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  1. :bday1:. How does it feel to be older?

  2. Have you spotted any grey hairs yet? Oh, :bday3:

  3. Congratulations. You're older and one year closer to death. :bday5:

  4. Happy birthday to you old man. :bday4:

  5. Rob Zombie’s 3 From Hell Poster & Three-Night Release Event Announced I would like it better if there was a triple feature. See all 3 in theaters.
  6. A rat in the midst. I hope Katherine has brushed up on her extermination skills.
  7. There seems to be alot more to Vayne than meets the eye. He is craft; smart. It seems some think his flaw is his obsession with destruction. Perhaps that is what he wants others to think.
  8. :xmas18:Merry Christmas.

  9. Have a great holiday season. :xmas3:

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