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  1. King Ezekiel is one of my favorite on The Walking Dead. He has so many wise things to say.
  2. Lena Luthor

    Twisting the Tale

    Was he drunk or high at the time?
  3. He needs anger management, therapy, medication, and no being online for a month.
  4. Too many and he will scare off his own friends.
  5. Are Dakota or Caity going to help them when things get rough?
  6. Hurricane Dorian waves wash cocaine brick up on Florida beach, police say What is with all the super weird things in Florida?
  7. Bernie Sanders says he'd back US funding for Third World abortions, birth control as part of climate plan That walking talking skelton needs to shut up about abortion.
  8. The cruel halfwit should be strung up like a pinata and left like that for a day. Oh banned from having another pet too.
  9. Very smart thinking. You seem very confident in yourself. That's a good thing.
  10. Agility means nothing without strength.
  11. I think Cassandra Alexandra is the best of that whole group.
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