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  1. If I was in your position, I would be relieved after the surgery too. You've had to go through a slow recovery, but it is better than not having the surgery.
  2. How did that one man and his lady know the good samaritan wasn't going to pay for their food? What if he was but just did not get to them yet?
  3. Just 2 days ago I was cleaning a house for this couple. The husband was a house husband and the wife worked alot. Their 12 year old son was home and in his room. They told me to wait to clean his room after he was done with his raid in World Of Warcraft. So I started cleaning the rest of the house first. After 2 hours, that kid still wasn't done. He even threw a plate at me that left a cut on my leg! The father was on the couch with his beer watching some movie. I told him I was finished cleaning the house, but his son wasn't finished with his raid. I told him what his son did. I asked what he wanted me to do. He told me to "Just f**king wait. That raid is very important to him.". I told him I needed to clean 2 more houses and could come back later. He told me to just get out or he would call the police. The man was drunk as hell! Needless to say I called CPS to file a complaint.
  4. This was all over the news. Then it seemed to almost go away suddenly. Does anyone have any updates?
  5. I find it disgusting that charges were dropped. I think Jussie getting away with lying is just deplorable!
  6. Later on she will make you pay for it, so have some Brady Bunch on tap to sooth her. Hope today's marathon was worth it.
  7. It's why I'm putting off house cleaning until early tomorrow.
  8. Nick and Billy, with Rey's help, organized Nikki's, Victoria's, and Sharon's escape. Supposedly the story will be there was an accident and they escaped. How do you think this will be spun by the guards?
  9. Is your mind thinking of how to utilize Zoey's full potential more so since Beast Morphers premiere?
  10. Maybe, but I have doubts. He waited half a year to bother her again.
  11. My cousin Carrie is bipolar and acts just like this guy.
  12. The Constitution protects against cruel and unusual punishment.
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