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  1. NASA needs to dismiss all things Obama era and concentrate on the real threats.
  2. As a planet, we all need to step up and do better in detecting asteroids that pose a threat.
  3. Sean Hannity says Bloomberg campaign 'on life support,' Dem debate was 'essentially a circular firing squad'squad' Why doesn't Mike Bloomberg just withdraw from the presidential race?
  4. Trump slams Dems, Oscars, Brad Pitt as rally blitz moves to Colorado It's doesn't surprise me that Trump is doing better in the polls since the impeachment has wrapped up. He has gotten so much more support.
  5. Bloomberg could have a meltdown on TV and those two would still support him.
  6. Tucker Carlson is stating the obvious. When anyone mostly speaks of the fact they're running for an office and not much on what they plan to do, its a big hint.
  7. The neighbors shouldn't be calling the cops. They can't cure or help with the coronavirus. The health department is a better option.
  8. If all someone does is be f**king evil to people on social media, they they need to get the f**k off.
  9. Welcome to Der Wille Zur Macht.

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