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  1. when I have to work on my day off.
  2. New The Witcher Photos Feature a Mysterious Creature The photos are just amazing!
  3. What a jerk! I don't know why you still like him after he lied about you.
  4. Something doesn't sound right about what Blitzchung is saying. It's like he is being influenced or just trying to protect his bread and butter.
  5. Gloxie

    Dolittle {1/17/2020}

    The Dolittle Trailer Has Robert Downey Jr. Talking to the Animals!
  6. I quit Elder Scrolls Online. God forbid if you need any help from a GM. I got banned for 30 days just for telling one "This guy won't stop bothering me asking for tit picks.". Just that alone was deemed as sexually charged behavior towards a staff member. Blizzard called "I thought we were bad".
  7. Joker Stays on Top With $55 Million Second Weekend! I can definitely see how this movie is doing so well. I saw it and it is exceedingly great!
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