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  1. The Wrong One

    Charlie's Angels {11/1/2019}

    New Charlie’s Angels Photo Reveals First Look at New Badass Trio This might be worth it for Kristen Stewart alone.
  2. The Wrong One

    "Terminator 6?" {?/?/20??}

    New Terminator Working Title Revealed by James Cameron "Dark Fate" sounds right.
  3. The Wrong One

    CBS Orders Cop Series Based on Frankenstein

    This is a rather interesting concept.
  4. The Wrong One

    Word tag-a-long

  5. The Wrong One

    Actors in common

    Lucifer (netflix)
  6. Hello and Welcome.

  7. Happy birthday. :bday5:

  8. The Wrong One

    YOSE vs regular

    The supply drops.
  9. The Wrong One

    [Early access] Subsistence

    Do the hunters attack you or do they fight back?
  10. The Wrong One

    Aquaman {12/21/2018}

    The movie is good, but I expected more.
  11. I bought the first 2 episodes via Steam. So when I play episode 3, how will it know to work off of my save file?
  12. The Wrong One

    [Early access] Subsistence

    Any zombies in this game?