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  1. Red T

    Random fact

    There's too many Texas Chainsaw movies.
  2. Red T

    Actors in common

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer (tv)
  3. Red T

    Word tag-a-long

  4. Red T

    The person below me

    Watches Teletubies.
  5. Red T

    Random word

  6. Red T

    What is Negan up to?

    The last we saw of Negan, he walked out of his cell. What do you all think he will do?
  7. This is not a surprise. This was expected.
  8. It's too politicized to retain my interest.
  9. Space is anyone's territory. No one owns it. No one can own it. It will be a race to see who discovers and does the most.
  10. So it is okay for this woman to use slurs, but not anyone else. I bet if someone used one regarding muslims, she'd create a holy war over it.
  11. I've lived there 2 years. My last straw was when I fell off a ladder and broke my leg. The hospital put an illegal immigrant with a minor flu first.