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  1. This is why those with common sense should avoid Tinder. Too many crazy people within.
  2. Welcome to DWZM. :welcome8:

  3. "ActorA" is quite the bad influence. It shows within the extreme "CharacterA" fans and the fact he sits back, watches, and says nothing when his fans target non-"CharacterA" fans. Another way he is a bad influence upon his own fans is in that he has lied regarding "PersonA" twice now. The 2nd time, he did so in such a way that those obsessed fans whom see it, will likely attack "Person i", whom the tweet is responding to, and "PersonA".
  4. I use to think so as well, but I no longer believe that "ActorA" is a nice guy. He thought it was funny when "PersonB" called "PersonA" a r**a*d. They both deleted their respective tweets and put forth the face of innocence to those they know. Then "PersonB" attacks "PersonA" again in a milder form. "ActorA" laughs at it with several laughing emojis. Then "ActorA" deletes it. Then "ActorA" claims the tweet he deleted was an apology and that he asked that "PersonB" stop. The tweet in question was not what he claimed. It was as I said, laughing emojis showing he was laughing at "PersonB's" attack upon "PersonA". That was lie#1. He lied again when he posted a tweet saying that "PersonA" was saying he ("ActorA") should be written off the show. Based on the conversation prior and "PersonJ's defense of "PersonA", it is safe to assume "ActorA" was speaking about "PersonA"."PersonA" never once said "CharacterA" belonging to "ActorA" should be written off the show. Although a few of his rather obsessive fans of "CharacterA" are twisting "PersonA's" words and claiming otherwise.
  5. Fans of "ActorA's" "CharacterA" aren't all abusive, but those whom are very infatuated with him tend to be. Mostly in hopes to catch the attention of "ActorA" by defending him. Many will, even if he is wrong, for that very reason.
  6. UPDATE#3 (as of 10/23/2019 at 9:38pm ET) I took it upon myself to send "ActorA" a series of tweets in what I thought of his behavior regarding his attack upon "PersonA". I was in no way attacking "ActorA" Although I am quite sure the obsessed "CharacterA" fans will attempt to make it seem as such. My purpose of my series of tweets was to tell my side and defend "PersonA" to lies being told by "ActorA", whom has crossed the line to becoming a bully.
  7. UPDATE#2 (as of 10/23/2019 at 7:48pm ET) "ActorA" has now taken it upon himself to lie about "PersonA". He claims she had said he should be written off the show. Nowhere within her Twitter timeline does she say such. She has expressed dislike for "CharacterA" (played by "ActorA"). She never said what he claims she had said. "ActorA" gives strong implications that he has a right to lie about and condemn someone if they do not like a character of his. "Person i" had responded to "ActorA" I wholeheartedly agree with everything she has said in within the below tweet. While many "CharacterA" fans will likely accuse her of attacking him or hating upon him, she was merely attempting to make a few very valid points. The point made within here is understood by many. It is clear that "ActorA" cannot handle when someone doesn't like a character of his and expresses it. 100% agreed. Only those whom are so enamored by "CharacterA" are blind to that. What "ActorA" does not realize is he can very well create more hate for his "CharacterA" this way. While "ActorA" could do such, he chooses not too. In my opinion, "ActorA" is not mature enough to handle when someone does not like his character and others stand up for them. I firmly believe that "ActorA" somewhat enjoys seeing fans of his "CharacterA" attack those whom are not of that character. I think that "ActorA" can't handle it when people have the back of someone that does not like his "CharacterA". Considering his behavior today combined with this, I have every right now to refer to "ActorA" as a bully because only a bully would lie about another and laugh about them being called a r**a*d. In no way did "PersonA" ever say "ActorA" or "CharacterA" should be written of 9-1-1. She's stated her dislike for the character that is it. "ActorA" lying about "PersonA" is bullying. Purposely lying in a place in which he knows his fans will see it, get riled up and attack, is bullying. Also, deleting something and acting innocent regards to it is also bullying. This merely cements the fact that "ActorA" has now become a bully. Much of the people responding to his attack on "PersonA" to "Person i" are those who are obsessed fanboys and fangirls, people whom see him as a god and perfection. It's as if he is incapable of doing wrong in their eyes. Much of the response is over-praise. Considering how infatuated many of these fanboys and fangirls are, it is highly likely that even if "ActorA" went on a tirade, they would likely try to justify it.
  8. Have a great birthday.

  9. Happy birthday. :bday8:

  10. UPDATE#1 (as of 10/21/2019 at 1:30am ET) "PersonB" has obviously seen the blog concerning his behavior and that of "ActorA", and fellow "CharacterA" fans. As typical of his personality, he attempts to make light of his harassment and "ActorA's" laughing up of his ("PersonB) attack upon "PersonA". Also, "PersonB" takes it upon himself to lie and claim that he had never called "PersonA" a r**a*d. He had done so and "ActorA" responded to it with 3 laughing smilies. Both "PersonB" and "ActorA" had deleted their respective tweets in order to erase all evidence of that unfavorable conversation. Someone ("PersonH") steps in to back up "PersonB's" plight and lies. "PersonH" goes on toact as if "ActorA" did no wrong and can't do no wrong. "PersonF" steps in to the mix and takes it upon herself to act as if she "told me off" and I slithered away. That is a rather twisted tale, due to the fact that I decided to block her. Archived proof: http://archive.is/edRxm The response by "PersonH" to "PersonB" is quite a typical troll response. Much of the time when a troll's behavior is exposed, they, or their friends, will make comments like or similar to: "Can't stop laughing", "I'm dyin' here", "I'm crying here" or similar. Archived proof: http://archive.is/EHQdA A familiar person, "PersonE", chimes in. It seems to me that she is not too thrilled the truth was told. It shows in her troll-like response. Archived proof: https://archive.is/YwpqL One thing I had noticed regarding those targeting myself, "PersonA", and this blog, is that they all have usernames on Twitter that have some portion of the name of "CharacterA" or "ActorA". It goes to show that when someone does not like "CharacterA", his fans tend to attack and rant about them in some form. Alot of the times, yes. Sometimes, no. "PersonB" and "ActorA" speak here and there upon Twitter. They do so in such a manner that is very suggestive they are and have been friendly with one another for quite some time. One would think that since they are friendly with one another that they listen to one another as well. What I wonder is why "ActorA" has not had the decency to even ask that "PersonB" not attack people just because they are not fans of Character A. Instead, "ActorA" has actively chosen to sit back and watch it all or laugh about it. That says alot about the kind of person that "ActorA" truly is. If I was "ActorA" I would have the integrity to post upon my Twitter page a general message aimed at fans that simply states that fans should not abusively target those whom aren't fans of "CharacterA". It is quite clear that much of the fanbase of "CharacterA" is rather toxic. I have taken it upon myself to block "ActorA" and any fans of "CharacterA" that choose to attack. As to if any of you do the same, should you figure out whom anyone is, I shall let that be up to you. We all have the right and freedom to make our own choices.
  11. Late on Sunday October 14, 2019, I was enjoying a friend ("PersonA") of mine's tweets regarding the show 9-1-1. There was a short period of time when she stopped tweeting. I assumed she was tending to her pet. I then notice someone ("PersonB") had sent her a rather nasty tweet regarding a tweet she made about a character ("CharacterA") upon the show. "PersonB" had referred to her as "r**a*ded" and she should have been aborted. I refreshed the screen after walking my dog. I noticed that the actor ("ActorA") of "CharacterA" had responded to "PersonB's" tweet regarding "PersonA's" tweet about "CharacterA". "ActorA's" response was 3 laughing smilies. It sickened me that "ActorA" thought it was funny that "PersonB" called "PersonA" a r**a*d that should have been aborted. I was getting ready to report the converasation, but I end up with an error. Sure enough "PersonB" and "ActorA" deleted their tweets. So, evidence of this attack was completely gone. I thought, perhaps, maybe they both realize what they did and deleted because they knew they were wrong. I highly doubt "PersonA" even saw it. So I decided to let it go as I watched the Twitter pages for "ActorA" and "PersonB". A small bit later I noticed that "PersonB" quoted a tweet by "PersonA" while tagging "ActorA". "PersonB" was telling "ActorA" that "PersonA" was dissing him. "ActorA" responded in a way that gave the impression he thought "PersonB" was being funny. There is nothing funny about attacking another or trying to get someone attacked. "PersonB" came across strongly as he was hoping fans of "ActorA" and his character ("CharacterA") would attack "PersonB" over their opinion of a TV show character. In no way was "PersonA" attacking "ActorA". Had "ActorA" not put the laughing smiley after "Bit harsh". I would have assumed "ActorA" was defending "PersonA" to "PersonB". But here it impresses that "ActorA" thinks "PersonB" is funny". I had responded to the tweet by "ActorA". Almost immediately, he had deleted his tweet. At first I thought maybe "ActorA" realized how it came across. Then I remembered how he had deleted his laughing smilies to the horrible tweet "PersonB" sent "PersonA" earlier, in which he told "PersonA" she was r**a*ded and should have been aborted. Part of me wanted to bring that up, but part of me thought it was a bad idea considering both "PersonB" and "ActorA" deleted those tweets and erased evidence it ever took place. "PersonB" took it upon himself to approach me in an attacking manner. Had it not been for the first sentence, I would have simply responded to him informing him that regardless of intent, he came across a particular way. Behavior by "PersonB" after this tweet strongly indicates that he was feeding me a line of bullsh*t here. Part of me wanted to bring up the actual initial interaction I witnessed between him an "ActorA" "PersonB" took it upon himself to take to his Twitter page to complain about the matter in a way that implies he is attempting to play the victim card. One person's ("PersonD") response makes it clear as to why "PersonB" has selectively deleted some tweets and is attempting to make himself to be the victim. So that way others coming upon his plight, would be more likely to believe however he chooses to portray the matter. A few people ("PersonC", "PersonD", and "PersonE") took it upon themselves to coddle this rather childish behavior. "PersonA" thanked me for defending her. To which, "ActorA" had responded. My response was simple and asking that he understand that making light of an attack on another is never okay. Part of me had wanted to tell him off and point out that using laughing emojis with sarcasm to an attack on another is nowhere near an apology. But because he had deleted his tweet, that he had claimed was an apology, onlookers might take a brief look at the above and get the impression that "ActorA" is being targeted. I doubt this was his intent, but he does need to be careful how he comes across. With this tweet, and how it was worded, it indicates that "PersonB's" intent was to act as if I was "after" him in some manner. In the above tweet I had shown, I was merely making a point to "ActorA". I was not rambling on like a spoiled child. "PersonE", whom was one of those whom only saw what "PersonB" wanted them to see, decided to back up "PersonB" in his fabricated claim that what he said was not an attack. At first, I thought this was purely an innocent bystander chiming in based on purely what wasn't deleted by "ActorA" and "PersonB". Which made the matter look different. But what disturbs me is how she downplays "ActorA's" laughing at the attack on "PersonA". That "ActorA" making light of an attack on "PersonA" was rude and uncalled for. Hardly light hearted. I did not want to respond saying such and chalked it up to this person being a devoted fan of "ActorA's" "CharacterA" . Often times devoted fans have a hard time as seeing their idol as less than flawless. I thought I would leave "PersonF" to their thoughts. One of the reasons I am showing this tweet is due further communication from this individual after this. A few thoughts did pop into my mind. If "ActorA" was truly laughing at people's reactions to his charter's ("CharacterA") reaction, then why didn't he respond to "PersonA's" tweet directly? First she says "PersonB's" tweet was not an attack. But in speaking about "ActorA", she indirectly refers to "PersonB's" tweet as an attack. As I have previously stated, the way "ActorA" responded was very indicative of him praising "PersonB's" attack upon "PersonA". This one is coming across as one of those devoted fan types as I mention regarding the previous tweet. "PersonB" overdramatizing upon his Twitter timeline. Highly likely due to the drama he started and had stirred. Being he had used the hashtag for the show 9-1-1, perhaps he was hoping for a few onlookers upon his timeline and others to be on his side regarding the trouble he had stirred. This is the Twitter DM I had received from "PersonF". Apparently, and likely, due to lack of engagement with her borderline trolling, she took it upon herself to attack me. She uses the fact we differ in political beliefs to excuse the behavior of "PersonB" and "ActorA". I would hardly call "ActorA" making light of an attack by "PersonB" upon "PersonA" harmless engagement. At this point, I had decided to block this individual. I would have before, but I do not block over devoted fan behavior. Attacks, yes. I will admit that I did report "PersonB"on Twitter. The explanation I gave was "an attack upon an individual with the intent to cause further harm in hopes others would attack as well". I did not think Twitter would react so quickly. But I am glad that they had. Hopefully "PersonB" will cool off and stop targeting people whom are not fans of "CharacterA". Another person ("PersonG") approaches me and defends "PersonB" acting as if he did no wrong. Also, in defense of "ActorA" making light of an attack on "PersonA" by "PersonB".Always the tool of the troll is to call someone delusional and lie with a claim of arguing too much. Highly likely this person is a random fanboy of "CharacterA". A rather hyper one twisting the situation to make "ActorA" out to be some helpless victim. I am completely disgusted with "ActorA". Mostly because what he claims to have been an apology, was him making light of an attack by "PersonB" upon "PersonA". Also because he claims he was asking "that not to happen". In no way did he do so. If what he erased was what he said, why delete it? I have come to notice that when it comes to "CharacterA" a wide majority (not all, but alot) of his fans will attack those whom are not fans of "CharacterA", even if they are fans of "ActorA", whom plays "CharacterA". If I chose to post everything, or even half, of attacks on non-fans of "CharacterA", I would be writing this blog until Christmas. Why do the actors not do or say anything about their fans attacking non fans? By doing nothing and saying nothing, they are enabling this horrendous behavior and putting forth the image that they're okay with it. I am in no way saying any actor should confront a bully or a troll. What I am saying is a generalized statement stating something is not okay, can go a long way. Also by doing and saying nothing, the "rabid fans" continue to attack non-fans under the belief that the actor is okay with such behavior. And, in a way, this is a form of censorship which implies "If you do not like my character, I'll sit back and watch my fans attack you until you do.". -------------UPDATES------------- Update#1: 1:30am ET on 10/21/2019: https://www.derwillezurmacht.com/blogs/entry/82-toxicity-within-fanbases-9-1-1/?do=findComment&comment=685 Update#2: 7:48pm ET on 10/23/2019: https://www.derwillezurmacht.com/blogs/entry/82-toxicity-within-fanbases-9-1-1/page/3/?tab=comments#comment-699 Update#3: 9:38pm ET on 10/23/2019: https://www.derwillezurmacht.com/blogs/entry/82-toxicity-within-fanbases-9-1-1/?do=findComment&comment=700
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