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  1. I use to think Mia Smoak was a gift to Arrowverse, but she's acted like a total b***h in Crisis. She can go to Hell with Lucifer for all I care.
  2. I am sure the mother will raise her to not put up with men like her father.
  3. He's disgusting. I think maybe he was hoping she was able to have kids so he could try and trap her in a relationship. He's one of those men that can't handle when someone doesn't want him.
  4. What he is is a deadbeat mooch! He was so trying to guilt her to paying for his meal.
  5. If you ask me, Sara Lance is the most important of all, but um, does she do any time traveling here?
  6. You had every right to say no. Why should you give up part of your home to some high school mean girl.
  7. I came upon someone like this just 2 days ago. He was a creep! On our first date he was already telling me I had to tell him when I went to bed and got up for the day. I also was told I should tell him when I go out and with whom so he knows I'm not cheating on him. He told me when he wants sex, he expects me to be ready. I told him to go to hell. Then I told the waitress we were paying separate. He was p**sed becaused he had no money. Yeah glad I came prepared! I blocked this loser.
  8. What was the point of this being in Saudia Arabia?
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