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  1. Politically correct garbage. It was doomed to failure from the very start.
  2. I know what someone else would say. That he has other concerns to worry about.
  3. And how do they presume on having a second season when everyone and their grandmother is hiding from a virus?
  4. Happy birthday to our @Dark Raider Diane.

    1. Albedo P.

      Albedo P.

      Happy birthday.

  5. Where do I get started with this? We are in an apocalypse, folks, whether people like it or not. The fact that people behave this way proves it.
  6. Welcome to DWZM. :smile3:

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    2. Dark Raider Diane

      Dark Raider Diane

      Yes, well, we do try. 

    3. Stacey L

      Stacey L

      We don't have much to do, but since many of us are homebound, no excuse to not work on a good sense of style. :dance1:

    4. Dark Raider Diane
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