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  2. Blizzard 'has completely changed,' say Diablo's original creators He acts like he is shocked. He shouldn't be.
  3. Blizzard under fire as pro WoW team shares horrible BlizzCon experience Simply put, Blizzard lied to and mislead their own faithful community. This only adds to the mounting reasons why many are boycotting Blizzard or just stop singing their praises. Excuses excuses. Always excuses with Blizzard Entertainment.
  4. Buffalo Wild Wings asked a group to move because a customer didn’t ‘want black people sitting near him.’ The staff has been fired. What happened is very troubling indeed. I am glad the employees involved got fired. Also, I think that very racist customer should be banned for the trouble he caused.
  5. Blizzard president clarifies decision to ban Hearthstone player and two casters over Hong Kong controversy This entire Q and A is BS! That pompous CEO is still trying to make Blitzchung look like the bad guy. If it was a political message Blizzard agreed with then there would be no problem.
  6. QUESTION: Do you think that people whom are severe and/or habitual hypochondriacs should be placed in a mental health facility? Basics on Hypochondriacs 10 Hypochondriac Symptoms 20 Signs you might be a Hypochondriac
  7. That was completely uncalled for. Blizzard Entertainment is beyond hateful.
  8. Blizzard President Apologizes For Mishandling Hong Kong Controversy HE IS NOT SORRY. If he was then... 1) Blizzard wouldn't still be censoring people when Hong Kong is mentioned 2) Blizzard wouldn't have their employees act like victims and falsely imply the Hong Kong Protests here in USA are violent. I could go on all night about how phony that apology was.
  9. After layoffs and a PR disaster, some Blizzard employees are dreading BlizzCon This is pathetic to be honest. Blizzard Entertainment is trying to paint themselves as victims. They are anything but that.
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