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  1. Chucky

    USA Bound Mexican Caravan

    Are we equipped to handle this mess?
  2. I read your blog. Sorry you had to deal with such people.

  3. Chucky

    Raging Teen Bully & Co

    That girl that bullied you could benefit from anger management classes and the right medication. She seems bipolar like my brother Dan.
  4. 'Wheel of Fortune' contestant loses prize money after accidentally guessing NSFW answer Someone must have porn on the brain.
  5. People are taking couponing too seriously.
  6. It better be filmed in more than the USA!
  7. Man on vacation in Ibiza pranked by friends with dissolving swim trunks Now I know what to get my father for Christmas.
  8. 'Sexually frustrated' dolphin terrorizes tourists at French beach That must have been a hilarious sight to see!
  9. Bride cancels wedding, breaks up with fiancé after friends and family refuse to pay for $60G nuptials Greedy b***h! Someone shouldn't have to pay to go to someone's wedding. At most their flight and hotel. That's it.
  10. Chucky

    How Does a Black Hole Form?

    Atleast there is none near us.
  11. What would it take for that to happen close enough for us to see with out eyes?