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  1. I'm bored so I will be going to my gym soon! Got to keep my weight under 120lbs.

  2. Former 'Top Gear' host Jeremy Clarkson says 'idiot' climate activist Greta Thunberg has killed the car show Panicking people to get them to listen is a bad move! Instead of shouting and saying cars are evil, how about she propose an effective travel plan to help that will not cause more harm than good! People have to get around effectively to work and so life works. I agree! It did look like she was having a meltdown. Accusing those that don't agree with her of stealing her childhood. She sounded more like she was attacking people than making a speech.
  3. There's these 2 neighbors I have. The husband caught the wife cheating on him with his father. He is kicking her out of the house. There's a prenup involved and she gets nothing. This woman, whom has never been nice to me, came to my door earlier saying she needs a place to live. Before I could speak, she told me to help her with her bag and was telling me how she wants her food cooked. I told her that she couldn't stay with me. She complained saying I lived alone and could afford to spare a room. I told her the answer is no because 1. She's never been nice to me. 2. She tried to guilt me into offering her a room. 3. She kept insulting me, hoping I'd feel so bad I'd offer her a room to shut her up. Was I wrong to turn her away? She I have taken her in and dealt with her?
  4. This is why I like to avoid those that are pregnant and appear moody. People that act like that woman should be made to go to the end of the line. Bad behavior shouldn't be rewarded.
  5. If someone is a hypochondriac to the point they makes themselves sick, put them in a mental facility for sure.
  6. I think she should try to be a little more prepared. I see this girl has passion for issues, but preparedness is good too.
  7. I have a bad feeling that statement by Blitzchung was largely influenced by Blizzard. They obviously said something to him so he'd act like all is okay.
  8. Post a word that has something in common with the word above. I'll start. Rose
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