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  1. Preaching to the choir is what you're doing. I've been trying to squash all talk of Black Lightning everywhere i go.
  2. I'm trying to avoid that. The time travel mechanic is such a headache to deal with.
  3. And believe me, I am just getting started.
  4. *Earth-JLU* *Welcome to a part of the Golden Force Multiverse where, instead of teams such as Golden Force, the Falcon Club and Thunder Force act as Earth's defenders, you have the even more famous Justice League of America defending it. But this Justice League is different from any you may have heard about before. In this timeline, the group has been around since 2009, and for half that time, it was lead by the legendary Superman. But after his fight with Doomsday in 2014, he gave up the leadership role to Star City's own Sara Lance, aka the White Canary, who just also happens to be my girlfriend in this reality.Since her takeover of the team, the JL have battled all sorts of threats. But the one that's about to appear should be familiar to those who remember its insidious presence in the Golden Force Universe of 2015.* *November, 2019, Star City* *An illicit drug trafficking trade was occuring on the docks of this city that was home to the Green Arrow, his daughter Blackstar, his wife, the Black Canary, and her sister, the White Canary. A few random thugs were loading up several kilos of drugs onto a truck for delivery to another part of the city. * Muscle bound thug #1: Hey, you guys finished loading up the goods yet? We're on a timetable here. Muscle bound thug #2: We're just about done. We should be able to get it to the boss in roughly a half hour. Muscle bound thug #1: Good. Now let's get going before the cops find out what we're doing here. *That's when a shruiken flew through the air and struck the third thug.* Muscle bound thug #1: What the hell was that? Muscle bound thug #2: Look! *That's when the White Canary made her appearance, looking as tough as ever.* White Canary: Tell me, boys. Do you have a license to ship that stuff in my city? I highly doubt it. Muscle bound thug #1: Oh, crap. It's that White Canary broad. She's a friend of that nuisance, the Green Arrow. Muscle bound thug #2: Well, you know what you have to do here. *The criminals pulled out their guns and started shooting at Sara. Fortunately, they were very poor shots as she easily avoided the bullets. Then she took the fight to them, using the fighting skills she learned from her days in the League of Assassins. She gave the goons a good fight until the third thug got up from get struck by her shruiken earlier and hit her in the back of the head.* Muscle bound thug #3: You think it's funny using me as target practice, lady? Now I'm going to have to mess up that pretty face of yours. *The third thug ordered the other two to hold Sara to the ground as he prepared to knock her out cold with his fist. But just when Sara thought she was done for, green plasma energy rained from the sky and struck the three criminals.* Muscle bound thug #2: Now what? Green Lantern: Now, I get to mop the floor with the three of you for attacking my lady, idiots. * I had arrived from deep space to help Sara out, putting a smile on her face.* White Canary: Nice of you to show up. Green Lantern: Lucky for you, I was coming back from helping the Green Lantern Corps evacuate the entire Betelgeuse system before that star got ready to blow itself up. White Canary: Yikes. Muscle bound thug #1: Guys, I think we got to get the heck out of here. Muscle bound thug #2: Right. *The three criminals hopped on board the truck full of drugs and started driving away from the docks. But I flew after the vehicle and proceeded to shoot beams of energy at the the truck's tires. The truck ended up with four flat tires, forcing the criminals to start fleeing. But Sara and I soon caught up with them and finished them off in due course.* White Canary: Finally. Now to call the police to bring these jokers and their illicit cargo in. Green Lantern: Agreed... hey, wait a minute. Wasn't this patrol of yours supposed to be Oliver's job? White Canary: Yeah, but he and Laurel are spending quality time with Mia right now, making all three of them unavailable. That left me to keep an eye on the city. Green Lantern: Typical. No wonder Felicity dropped his a** years ago. No sense of responsibility. White Canary: *shakes head* Oh, come now. Oliver is just as dedicated to our team and its mission as you are. Cut him some slack. Green Lantern: Bah! That dude wouldn't five minutes in the Corps. *After the Star City cops arrived to arrest the criminals and confiscate the drugs, Sara said,* White Canary: Well, we may as well head back to the Watchtower now. Green Lantern: Yeah. Can't leave J'onn up there by himself for too long. He'll go crazy. White Canary: Very funny. Now come on. *Then the two of us activated our Justice League teleporters and headed back to the orbiting Watchtower base.*
  5. *While my main Golden Force Universe is on a serious hiatus period(writer's block), I have decided to delve into the vast multiverse for a world that I've always wanted to dive into. Therefore, I bring you Earth-JLU, home of a Justice League that is different from what you may have seen in the movies and/or on TV. Many of the heroes you may be familiar with are part of this alternate Justice League universe, so here's the lowdown. First, Sara Lance, America's favorite assassin, heads up this JL squad in a more serious manner than she does the Legends on TV. The White Canary inherited the job of leader from Superman, who stepped down due to his commitment to defending Metropolis. She has already made a name for herself by doing away with villains such as Damien Dahrk and Ricardo Diaz. And when she's not busy saving the world, she likes to hang out in bars for some down time. Next is yours truly, the Green Lantern of Sector 2814. I inherited my ring from John Stewart, who retired to be with his family. I am also lucky enough to be dating the White Canary, and this has people noticing how well we function together. Harnessing the energy of willpower, my role in the League is to defend against cosmic threats, and in this universe, there are many. But, as Sara says, it's always important for me to remain grounded, so in my spare time, I play video games and take long walks. As for the aforementioned Superman, he and his cousin Supergirl, serve as the defenders of Metropolis and National City, respectively. These two are the great symbols of hope on this Earth, and it shows every time they fly over a crowd and the people cheer loudly for them. Supergirl's adopted sister, Alex Danvers, serves as the JL's liaison to the DEO, an organization dedicated to monitoring and tracking all possible alien threats. Then there's Dr. Ray Palmer, aka the Atom, whose expertise in miniaturization and similar forms of technology make him an invaluable member of the team. He once ran his own company, Palmertech, until an incident caused him to disappear for a while, making people believe he was dead when he really wasn't. And how can we forget about Lyla Michaels, aka the Harbinger? This mysterious woman had been in charge of a government agency known as A.R.G.U.S. for years, until it was revealed that an early encounter with a mysterious cosmic being known as the Monitor had made her much more than she was claiming to be. Next we have the familial trio of Oliver Queen, Laurel Lance and Mia Lance(Green Arrow, Black Canary and Blackstar, respectively.) This family tree got off to a rocky start decades ago after Oliver had a serious falling out with tech genius Felicity Smoak. Needless to say, Laurel saw an opportunity to comfort the Green Arrow in his time of need and it snowballed on from there. Years after Mia was born, Oliver and Laurel began to train her in the use of Oliver's signature bow and arrows. Together, these three form the conscience of the Justice League. Another interesting character in this roster is Kate Kane, aka Batwoman. Not everyone knows that she's the cousin of Bruce Wayne, aka Batman. However, this is where the connection ends. She has a way of doing things that Bruce would not approve of, such as getting in people's faces every chance she gets. Still, her style of crimefighting has kept Gotham City safe for quite some time. J'onn Jo'nzz aka the Martian Manhunter, serves as the operational heart of the League. Through him, the other members are assigned various missions throughout the globe. He is the last survivor of a Martian race that was wiped out by a civil war on his planet. Brainiac 5 hails from 1000 years in the future, when he used to serve with the galaxy-spanning Legion of Super Heroes. He is highly intelligent, although Superman does have issues with him due to the fact that Superman fought his ancestor, the original Brainiac on several occasions. Finally, that leaves Barry Allen(The Flash) and his wife Iris West. They represent the Central City portion of the League. By day, Barry works as a CSI in the Central City Police Department. But when metahuman criminals start acting up, that's when his super speed kicks into high gear as he races into action as the Fastest Man Alive. As for Iris, she serves as his support in S.T.A.R. labs. But don't worry, she's much less annoying here than she is on TV. That about covers the key members of this alternate reality Justice League. Expect us to get into action soon.*
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