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  1. Just saw the CW's coming TV schedule. Awful. 

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    2. Mandy Girl

      Mandy Girl

      @Ciara  @Stargirl

      That new schedule is awful! Good grief. Did someone take a weed whacker to it?

    3. PF Kristy

      PF Kristy

      None of us are happy about it.

    4. Madea The Wise

      Madea The Wise

      We shouldn't have to wait until 2021.

  2. I'm here. Let my story begin. 

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    2. PF Kristy

      PF Kristy

      I was held up. 

    3. Lex


      Well hello. :evil9:

    4. Dark Queen

      Dark Queen

      So glad you finally made it.

  3. Welcome to the DWZM forums, @Stargirl.


    1. PF Kristy

      PF Kristy

      I'm here, as they say in the movies. 

    2. Buffy



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