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  1. Illegal immigrant expected to face murder charges in Nevada killing spree This only further reinforces why we need the border wall.
  2. UPS driver rescues dog from icy Montana pond mid-route This was truly an admirable act of bravery.
  3. I doubt anyone would argue that point.
  4. This needs to be a felony charge on that man's record.
  5. It has become a freak show of sorts.
  6. That is a common trail of NFL players nowadays.
  7. Cruise passenger banned from Royal Caribbean for life after jumping from ship to give friends 'a good laugh' I can understand the banning, but legal action?
  8. They need to figure why some have succeeded and others have failed.
  9. I am in North Carolina for the time being until Monday night. What would be a good time for me to view?
  10. Zenon

    (FOUND ALIVE) MISSING: Jayme Closs

    Jayme Closs kidnapping suspect decided to take teen after seeing her get off a school bus What this poor girl went through is horrific. I think that due to the nature of his crimes, this man should be sentenced to the death penalty.
  11. McDonald’s employee in Kansas gifted new car by frequent customer This was truly a kind act to help this wonderful woman.
  12. Meet Alpha and Beta in New The Walking Dead Season 9B Teaser This is nothing short of terrifying.
  13. I was wondering what would become of Dwight.