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  1. I had hoped to spend the day with my wife, but I just got called in to work.

  2. I am noticing heavy favoritism regarding Sara Lance. Good. That's how it should be.
  3. I have zero sympathy for hypochondriacs. They are the reason why alot of people get ignored by doctors and not taken seriously. Put the severe cases in a mental hospital.
  4. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker to Be the Longest Episode Yet No surprise there.
  5. We know for sure Mia will survive otherwise no Green Arrow and the Canaries. Sara will because if not, why a season 5 of Legends?
  6. Crisis on Infinite Earths: Stephen Amell Wraps Filming on Crossover Event Wondering how they will fit in with the event. I am not sure why, but this gives me finality vibes.
  7. The 100 Prequel Pilot Ordered at The CW The 100 lives on!
  8. Why the hell didn't I notice this before? It sucks the series is ending.
  9. I voted that she went too far in all areas. If she had a confirmed diagnosis, I'd say she had every right.
  10. And in the meantime she would have created trouble for Connor and others.
  11. The Addams Family 2 in the Works from MGM, Releasing in 2021 Already a sequel in the works. I see.
  12. Red T

    The Craft {?/??/20??}

    ‘The Craft’ Casts Spell Over David Duchovny As ‘X-Files’ Actor Joins Blumhouse-Sony Revamp Interest choice for part of the cast.
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