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  1. You better believe it. I have new captains constantly coming in as some of my old ones hang it up. So yeah, this is a bonus.
  2. In my first division, virtually all of them. In my second, probably half of that.
  3. You can see some of my captains jumping for joy, right?
  4. One that will haunt us if we don't learn from it.
  5. I've moved on from that place a long time ago. No need to worry about that place anymore.
  6. Little? They have no morals. And their game world is a dump, not fit for habitation.
  7. They are beyond scum. That's why their defeat in 2015 at the hands of my heroes was a well deserved one.
  8. It's amazing how everyone left that game at roughly the same time.
  9. Word of advice: never clean that house again.
  10. And when that happens, the maggots will find their way to the games I'm playing. I wish people would think this through before saying stuff like this.
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