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  1. Happy birthday to you old man. :bday4:

  2. If the movie has not hit it's official release date, then anything that reveals more than a "tease" about the movie is a spoiler. Once a movie is released, people are free to talk about it as they please.
  3. Within the article it mentions "controller". While World Of Warcraft does not require such a tool, I think it was a game equally as despicable. Perhaps Fortnite.
  4. What the f**k was that moron Meghan McCain thinking. "This is how I talk" is nothing but a pathetic f**king excuse.
  5. If these people try to cozy up to you again, and make you believe they're sorry or misunderstood, don't fall for it. They only cozy back up to people when they plan to use them. I wish you never gave them a 2nd chance before. But atleast you see them for what they are now.
  6. Vin Diesel Hints That John Cena Has Joined Fast and Furious 9 Cast I hope it is happening. It would make me and my wife very happy.
  7. Chloë Grace Moretz Joins Cast of Tom and Jerry Movie This might help get the movie more viewers when it is released.
  8. Piranha DD
  9. Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens
  10. If a woman neglects to tell a man about a child without good and valid reason, should he be forced to pay back child support?
  11. I would approach the mother discreetly and inform her what the child did.
  12. Firefighter with brain tumor given final escort through hospital on way to donate organs
  13. New Jersey high school principal dies after donating bone marrow to help boy in France, family says Donating his bone marrow was a very selfless act.
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