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  1. Rugby player who swallowed garden slug as dare has died, 8 years after health nightmare began I was rather happy when he lived from the ordeal and woke up. He shouldn't have died from this. He didn't deserve it.
  2. What needs to happen is bullies need to face punishments that fit their crime. For example: If a bully costs someone their job, the bully should be forced to monetarily compensate the victim until 2 months after they find a job. If this puts the bully out of house and home, tough. Then they should have thought about about it before bullying.
  3. US woman develops salmonella in breast implant after trip to Cancun I have never heard of it happening in a breast implant.
  4. New Jersey train passenger filmed sanding his foot with power tool Looks as if New Jersey has a loon.
  5. Senate votes to advance Kavanaugh nomination, setting up final vote for Saturday Let's keep our fingers crossed.
  6. This article appears to be nothing more than a piece to shove in our faces that Pluto was denounced and they're looking for a replacement planet nine.
  7. My concern about this mission is how much of the high heat temperatures can this probe withstand.
  8. Zenon

    {September2018} It's okay to be single?

    I'm married, so this will be hard to answer. I firmly believe that when it comes to being single, there is nothing wrong with it. Why should someone get married or have kids due to social pressure? Getting married or having kids should be a choice made by those in the relationship.
  9. Georgia Subway customer impersonates cop, threatens to shoot employees over extra cheese charge This man should do jail time for impersonating an officer of the law.
  10. Mom claims United Airlines flight attendant scolded her for crying baby That flight attendant behaved very poorly. In taking her job, she should know that she would be encountering crying children and upset passengers.
  11. I think we need to focus more on the positive when it comes to the military.
  12. 300,000 sign petition backing bus driver who slapped child, 12, for running into street This is one of those matters where it is hard to voice an opinion. If a person says the kid deserved it, they are labeled as condoning child abuse. If people say the kid didn't deserve it, they are labeled as condoning bad behavior by the child.
  13. I tried something similar in 2016 for someone that was evacuatting to Matthew. I left a note with an envelope with $50 to help with gas money. The woman grabbed the note. She yelled at me continuing to tell me I have some nerve to leave a note about her parking when she was in a rush to go. I simply told her to read it. She got quiet. She did. I walked away.
  14. Vietnam War veteran donates life-saving kidney to fellow US airman after reuniting nearly 50 years later This is one of the reason I have a high admiration for vets. They do their best for their country and for each other.