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  1. Please recover from Coronavirus soon. We miss you.

  2. Too out there. I get it Unpredictable. Delays, molestation accusation. Crazy gymnasts (Gabby D) that act as if they make the sport.
  3. 2021 Tokyo Olympics. So another year. Better safe than sorry.
  4. I hope we don't get a caravan full up people flooding our borders during all this.
  5. I'm out of work too. Luckily I have a trust fund that pays my bills, including groceries. But If I want anything beyond that, I have to work and get it myself. I feel bad for all those out of work and also those who are at high risk.
  6. Alot of those people are going to suffer alot more through the Coronavirus ordeal because he didn't pay them as promised.
  7. People should stop gathering in crowds at beaches and having parties. Atleast until this whole Coronavirus matter calms down. That will help alot.
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