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  1. This movie was well worth the wait. I wish that Stanley and Eddie survived. Even though they didn't, everything was enjoyable.
  2. Zenon

    Twisting the Tale

    It baffles me as to how this person can't see where they fell short.
  3. He has said he is not hateful and has used the fact that he is gay as a reason he cannot be hateful. It disgusts me how many people believe everything he says.
  4. So she is very vital to the mission. Got it.
  5. I did not expect Tony to borderline on inappropriate so soon in the movie. It shows in the manner in which he looks at and watches over Heaven.
  6. Far-left Antifa 'working toward a political revolution,' attack victim Andy Ngo tells Laura Ingraham In other words, Antifa are terrorists. They terrorize people to get them on their side in their twisted ideals.
  7. Democrats dub Supreme Court's border wall ruling 'regrettable' and 'nonsensical' They can be disappointed all they want because we need that border wall built to help in keeping out the illegal immigrants.
  8. I can say what you have all said in one simple sentence. This man is a manipulative, two-faced, spiteful bully.
  9. How important is Eliza Taylor really?
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