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  1. Ciara

    Captain Marvel {3/8/2019}

    I want her on my team. Period.
  2. Ciara

    Captain Marvel {3/8/2019}

    I don't care what anyone says. Captain Marvel is what a superhero should be like.
  3. You should give Final Fantasy 6 a go. GREAT game. I don't like Setzer The Gambler much.

    1. Ciara


      When I get my hands on him...

    2. Samus Aran

      Samus Aran

      :evil10:Evil thoughts?

    3. Ciara


      You don't know the half of it. Throwing me off of his airship because his girlfriend died? Not cool.

  4. You should check out LMN right now. The movie on it stars the very girl that will be playing Stargirl.

    1. Ciara


      Oh, really?

  5. Ciara

    USA Border Security

    No, what we need are more CONSERVATIVES in office. Big difference.
  6. Ciara

    USA Border Security

    The answer is simple. They hate this country.
  7. Hey, folks.

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    2. Ciara


      I kept quiet as the world continued to go mad.

    3. Jack Sparrow

      Jack Sparrow

      Hello gorgeous. :love12:

    4. Ciara


      Hey there.