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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY :bday4:

  2. Almost from the start, Fitzwell properties was working on targeting people they thought would be gullible.
  3. Please let this be the last response to this terrible business. They are trying to provoke you into saying something they can use to hurt your credibility. They are bad people. They've likely done this to others and silenced them.
  4. I get the distinct impression they're trying to scare you, but in a vague way. You've been nothing but honest in your review here and on the BBB website. I think they want you to delete this review here because they think it will hurt their chances to take advantage of some.
  5. He's leaving everyone else to deal with the consequences.
  6. The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers Scores Season 2 Renewal at Disney+ I never had any doubt.
  7. Doogie Kamealoha, M.D. Opening Credits Sets Disney+ Premiere Date It's about time.
  8. A good and honest business doesn't offer so much below a house's value. A good business will offer close to it, improve the property, and then sell for a big profit. A smart and good business anyway.
  9. That company has a serious problem! First they harass you with many mailings. Then they keep trying to follow you on social media. You block them. You ask them to leave you alone. Then they join here? They are only making themselves look worse. I'm surprised they haven't photoshopped anything yet or had something made that they'd call authenticated.
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