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  1. Goldenforce772

    {December2018} Social Media exile and bullies

    Means nothing when social media is too busy silencing conservatives.
  2. Goldenforce772

    Super Sentai vs. the Arrowverse

    That would take a month to explain.
  3. Goldenforce772

    Black Friday 2018

    Trust me. It does.
  4. Goldenforce772

    Black Friday 2018

    Not in any condition to travel, let alone carry such heavy machinery from there to my house. Besides, it's better to order from Dell directly.
  5. Goldenforce772

    Black Friday 2018

    I am hunting for an Alienware computer. I need the extra power and memory.
  6. I know you got WWE2k19. Don't hold out on me. How is it?

  7. Remember to relax and enjoy yourself. You work way too hard.

  8. Hard at work in your multiverse?

    1. Goldenforce772


      I got so much on my plate this week, ESPECIALLY with my GFWA.

    2. Samus Aran

      Samus Aran

      You know he is BT.

  9. You'll have to wait and see. That's my secret.
  10. If you knew what they were about to add to Supergirl, you wouldn't be so enthusiastic about it.
  11. Legends only. I've soured on the rest of the Arrowverse lately.

  12. I hope you're ready for Supergirl season 4, Legends of Tomorrow season 4, Arrow season 7, and Flash season 5.

  13. Goldenforce772

    WWE 2K19 Features Round-up Part 2: WWE Universe Mode

    Smackdown overhaul in my promotion coming soon.