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  1. Intimidation of any kind. Calling someone names. Being hurtful. Assault of any time. Unwanted physical touching.
  2. 'London patient' second patient in nearly 12 years appeared to be cured of HIV: report Amazing!
  3. What do you think of Summer Newman?
  4. I know what you mean. These people as in those who use their status to falsely accuse others of such sick stuff. They create hate not awareness.
  5. People like her creating something out of nothing is what creates so much hate for those whom are transgender. She needs to wake up and realize what she is doing.
  6. I never spoke to that girl. I just agreed with your point by liking and retweeting it. She's got some major issues.
  7. Blizzard is an infectious disease. They use their own people for success just to fire them later while taking in the profits.
  8. Should Natallie give Will another chance?
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