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  1. Alex Danvers

    Rocky Will "Never Surrender"

    This video sends the clear message that anything is possible if you just work hard enough.
  2. Alex Danvers

    Theater movie forum

    Eventually it will be cluttered. Why not create sub sections such as "upcoming", "current", and "Past". Once a movie is no longer in theaters, it goes in past.
  3. Alex Danvers

    Random fact

    Yellowstone National Park is a supervolcano.
  4. Alex Danvers

    Tell a lie

    I'm engaged to Batman.
  5. Alex Danvers

    Random picture post

  6. Alex Danvers

    Eat tofu or bathe in it?

    Bathe in it.
  7. Alex Danvers

    glass house or rotting fish

    Glass house for a year. I'm not ashamed of my body,
  8. Alex Danvers

    Hillary Clinton and the Spaceballs

    That planet is quickly going to hell.
  9. Alex Danvers

    Right now I am watching.....

    Saw 3
  10. Alex Danvers

    Start counting

  11. Alex Danvers

    Random word

  12. I can't picture Sean Astin in a TV show.
  13. Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl for me.