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  1. At the risk of beating a dead horse, I've moved on from DC Universe.
  2. Words do not describe how disgusted I was and still am when I saw Caity being attacked for what she was trying to do. This tells me the left has to be defeated at all costs.
  3. Supergirl is about to come to an end with season 6. After the politically toxic season 4, I say good riddance. 

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    2. Goldenforce772


      And you're absolutely right. The same can also be said about Batwoman as well. That's another show that needs to go bye-bye. 

    3. Vanessa Redlynn

      Vanessa Redlynn

      Now for my piece. Overdoing it on empowerment of any kind can have the opposite effect and create more hate.

    4. Alice


      I would speak my peace, but you, @Goldenforce772, said it best.

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