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  1. His wife is making him educate himself. I shall do the same with mine. Education our mouth taped shut. Guess which he chose.
  2. Man on trial for fiancée’s murder after KFC receipt links him to killing I think the man and his lover are guilty of the murder.
  3. ‘Dramatic change’ in weather could bring snow to NYC this week I think there might be a few light furies, but not much of a snowfall.
  4. Ukrainian adoptee accused by Indiana parents of being a 33-year-old woman speaks out I think I will watch Dr Phil on Thursday as well as do some research before I form my opinion.
  5. I have tried to understand what this woman's problem is to no avail. There is nothing that would justify her response. As a sexual assault advocate, she should not be attacking others online in this manner.
  6. His behavior was shameful to say the least.
  7. This is why I stopped watching 9-1-1 last year. Many of those whom are fans of this "Actor A" will abuse others who do not like his character on the show. The fanbase is too toxic. People like Person B should stay off social media until they can learn some basic ways on how to treat others.
  8. I am getting rather tired of hearing about Greta Thunberg. I would listen to her, but I make a point of not listening to anyone who thinks that yelling crazy accusations wih "how dare you".
  9. My husband wants to watch this marathon. I am stuck watching it with him. It has been awhile since I had watched these movies.
  10. Same too. The more that leave Blizzard, the better. People deserve better than a dictatorship mentality from a gaming company.
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