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  1. Buffy

    Party of Five Reboot Gets Picked Up by Freeform

    It hasn't shown yet and already it is so political. I'll pass.
  2. This young man is very lucky to have so much support.
  3. Buffy

    Merry Christmas Kira. :xmas13:

  4. Merry Christmas Alice. :xmas19:

  5. Merry Christmas Incensio :xmas12:

  6. Merry Christmas Flash. :xmas1:

  7. Merry Christmas Zenon :xmas6:

  8. Buffy

    Bullying: Reasonings For Actions

    This exposes alot of the actions by so many bullies. Now those who read this blog will be that much more aware.
  9. Buffy

    Escaping the "World of Warcraft" Cult

    That game is poison.
  10. Buffy

    Downloads folder gone!

    It happened to me last month. Not sure why. I have the best computer security money can buy,