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  1. I've seen players, that raid, complain about their kids interrupting them during important raids because they're hungry. One woman said that if her 5 year old is old enough to eat, then he is old enough to make his own food. The woman went on to say since she pays for his everything it's not asking too much for him to stay away during raid times 3 times a week. Ultimately she lost custody of her son to her parents. She still raids 2-3 times a week. I know because I know a few people that regularly check to see if she still does. I knew this man who seemed nice. People were happy for him when he met someone. His new girlfriend even raided with them. But she one time posted a message in raid chat that she meant to post in private to him. It was a simple message reminding him her office promotion party was that Friday night and she looks forward to seeing him there, but she had to go because she had some work to do. She logged off. She likely did not realize she posted in wrong chat. Guild members started ranting and raging. One guild members said she had no right to expect her boyfriend to miss an important raid night. People got on his case in guild chat and raid chat telling him he best know his priorities and what's important. He began to complain a little saying he didn't understand why she (in his words) was so thoughtless so as to ask him for anything during raid nights. He went on to complain she should know how important they are. She found out about the exchange. One person with morals made a video. She never told him she knew about it. She decided to let it go since he lost his job. But next time she was on she mentioned in guild chat she decided she wasn't going to raid anymore and couldn't because of her work schedule. She even said this would mean she had to leave the guild since it was a raiding guild. A few people understood. But her boyfriend, raged upon her in guild chat calling her selfish saying she should learn to prioritize. She didn't respond back. Considering how he responded, she was likely private messaging him. He posted links in guild chat that lead to uploaded images of texts showing her phone number and everything. I looked at them. In guild chat he made it look like she was raging and berating. She wasn't. She merely told him she doesn't air arguments in public. She told him that she needed to prioritize work before the game. She mentioned she would like it if they can do stuff other than play World Of Warcraft together. She even said she will spend any non working time with him and...even pay for anything they did. He went off and said if she didn't shut up, he would teach her to shut up. One person in the guild told him he should log off for a little bit, go in the living room and just talk to her instead of just communicating through the game. I spoke up telling him he shouldn't treat her like that. A few days later, I saw all of his characters log on and leave the guild. It turned out it wasn't him. It was his now ex girlfriend. She told me that she left him and got sick of how he prioritized raiding over life. She said she got her stuff and moved out and in with her best friend from college. She mentioned that the laptop he used to play was hers and that she is deleting all his characters and cancelled the game sub which she paid for since before they were together. Last I heard about him was he went out drinking and got arrested for assaulting someone who complained about her ex husband raiding obsessively.
  2. I might say something depending upon the situation. Whether I do or not, the troll gets blocked.
  3. Catching up on a few TV shows while my wife works 

  4. I recognize the so called princess as Summer Landsdown of Power Rangers RPM.
  5. Where is pest control when you need it?
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