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  1. Shelley's Frankenstein

    YOSE vs regular

    What's the difference between State of Decay and State of Decay: Year One Special Edition?
  2. Shelley's Frankenstein

    [Early access] Subsistence

    I wish.
  3. Shelley's Frankenstein

    Nancy Pelosi is vacationing at Hawaii resort during shutdown

    She should go to Hell for her next vacation. It's alot warmer there.
  4. We need to deport all of these damn illegals!
  5. Shelley's Frankenstein

    Tip stealing kid

    You're in a restaurant enjoying a meal. All goes well. As you're leaving you notice a man and his child walk by your table and see the child steal the tip. What do you do? What punishment should the child get?
  6. Shelley's Frankenstein

    jacka*s Number 2 Beehive Limo

    One of the best jacka*s stunts.