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  1. Delaying the movie was so pointless.
  2. Here's what confuses me. Supposedly Bill and Ted have this destiny to fulfill and they united the world with there music. But now it's their daughters??????
  3. It's stupid to go away with someone and not tell anyone where you're going.
  4. I don't feel sorry for Angela. She cheated. I'd never be so damn dumb as to cheat if I thought my mate cheated. Stupidity.
  5. Bridget deserves no sympathy. She put herself in a bad spot knowing what would happen. What an attention wh**e.
  6. Happy 30th birthday.


    1. Shelley's Frankenstein
    2. Negan


      Happy birthday.

    3. Alice


      I hope that your birthday went well.

  7. Those who won't shut up about defunding the police, should think about what happens when the police aren't properly funded.
  8. Those first 2 movies are great. The 3rd one should have the same heart.
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