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  1. Movie theaters have become unappealing when they implemented mask requirements. Those who wear masks and overstate seeing an unmasked person eat, into seeming as if it were worse, has helped to ruin the movie going experience.
  2. Thank you for the code.
  3. Happy birthday :smile3:

    1. L. Virgil Esq

      L. Virgil Esq

      Happy birthday to my beautiful wife. :rose1:

    2. Avenger K

      Avenger K

      Hi @Alice. I hope you had a great birthday.

  4. That is something I would like the answer to myself.
  5. The movie looks good, but with how some theaters are treating people, I would rather wait until the VOD release.
  6. I half expected this to happen.
  7. I have a feeling this is the start of a 3 film deal.
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