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  1. I love some of the changes sinc eI last been here. Especially how you organized the TV shows section.

  2. You are such a cutie!  :smile1:

  3. Do we call this treasure Katherine or Mia?
  4. Welcome. I hope you like it here. Good and decent people among us. :welcome3:

  5. I have a feeling that this Vayne has been planning this a long time.
  6. :hny2:

    1. Incensio


      Bonne année Kira ! (Happy new year) :thumbsup2:

  7. If a bully gets mad at this blog, it just shows they don't like it known how they do their dirty deeds.
  8. Teen Spirit Trailer: Elle Fanning Sings From Her Heart
  9. Buffy

    Merry Christmas Kira. :xmas13:

  10. Star Wars: Episode IX Will Pick Up One Year After Last Jedi I look forward to seeing Matt Smith because he once played Doctor Who.
  11. :xmas11:Merry Christmas to you.

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