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  1. Earth Girls Are Easy
  2. That was rather mean of him to do.
  3. I checked your Twitter page thoroughly. Nowhere do I see you saying Buck/Oliver should be off the show.
  4. I did a small search on Twitter in reference to what was shown here. These fans of Character A are absolutely terrible to anyone they don't agree with.
  5. Actor A is definitely someone I don't want to be a fan of anymore.
  6. That's just crazy.
  7. At the end of last night's episode of Chicago Med, Dr Manning went in Lucas's room and locked the door to keep the parents out so she good give him an antibiotic drip. Did she go too far?
  8. So, there's a history of his fans being abusive?
  9. I use to think Actor A was such a nice guy interacting with his fans and joking with them. After reading everything here, I am not so sure now.
  10. Charles Cyphers Returns as Sheriff Brackett in Halloween Kills Set Photo It's always so cool when they include people from the original films in sequels.
  11. See The Main Cast Of Netflix’s Let It Snow In New Poster I didn't think that I would ever see Kiernan Shipka in a Christmas movie.
  12. Wayne Brady Joins Black Lightning Season 3 as Gravedigger I guess this means he won't be coming back to Bold and the Beautiful.
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