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  1. Chucky Attacks Caesar’s Palace in ‘Child’s Play’ Elevator Art!
  2. 'Angry Birds Movie 2' Trailer Shows The Good Guys And The Bad Guys Teaming Up
  3. Flashpoint (tv)
  4. I would shout "Hey sir/maam, your child just took a tip off that waitresses table." No sympathy for thieves.
  5. I've played World of Warcraft and even raided in the game. Many of those I use to raid with took raiding very seriously. One man took it so seriously he kicked his wife and newborn out of the house one night just so he could raid without a baby crying. The people I raided with felt sorry for him and thought the wife should be considerate enough to take the "whining brat" elsewhere during times he raided. Another raider would always complain about how his mother wouldn't shut up about him getting a job. He frequently said "Right now raiding is very important to me!". One person with sense suggested he get a job and just raid when he isn't working. He raged hard at the poor woman. The sad truth about World of Warcraft raiding is about 90% of the raiders take raiding way too seriously and treat it as if it is more important than family, friends, work, and life altogether. I once had a friend that maybe bathed once a month to go out and buy a time card for World of Warcraft. He lived in his grandmother's basement. It was dirty. It stunk. His hygiene was so bad an infection on his left arm that it turned to gangrene. When he had his arm amputated 3 inches above elbow, all he could whine about was how he might have a tough time raiding and how he owed his guild. I tried to talk sense into him, but he made it clear that unless I was willing to help him raid, I was no longer his friend. That was the last straw for me.
  6. Screw the NFL.
  7. Zombieland: Double Tap Adds Thomas Middleditch It is good to see others being added, but I would rather have a plot.
  8. :xmas11:Merry Christmas to you.

  9. Hello gorgeous.

    1. Shelley Darlingson

      Shelley Darlingson

      If you're going to call me gorgeous, buy me dinner.

  10. Let's breathe some life into this place.

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