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  1. If you were a firefighter at the 118, what would you say to Buck upon his return?
  2. I wouldn't call that a punishment. Why not make him scrub toilets after a Mexican food night?
  3. 'Wheel of Fortune' contestant loses prize money after accidentally guessing NSFW answer
  4. California girl, 10, commits suicide; police investigating whether bullying to blame I am sure bullying was to blame. Those who bullied this girl to death deserve to spend their lives in prison.
  5. Royal Caribbean cruise passenger banned for life following dangerous swimsuit photo shoot: 'Absolute idiot' Selfies taken while doing stupid sh*t are not worth it. I have no pity for anyone dumb enough to do these dangerous selfies.
  6. Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway Trailer Teases Old Tricks and New Mischief
  7. If someone did to me what Blizzard did to Blitzchung, I certainly wouldn't be acting like nothing happened. I'd accept the winnings and let it be that and move on. But Blitzchung is acting as if he did something wrong. I wonder if Blizzard somehow threatened him.
  8. Pregnancy is not an excuse to be a b***h. Those that act like it does, will be terrible parents.
  9. When I come upon one of those, I will instantly block them.
  10. If you are talking about who I think you are, much of his fanbase is toxic. Many within will try to stir trouble with anyone who criticizes him in the slightest.
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