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  1. Totes agree. If I was old enough to vote, I'd help vote her out.
  2. Liv

    Hallmark or no?

    Yes, but if they do anything anti-LGBT again, totes can them!
  3. Lunch period then back to class. Totes unfair how lunch is so short.

    1. Captain VG

      Captain VG

      When I was in school I had 45 minutes. Then 30.

    I've read about the event and ships. Wow. Totes wow. True fans will appreciate this.
  4. Home sick from school.

  5. I got to ditch this blind date my chem lab partner set me up on! Totes a pig!

    1. Casey N.

      Casey N.

      Before any blind date, always have an exit strategy.

  6. Hopefully not more than a few years. That would totes suck.
  7. Liv

    Your top olympians

    Who are you fave olympians?
  8. You're doing so good so far. I read your latest as I was getting ready for school.
  9. The one bullying is always to blame. Never the victim.
  10. Liv

    How many TWD comics?

    How many Walking Dead comic issues are there?
  11. The Adventures of Obadiah Oldbuck. It was published in the 1800s.
  12. If someone pulls that with me, my dad would kick their a**.
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