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  1. I agree. One of those most used is that same person bullsh*t. Happens when the victim's friends speak up.
  2. I remember this bully's Photoshop job. She tried to make it look like my wife told her to kill herself. Bad move on her part. My wife has several lawyers in the family. This loathesome bully of a girl is lucky no one tried to stalk or harass my wife because of her slanderous bullsh*t. Otherwise she'd have grounds to sue her.
  3. Many major gaming companies are doing similar. It is beyond amazing that Sony is offering so much. On a side note, I did some research. Blizzard isn't doing anything to help.
  4. Whoever he is, he shouldn't be pulling this set up bullsh*t. This one kid at the hospital made a similar joke saying, to this girl, that they should hang out with him and his friend later at this park. She said no. He kept teasing her. At least 2 people got on his case. One was his mother. The other one had said that asking for a get together during this pandemic was like asking "Would you like to get Coronavirus with me?". He was labeled an insensitive idiot. I agree. I'm sure those that heard, did too.
  5. I think they should not only get hazard pay with full benefits, but also bonuses.
  6. Not really news. I am sure most people guessed this would happen.
  7. This is one movie t hat me and my wife were beginning to look forward to.
  8. Considering all the cancellations, I doubt the Olympics will happen, but I still hope.
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