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  1. She commands the world's second oldest franchise. That should tell you something.
  2. Don't hold your breath on that, though. The number of slots available are down to four. Not to mention you got younger girls, including SIMONE BILES, who are vying for spots.
  3. And it should be obvious why. The big four crimefighting leaders must be represented in the fight to come. With Chellsie, that'll be three that are now getting their hands dirty with this dangerous enemy that threatens to destroy everything.
  4. Trade secret: something is about to be added to the upcoming GF Universe fight between Caity and the Azure Chevalier. It's a timely assistance by Chellsie.
  5. This has put a smile on the faces of many on our side.
  6. And that is a good thing.
  7. Chellsie is truly inspirational and hopefully, we can see more of her in the future.
  8. Alice

    Have a very happy birthday.

  9. Finally you are here.

    1. Gina


      And judging by what happened to our friends, not a moment too soon. 

  10. Welcome to our humble home. :smile3:

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    2. CaptainVG313


      Indeed. Leadership is never easy.

    3. Casey N.
    4. Gina


      I like hanging around a place with real heroes, as opposed to the false ones on TV.

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