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  1. Didn't we just wrap up a Resident Evil franchise?
  2. I'd have to know more to know if it is worth watching.
  3. Red T

    R.I.P. "George H.W. Bush"

    He's made a difference in many lives.
  4. Red T

    Actors in common

    Name a movie, tv show, or video game with an actor in common with what the poster above has posted. For example Legend Of Prince Valiant Beauty and the Beast Murder She Wrote I will start us off: Saved By The Bell
  5. Red T

    Right now I am watching.....

    Freddy VS Jason
  6. Red T

    Movie Pass "debacles"

    Movie Pass is a plague. End of story.
  7. Red T

    Raging Teen Bully & Co

    You have a point, but if she doesn't do anything about that attitude of hers, she won't keep a job for long.
  8. Red T

    Raging Teen Bully & Co

    This girl should not be allowed online until she learns the basics of online etiquette.
  9. Red T

    Hurricane Michael

    4 kittens rescued in Hurricane Michael after falling from damaged ceiling Major thanks to the family that rescued that kittens. I hope they find a forever home soon.
  10. Someone like that should not be allowed out in public again.
  11. Red T

    Right now I am watching.....

    The Walking Dead season 4 episode 8
  12. Red T

    Tell a lie

    I voted democrat.
  13. That's what you cal a terrible parent.