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  1. I couldn't get into the movie. Her comments about white males and excusing those remarks killed it for me. Plus the movie was totes boring anyway.
  2. With Brie Larson's comment about white males, and how this movies totes comes across as "putting men in their place", I'd have to say it wasn't enjoyable. I couldn't get into it.
  3. If Kasumi goes against her, she won't even be lawn mulch by the time it is over.
  4. School sucks, but that's life.

  5. My uncle just got a huge told you so from my mom because he use to think Blizzard so so totes awesome.
  6. This girl at my school acted just like that woman did. She ended up suspended for 2 weeks. She almost got expelled. She had to write a 30 page paper on how wrong it is to falsely portray others as transphobic and the harm it does to those who are transgender and do get victimized and terrorized.
  7. I think Susanna is being underestimated.
  8. According to my parents, bullying use to be simple. Kids got picked on. They ignored or walked away and it stopped. But it's gotten more complicated. You detailed it so well.
  9. Merry Christmas.  :xmas5:

  10. I love your new profile pic.

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