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  1. I think they probably hope you barely knew @CaptainVG313 and wanted to turn you against her. When it was obvious they couldn't, they tried to go after you too.
  2. I've taken a look at all involved. BlushOrchid, WeAreInOur20s, and Erika_kay10 are the biggest problems among that entire group. They are actively trying to involve other people while telling the story how they want others to see it. No one here is doing that. BlushOrchid She makes a claim of doxing. I've been watching this blog for awhile. No such post was ever made. With how she's approached others, she's involved them in her rant and rave. She claims that she posted a thread of facts and is behaving like no one here likes facts. This is because @CaptainVG313 states her opinion. To create a seeming valid argument, she tries to make that opinion look as if she was trying to state a fact. She could have asked @CaptainVG313 Why she thought Summer is worse than Phyllis. But she chose to play petty games to get people to harass her. WeAreInOur20s A classic bully. She uses the "they're all one person" claim upon noticing that more people aware of the matter, are not on her or BlushOrchid's side. This is a manipulative claim that's used by someone hoping to invite trouble and get others to go after someone. She is very repetitive on this claim. So much so. That says alot right there. Erika_Kay10 She has made it more obvious that she is out to get @CaptainVG313 and cause her harm by getting as many people after her as possible. Each of these people has shown themselves to have ugly hearts to say the least. This is not a comment on their looks. It is not a put down. This is a comment on their behavior. I have taken the time to get to known @CaptainVG313. She is a kind person and alot of people like her. I find that these 3 instigators do not like that because it makes their harassment look worse.
  3. May 21 is going to be the best day ever. This movie and then Army Of The Dead. Awesome.
  4. Whoever this manager is getting to make harassing phone calls to you, should get a real job.
  5. Count on that looney manager to cry "wah wah wah! Edit!". People that act like him will always lie to save their own skin.
  6. As president of these United States, I order all opposers to bow to me!
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