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  1. It seems we got introduced to a new character last night; Princess. what do you all think?
  2. Maybe he has a tumor in a bad place.
  3. It's Florida. You know, where people are still trying to flood the beaches and ignore stay at home orders.
  4. OMG! @Captain VG was right! Beta is a country singer. When she showed me that picture of these record albums dropped by some guy in Fear The Walking Dead, I saw a picture on one that looked like the Beta actor. The way he looked, just stunk of country. We agreed. Last night's episode very much confirmed it. He was a country singer named Half Moon.
  5. I thought Florida had all the crazy people. No offense @Goldenforce772 and @Captain VG.
  6. Those with infants need to be more careful and keep them at home. Those who see infants near them should be careful not to cough near them.
  7. He's going to get himself in a situation one day that he can't get out of.
  8. I once had a friend that would guilt her boyfriend to giving her money when she wanted it. She treated him terribly. That woman is no longer my friend.
  9. You left out the fact she acts like she's better than everyone.
  10. Thank goodness there's already enough good programming.
  11. You have a natural talent for these short stories.
  12. Maya Bishop is not fit to be Captain! That's my opinion. What's yours?
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