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  1. Let's hope they add to the show.
  2. L. Virgil Esq

    The Mystery of Kiernan Shipka

    Think about what they have in common.
  3. L. Virgil Esq

    The Mystery of Kiernan Shipka

    I want to see how everyone else reacts to this revelation.
  4. If that happens to me, I will send a counter bill regarding anything and everything I ever paid for that they benefited from.
  5. Man caught on video licking house's intercom system for hours I wonder if he does parties.
  6. Some people should never be parents.
  7. Others in her situation don't get charged. Why her?
  8. Some women are just as bad as men when it comes to sex.
  9. Hiding someone and the child they kidnapped, not smart!
  10. Not only should that scumbag lawyer have to pay back every penny, he should also have to pay a little extra for pain and suffering. Oh and all attorney fees and court costs.
  11. Apologies via text do not make it okay to rape.
  12. L. Virgil Esq

    YOSE vs regular

    Slight improvement on graphics. CLEO supply drops. Some extra achievements.
  13. Will it work with game saves if we bought prior parts via elsewhere?
  14. L. Virgil Esq

    [Early access] Subsistence

    I just started playing this game with my wife. We don't see anything in crafting that resembles the materials in that hunter base in the video.