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  1. Happy birthday :smile3:

  2. I think that anyone who is a hypochondriac, that lets it affect them to the point they make themselves sick to look legit, should be put in a mental health facility. Then be given some serious psychological help. That and they should have limited internet access.
  3. Superman & Lois: New Arrowverse Series in the Works at The CW! I should have seen this coming.
  4. The only real interesting matches were the women's match and The Fiend vs Seth Rollins.
  5. Brandon Routh Says Goodbye to DC's Legends of Tomorrow This completely sucks!
  6. Anytime after Halloween ends for all of it, but wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate outside the home and inside.
  7. I think you did good in how you laid it all out there. Seriously ActorA needs to grow up.
  8. How pathetic must it be when people are so obsessed about some actor that they will harass those who are even a slight bit critical?
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