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  1. You know how they say revenge is a dish best served cold? Well, they got served a frosty dose with this.
  2. It's about damn time you come on over. Your presence is very much welcomed.

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    2. Vice Admiral Elle

      Vice Admiral Elle

      Meanwhile, we're watching Crisis again.

    3. Liv


      Totes awesome! But I wish my dad didn't accidentallyn delete the Crisis episodes.

    4. Vice Admiral Elle
  3. Welcome to our domain. :welcome6:

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    2. CaptainVG313


      That's good. Then those non-essentials labeled as essential can get some time off.

    3. Vice Admiral Elle

      Vice Admiral Elle

      I sure hope so. 

    4. CaptainVG313


      Dear Cuomo,

      Pull your head out of your a**. You'll be able to think more clearly.


      NEW YORK

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