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  1. Mandy Girl

    Negan and Judith

    I don't think Negan will harm Judith at all. He had many chances to do so and never did.
  2. Mandy Girl

    Lydia: live or die?

    She will be kept alive. She's useful.
  3. Mandy Girl

    Funny Rage Quits (Gamers)

    Anger management could help some of these lunatics.
  4. Mandy Girl

    Word tag-a-long

  5. Mandy Girl

    Kyle and Lola: will they last?

    With Summer interfering and Lola not being ready for sex, I think that Lola and Kyle might not last.
  6. Mandy Girl

    So sick of Mia

    Forever for me. That woman is so hypocritical.
  7. Mandy Girl

    So sick of Mia

    I can't stand her either. She needs to get off the show!
  8. 911 reputation ha ha

  9. Bride asks guests for $233 to 'secure' their place at the wedding: 'That is the tackiest thing I have ever heard' If I got an invitation like that, it would be the last someone heard from me.
  10. North Carolina restaurant warns other businesses after woman steals tip jar I hope the woman is found and arrested.
  11. Mandy Girl

    USA Bound Mexican Caravan

    Police in riot gear line up at border to greet migrant caravan as US vows: 'We stand ready' These people trying to force their way in are trying to start something they will not finish so well in.
  12. We need to kick every illegal out of this country.
  13. Mandy Girl

    Beast Morphers cast?

    I mean, I wanted to know more about their characters.
  14. Mandy Girl

    Beast Morphers cast?

    Who are they? What are their back grounds?
  15. I am getting sick and tired of Doctor Becker on Chicago Med. She's way too combative. She doesn't seem like she can stand it when other people are right and she is wrong. She is so self centered!