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  1. Blizzard is scum. That is all there is to it.
  2. I always thought Tommy boy had nice balls.
  3. Family Guy -tv show
  4. I think Negan wants to recreate those saviors.
  5. I think there is an intelligence issue with people in Pennsylvania.
  6. How much damage can hunters do to your base?
  7. This man should get more than $50,000 per year he was incarcerated wrongly. He missed much of his life. I think he needs to sue.
  8. I'd get the attention of the parents and say "Hey ma'am, your kid just stole a tip off the table over there." This would force her to force her kid to give it back.
  9. If there was a database for those cruel enough to wrongly report someone for crimes they didn't commit, I think someone should be instantly added if the crime they're reporting for is a serious crime like rape or murder. But for petty crimes, only if it happens like 3 times or something.
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