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  1. Master Styles

    Godzilla Does New Jersey

    Or lose the foot.
  2. Master Styles

    Godzilla Does New Jersey

    Who's going to clean up the road stain?
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    Actors in common

    Devious Maids (tv)
  5. If I was her fiance, I'd respond to the post telling her I bought the ring out of love. Then I'd say I thought I knew her as a kind appreciative person, but I am apparently wrong because a good and decent person would appreciate the though. Then the last thing I would say is that the marriage was off. If she lived in my house, her stuff would be outside where she could collect it.
  6. Too bad he is 16. If not, he would have a possibility of getting the death penalty.
  7. Why not just put child abusers in prison for life?
  8. I am too. She harms herself and getting all this attention.
  9. Some drug addicts do worse and they are long forgotten. Why is she getting all this attention?
  10. Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel Trailer: Exclusive First Look at Jason David Frank and Jason Faunt in 25th Anniversary Episode I doubt anything will top this episode anytime soon.
  11. Master Styles

    The 10 Best Shark Movies

    The 10 Best Shark Movies Shark Attack 3: Megalodon Sharknado Jaws: The Revenge Shark Tale Deep Blue Sea Open Water The Shallows 47 Meters Down Jaws 2 Jaws
  12. I can't believed this happened to my favorite lady.
  13. Mom detained in Dubai after drinking complimentary glass of wine on Emirates flight This is wrong on many levels!
  14. Round up all the child molesters. Put them all in the gas chamber.