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  1. New Jersey 12-year-old is world's youngest chess grandmaster To be a chess prodigy that young is amazing.
  2. Hulu Head Gives Update on The Orville Season 3 Atleast we know we are getting a 3rd season and it's not cancelled.
  3. You don't have to worry about me and those that know you. I believe you. All they're trying to do is keep onlooker interest in hope someone believes them.
  4. Wow! By them trying to sign up here, it shows their intention to intimidate you. Even if they did post anything, I wouldn't believe it. Cons like that only put hard work into faking things. Considering their history, I doubt anyone would believe them. Do you mind if I share this in a group I'm in about realtors to avoid?
  5. There's a reason there's not any good reviews about this company. Unwise for anyone to do any kind of business with them. Besides what moron would sign a sales document for their house to people who they've never talked to?
  6. Views are very much into the thousands now. Imagine the replies if non-members were allowed to respond.
  7. When a business responds, they should want to resolve a matter. This shows Fitzwell Properties is not interested in resolving anything. I can see they're trying to keep this going. They either hope to provoke you making an actionable threat or they want to buy time as they work on putting together what they say they have, but don't.
  8. Their response is accepted and rushed. I highly doubt they care about their mistakes unless you're someone idiotic enough to do business with them.
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