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  1. How Space Station and Moon Missions Will Prep Astronauts for Mars Without getting into a long paragraph, I'll sum it up like this. There is alot more we need to do and studies that need to be done before we can consider going to Mars.
  2. Very smart choices. Here's some precautions that I urge. 1. Never give your address to someone you have never met face to face. 2. When meeting someone, insist on a public place. 3. If you give your phone number out to someone on a dating app, use a texting app. If they end up a creep, easy to lose them text wise. Just burn the number or use a different texting app until you can. 4. If a person is pushing hard to come over to your place after you tell them "not now", "another time", or "let's meet in public first" cease contact. They are likely someone that will try for more than some casual meet and greet. 5. Avoid giving out too much personal information. 6. If you send a picture of yourself, only send what you have posted on social media. If they try photoshopping your head on a nude body to blackmail you, you can more easily prove it. 7. Have a friend come along for your first meet and greet if you meet someone. Have them hang around close by watching.
  3. Bayley had to wait until Charlotte was down and out. How can she honestly defend that title considering that?
  4. Samoa Joe knows how to hold a grudge. This isn't over.
  5. I would have rather had Daniel Bryan and Erik Rowan win.
  6. I can see you telling everyone "No excuses."
  7. Off the Coast of Portugal, the Earth's Crust Might Be Peeling in Two Interesting and deserves further study.
  8. Mysterious 'Sub-Neptunes' Are Probably Water Worlds But it remains to be seen how many of which are habitable.
  9. I get their reasons for striking, but they can be easily replaced and quickly.
  10. Can't change the Bill of Rights. f**k gun control!
  11. 2011 was a messed up year. That's for sure.
  12. Sharknado 3
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