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  1. I wish this woman all the luck. If Blizzard stops her for entering, I hope she sues them for violating her first amendment rights.
  2. I don't think Blizzard cares to listen to Congress. To Blizzard, the only voice that matters are their own and China's.
  3. I watched it all yesterday from the time I woke up until I had to go to bed. It was like one long movie.
  4. That is one of the strangest music videos that I've seen.
  5. This is alot to take in.I am shocked that an actor in a popular show would behave this way and indirectly encourage his fans to do so.
  6. A better way to say f**k you to Blizzard is unsubscribing from their paid games and getting others to do so too.
  7. If it is not between December 1-27, it is a bit much.
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