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  1. Why the hell is the winner waiting?
  2. Give him to a firing squad. That's still a legal execution method, right?
  3. Dead Man Rick

    love/poor or rich/no love

    I would rather be poor and have the love of my life. If I was rich, it could all be taken in a divorce.
  4. Dead Man Rick

    [Early access] Subsistence

    I've got the same issue. But I don't know which item I need to help.
  5. Dead Man Rick

    YOSE vs regular

    Better graphics. Those CLEO drops. A few extra achievements.
  6. That girl must have been in deep to go that far to harm herself.
  7. Dead Man Rick

    USA Picks Up The Purge TV Series for Season 2

    I hope Penelope returns.
  8. I would like to see his family involved in them.
  9. Dead Man Rick

    Raging Teen Bully & Co

    The more hours, the better. She would be leaving people alone and doing something productive.
  10. Dead Man Rick

    Raging Teen Bully & Co

    I think that girl might be drunk.