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  1. What the absolute f**k! So Blizzard employees are calling children such f**king names!
  2. The women's match was great despite no skimpy outfits.
  3. Happy 19th birthday.

  4. She is alot better than he is. She doesn't lie about people or put people in a position to be targeted.
  5. Same here. There is nothing of what Oliver claims that is on her Twitter page. What's worse than his lie is the obsessive fans believe it and are doing so without checking. Some have even photoshopped sh*t to make it look like he was being truthful.
  6. Luckily I'm nice when I'm drunk.
  7. Did Oliver Stark take any time at all to think that while you do not like Buck now, that it is possible you might start liking him again in the future? Given your Buck history, I see that as possible. I mean, you adored him up until he decided to go with that lawsuit. Who's to say you won't like him again after awhile? But Oliver didn't think about that before he lied about you. Next time he makes a claim, he needs to back it up with solid proof and not just his words.
  8. That is a wonderful idea. I hope others see it and take that advice. We all can make much more of a difference that way.
  9. Of course. He has that attitude that he is better than everyone. To put it this way I hate him more than I hate Iris West on The Flash.
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