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  1. I dare him to start joking about the pandemic at a hospital in NYC.
  2. My message to him "Get a job you lazy bum! Your scam failed!"
  3. How does this guy think that his sh*tty f**king tactics will get you to send him money? He is f**king pathetic.
  4. I don't think it will be long since she was brought home. My guess. I don't normally watch this show, but when you're out of work and bored, you'll watch anything.
  5. It's about damn time you come on over. Your presence is very much welcomed.

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    2. Vice Admiral Elle

      Vice Admiral Elle

      Meanwhile, we're watching Crisis again.

    3. Liv


      Totes awesome! But I wish my dad didn't accidentallyn delete the Crisis episodes.

    4. Vice Admiral Elle
  6. I think I will be video chatting with some friends as we each watch Wrestlemania on our devices. Watch party without being too close.
  7. You're doing well in staying occupied. A good thing. Are you doing okay otherwise?
  8. CD PROJEKT Red hints at new Witcher title after Cyberpunk 2077, won't be called Witcher 4 My big question would be if it follows the games series so far or could be based off the books or one of the series.
  9. This is bullsh*t! It's as if everything worthwhile is being cancelled.
  10. f**k her! She's a spiteful f**king wretch. She's nothing but negativity and drama. Her bullsh*t has gone beyond grieving for her dead husband. She's turned his death into an excuse. Take some friendly advice. I know you like to give people chances if they apologize. In this case, if she does apologize, do not welcome her back into your life. She's toxic. She never cared about you. Only what she can get from you or possibly get from you.
  11. Damn f**king piece of f**king sh*t f**king Windows10 is sh*t! I have had so many f**king issues with this f**king flawed f**king OS. It f**king took them f**king forever to f**king make it f**king possible to f**king pause f**king updates.
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