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  1. Alice

    Violent Video Game Tax Proposed In Pennsylvania

    How is it a game's fault that someone is so mentally incompatant that they choose to take it to real life?
  2. Alice

    Tell a lie

    I am half man, half woman.
  3. Alice

    The person above me

    Eats raw steak.
  4. They should be banned from the mall pending a psychological evaluation.
  5. These out of control ladies could benefit from anger management.
  6. Are these guys doing other drugs because what person in their right mind would call the cops over stolen weed?
  7. Alice

    Why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Should Concern You

    That woman is anything other than mentally sound. If people earn the money and get to billionaire status, good for them. This woman is nothing more than jealous.
  8. I am noticing too many articles in the news lately about illegals and murder.
  9. Boyfriend tried to hide woman and her abducted son, 6, from police, authorities say After this incident, the mother should not be allowed near her son again. Atleast not until he is 18.
  10. Ohio teacher allegedly masturbated in classroom with students in room A classroom is not a place for masterbation. This man shouldn't be allowed inside another classroom.
  11. Louisiana police officer dies after being shot multiple times Whomever is responsible needs to be brought to justice.
  12. Father tried to frame 9-year-old daughter in wife's murder: prosecutors Anyone who would frame their own child for such a crime does not deserve to be a parent.