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  1. This woman obviously has no f**king patience. How can she even handle a child?
  2. I would have just closed the door in her f**king face.
  3. How the f**k does someone understand what SA said as something that warranted how this Bunny girl responded?
  4. Wisconsin man charged with burning girlfriend's son, 2, with lighter when woman didn't answer calls Something is very fishy about this story.
  5. California mother charged with murder after toddler left in car for hours with heater on People such as this do not deserve to be parents. This is not good enough!
  6. I would love for nothing more than for Rick Snyder to finally be held accountable for his part.
  7. And a twisted f**k. He attacks her. People defend her. He makes his account private. Then he rants like a child.
  8. Me neither. This f**ker was obvious hoping to start a fight. If he is that bored, why doesn't he go jerk off or watch sports?
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