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  1. Albedo P.

    glass house or rotting fish

    Rotting fish. If I chose the glass house, my wife would kill me.
  2. Albedo P.

    Santa Jaws {Premiere- 8/14/2018}

    A sequel would be interesting.
  3. Albedo P.

    Santa Jaws {Premiere- 8/14/2018}

    I wonder if SyFy will show this close to Christmas.
  4. Homeless man and couple 'MADE UP' heart-warming story MAJOR UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew something wasn't right about that situation.
  5. Florida is its own little world.
  6. Albedo P.

    Raging Teen Bully & Co

    A job or a hobby that takes up alot of time might be very helpful to her and in curbing her terrible online behavior.
  7. Albedo P.

    Raging Teen Bully & Co

    If she is bipolar and doesn't get treated, she will end up in trouble she can't get out of on her own someday.
  8. Albedo P.

    Raging Teen Bully & Co

    I think that girl was high on drugs when she attacked you on Twitter. If she wasn't then she has obvious rage issues that need medication and therapy to address.
  9. Albedo P.

    MISSING: Jayme Closs

    Missing Wisconsin girl, 13, possibly spotted in Florida after parents found dead in home I hope she is located soon.
  10. Albedo P.

    MISSING: Jayme Closs

    Name: Jayme Closs Age: 13
  11. Albedo P.

    Right now I am watching.....

    Edward Scissorhands.
  12. Albedo P.

    Start counting

  13. Albedo P.

    Word tag-a-long

  14. Fox Orders Remake of Rookie of the Year If they stick to baseball, I hope the team will be the Yankees.
  15. There's a reason several networks rejected this.