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  1. I never would have thought you would have picked Katherine McNamara.
  2. This is 3 collections. One for arcade classics. One for Contra. One for Castlevania.
  3. When the movie first started, I somehow thought Nikki was the victim of something rather unfair, but I quickly learned otherwise. The movie was quite good.
  4. Spirit Airlines booted teen from flight without mom's knowledge, lawsuit alleges I highly doubt that. Had it been true, they would have asked the teen if she was traveling with anyone.
  5. DoubleTree hotel apologizes for sign refusing service to military members during post-deployment ceremony: ‘Very offensive’ People who show such prejudice regarding our service members do not deserve the job they have in which they service them.
  6. Cop's widow allegedly stole $410G from NYPD charity, used cash for tuition and Streisand tickets Anyone whom steals from police officers is scum of the Earth.
  7. This is truly a tragic event. That young woman had her life ahead of her.
  8. I am still trying to wrap my head around this fact and if it is even a fact at all.
  9. The first time I used Movie Pass, I booked a ticket to the movie I wanted to see. Sadly you have a half hour to pick up the ticket at the theatre. Never a problem for me travel time wise. But one time when I reserved my spot and tried to pick up my ticket 10 minutes later, I was informed that I could not pick up my ticket and Movie Pass wasn't available for that movie. Also the constant changing things around combined with this further shows how unreliable Movie Pass truly is.
  10. Remember Captain Marvel, hater or her own race, will be the center of attention for Avengers Endgame.
  11. Watching the news.

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