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  1. We miss you on here.

  2. I just seen that on BBC, it's terrible... But I don't understand why Donald Trump think it's only "video games, video games", but the real reason, it's because USA authorizes firearms.

    Epilogue already written, now I have to complete the puzzle.

    1. Master Styles

      Master Styles

      How much longer?

    2. Incensio


      10 years. ;)

  4. I guess, with this kind of article, it could be.
  5. Oh and these journalists earn moneys by them I guess for post these kind of article... Pathétique ><' http://www.jeuxvideo.com/news/1077192/billet-la-concurrence-steam-versus-epic-games-sur-pc-est-salutaire.htm
  6. Yes it's true, i'm affraid the save from your Steam doesnt work with EGS :s
  7. The standard game is purely sandbox with no story, Heartland happend 18 month after SOD 1 hun. Oh yes, so much request on Undead Labs discord about that, we will get it asap I hope.
  8. You should have a State of Decay You Tube.

    1. Incensio


      I will help a friend to manage his channel this september, but I have a FR Facebook page hun it's "Le journal de Bronto Gas", it's news from SOD in French ;) https://www.facebook.com/BrontoGas/

  9. Yes, with and since this, I have proud to take games from Skidrow, what a nostalgia, it was since alot years when I had not money for buy games. Both, esp advisable, because developers suck them for moneys, Epic Games Store took less fee for publish, like 12%, Steam is 30%, so that why some games are exclusives at this store.
  10. I hope this month, I posted my prologue last month, it's in French hun :)
  11. Happy independence day, Americans friends :)

  12. I noticed while strilling on these websites like Jeuxvideo.com, JeuxActu, IGN etc, I don't know all the websites but I ask myself a question. The review of the press are used to influence the player or is it a personal opinion of the tester ? I'm going to be pretty rough because I think some AAA that we get out each year, are in my opinion, over-rating with a will of the editor behind who gives money. That's what I think, in any case of the French press, specialized in this category, alot of testers are sold to these publishers to inflate the bill and do like today "influencers" and honestly I find it very boring. Some examples : Red Dead Redemption 21/20 (JeuxActu) God of War : 20/20 (Jeuxvideo.com) Zelda Breath of the Wild 20/20 (Jeuxvideo.com) Does the perfect game exist in an open world? Absolutely not because you will have always some bugs and the perfect game in this category doesnt exist, clearly, so ther's a will behind it. So about badly rated games that don't deserve it, like State of Decay 2 (10/20 on average in France) is absolutely outrageous and I suspect the press to be sold, sometimes to have preference to Sony for example, that they don't hesitate to spit on Microsoft, like some who doesn't hesitate to praise Epic Games Store... Finally, these "little" independent journalists in VG, they do better with honestly ? I think so and for me, they are not small, but "big"' are small. :) On my grain of salt in my glass, cheers.
  13. The first chapter is being written and will be in 1996.
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