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  1. I'll believe it when I see a trailer. I'm sorry but too much talk and nothing to show, expect me to have doubts.
  2. There is so much Star Trek out there. Hey @Goldenforce772! Where should I start to catch up?
  3. How can they think they're the victims? They act worse thank high school mean girls!
  4. I don't have to read the rest of the updates to know this company is extremely shady. A proper response would not have shifted blame to you. Here's what I would have replied with "We are sorry for the inconvenience. Mistakes do happen. We will work and strive to improve. I have added you to our 'do not mail' list. Have a good day" How hard would that have been for them?
  5. Wow! If someone came to my door like that it would be mace in the face if they didn't leave!
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