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  1. Totes funny here kinda because I think they might be doing this for the federal aid they would be entitled to if they were a state.
  2. Did you enjoy it? The race?
  3. That was totes scary at first.
  4. This is totes going to be a great day! Going to the mall I'm 3 hours.

    1. CaptainVG313


      How did your mall trip go?

  5. My parents and I are totes excited. We originally hoped to see this in theaters.
  6. How much longer until we are able to travel to planets like this?
  7. I tried it. I totes love the graphics. I love the detail. It just so annoys me that I can't rename the characters. Also $60 per part for a total of 3 is just too much. But since my parents bought it for me, I can't complain too much.
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