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  1. Cosmic Record Holders: The 12 Biggest Objects in the Universe The article is long, but worth the read. It is fascinating to know how big some of these objects are.
  2. I won't give attention to Christmas before October.
  3. Why Pluto Isn’t A Planet - And Might Become One Again We need to just declare Pluto a planet again and get it over with!
  4. Pluto Still Deserves to Be a Planet, NASA Chief Says This article was worth the read. Very enlightening. I think the IAU has their heads up their a**es.
  5. My husband is a good man and I'm lucky to have him.
  6. 5 years prison time minimum. Full reimbursement to rescue efforts for the pet. $10,000 fine. Court order barring the individual from owning or caring for another pet for the rest of their lives.
  7. Casey N.

    Twisting the Tale

    He tried to turn an innocent statement into something of some huge thing. Then tried to humiliate Samus. He owes her an apology, but I don't think he has the integrity to do so.
  8. Casey N.

    Twisting the Tale

    He comes across as looking to pick a fight.
  9. Casey N.

    Twisting the Tale

    I do not see how that A Cat person could have taken this as our Samus suggesting something harmful.  Here Samus saying Simon can't have Tuna. Then later saying give him treats. The phrase "treats", can mean anything. To some cats, a lengthy back rub is a treat. Extra attention can be a treat. The bottom line is A Cat here grossly mistook things and attacked an innocent person.
  10. If you read my blog, "Defamation of Great Character", you'll understand why he's banned and not welcome. In short he attacks people, plays innocent. He lies and tries to cover it. He's made claims in that DM I posted that he contradicted in the attacking posts I deleted. He's a troublemaker that puts on a face of being all about love. But to a few people, he is violent, threatening, and/or nasty.
  11. I hope you had a great birthday yesterday.

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