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  1. Happy Birthday :bday6:

    1. Stacey L

      Stacey L

      Happy birthday Sophie. I like your style.

    2. Albedo P.
    3. Dark Raider Sophie

      Dark Raider Sophie

      At least something is happy today, because I guarantee you someone else isn't.

  2. Not that it's any of our concern. A good friend of ours left the Olympic movement in 2018.
  3. Anyone who has to ask that question needs to look at current events to see why.
  4. Welcome to the forum. :smile2:

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    2. Supergirl


      Welcome. Enjoy.

    3. Dark Raider Sophie

      Dark Raider Sophie

      Considering the state of this planet, I need some semblence of sanity. 

    4. The Monitor

      The Monitor

      DRS, you should be playing Star Trek Online.

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