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  1. This man should get more than $50,000 per year he was incarcerated wrongly. He missed much of his life. I think he needs to sue.
  2. Shelley Darlingson

    Bullying: Reasonings For Actions

    Great job. I'm at work now. So, I'm still reading through it.
  3. Shelley Darlingson

    Tip stealing kid

    I'd get the attention of the parents and say "Hey ma'am, your kid just stole a tip off the table over there." This would force her to force her kid to give it back.
  4. Shelley Darlingson

    {January2019} False Reporting Database

    If there was a database for those cruel enough to wrongly report someone for crimes they didn't commit, I think someone should be instantly added if the crime they're reporting for is a serious crime like rape or murder. But for petty crimes, only if it happens like 3 times or something.
  5. Shelley Darlingson

    Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse {12/14/2018}

    I'm on my way to see it in a few minutes.
  6. Shelley Darlingson

    Godzilla Does New Jersey

    A tetanus shot first.
  7. No kidding. The tax per text idea is the worst I ever heard of.
  8. Taxing per text is so stupid!
  9. Shelley Darlingson

    Right now I am watching.....

    Backdraft (movie)
  10. Would you rather kiss someone with extremely bad breath for 5 minutes without coming up for air or gain 20 pounds?