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  1. Elena, or whatever her name was, was a complete psycho. I don't feel sorry for anything that happened to her. She likely brought it on herself with how terrible she is.
  2. The previews and plot were misleading. I had believed Olivia was a psycho. But movie was good and did such a good job.
  3. I hope this show doesn't get delayed. I am looking forward to it and have for awhile.
  4. I think she is a sociopath considering the post she made her! She is a terrible horrible person for that!
  5. The CoronaVirus is killing many people and harshly affecting many more. She must be a heartless black-hearted person to wish death by Coronavirus on others just because they don't applaud her bullying and bad behavior!
  6. I don't see Vasquez as being at fault. He wouldn't have been where he was if that sorry excuse for a captain didn't put him with Gibson.
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