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  1. I'll wait for VOD. Movie theaters are unappealing.
  2. I was wearing my mask the entire time on a flight to New York. It was a Trump mask. I was trying to adjust it. I was told, very abrasively to keep my "damn mask" on. I politely said I wasn't removing my mask and was adjusting it. I was then asked to leave the plane. I did so quietly. My mask was never off. I was never rude. But I was told to get off or the authorities would be called. This is why I believe Southwest has a prejudice against Trump apparel.
  3. I am all for that push. If rather see Black Widow in the comfort of my own home.
  4. I knew they'd make it. I just knew.
  5. The mask requirements would go away.
  6. A nationwide mask mandate is a bad idea because the rules for that would be tougher and stricter than local mandates. Fines and jail time all around. This would likely cause requirements for masks while working out too.
  7. The Flash Eyeing a March 2021 Start, Ray Fisher Offered Cameo This has been in production since 2014. So I don't have much faith it will happen.
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