**chebag.
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    Words can't describe how toxic that fanbase is.
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    Is PersonB psycho or something? He seems a bit obsessed with that CharacterA/ActorA. Seriously trying to get someone attacked because she doesn't like CharacterA. Low blow and so childish.
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    I know exactly which actor you are talking about. I am very disappointed he would poke fun at another being targeted.
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    Blizzard under fire as pro WoW team shares horrible BlizzCon experience Simply put, Blizzard lied to and mislead their own faithful community. This only adds to the mounting reasons why many are boycotting Blizzard or just stop singing their praises. Excuses excuses. Always excuses with Blizzard Entertainment.
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    Negan Gets a New Follower in The Walking Dead Episode 10.05 Promo
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    For any and all of 2019's tropical/subtropical development advisories.
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    Blizzard Entertainment's corruption runs deep.
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    They are terrible people. I was there to protest with my mother. We were peacefully protesting. Blizzard Employees that walked by gave us the worst looks. One even called me a "skeezy c**t" and I am 16! I don't do drugs. I study and get good grades.
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    I have been wondering if you would speak up about this whole matter. I am glad you did.
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    Brandon Routh Says Goodbye to DC's Legends of Tomorrow This completely sucks!
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    I think this song is older than me!
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    I hated her, but I didn't want her to die. I wanted her to stick around and pay for her crimes.
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    I really hate when I have to explain stuff. It means Green Arrow and the Canaries could conceivably knock Legends out of my favorite show spot.
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  35. 1 point
    I've blocked Actor A and any others involved that I could find. They need to check their behavior not come online until they learn basic courtesy and social skills.
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    Legends' title of my favorite show will now be challenged. What does that tell you?
  37. 1 point
    That is what disgusts me about Actor A.
  38. 1 point
    Actor A should have known better. This says alot about the type of person he is. If someone doesn't like a character of his, he sees it as okay to laugh at attacks against them!
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    Is something wrong with these people? How and when is it ever alright to laugh at a targeted attack on another person?
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    That actor was wrong for replying the way he did. How and when is it ever okay to laugh it up when another attacks someone?
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    Such a devious form of censorship I swear.
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    J'Ula called : "I am very offended you'd compare me to that scum, Blizzard Entertainment!"
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    I am sure Buck will survive, but not without heavy cost.
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