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  1. Sega Showcases The Upcoming Genesis Mini In New Trailer $80 isn't bad.
  2. Zombieland: Double Tap Video Game is Coming to Consoles and PC this looks so interesting.
  3. King Of Fighters 15 Officially Announced Atleast it is happening.
  4. I would sit down with this friend and tell them what I notice about their behavior. If they show a desire to change, I will stick by them. If not, then no way!
  5. Brock Lesnar could have chosen a better time. This was not it.
  6. Bayley is so full of herself. Alexa should have won.
  7. Good. Too bad he wasn't suspended. Some of his behavior is horrible. He shouldn't be threatening women or calling them derogatory names.
  8. Even as tired as I am, I could see that. He's very bad at lying.
  9. Casey, you're being alot kinder than I would have been. I would have had no problem showing that man's name attached to those DMs. But rules are rules here. Got to respect them.
  10. I just got this (DM below) from that disbarred lawyer. I haven't sent her any messages. I do not talk to her. She is way too out there. She tries to act like she thinks I am you to her friends. She has threatened some others as if she thinks they're you. She's attempting to make you look unstable, but she is making a fool out of herself. It's truly pathetic she tries to act like others are you, antagonizes them, hopes they respond. All so she can make it look like you are lashing out. She does this immature childish crap because she wants something she can use. She can't sue you. You have done nothing wrong. She is using scare tactics to scare you off of social media. She considers you a big threat because she is afraid of how bad she looks because she is bullying someone who doesn't pay her attention. She and her bullying friends keep sub-tweeting, poking, and making nasty comments. They get madder because you don't respond. Keep living your life as if they do not matter. The more they rant, the worse they look.
  11. Hey. Welcome.

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