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  1. Master Styles

    {February2019} Top Priorities and why

    1. Job 2. Bills 3. Friends 4. Clean house 5. Having fun
  2. Master Styles

    Rich single or married poor

    I'd rather be rich and single.
  3. If someone has to ask guests to pay for a wedding, they shouldn't be having it until they're ready.
  4. Happy birthday :bday8:

  5. Master Styles

    Aquaman {12/21/2018}

    Just bought my tickets online to see it tonight at 7:15pm. All I'm waiting on is my ride. I hope this movie doesn't disappoint.
  6. Master Styles

    Bullying: Reasonings For Actions

    I can see you spent alot of time on this. Good work. I am sure that if some bullies see this, they will foam at the mouth that their ways of bullying have been exposed. If you get any hate from this, just remember you're not the problem. The bullies are. They can't handle the truth.
  7. I hope you enjoyed your 21st birthday. :bday4:

  8. What do you know about Mist Survival? I keep hearing about it. Are you working on a topic?

    1. Incensio


      Not yet, I wait some updates for that, games have few content atm ;) I'll do a topic if I have more time for that

  9. Master Styles

    Godzilla Does New Jersey

    Or lose the foot.
  10. Master Styles

    Godzilla Does New Jersey

    Who's going to clean up the road stain?
  11. Master Styles

    Random word

  12. Master Styles

    Actors in common

    Devious Maids (tv)