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  1. I knew they were authenticate. I had my aunt Karen look into this too and she said the same thing. She's into digital forensics.
  2. New York City coronavirus deaths mount as Cuomo warns of uncertain future So we're at the apex? Hopefully this means it can't get worse.
  3. Maybe he was in rehab as the world went to sh*t.. Then it devastated him that he couldn't get back to his life.
  4. That's one person that believes her victim act. I think one reason she keeps on is because more people believe in @Mandy Girl, her victim than her. She's hardly getting any attention for her rants. So she posts more ranting tweets in hopes of more attention. It's really pathetic she feels the need to keep carrying on and on and continuously smear Mandy.
  5. Something is very wrong with her! Check out this blog-------- See some of the bullying tactics blogged about? She uses tactics #1, #2, #4, #5, #6, #8 (a little), #10, #11, #15, #16, #18, #19, #20, #21, #22, #26, #31.
  6. I got curious myself. I archived what I saw. https://archive.is/isQel She is claiming someone is trying to hack her Twitter. She is trying to getting Twitter's attention to this blog, I assume. Twitter can't do anything about this blog. Then she posts some screenshots of password resets that she did herself. 27 minutes passed from the time she made the hacking claim until she posted those pictures. I think she did it herself. In the midst of this, she is claiming she will call the police. "Hello police, these people are talking about how I bully and stalked @Mandy Girl and they won't stop pointing out and speaking the truth!" Oh yeah that will really go over well with the police. Calling them over a blog and crap she has done herself.
  7. Buffy

    Shazam 2 {4/1/2022}

    If there is a delay, it likely won't be much. Right?
  8. Everytime I go to the grocery store, I thank the person at the cash register.
  9. This almost makes up for it not being in theaters.
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