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  1. Yesterday I was in Anaheim, California with my mother and we decided to join the protesters at Blizzcon. Things were going well until some Blizzard employees walked by. We mostly got nasty looks. One Blizzard employee walking by us called me a "skeezy c**t" just loud enough for me to hear, but not others. Totes rude! I am 16! I look 14. I don't do drugs. I don't drink. I drive safely. I get good grades. I have a job. How am I a "skeezy c**t"? Why doesn't Blizzard Entertainment just move to China!
  2. They are terrible people. I was there to protest with my mother. We were peacefully protesting. Blizzard Employees that walked by gave us the worst looks. One even called me a "skeezy c**t" and I am 16! I don't do drugs. I study and get good grades.
  3. I was there with my mother and we enjoyed it, but Blizzard didn't. We got scowls and nasty looks from Blizzard employees. One called me a "skeezy c**t".
  4. I think Blizzard got to Blitzchung to a point he feels like he needs to act like all is sunshine and rainbows.
  5. I'll sum it up like this. Blizzard got to Blitzchung somehow and he is saying what he has to to protect his livelihood and avoid further issues. I read the article myself. He doesn't like when people push their ideals on another and tell them they should or shouldn't do this. So he will kinda have to see Blizzard for what they are on his own. Maybe he knows but, as you said, can't afford to break away.
  6. If a pregnant lady acts like that to me to skip in line, I will tell her to wait. Can't push back because she might stir trouble.
  7. I say wait until after Thanksgiving.
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