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  1. :hny1: Happy new year.

  2. Lena Luthor

    Nightmare Best Friend {Premiere- 12/29/2018}

    If I was Katy, I would not have anything to do with Gina after everything.
  3. I am confused. What happened to the whole "I want to be with my family more"?
  4. Lena Luthor

    Random word

  5. Lena Luthor

    Start counting

  6. If the bully is a kid in school, there should be an immediate expulsion. No appeals. No 2nd chances. If the bully has a job, they need to lose it. If their family suffers, then it is the fault of the bully for putting bullying first. Bullies do so much harm and ruin so many lives. What I suggested above is trivial compared to how some have affected their victims.
  7. Lena Luthor

    Trick Or Treat

    This was a trick. You rick rolled us.
  8. How's your senior year so far?

  9. Lena Luthor

    Fox Orders Remake of Rookie of the Year

    I wouldn't mind a remake.
  10. If my parents knew about this, they'd make time for atleast one movie a night for family time.
  11. Getting ready for school.

  12. Lena Luthor

    The person above me

    eats their toenails.