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  1. I saw it clearly. It is obvious. Sarah Lance is naked and standing behind something.
  2. Considering their behavior and the fact they're mainly trashing us with those supporting BLM, they give off the vibe they are hoping to make us seem racist.
  3. There is a point I want to make. Haven't you noticed that many of those participating in the drama is a heavy Black Lives Matter supporter? It looks like they might be falsely trying to peg you and @CaptainVG313 as racists.
  4. That's because @CaptainVG313 is better than them. She has never interacted with them. She doesn't respond to trolls. She is decent and kind.
  5. Agreed. These people are upset they aren't getting a response from them. They want a fight. They fail at antagonizing.
  6. You took the words out of my mouth. Spot on. But I think the worst of them is WeAreInOur20s.
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