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  1. This woman deserves the death penalty.
  2. Supergirl

    Save My Soul - [GMV]

    Great video.
  3. Supergirl

    Left For Dead {Premiere- 10/19/2018}

    I watched it, but wasn't really impressed.
  4. Supergirl

    New Leader Of The Underworld

    I was wondering when you'd post another short story.
  5. Supergirl

    {October2018} Consequences for false pedo claims?

    I think lying about sexual assault of any type should be an offense punishable by having to register as a sex offender and doing atleast 5 years in prison. More if the lie cause any harm to the victim.
  6. Supergirl

    Tell a lie

    I am a cannibal.
  7. Supergirl

    Right now I am watching.....

    Young and the Restless
  8. I don't know what it is, but I can't play it since Daybreak downloaded.
  9. I am in 100% agreement on the animal skins. Not so sure about bows. Once arrows are gone, you're so screwed.
  10. No excuse for slapping that child. Why not just get in his face and yell. Hitting someone in the face does no good.
  11. I'll do a gang bang before I fly United again.
  12. If someone threatened to shoot me over extra cheese, that would be a huge hint that the person is not a cop.
  13. Supergirl

    Killer Inspiration {Premiere- 9/28/2018}

    Seeing Erin Cahill made this movie better.