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  1. What can go wrong with comedy and violence?
  2. Paramount+ is getting something good.
  3. This looks cheesy, but I'll probably watch it out of curiosity.
  4. Why not make it from the parents point of view?
  5. It shows in how she left Twitter. She talks enough trash and leaves so others will troll and harass on her behalf.
  6. They dragged you into it likely so you'd blame @CaptainVG313 and cease being her friend.
  7. Let me get this right here. She pretends you're @CaptainVG313 then says sh*t that shows you're different people. My guess is she was hoping to scare of friends of @CaptainVG313. She was probably p**sed you weren't budging.
  8. WeAreInOur20s is a spiteful person. She can't stand it when someone doesn't like Summer. She can't handle differing opinions too well regarding that loathesome b***h Summer.
  9. I'm not surprised. My last girlfriend went on about this one. She even stopped watching Young and the Restless because this WeAreInOur20s wouldn't stop harassing her at the end of February.
  10. I want to meet the half face girl!
  11. The movie does look worth seeing.
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