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  1. I now have the Kelvin Intel Dreadnought for my personal crew in STO. Let the fun begin.

    1. Alice


      How is your day with STO going?

    2. Goldenforce772


      I pretty much have the best ship in the game now, so that speaks for itself.

    3. Supergirl


      Someone has taste.

  2. Double dose of TV watching tonight. Gymnastics and birdwatching. 

    1. Zenon


      What would you like to do to Bishop?

    2. Goldenforce772


      Decimate him. Within an inch of his life. 

  3. Mudd's Market Kelvin Timeline The Vengeance class currently being flown by both Ciara and Briana is about to become an account unlock. It's as good as mine.
  4. US Gymnastics Championships This is the last gymnastics event before the Olympic trials.
  5. The time has come for me to put my personal crew to the task of saving Qo'nos. 

  6. Watching the downfall of a corrupt politician was very satisfying.
  7. I'm not good at description, so I'll say this. Just fine.
  8. STO: House United Oh, this was so much fun.
  9. That statement is loaded with misunderstanding. When I say age, I was referring to Chellsie Memmel.
  10. STO Patch Notes 5/25/21 The time is approaching to topple a tyrant.
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