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  1. ‘The Good Doctor’ Renewed For Season 4 By ABC I kept hoping it would be and it is.
  2. Buffy

    Aladdin 2 {?/??/20??}

    ‘Aladdin’ Sequel in the Works (EXCLUSIVE) It's good to know a sequel is in the works, but unless we have our Jasmine, Genie, and Aladdin, I won't watch it.
    I would have to say this is the best bundle yet. The per ship price is cheaper than most past bundles. It's a shame people don't see that and they just look at the overall high, but worth it, price tag. If I wasn't $50 short, this would be mine.
  3. I use to adore Jussie, but when he faked the crimes against him, it was over for me. I can't admire someone like him.
  4. Considering damages and possible lost wages, that was an expensive Dr Pepper.
  5. I am so tired! I knew I should have gone to bed earlier.

    1. Captain VG

      Captain VG

      How do you feel now?

  6. Have a great birthday. :bday4:

  7. Lena Luthor is a spoiled brat. Plus side on all Earth being gone, no more Lena. The most important person here is Sara Lance. She is the paragon of Destiny. I wonder what would happen if she got a hold of the Book of Destiny.
  8. I always thought the devil would welcome his mother home.
  9. If he kneels again during our anthem, it could very well happen.
  10. First Look at Flash-90’s Return in Crisis on Infinite Earths Photos The picture at the top of the article looks like they took a corpse from a nursing home and put a Flash suit on it.
  11. Remains found in Alabama identified as missing Florida 5-year-old, Taylor Williams I think Brianna Williams murdered her daughter! She falsely reported her missing! She lied to police.
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