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  1. I love your profile picture.

  2. You are one important person these days.

    1. Caity Lance

      Caity Lance

      It's not easy being a Paragon.

    2. Gloxie


      Sara Lance is my favorite in Legends of Tomorrow.

  3. LOTRO holds a special place in our heart because it's the game WOW should have been had Blizzard not decided to let bullies rule the roost in their game.
  4. Just took a look at that Gamers for Freedom campaign and the alternative games it suggested for people sick of Blizzard. I noticed that one of the WOW alternatives listed was... LOTRO. Big hint, folks.
  5. We know the truth, though. This company treats its players like cattle, and when they want to leave, they slam the exit doors shut.
  6. Their game's lore was broken the day you guys were screwed with. And when a game's lore breaks, it becomes unplayable.
  7. And this is the part I don't get. If, by Blizzard's view, they view you guys as such troublemakers, why would they go out of the way to trap you using the One Year Pass scam?
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