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  1. If she is willing, as are you, we can knock out a few plague hearts. I need alot of help.
  2. It's good that you have alot to do. Those that do, don't get as depressed.
  3. This reminds me, I think I will get started on my vegetable garden.
  4. If one happened in Los Angeles anytime soon that did any damage or caused any chaos, can you say "Corona Outbreak palooza"?
  5. This happening in the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak is not good.
  6. My ex, Sheryl, was very abusive. She came at me with a beer bottle because I got her the wrong shampoo. I pushed her away in self defense. She tried to tell the police I regularly beat her. Luckily they didn't believe her. She had no mark on her. But I had a few on me. I did have to deal with being called a wimp for not fighting back.
  7. Seems like you have an idea how you're spending the next few months. So do I. I have a Nintendo Switch on top of the XBoxOne and PS4.
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