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  1. After so long a time, I am returning to the world of MMOs. I already got a running start in STO and I have my spots in EQ2 and LOTRO, but my next target is one that really suits my purposes. 

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    2. The Monitor

      The Monitor

      Final Fantasy 14 is calling you.

    3. Admiral Dakota

      Admiral Dakota

      Way ahead of you on that.

    4. Nutsack


      How's 14FF?

  2. We miss you.

    1. Jack Sparrow

      Jack Sparrow

      I miss her posts.

    2. Casey N.

      Casey N.

      I miss her too.

    3. Avenger K

      Avenger K

      She probably is working alot and all. Those who still have a job and can work, are.

  3. Hey there girl :smile3:

    1. Admiral Dakota

      Admiral Dakota

      I'm watching the fun take place on my former brand of ECW. A lot of X-Men showing up.

    2. Mandy Girl
    3. Admiral Dakota

      Admiral Dakota

      Storm, Psylocke, Rogue, Jean Grey...

  4. Guess who's come out of the dark.

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