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  1. It takes a special variety of a twisted psychotic individual to sexually assault a dog.
  2. Lori Loughlin, husband Mossimo Giannulli enter not guilty pleas in college admissions cheating scandal She is as guilty as sin!
  3. Felicity Huffman offered prison advice from Abby Lee Miller amid college admissions scandal guilty plea Interesting person to be offering prison advice.
  4. Girl Meets World.
  5. Arizona man arrested in fatal road-rage shooting of girl, 10 It is my hope that this man either gets life in prison or the death penalty.
  6. Famous YouTube parents apologize for 'cruel' April Fools' joke on daughter after backlash To do such to a 6 year old child is absolutely cruel. Under no circumstances is a joke of this nature justified or okay.
  7. Boeing cuts 737 Max production amid software overhaul They should halt it altogether until some faults are ironed out.
  8. Jussie Smollett's lawyer threatens Chicago, Rahm Emanuel if they go after 'Empire' star for cash So Jussie Smollett gets to lie, fake his own hate crime and attacks. Then he gets to someone get all charges dropped (payoff?). And then he has his legal team threaten to sue the city of Chicago should they rightfully seek money owed for time wasted.
  9. When it comes to Prince Harry's views on Fortnite, I agree 100%. I sort of disagree a slight bit regarding his overall view about being online and gaming in general. He seems to be focused on time infront of a computer, system, and a screen. What does it matter how much time someone is infront of a screen as long they take care of themselves, their lives, and don't put that before human interraction? If my husband isn't home and I am alone, I will spend 4 hours playing a game if I want to as long as my responsibilities in life are taken care of first. Bottomline, as long as a person knows their responsibilities, gets them done, and has their priorities straight, then screen time doens't matter.
  10. I have come across some guilds in the game and some web pages for some guilds in World of Warcraft. Many of them take raiding very seriously. I have seen posts from people who whine about working and can't raid. Some have talked about calling in sick to work for a big raid. I've seen people complain about their parents bugging them to get a job. One man said his parents should be greatful he loves them enough to stay at home and not hassle him to work. He went on to say that his parents should understand how important raiding is each week. One guild I came across before I quit had some of the most outragous requirements. One, must raid 2-3 times a week. Upon wanting to join the guild, must submit place of employment information, work hours, work contact information for verification of work hours. If the work hours are not satisfactory to the guild leadr, said guild member must attempt to have the rearranged. Cellphone number was also required. Calls from guild leader are to be returned within the hour. If children of a guild member are in the guild, the parents must discipline the child accordingly if the child cannot be responsible enough to show up for each raid. Must make a monthly donation of half of all gold earned after in game expenses. These were the requirements of Champions of Light on Whisperwind back in early May 2011.
  11. I missed some of the marathon because I needed to cook dinner for my husband. Luckily it was a boring episode I missed. This was, by far, the best TWD marathon.
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