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  1. Kira

    Candyman {10/16/2020}

    I wish I could see this movie now.
  2. I love your short stories. You got a good wit.
  3. Natasha will always be my Black Widow!
  4. I don't have much faith that production will resume by September. It's hard to trust that considering all that's going on right now.
  5. I hope so. I love the first 2 seasons. I know I'll love the 3rd.
  6. AMC Theatres won't be too happy with this. Are they going to ban Paramount movies next?
  7. Kira

    Mask Crazy!

    I video chatted with a friend while she was at Subway. She wasn't wearing a mask, but was keeping to social distancing guidelines. This woman taps her on her shoulder and yells at her "where's your mask! Get out of here! Stay home!". She spit in her face then just stood outside glaring. After that, when she exited the Subway store, the woman told her she had no right to leave her home without a mask. Then tells her to get Coronavirus and die. She cut the video call after that. This is ridiculous behavior! If a mask isn't required and someone isn't wearing one, they don't deserve to be shamed.
  8. This should be conditional. Each months check based on a report by a psychologist therapist type that gives a report about if the person is relapsing or not. If they do, all checks forfeited until they go through rehab.
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