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  1. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker to Be the Longest Episode Yet No surprise there.
  2. We know for sure Mia will survive otherwise no Green Arrow and the Canaries. Sara will because if not, why a season 5 of Legends?
  3. Crisis on Infinite Earths: Stephen Amell Wraps Filming on Crossover Event Wondering how they will fit in with the event. I am not sure why, but this gives me finality vibes.
  4. The 100 Prequel Pilot Ordered at The CW The 100 lives on!
  5. Why the hell didn't I notice this before? It sucks the series is ending.
  6. I voted that she went too far in all areas. If she had a confirmed diagnosis, I'd say she had every right.
  7. And in the meantime she would have created trouble for Connor and others.
  8. The Addams Family 2 in the Works from MGM, Releasing in 2021 Already a sequel in the works. I see.
  9. Red T

    The Craft {?/??/20??}

    ‘The Craft’ Casts Spell Over David Duchovny As ‘X-Files’ Actor Joins Blumhouse-Sony Revamp Interest choice for part of the cast.
  10. Tonight SA was enjoying a new episode of Law And Order: Special Victims Unit. She made a simple statement of what the episode is about. It centers on abortion. A 13 year old girl named Evangeline runs away from home to go to New York City to get an abortion because she was raped by her step father. BT1960 took it upon herself to attack SA over the simple statement of what the episode centered around. I took it upon myself to defend SA. I feel like I was justified. BT1960 replied to me claiming she doesn't judge anyone and says I shouldn't judge her. But what did she do to SA just over stating what an episode was about? She put herself in a position to be judged when she took it upon herself to attack without thinking. I flat out told her she lacked integrity if she didn't delete her tweet and apologize. I meant it and I stand by it. How BT1960 came at SA attacking her was uncalled for. Especially when SA was stating what a tv show episode centered around. If you look at the bio of BT1960, you will see it says "Football nerd/Catholic/ND Fan/Cubs Fan My own girl/Sarcastic Smartass/#MeToo/Sexual Assault Survivor and Advocate". She claims to be a sexual assault survivor, but attacks one online. All over SA stating what the Law and Order SVU episode was about. The very behavior of this woman puts her in a very bad position to be judged very poorly due to her own actions. She puts herself in a position to be judged 1) and asked if she really is a sexual assault victim/survivor and advocate. I am in no way saying she is not. I am just saying she puts herself in a position to be questioned if she really is because ----------A) she attacks another sexual assault survivor. ----------B) she blindly attacks SA telling her she has no right to comment in response to her (SA) tweet over what an episode of Law and Order SVU centered around. ----------C) shouldn't victim advocates exercise patience and not fly off the handle over something as simple as stating what a TV show episode is about? 2) she claims she doesn't judge anyone, but yet she harshly judged SA over stating what a TV show episode centered upon. 3) attacked SA out of the blue. 4) she tried to play herself off as a victim in this when she was clearly the aggressor. 5) as petty and childish. While I believe people have a right to block someone on social media, the reason BT1960 blocked me was because ----------A) she knew I was right about her behavior and wanted to try and avoid incriminating herself and/or ----------B) she knew she was wrong in how she approached SA and wanted to hide from it so she could play the victim in this and/or ----------C) she can't handle anyone simply calling out her bad behavior. If BT1960 attempts to say any of the above was altered /photoshopped or deletes the tweets and tries to act as if what she said never took place................I have proof that can't be denied. PROOF: http://archive.is/4Fkiw BT1960 behaved very poorly at the end of last night. Based on her actions and what she proclaims to be, I have every right to call her a hypocrite. She also behaved liked a bully. In closing I will say this, BT1960 needs to learn to look before she leaps and try to be more respectful to others.
  11. I was stating my opinion when a Character A fangirl came at me acting as if I am attacking Actor A whom plays Character A. This is a prime example of the toxicity in Character A's fanbase. Not all, but a good majority of it is toxic.
  12. Dumb move for that girl to cry over an account she stole.
  13. An actor that resorts to laughing at an attack on a woman with autism.
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