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  1. I told an FBI agent that she is fat.
  2. Welcome. How did you come up with nutsack?

    1. Buffy


      I think it is because of his profile picture.

  3. I think the stalker might be someone from Taylor's past.
  4. I love your profile picture.

  5. I want to see more JLU.

    1. Goldenforce772


      A few things: first, I'm in the process of rebooting my GFU because it's been an eternity since I worked on it. And to streamline things, I will be moving that universe to this forum for the forseeable future. As for the JLU, I think I may have something cooked up, but that's going to depend solely on the mood I'm in. 

    2. Jack Sparrow

      Jack Sparrow

      I am looking forward to seeing more stories.

    3. Zenon


      I am looking forward to more, when it happens.

  6. Downton Abbey Movie Sequel in the Works From Carnival Films I hope this will be better than the first one.
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