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  1. Shelley Darlingson

    Playstation 5

    Any news?
  2. Hello gorgeous.

    1. Shelley Darlingson

      Shelley Darlingson

      If you're going to call me gorgeous, buy me dinner.

  3. Shelley Darlingson

    The Bad Seed {Premiere- 9/9/2018}

    Didn't the little girl here play Faith in Y&R once?
  4. Shelley Darlingson

    Her Boyfriend's Secret {Premiere- 9/8/2018}

    I thought it was a fabulous movie. Too bad the boyfriend turned out to be a lying cheating scumbag.
  5. Shelley Darlingson

    Nintendo Appears to Leak the Name of the Yoshi Switch Game

    I do not like this. Enough with Nintendo. Get rid of it and just focus on PS and Xbox.
  6. Homeless veteran who helped stranded woman says he can't get GoFundMe cash from couple This is a tough one. If the money was raised for him, it should go to him. But them keeping it is kind of fraudulent, right?
  7. New York woman, 20, who lied about rapes, appears to roll her eyes in court as she's jailed for a year This horrible b***h should be ashamed. I hope her victims go after her for everything they can.
  8. Shelley Darlingson

    'Flesh-eating' STD allegedly reported in England

    People need to be careful who they sleep with!
  9. Shelley Darlingson

    Santa Jaws {Premiere- 8/14/2018}

    The end was so chilling. I hope we will get another.
  10. Shelley Darlingson

    Deadly Shores {Premiere- 8/24/2018}

    Will this be any good?
  11. Well, the NY governor is an a**h**e!
  12. Too scary to look at a second time.
  13. Goats storm Idaho neighborhood after escape from enclosure You don't hear about things like this everyday.