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  1. Incensio

    Activision Blizzard Layoffs

    I knew it, and it not surprised me, since this partnership, over the years we had : - Game unfinished, worst than early access. - WoW lost many players, with bugs - They don't listen community feedbacks - They continue to have lootboxes, and to have love for money unstead players - Mobile projects... - Overwatch : Battleroyale ? Merde...
  2. Incensio

    The Fortnite obsession

    And now, we have Apex Legends
  3. Incensio

    Top 5 favorite games

    1) Portal 2 2) State of Decay 3) Dark Souls Trilogy 4) Subsistence 5) Far Cry 4
  4. Cool new profile pic.

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    [Early access] Subsistence

    Yes, to hunt Moose, since last update :d
  6. Happy birthday ! Aquarius power ;)

  7. How was your birthday?

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  8. Happy birthday cutie. :smile2:

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    France : Yellow protesters : Frexit ?

    Referendum or elect politic man with this program, like François Asselineau.
  13. Hey dear friends, As you know, I'm French, I just want to talk what's happen in France since almost 2 months, since Macron decided to increase fuel taxes, electricity, gas... It was canceled by Edouard Phillippe, Prime Minister, but it's not sufficient and it's bluring, why ? Because, normally France is a democracy, we noticed some referendums, all law, is the people, by the people, we haven't it since 2005, the European constitution, but I'll notice this later. Yellow protesters want "RIC" (Référendum d’initiative citoyenne) to have like 500.000 endorsements then to send it to national assembly to analyze this by deputies, it take alot times, but could works, maybe... In France we lost 1 factory per day they relocated in others members EU countries, 800 jobs are lost per day since 1992, we approved the article 63 of European Treaties about to relocate without the authorization of the French government, but only by the European Parliament, we can't change european treaties, because article 48 said : "Unanimity for changes any treaty" EU have 28, soon 27 members of EU, it's like they live in a big building and someone ask to have a new color wall, someone want a new stairs, and someone again want a new door entrance, yes it's like that, but who decides ? European Commission. Back to 2005, France voted "NO" for European constitution, but Nicolas Sarkozy applied this in 2008 like we voted "YES"... And now, the situation is very catastrophic, but some people want a referendum to reclaim the FREXIT (I not shame to say I voted for a guy that we want Frexit, last presidential in 2017, but censored by medias cause of that) more French talk about that, and yes, it could be happen, with next european election, because article 50, is not to have unanimity to reclaim a Frexit, Brexit, Italexit... So wait and see for may 2019.
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    love/poor or rich/no love

    For love and be poor, why ? " Money can’t buy happiness " ;)
  15. :hny2:

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      Bonne année Kira ! (Happy new year) :thumbsup2: