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  1. Will your prolog be written in french or english?

    1. Incensio


      French first, then English ;)

  2. Hope to publish my first prologue of my novel, next month. :)

  3. My best raid experience was vanilla to clean MC, BWL, AQ 20 until Huhuran at AQ 40, I met some of these guild friends IRL and became. Now it's fast food, and very happy to play not anymore. And wont back to classic, it wont bring back the same experience.
  4. Haven't seen the sun since almost 2 weeks, always rain :crazy1:

    1. Zenon


      That is how it was in some Florida cities last year.

  5. What you think about that ? Imo it could be to good idea :)
  6. Cool new profile pic.

  7. Happy birthday ! Aquarius power ;)

  8. How was your birthday?

    1. Incensio


      Awesome thanks ;)

  9. Happy birthday cutie. :smile2:

    1. Incensio


      Thanks hun :)

  10. Happy birthday :bday5::bday6::bday14::bday16:

    1. Incensio


      Thanks you ;)

  11. Bon anniversaire:bday4:

  12. Lookin' good. :smile2:

  13. :hny2:

    1. Incensio


      Bonne année Kira ! (Happy new year) :thumbsup2:

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