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  1. If there was a list of people in a database somewhere of those who shouldn't be allowed near kids, this guy should be on it!
  2. I'm sorry, but I hope the cruiseline sues that man so it discourages future behavior.
  3. Supergirl

    Bloodshot {2/21/2020}

    Isn't Vin Diesel going to be in this movie?
  4. Supergirl

    Alisha Diphda, the Gold Beast Morpher Ranger

    I thought she would have red.
  5. Supergirl

    Velvet Crowe: Silver Beast Morpher Ranger

    There's something special about this one.
  6. Supergirl

    France : Yellow protesters : Frexit ?

    France's version of Brexit if it happens.
  7. Supergirl

    Will China's Moon Landing Launch a New Space Race?

    I think China wants to be the global superpower of space.
  8. Supergirl

    TV series spot?

    Can you make a spot for talking about TV shows?
  9. Supergirl

    A Super Hero, Reincarnate and a Prince

    My eyes are on the Superhero that seems like she came from The Mysterious Cities of Gold.
  10. Supergirl

    jacka*s 3 - Snake Pit

    That was delightfully evil.
  11. :hny1: Happy new year.

  12. Supergirl

    Web Of Lies {Premiere- 12/21/2018}

    I tried to get into this movie, but couldn't. It start off and ended very interesting. The middle was too bleh.
  13. Supergirl

    The Wrong Teacher {Premiere- 12/28/2018}

    I feel for the teacher in regards to the stalking. But anything consequences for her using her classroom as a hook up spot, I have 0 sympathy.