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  1. The Gabby Douglas Story
  2. He did. Some people there made some video of it, It was what happened when the screen went black.
  3. I've never liked that punk. Justin Bieber is a liar and a glory wh**e. He is too wrapped up in his own self image.
  4. He and John Cena are 2 of the best WWE speech givers.
  5. Meaningful quote. To me it implies we should enjoy life without thinking of our own aging. Just live it.
  6. When people act that childishly I block them and anyone stupid enough to believe their bullsh*t.
  7. The majority of World of Warcraft raiders put way too much priority on raiding. It's just bits and bytes on a f**king computer. It sickens me how some of the sick f**ks that play the game take it more seriously than their own families.
  8. They should have gotten more air time about their careers.
  9. The red carpet event before the WWE Hall of Fame was a nice touch. I enjoyed hearing what everyone had to say. Everyone looked great.
  10. The entire show was great except for the sick mother f**ker that attacked Brett Hart. May the cowardly f**king b***h burn in hell.
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