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  1. That abuser needs to pick on someone his own size.
  2. The man who bought her that ring needs to take it back and dump her.
  3. I hope she gets the death penalty. Anyone whom murders a child deserves it.
  4. Tennessee death row inmate 2nd to choose electric chair over lethal injection in state If it were me, I'd have chosen lethal injection.
  5. They all could use a few years in prison.
  6. L. Virgil Esq

    USA Bound Mexican Caravan

    There is already alot of tension.
  7. L. Virgil Esq

    USA Bound Mexican Caravan

    How much longer until they reach the border?
  8. L. Virgil Esq

    Raging Teen Bully & Co

    That girl targeted you because she has nothing better to do.
  9. L. Virgil Esq

    The person above me

    plays with dolls.
  10. 'Fire challenge' leaves Michigan girl, 12, with severe burns over half her body Something needs to be done about these dangerous challenges.
  11. I wonder how the baby is doing now.