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  1. Happy birthday.

  2. Happy Bday.

  3. Happy birthday. :bday3:

  4. We miss you on here.

  5. I just seen that on BBC, it's terrible... But I don't understand why Donald Trump think it's only "video games, video games", but the real reason, it's because USA authorizes firearms.

    Epilogue already written, now I have to complete the puzzle.

  7. I guess, with this kind of article, it could be.
  8. Oh and these journalists earn moneys by them I guess for post these kind of article... Pathétique ><' http://www.jeuxvideo.com/news/1077192/billet-la-concurrence-steam-versus-epic-games-sur-pc-est-salutaire.htm
  9. Yes it's true, i'm affraid the save from your Steam doesnt work with EGS :s
  10. The standard game is purely sandbox with no story, Heartland happend 18 month after SOD 1 hun. Oh yes, so much request on Undead Labs discord about that, we will get it asap I hope.
  11. You should have a State of Decay You Tube.

    1. Incensio


      I will help a friend to manage his channel this september, but I have a FR Facebook page hun it's "Le journal de Bronto Gas", it's news from SOD in French ;) https://www.facebook.com/BrontoGas/

  12. Yes, with and since this, I have proud to take games from Skidrow, what a nostalgia, it was since alot years when I had not money for buy games. Both, esp advisable, because developers suck them for moneys, Epic Games Store took less fee for publish, like 12%, Steam is 30%, so that why some games are exclusives at this store.
  13. I hope this month, I posted my prologue last month, it's in French hun :)
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