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  1. When I logged in for the day, I was still in Ro'Maeve. I used the survival guide there to get back to Sanctuary of Zi'tah. I mounted up and headed to The Boyahda Tree. After I got there, I realized I had NO MAP, but I used my old laptop to look one up. I managed to get the waypoint and homepoint inside The Boyahda Tree. The homepoint was close to the Cloister Of Storms. Once I got that I used my "Warp ring" to get back to RuLuide Gardens in Jeuno. I used the nearby survival guide to get to Dangruf Wadi. While I was there, I picked up the "Dangruf stone" in case it was asked for as part of the Blue Mage job quest. I had to ride up another geyser to get to the North Gustaburg exit. When I exited, I got the waypoint in North Gustaburg. I used my "Warp ring" to get back to RuLudeGardens. I then used the nearby survival guide to get to Gusgen Mines. I got my "Bloody robe". Now this meant I only needed a "Magicked skull" and "Crab apron" to get access to Whitegate. It ws obvious that I was going with the list that contained 3 subjob items from the Selbina side and the 3 from the Mhaura side. When I entered Oldton Movalpolos, I realized I had NO MAP. So I used my "Warp ring" to get back to RuLude Gardens. I went to Lower Jeuno and bought some maps. All remaining ones I could except Grauberg because that one is very easily quested. So easy a caveman could do it.The maps I bought are: Korroloka Tunnel, Kuftal Tunnel, The Boyahda Tree, Ve'Lugannon Palace, Ifrit's Cauldron, Quicksand Caves, Sea Serpent Grotto, Vollbow region, Labyrinth of Onzozo, Uleguerand Range, Attowa Chasm, Pso'Xja, Oldton Movalpolos, Newton Movalpolos, Tavnazia, Aqueducts, Sacrarium, Cape Riverne, Al Taieu, Hu'Xzoi, Ru'Hmet, Nashmau, Wajaom Woodlands, Caedarva Mire, Mount Zhayolm, Aydeewa Subterrane, Mamook, Halvung, Arrapago Reef, Alzadaal Ruins, Bhaflau Thickets, Vunkerl Inlet, Fort Karugo-Narugo. Afterwards I bought some 'Coeurl Meat from the auction house because I know I would need it for Bastok Mission 4-1. I also bought a Snow Lilly for when I went to try to get to Mine Shaft #2716 later. I then used a nearby homepoint to the Alchemy Guild in Bastok Mines. I traded some crystals to the Ephemeral Moogle. Amongst those were some ice clusters. I kept aside the dark cluster because I remember an linkshell member saying they needed them. I bought some "Black Ink" from the guild shop.I remember knowing i would need it for the Whitegate back door quest. I then used the nearest homepoint to go to Mhaura for the "sheet of parchment" that I'd also need for the Whitegate backdoor quest. After using my "Warp ring" to get back to RuLude Gardens, I used the nearby survival guide to get to Gusgen Mines. I did what I needed to do as part of the quest to get access to Adoulin. Then I did what I needed to as part of my quest to get the Teleport-Holla scroll. While I was in the basement of Gusgen Mines for that, I saw Juggler Hecatomb. When I used my "Warp ring" to get back To RuLude Gardens, I headed to Northern San d'Oria to get my Teleport-Holla scroll and pick up the quest for Teleport-Vahzl. Then I went back to Bastok Mines briefly to get a key item from Virnage. Then it was back to Northern San d'oria for my Teleport-Dem scroll. I used the survival guide in Northern San d'Oria to head to Gusgen Mines. I went to Oldton Movalpolos. Io got the survival guide there and then I came across Twinkblix. I realized he wasn't the gob to trade the "Snow Lilly" to. I didn't feel like finding him, so I played his gambling game. I traded him 10,000 gil for my best chance at winning. I won. So I then traded 2,000 gil to him and got transported to Mine Shaft #2716. I exited from there to Newton Movalpolos and got the homepoint there. I then warped back to RuLude Gardens and changed to Thief. I used the nearest survival guide to get to Oldton Movalpolos. Then I exited to North Gustaburg, I mounted up and headed to the Abyssea maw there. After I got my cutscene from it, I headed to Palborough Mines. I got "Quadav fetich head" from the first Amber Quadav I fought and defeated. I ended up getting a "Quadav fetich torso" friom a Greater Quadav on the 2nd floor of Palborough Mines. I was up there for nearly 2 hours dealing with people botting. So I went back downstairs to fight these few Quadavs down there that did drop what I would eventually need for Bastok Mission 3-3. As I was waiting for more Amber Quadavs to spawn, I made a GM call. The GM I spoke to was very nice. I reported the botting. But the GM directed me to a part of their website to report it to their "Special Task Force". That which is RIGHT HERE: https://support.na.square-enix.com/form.php?fo=17&id=20&la=1&p=0 I continued to fight Amber Quadavs on the first floor of Palborough Mines, but the "Quadav fetich legs" were not dropping. However I did get s "Sneak" spell scroll from an Amethyst Quadav, a "Bind" spell scroll from an Amber Quadav, and a "Paralyze" scroll from an Amethyst Quadav. A linkshell member, Djehuty noticed I had been in Palborough Mines for some times and asked what I was up to. By my luck, he had a pair of "Quadav fetich legs" and told me he would send them to me. I immediately used my "Warp ring" to get out of there and back to RuLude Gardens. I asked Djehuty if he needed a "Dark Cluster". He said he could so I sent it to him and the "Snow Lilly" I had. I had no more use for that so I figured, why not. Right as I was in my mog house in Jeuno, I noticed a linkshell member, Bulletsaint, was offering to PL people in Escha-Zi'tah. I thought why not. She added me to a group. I changed back to my Dancer job. We both then went to Escha Zi'Tah. We both went to around Eschan Portal #6. On the way we stopped so I could get Eschan Portals #3 & #5. I thought I grabbed #6, but I found out later I didn't. We fought some Eft type mobs and some Bugard type. Well she had me follow her around as I kept using Spectral Jig so I wouldn't get killed. Exp was slow because of alot of people there. Bulletsaint made a comment about The Boyahda Tree. I mentioned I had the waypoint and homepoint into there. Nearly right away she said she would meet me there. We both got out of Escha-Zi'Tah quick. As soon as I appeared in RuLude Gardens, I used the nearby homepoint to get to The Boyahda Tree. We went to the part of The Boyahda Tree that had those big Puks and some Crawlers. It was the high level ones. There were some people there, but not that many. Then it got to be too many. I was level capped luckily. I accepted the quest to do my 3rd limit break. Bulletsaint offered to help me with it. That which I was very greatful. First stop for my limit break 3 quest was Davoi. Best to get the most frustrating out of the way. Luckily she had a "Crimson orb" key item. Otherwise Davoi would be out. After I got the "Orchish crest" I realized that at some point, a spell scroll for "Absorb-AGI" dropped for me. She let me keep it. I used my "Warp ring" to get back to RuLude Gardens. I then used the nearby survival guide to get to Castle Oztroja. Bulletsaint and I took a minor detour. She wanted to kill some Yagudo. I didn't mind because I love mass killings in games. Then it came time for the trap door and guessing 3 passwords. I looked uop a list. and kept at it. It took 20 minutes, but I did it. Then we dropped down. I was close to getting the "Yagudo crest". Bulletsaint went on a Yagudo killing spree, which I love. She and a random person, who was in the area, wiped out the Yagudo quick. I was greatful. Then I made my way to the "???" to get the "Yagudo Crest". As soon as I got it, I made sure to use my "Warp ring" to get out of there before anything could respawn. As I appeared in RuLude gardens in Jeuno, I checked my inventory. Apparently, because of Bulletsaint, I ended up with 4 "Testimony" items for the following jobs: Monk, Ninja, Bard, and White Mage. Also I ended up with 3 Black Mage spells: Tornado, Aeroga 3, Aero 3. I also ended up with something called "Shining Fantasia". I only took a quick look at it. Don't remember what it is or what it is for. Then I used the nearby survival guide to go to Gusgen Mines. I exited and mounted up to head to Pashhow Marshlands. The moment I entered, I got the blue light I needed as part of the quest to get the Summoner job. Then after that a small cutscene with Carbuncle. Apparently that meant I got all the lights... ALTHOUGH I do not recall ever getting the light for the fire element. Then I went into Beadeaux. I got the survival guide as soon as I entered. Bulletsaint joined me a few seconds later. As we ventured in, I got the waypoint there. Then I made sure to touch "The Mute" so that curse thing wouldn't get me. She was kind enough to fight this one NM called "DeVyu Headhunter" for me, which dropped the Quadav Charm I would need for Bastok Mission 4-1... when I get to it. When we got into the Qulun Dome are in Beadeaux, Bulletsaint fought some Quadav mobs. Luckily she did because the Ruby Quadav is Truehearing. Meaning, even if I had Spectral Jig up, it would have still seen and heard me...and killed me. When the opportunity presented itself, I went for the "Quadav crest" and got it. I then used my "Warp ring" to get out of there. When I appeared back in RuLude Gardens, I checked my inventory. Apparently I got some interesting things from when I was in Beadeaux thanks to Bulletsaint: Red Mage Testimony, Flood spell scroll, and Waterga 3 spell scroll. I was greatful. Bulletsaint is a great person and nice to help. The linkshell is lucky to have her. After I officially finished my limit break 3 quest, Bulletsaint offered to help me get to my next level cap. So we went back to Escha-Zi'Tah. I made sure to get Eschan Portal #6 this time. She had me follow her as I stayed invisible via Spectral Jig. There wasn't that many people there. So things went along very smoothly. Bulletsaint was getting tired, so I told her I will just do limit break 4 later and get the exp I need to push me to level 66 and accepting limit break 5 a little bit later on. I then thanked her for her help. II used my "Warp ring" to get back to RuLude Gardens. Then I logged out for the day. Screenshots from playing today: https://www.facebook.com/pg/HannahmontanaFFXI/photos/?tab=album&album_id=312649436071756
  2. Once I logged in I went to the nearest Homepoint, which was infront of the Duke's palace. The first thing I did when I got to South San d'Oria was go to my moghouse. I collected gil from uctions that sold and furniture I bought and sent myself. I put the furniture in my mog safe. Then I exited my mog house. I talked to the artisan moogle to expand my mog sack. No choice since the Gobbie Pack quests don'd do that for me. Luckily, for free, an artisan moogle will expand a person's mog sack up to what the inventory limit is. So if your inventory is at 70 because of Gobbie Pack quests, then the artisan moogle makes your mog sack that. I then went to this moogle near the South San d'Oria auction house. I got a "U" egg. I put a few things up for sale on the auction house. I sold some low level gear to some NPCs. I got some grapes from one NPC and ate them. It was part of some "Gastro Revolution ROE objective. I forget which one. There's a few. I got an Acheron shield with sparks from the ROE vendor in South San d'Oria and sold it to an NPC. Then I got an "E" egg. I then exited out to East Ronfaure and rode my Raptor mount to King Ranperre's Tomb. The moment I entered, I grabbed the Survival Guide. Then I made my way through and exited out to Jugner Forest. I got the waypoint there. I then warped out of there. I appeared in RuLude Gardens since my homepoint was there. I think "homepoint" looks better than "homepoint" unless starting a sentence. I used the near by survival guide to get to LaTheine Plateau, where I got the green light I needed for the Summoner job quest. I mounted up and heading into Jugner Forest where I made my way into Davoi. things there were simple. I got the survival guide in there and then the waypoint. I exited and then got the survival guide in Jugner Forest at the outpost. Then I went to the Abbysea maw and got a cutscene I needed. I then mounted back up to head to Carpenter's Landing to get the survival guide there. I warped back to RuLude Gardens in Jeuno. I used a nearby homepoint to get to South San d'Oria. I got an "N" egg from a moogle near the auction house. I exited to East Ronfaure and rode my mount to Ranguemont Pass. I got the survival guide in Ranguemont Pass. I used "Spectral Jig" to get through and past mobs that could easily kill me. As soon as I entered Beaucedine Glacier, I got the indigo light I needed for the Summoner job quest. I headed towards the area outpost. But before I got to the survival guide, I saw 2 Ice Elementals begging for a butt whooping. I defeated the first one without a problem. The 2nd one lead me into a bunch of mobs. Luckily I survived. I got a "Mythril Beastcoin" as an item drop from one of the goblin mobs that swarmed me. I know I will need that later in Sea Serpent Grotto. I got the survival guide once that crowd of mobs was defeated. I spotted 2 more Ice Elementals. I fought and defeated them for their "Ice Clusters". As I made my way to Fei'Yin, I came upon 2 more Ice Elementals by this lake. I fought them for their ice clusters. I then continued on to Fei'Yin. I entered Fei'Yin and went straight to the first homepoint on that map. Then I went close to the Cloister Of Frost where the other homepoint was in Fei'Yin. I smiled. Mostly because when it came time for the "Prime Fights", they would be a quick teleport away. I warped back to RuLude Gardens in Jeuno. I used the nearby survival guide to go to Beaucedine Glacier. I mounted up and headed straight for Xarcabard. I got the survival guide. I went to the Abyssea maw there right after that. I got the cutscene I needed to get. Then I headed over to get the "Vahzl gate crystal". Then I got "Round frigicite", "Square frigicite", and "Triangular frigicite"...which happened to be my limit break 2 items. Then I decided to go to Uleguerand Range. I decided to get all the homepoints and the waypoint there. 2 of those homepoints I was dreading. They were the last 2 I would get as I went in a counter clockwise motion around Uleguerand Range. For the 4th one I had to slide down some cliffside and hope I fell into the right spot. LUCKILY... I did. That was a relief. As I got it, reality sunk in for the last homepoint to get and that one waypoint. To get to it I knew I could ONLY do so if there was NO ICE WEATHER up. It was my lucky day. The sheet of ice that would have blocked my way, wasn't there. I got my last homepoint and the waypoint without any issue. So I warped back to RuLude Gardens in Jeuno. I used the nearby survival guide to get to Xarcabard. I mounted up and went to Castle Zvahl. I got the survival guide right away, which was very close to the entrance. After that I decided to fight some mobs for the heck of it. Also I figured I would skill up a little bit. Plus I saw some Ice Elementals and...even a Dark Elemental. Only got 1 Dark Cluster from all that. Stingy pricks. I made it to Castle Zvahl Keep without any issues. I got the waypoint shortly after I entered. Then I made my way to the homepoint and got it. I used the homepoint to get to RuLude Gardens. I used the nearby survival guide to get to get to Meriphataud Mountains. A few seconds after I got to Meriphataud Mountains, fire weather was active. Immediately I headed for the nearest zone. I zoned into Sauromugue Champaign. I got the violet light I needed for the Summoner job quest. I zoned back to Meriphataud Mountains. The fire weather was still there, but I got no mini cutscene about a red light. So I figured I may have gotten it before and didn't notice. I then got the waypoint in the area. My next stop was Castle Ostroja. I got the survival guide there and then the waypoint. After I exited Castle Oztroja, I headed to the Sanctuary of Zi'Tah.. I headed straight for the outpost. Once I got the survival guide, I headed to Ro'Maeve. It took a few minutes, but I got to the survival guide there and got it. I was about to log out when Odiin came on. He asked what I was up to. I mentioned a few things I did and was about to go to sleep because I wanted to make sure I was awake for a hockey game. Blues vs Jets. We talked for a bit and I logged out for the day. Screenshots from playing today: https://www.facebook.com/pg/HannahmontanaFFXI/photos/?tab=album&album_id=312225656114134
  3. I can bet so. I know what you'll be doing soon.
  4. Command Tier 6 Ships at Any Level! Good news for those with tier 6 ships. This is quite the great news.
  5. Report: Swamp Thing Shuts Down Production Early in North Carolina Considering this is Warner Bros we are talking about... no surprise.
  6. Right when I logged in I headed to Windurst Waters. The moment I entered, I got a LONG cutscene that had to do with some content.Forgot which expansion it belongs to. I guess I will figure it out later. I bought a "Magicked astrolobe" from Churano-Shurano NPC so I could open doors in Eldieme Necropolis by myself. I then got all the Homepoints and talked to all the NPCs I needed to for "Lure Of The Wildcat". I did the same in Port Windurst and even got the Survival Guide there. I even did a quest that got me a "Justice Badge" item from some kids. Then I finally went back to Ibwam to finish "Lure Of The Wildcat" in Windurst and get my "Green invitation card". I went to Windurst Waters and decided to buy up some "Millioncorn". I then went to Selbina to trade it to the Melyon NPC to get fame for San d'Oria and Bastok. I continued on until I reached maximum fame in both nations. Then I bought some "Cornettes" in Bastok Markets and headed to Yoran-Oran in Windurst Walls. I traded him enough until I maxxed out fame in Windurst. I went back to Port Bastok and got "Tuning fork of earth". I went to Mhaura to get "Tuning fork of Lightning" and activate the waypoint there. I went to Northern San d'Oria to get "Tuning fork of ice". I headed back to Bastok Mines to accept the quest for a "Teleport-Dem" scroll. Then I went back to San d'Oria to accept the quest for "Teleport-Holla" scroll. While I was there, I came across a player named "Discomfort". Then I went back to Windurst Waters to start the quest for "Teleport-Mea scroll. Just after I did, Odiin sent me a tell and asked if I wanted exp. I then took him up on his offer. I met up with Odiin in Escha-Zi'Tah. As he was PLing my Dancer job, he asked why I didn't have a subjob yet. He was honestly the first one to notice. I pretty much said it slipped my mind. As he was PLing my Dancer job, I thought about possibly trying to get to level 99 before getting my subjob. Even after my Dancer job hit 50, he let me stay in the group so I could accumulate sparks. After he was done with the PLing I used some sparks to get "Acheron Shields". I sold them to an NPC for gil. I went to Lower Jeuno. I started the quest to get Adoulin access and then bought items I needed for some Gobbie Pack quests. I was able to do Gobbie Pack quest 5-7. Then I went to RuLude Gardens to talk to Maat in order to start my first limit break quest. As I was heading out to get my items, I got the "yellow" light as a friend of Odiin's (Jamesbirdie) joined the group. The "yellow" light is part of the quest for the Summoner job. Jamesbirdie offered to help me get my items for my limit break 1 quest just as I entered Eldieme Necropolis and got the Survival Guide. I told him I would meet him in Crawler's Nest as I got 1 of the 3 needed: Ancient Papyrus. He came along to Crawler's Nest. He was using his Thief job so he quickly got me my Exoray Mold. Next stop was Garlaige Citadel, which I lovingly love to call Garbage Citadel. I got a key item called "Pouch of weighted stone", which is an item used to self gate breach. Then I got what I needed for the quest to get a scroll of Teleport-Dem". Then I went to get the "Bomb Coal" there by clicking on 3 ??? spots since fighting the mobs for it would be hard for me. I went back to Maat to trade him the three items. Once my level cap was lifted to level 55, I decided to accept some ROEs to push me to level 51. Then I talked to Maat again to accept my limit break 2 quest. Right as Odiin said he was tired, I mentioned I needed my sleep too. So I logged off. Screenshots from playing today: https://www.facebook.com/pg/HannahmontanaFFXI/photos/?tab=album&album_id=311897816146918
  7. Premiere Date: Saturday April 27, 2019 (8:00pm-9:33pm) Network: Lifetime TV IMDB Page: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt10098414 Website: https://www.mylifetime.com/specials/smart-justice-the-jayme-closs-case
  8. Premiere: Friday April 26, 2019 (8pm-10pm) Network: Lifetime Movie Network IMDB Page: Official Movie Site: https://www.mylifetime.com/movies/my-mothers-killer-boyfriend
  9. Upon logging in I went to West Ronfaure to get the Survival Guide there. I used it right away to get to RuLude Gardens in Jeuno. I headed out to Rolanberry Fields to use the Cavernous Maw. Just before I did, I got the Survival Guide there My chance to go back to the past. I saw cute little Cait Sith in a cutscene. I came out to Rolanberry Fields (S). Thank goodness because if it dumped me elsewhere, things could have gotten complicated. I used my mount to get to the Cavernous Maw in Batallia Downs (S). I unlocked the Cavernous Maw there and went to Batallia Downs. I got that Survival Guide and then used the Cavernous Maw to get back to Batallia Downs (S). I then got the Survival Guide there. As I did, I used it to get to present time RuLude Gardens in Jeuno. I went to Upper Jeuno. I noticed the mog powers were back. This time it was: Martial Master, Blood of the Vampyr, and Crystal Caboodle. I then talked to Layla to initiate the Dancer job quest. Then to the mithra NPC beside her. When that was done I went to Port Jeuno to start on the right track to be able to do Abyssea. After this cutscene, I talked to the Joachim NPC. I then realized I forgot to get the "Holla gate crystal". So I went to LaTheine Plateau to get it. Then I headed to San d'Oria. Shortly after I entered South San d'Oria, I saw a character named Lulz. I accepted the San d'Oria "Lure Of The Wildcat" quest despite that I knew I wouldn't be able to finish it until I was on rank mission 2-3 for my home nation. I got Homepoints in Southern San d'Oria. I also picked up a Survival guide in Northern San d'Oria. Even got all the Homepoints.. I got all the Homepoints in Port San d'Oria as well. As I did all that, I talked to the needed NPCs for "Lure Of The Wildcat". Then I went to Lion Springs Tavern as part of the quest for the Dancer job. Then I traded ALOt of "Bat wings" to some NPC in Northern San d'Oria. Then I did the back door mog house quest for San d'Oria. While I was there, I bought more maps: Carpenter's Landing, Beadeaux, Castle Oztroja, Li'Telor region, Bibiki Bay, Eldieme Necropolis, Garlaige Citadel, Elshimo regions, Northlands area, Bostaunieux Oubliette, Toraimarai Canal, Crawler's Nest, Ranguemont Pass, Delkfutt's Tower, Fei'Yin, Castle Zvahl, Kuzotz region, Ru'Aun Gardens, Norg, Temple of Uggalpih, Den of Rancor. I then went about what I needed to do to get my "San d'Oria Trust permit"and learned "Trust: Excenmille". Once I was done in San d'Oria, I used the Survival Guide in Northern San d'Oria to get to Batallia Downs (S). I went to Jugner Forest (S). I got the cutscene I needed, in which I met a younger Layla. When I was done, I headed back to Upper Jeuno to talk to Layla. Then I got my Dancer job. I went back to Port Bastok to talk to the Greeter Moogle. I bought this item with login points so that I could get a Spheroid mount. Then I did the Bastok backdoor quest. I headed to Lower Jeuno. I used some gil to get items to do Gobbie Pack quests 1-4. Afterwards I went back to Port Bastok to talk to Jabbar as part of the quest for Tenshodo membership. I went back to Lower Jeuno to finish the quest. After I got my Tenshodo Membership, I put the "Tenshodo membership card" up for sale on the auction house. I also got a few things. I headed to Upper Jeuno to trade that one item to get my Spheroid mount. I went back to Bastok Market and who and behold, I ran into someone who named their character "Mikepence". I then got some gear and stuff from the ROE NPC named Isakoth. I used the Unity NPC to warp to East Sarutabaruta. I wandered into Horutoto Ruins real quick to get the Survival Guide.. Then I headed to Windurst. I entered Windurst Woods. I talked to the NPC Ibwam to start "Lure Of The Wildcat" for Windurst. I talked to Wetata for a "Green institute card" so I could eventualy get the trust permit for that national. I got the Homepoints in the area and talked to the NPCs i needed to for the Windurst "Lure Of The Wildcat quest". I did the same in Windurst Walls and even did the backdoor mog house quest for that nation as well. While I was in Windurst Walls, I also started the Summoner job quest and got my "Windurst Trust permit" and learned "Trust: Kupipi" as well. I was tired so I logged out right there. Screenshots from playing today: https://www.facebook.com/pg/HannahmontanaFFXI/photos/?tab=album&album_id=311882919481741
  10. Once I logged in, I did what I had to for "Lure Of The Wildcat" in Jeuno and gathered Homepoints. Hmm, "Homepoints" looks better than "Home Points". I also got the Survival Guide in Ru'Lude Gardens. Then I spoke with the Linkshell Conceierge and grabbed a random linkshell pearl to put in my second linkshell slot. I spoke to Anastase so I could get what I needed to be able to begin gathering waypoints. At this time I took notice that I had a linkshell pearlsack for the first linkshell I joined. Cool. I then went back to the NPC Ajithaam in Upper Jeuno to finish "Lure Of The Wildcat" in Jeuno and get my "White invitation card". Then I did what I needed to in order to get my "Chocobo license" and get the ability to summon my own mount. Got a 'Raptor" mount. I traded this item I had form earlier to get a Tiger mount. I went back to Bastok Markets to pick up ""Elshimo Uplands supplies". I bought a "Empress Band" and "Warp ring" with conquest points. Then I got some Acheron Shields with sparks. I sold them to NPCs. I also used come Copper Vouchers to get some currency. Some of which was silt. Then I headed to Port Jeuno. From there I wandered into Qufim. I fought some mobs on my way to get the Homepoint right by the entranceway to Excha-Zi'Tah. I went in to Escha-Zi'Tah to buy maps for Escha-Zi'Tah, Escha-Ru'Aun, and Reisenjima. I then met up with a linkshell member (Lenougue) who offered to PL (powerlevel) my Thief to level 50. We went to an area around portal#2 in the area. He would link Puks and Shadow Dragons together and kill them all at once after he gathered so many. Sadly he had to go when I hit level 40 because he was tired. It was okay. I was greatful just for what he had done so far. I was going to warp back to Bastok, but I was too lazy. I was watching something on TV. Then this guy, Odiin, sent me a tell (private in game char message). He asked if I wanted some exp. I said yes and he offered to take my Thief to level 50. Once it hit 50 he asked if I wanted exp for other jobs. So I went back to Bastok and changed jobs to Warrior. I was never really going to use it for anything other than a subjob eventually. So I figured why not. Besides if I ever did use it, by the time I did I probably could have skilled up some weapons visa another job I would eventually get. Once Warrior got to level 50, I brought back Black Mage. I figured since I love to set things on fire, I would skill up just having fun. After that he told me he just wanted to get his son's character to level 99. I thanked him for the help. I went back to Bastok. I changed jobs to my Thief. I used the Survival Guide in Bastok Mines to go to Valkurm Dunes really quick. I used my mount to get me to LaTheine Plateau. I got the Survival Guide there. Once I got to around the LaTheine plateau Abyssea maw, I logged out to get some sleep. Screenshots from playing today: https://www.facebook.com/pg/HannahmontanaFFXI/photos/?tab=album&album_id=311879646148735
  11. Movie Title: "The Croods 2" Release Date: December 23, 2020 Movie Website: IMDB Page: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2850386 Feel free to discuss anything, or even post some articles, about the upcoming "The Croods 2" movie.
  12. Samus Aran

    Sing 2 {7/2/2021}

    Universal Shifts Release Dates for The Croods and Sing Sequels This sucks that we have to wait so long.
  13. Samus Aran

    Sing 2 {7/2/2021}

    Movie Title: "Sing 2" Release Date: July 2, 2021 Movie Website: IMDB Page: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6467266 Feel free to discuss anything, or even post some articles, about the upcoming "Sing 2" movie.
  14. A Boy Called Christmas Casts Kristen Wiig, Sally Hawkins & Maggie Smith I'm looking forward to it.
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