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  1. Alien invasion movies are always good.
  2. I thought Rob Schneider retired from acting.
  3. That's why it bores me. Too much talk and not much to show.
  4. What's the point of this movie?
  5. Louisiana car dealer helps homeless man – and inspires millions to do the same Not all car dealers are bad.
  6. Josh Duggar won't be allowed to return home with his six children if he's released on bail He is so disgusting! So are the parents that enabled him!
  7. McDonald's customer finds weight-loss promotion added to her delivery order That Door Dash driver shouldn't be shaming those that eat McDonalds.
  8. :welcome10:

    Welcome to DWZM.

  9. I'm not sure how to vote. Is there an option that's more in the middle?
  10. There is so much! I originally came here to defend the WeAreInOur20s person. I have tweeted with her once in awhile about Y&R. She seemed so nice, so enjoyable to talk to. At first, when I learned about this situation, I thought maybe she was a victim. As I did my own research, I find myself feeling disappointed. I use to enjoy her tweets. It is very disappointing to see her act this way.
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