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  1. I've heard the number is at 10 right now for fatalities.
  2. By Twitter rules, when someone is "permanently suspended" they are not allowed to have another account. If they create another, even if they do nothing wrong, it can get suspended. Any account after that as well. This man did this to himself with lies he has told and derogatory remarks towards women like "twat" and "heifer". Slurs towards the female gender. This man is manipulative and plays the victim card well. For me, he's not worth another thought. There's more important things in life than two faced people like him.
  3. That's putting it mildly. He will be super nice to some, but very nasty to others.
  4. He did. It is now suspended.
  5. He just got his new one suspended. This man needs some therapy to help him figure out his needs to attack a select few, make such horrible comments about some women, and why he feels the needs to lie about good people.
  6. his violent tendencies are disturbing. He should just stay offline until he gets his anger under control.
  7. He created a new Twitter profile. It was the same as the previous, but with a "_" at the end. That is now suspended. He should learn to stop referring to some women as heifers, twats, and c**ts. He also needs to stop lying about people. That's what is getting him in trouble.
  8. He doesn't scare me one bit. He's nothing more than a liar and a backstabber.
  9. His scare tactics failed miserably. He's not going to scare M off of social media.
  10. David Gordon Green Promises That ‘Halloween Ends’ Will Indeed End *This* Michael/Laurie Story A definite hint at more Halloween to come, but just not in this story.
  11. Marsquakes Come in Multiple Flavors. Here's What We Know So, "Marsquakes" last longer.
  12. SpaceX Launches Used Dragon Capsule on Historic 3rd Cargo Run to Space Station Let's hope for many more and more progress.
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