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  1. Wouldn't you agree that AOC is the very definition of a bully and a dictator?
  2. Would you rather have 1. No kids and unlimited riches? or 2. Kids with unlimited access to movies and all theme parks?
  3. Stay as I am right now and eat all sweets I want. I already have that perfect body.
  4. I'd much rather have intelligence. Alot more can be accomplished with it.
  5. I have to find a way to watch AEW.
  6. The worst of the entire crew is the disbarred lawyer and this one older woman that claims to be for autism awareness and antibully. When the disbarred lawyer is unhappy, she sends that woman to ask questions to and lay on a very thick pity party with many twisted tales. What I can't stand about them is how they lie and pit people against each other.
  7. Four Weddings and a Funeral series premiere set for July I wonder how long this will last.
  8. ‘The Witcher’ Netflix Show Hits This Fall Please don't let him be with Triss in this show like he was in the games!
  9. NBC Diving Deeper Into Manifest For Second Season If any of you have Hulu, do yourselves a favor and catch up.
  10. Hulu Announces Veronica Mars Release Date In Teaser
  11. Birds of Prey Wraps Production Hopefully soon we will see a trailer.
  12. Bond 25 Brings in Fleabag Creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge to Liven Up Script James Bond movies are always good.
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