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  1. Two faced = no more friendship. Can I be more clear?
  2. MCU is losing its luster.
  3. Not me. But the question is will she be a lesbian or bisexual?
  4. Can you join a group with a real person and you both call AI teammates?
  5. Is it me or was Michonne holding a barbed wire bat at the end of the trailer?
  6. Red T

    Hello. :welcome1:

  7. Outgoing UM-Flint chancellor Sue Borrego reflects on tenure, navigating water crisis I think she did an excellent job navigating the Flint water crisis to make sure things thrived okay at the University.
  8. You are my wife. This loathesome scum had no business trying to turn you against a good and honest friend of ours. He also needs to watch his outbursts.
  9. I'm sure they're alive, but the longer they stay gone, the more I worry.
  10. Now that Melissa Benoist can't be Red Zeo, what will she do?
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