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  1. Would you rather be popular or very intelligent?
  2. I remember when Power Rangers Dino Thunder came out. Right around that time a website called Power Ranger Empire emerged. The person who ran it called himself White Tiger and then Mesogog ever since. If someone didn't agree with him, he would create trouble for them. Every since that site came around, the Power Ranger fandom has gotten toxic. It's hard for anyone to talk about it without someone from that PRE site having them flamed. So I just talk about it amongst friends.
  3. Something is very wrong with him. One minute he is seemingly normal. The next minute he is raging. I highly suspect he is bipolar and should be on medication.
  4. Happy birthday :bday8:

  5. I can see you spent alot of time on this. Good work. I am sure that if some bullies see this, they will foam at the mouth that their ways of bullying have been exposed. If you get any hate from this, just remember you're not the problem. The bullies are. They can't handle the truth.
  6. I hope you enjoyed your 21st birthday. :bday4:

  7. What do you know about Mist Survival? I keep hearing about it. Are you working on a topic?

    1. Incensio


      Not yet, I wait some updates for that, games have few content atm ;) I'll do a topic if I have more time for that

  8. I think I will follow the "no one in my house until seen in public 4 times or more" rule. I had a girl over for dinner last week that I met at the movies and she stole my mother's diamond engagement ring and $300.
  9. She says you're suicidal, but, if she was telling the truth about you being suicidal then her continued bullying of you would make her a heartless, spineless person. Which she is making very obvious. The way she feels the need to bring you up often and how she blames you for literally everything, just shows how very much obsessed with you she is.
  10. Did you mean to input "Mister Styles"?

    1. Master Styles

      Master Styles

      Yes, but Master is growing on me.

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