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  1. Zombieland: Double Tap Adds Thomas Middleditch It is good to see others being added, but I would rather have a plot.
  2. If this database for false reporting was to happen, the only people that should be added to it should be those who have caused others to end up in legal proceedings of some sort due to their false reporting. This includes arrests.
  3. :xmas11:Merry Christmas to you.

  4. Anyone who would hurt a child to the point of death, deserves a life behind bars and reminded of their horrible deed everyday.
  5. She gets high on drugs, gouges out her own eyes, she gets a little e-famous. But people who go out of their way and sacrifice for others get left in the damn dust.
  6. Hello gorgeous.

    1. Shelley Darlingson

      Shelley Darlingson

      If you're going to call me gorgeous, buy me dinner.

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