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  1. Happy birthday.

  2. These days, fighting and sports games take priority over MMOs. Reason is, we don't have these issues to deal with in fighting and sports games.
  3. Another thing to remember is that GF threw out his authenticator to prevent any temptation of using that old account of his ever again.
  4. I finished reading this entire thread, and I now fully understand what you guys and GF went through with this b*st**d company. No wonder GF kept repeatedly warning me to stay away from them.
  5. Plus, all races can be all classes, unlike in WOW.
  6. Unbelievable. They are heartless cowards. The next time I'm on EQ2, I'll be thankful that Norrath is a much more peaceful, enjoyable place.
  7. From the stories I heard from my fellow Black Lanterns, that company is beyond low. That's why I am glad I am a citizen of Norrath.
  8. This movie will be SJW free.
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