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  1. If someone shows an extensive history of bullying, they should be banned from all social media for 1 year. Upon which after such, any and all social media accounts must be divulge for the next 5 years coupled with monitoring of all activity via their PC and phone.
  2. Alice

    $1.5B Mega Millions winner has not claimed prize

    If that person doesn't claim it, what happens?
  3. Do you work for Undead Labs? If you do not, you should.
  4. Alice

    Raging Teen Bully & Co

    Casey did nothing wrong to warrant such terrible behavior. This bully has a very ugly heart.
  5. Alice

    USA Bound Mexican Caravan

    Migrant caravans swell to 12,000, get some help along the way I hope we are well prepared for when they reach the border.
  6. Alice

    USA Bound Mexican Caravan

    US troops seen setting up barbed wire near Mexico border I whole heartedly agree. I hope it serves well in keeping out some of those migrants.
  7. Since the Mexican caravan is an ongoing issue, I thought it was appropriate to create a discussion topic for articles regarding the matter.
  8. Texas newlywed couple killed in helicopter crash less than 2 hours after getting married This is truly a tragedy. They were just starting their lives together.
  9. Alice

    Random word

  10. Alice

    Word tag-a-long

  11. Bullies should face the maximum penalty allowed by law. An example needs to be made to help curb bullying altogether.
  12. She could have legally done this by turning them in to the state or going to DCF to see what her options were.
  13. I believe that would be castration. And I agree.
  14. Alice

    Word tag-a-long