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  1. Happy birthday :smile3:

  2. Buck better be greatful that's all that's happening after what he did.
  3. Mandy Girl

    Lawsuit Buck

    If Buck was cleared to work and being denied coming back without good reason, then I would understand.
  4. I got banned from their Twitch Channels (all) just for asking where everyone is from and saying "Cool. Hong Kong is a good country" when a player said they were from Hong Kong.
  5. Blizzard is getting their own karma. They brought it in themselves. They treat so many like they don't matter. People are finally biting back.
  6. These people try to act like there is nothing wrong with the fanbase for Character A, but they act like this, cry lies, and rage when the truth is spoken about their bullsh*t. Each of them has a screw lose.
  7. Actor A is not a stand up guy. He is a jerk. My friend Laura's younger sister got blocked by him last week just because she sent him a tweet saying his Character A is the only character of his she hates. It was followed by a series of tweets saying how awesome he is in his other roles.
  8. I doubt he will. He thinks it funny when his fan boys attack others.
  9. That is what disgusts me about Actor A.
  10. After this, no longer a fan of that Actor A!
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