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  1. Kristina Hernandez: Make Disney ban childless adults? A mom's epic rant made me want to do THIS That one mother raging about childless adults probably shouldn't be a parents. To have such a fit over a childless adult being ahead of her, it makes me wonder how she treats her kid when no one is looking.
  2. The MCU Has A Chance To Adapt One Of Marvel's Greatest Rivalries Let's see what happens.
  3. I have never liked Naomi! I wasn't aware of that one fact about the Detroit arrest. That makes me like her even less. She's trouble, drama, and bad luck. Oh, you forgot to mention that alot of her obsessive fans like to falsely label those, who aren't fans, as racist.
  4. Good because if Lucifer gets a 5th season, The Expanse damn well should too.
  5. Merle did have some of the best lines besides Negan.
  6. Rather be single and alone than with a cheater.
  7. I've been hoping all this time that Evan would leave the island with Morgan. I am happy for him.
  8. I've lost interest in the Star Wars fandom. Too much elitism and trolls.
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