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  1. The Voyager

    Top 5 favorite games

    Dragon Quest 11 Star Trek Online EverQuest 2 Titanfall LOTRO
  2. The Voyager

    Violent Video Game Tax Proposed In Pennsylvania

    It isn't. Some people just aren't suited to play.
  3. The Voyager

    Violent Video Game Tax Proposed In Pennsylvania

    What kind of morons do they have in Pennsylvania?
  4. The Voyager

    Ninja Steel: The Rise of Beast Morphers

    I like where this is going. Would you tell me who the Beast Morphers will be?
  5. I wonder how the girl is taking all this.
  6. I did not until I read that article and educated myself.
  7. I hope that thief felt ashamed.
  8. That woman very much murdered her own daughter.
  9. The Voyager

    jacka*s Number 2 Beehive Limo

    This is one of the best jacka*s stunts.
  10. The Voyager

    jacka*s 3 - Snake Pit

    This sounds like something I would do to my own brothers.
  11. The Voyager

    Top 10 Wheel of Fortune Fails

    Does Wheel of Fortune screen their contestants?
  12. The Voyager

    Space Calendar 2018: Launches, Sky Events & More

    I wonder how this one will work out.
  13. The Voyager

    [Early access] Subsistence

    Then how do you manage and keep up the base?