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  1. Fans before profits. Good show of their morality.
  2. There is a special place in hell for those who wish others die from Coronavirus.

  3. When someone speaks the truth about her, she claims photoshop. But it is okay for her to lie and photoshop to slander those known to her victims. What a disturbed woman.
  4. It will be delayed. Don't kid yourself.
  5. Anytime I encounter one of those people, I thank them. Anytime I see someone being rude to one of them, I won't hesitate to draw attention to them "Excuse me, but these people are putting their lives at risk and you have the f**king nerve to act that way". Something like that.
  6. She is what she is. People like that never change. There's a special place in hell for those who wish a pandemic kills others.
  7. Welcome!

    1. Liv


      Totes welcome. :smile1:

  8. The Last of Us and Saints Row 4 is what I want. I would say Final Fantasy VII, but $60 per episode, no thanks.
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