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  1. For Life never should have been cancelled. Rebel never should have been put on air.
  2. Tony Todd is still acting? Good! I like him in all of his movies.
  3. A bit of mystery and action. I think I'm going to like this.
  4. It looks like something that will last a few seasons.
  5. Count on it happening. In no version do they live.
  6. I read everything. I mean everything. It's very clear that the main problem here is WeAreInOur20s and her inability to handle certain things. She can't seem to stand it when someone isn't a fan of Summer Newman. She also can't handle being ignored by someone she is trolling. By WeAreInOur20s involving others and lying to them, it shows what kind of person she is. Right now, that's not a good one. Those blinded to her bad behavior are fellow Summer fans. Them listening to her lies and going after those she lies about make them as bad as she is. I hope WeAreInOur20s stays off or social media until she seeks therapy to deal with her obvious anger issues. Not once did WeAreInOur20s even try to know @CaptainVG313. She just chose to troll her and have her trolled because she isn't a Summer Newman fan. She's lied about her and some friends of hers she couldn't scare off. What kind of person does that?
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