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  1. Liv

    The Mystery of Kiernan Shipka

    What is White Lantern?
  2. Liv

    Godzilla Does New Jersey

    You should have put one of those new housewives. My mom hates both.
  3. Liv

    Wicked Witch Of The USA

    Totes love it. You do the best short stories.
  4. Liv

    Becky Lynch: Platinum Ranger

    She's got the power!
  5. Liv

    Gaby Lozoya vs Susana Almeida

    I think Susanna is being underestimated.
  6. This is more pitiful than a mercy date.
  7. China just wants to be the best and the first one to get there.
  8. Liv

    Mortal Engines {12/14/2018}

    I thought about seeing it, but that woman with the red cloth over the lower half of her face makes me think about that terrorist group Antifa.
  9. Liv

    Bumblebee {12/21/2018}

    I saw this last night with my parents. It was so good. Too bad my dad ate most of the popcorn.
  10. Liv

    Bullying: Reasonings For Actions

    According to my parents, bullying use to be simple. Kids got picked on. They ignored or walked away and it stopped. But it's gotten more complicated. You detailed it so well.
  11. Merry Christmas.  :xmas5: