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  1. We miss you.

    1. Jack Sparrow

      Jack Sparrow

      I miss her posts.

    2. Casey N.

      Casey N.

      I miss her too.

    3. Avenger K

      Avenger K

      She probably is working alot and all. Those who still have a job and can work, are.

  2. Happy birthday.

  3. Oh, please. Star Trek Picard will render this garbage obsolete.
  4. You should see the crybabies whining about this on Facebook.
  5. Can you blame us? We've had to put up with two years' worth of crap(Discovery), so now these people finally get it right.
  6. Oh, we did, all right. Why do you think GF is grinning from ear to ear right now? (Between that, Picard, and the Expanse, that is.)
  7. Star Trek Picard and the Expanse. You know we traffic pure sci fi here.
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