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  1. The guilty childish one you speak of is ranting upon Twitter at this moment. She is attempting to twist the truth and make it seem as if she is some victim.
  2. Someone makes a post on Facebook saying they just had a heart attack. Then, mere hours late,r they create a video complaining acting as if anything said by those they watch (stalk) is about them. Now, upon watching said video, you notice something. For someone that says to have just had a heart attack, they do not look like it. This person was not hooked up to any machines that a person having had a heart attack would be. Later on this person claims they were only suspected of having a heart attack. Even so, if that were the case, they would be hooked up to machines to monitor them closely. Now the party is hidden from public view. This is highly suspicious to me. What do you all think?
  3. This person has never been kind to you. She has an attitude even when asking you for a place to stay. You are right to turn her away.
  4. If someone cannot conduct themselves in a decent manner online, they should not be online. It is that simple.
  5. Happy 22nd birthday.

  6. Those same people need to go back to school and learn not only basic mathematical skills, but the value of a good product.
  7. I had just gotten off work from a double shift and all I want to do is watch old Rescue 9-1-1 episodes.

    1. Master Styles

      Master Styles

      Isn't that hosted my William sh*tner?

  8. Bride-to-be purposely ruins future brother-in-law's marriage proposal to keep wedding spotlight What the bride to be did was far beyond reprehensible to say the least. She is rather spiteful and I do hope karma crosses her path.
  9. You are one important person these days.

    1. Caity Lance

      Caity Lance

      It's not easy being a Paragon.

    2. Gloxie


      Sara Lance is my favorite in Legends of Tomorrow.

  10. Alice

    I hate

    being woken up out of a sound sleep.
  11. I wish that I remembered to pick up a 3 Musketeers candy bar when I was grocery shopping earlier.
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