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  1. The synopsis for this movie is very interesting. Quite unique. I am very much looking forward to seeing it.
  2. I've read a synopsis for this movie. I am predicting that Lena will kill atleast 2-3 people in order to keep Mallie/Emily? in her grasp.
  3. It was very nice to see Maiara Walsh on the side of good in this movie. She played her part as Jules, very well. Morgan was a stupid villain. It was obvious in the beginning she was very shady.
  4. I had no idea that this movie was a sequel to Stalkers Prey until about halfway through. It was very enjoyable and delightful.
  5. I thought Olivia was the crazy one, but it turns out that she was the sane one the entire time. I love how Lifetime kept me guessing.
  6. I don't think it will be much longer because she was brought home so that when she dies, she can do so surrounded by those whom love her.
  7. Already registered.
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