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  1. (Dislikes) 1. Will complain she was bullied by royal family, but stay very quiet about how she sees her fans treat others if they don't worship her on their level. 2. Will expect other to take responsibility for what they do, but rarely takes responsibility for what she says and does. 3) the way she ignores her own father much of the time. 4) So much more drama with the royal family since she came along. 5) being with Prince Harry for as long as she was, she knew what royal life would mean. But once she and Prince Harry were married she acted clueless. 6) While Prince Harry was a little wild and somewhat estranged from his family before Meghan Markle, he became more so after meeting her. (Likes) None. Sorry.
  2. "Hello sir. Can I have all your social media handles please. As police it is more important for us to know than to work on solving important crimes."
  3. She has that entitled attitude I'd love to see wiped off of that face of hers.
  4. Let that response be your last one. If they send you anything else, document it.
  5. Judging from the reviews, I have to ask if they intentionally target people they see as vulnerable.
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