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  1. Seeing him in the Witcher is why I can't stand anything he is in.
  2. There was some 40 year old at the Olympics last time. So why should Simone Biles be excluded?
  3. If she does not make it to the Olympics, I won't waste my time watching it.
  4. I thought I was the only one getting Hunger Games flashbacks.
  5. Wasn't he one of those twins in Suite Life on Disney?
  6. After numbing my read and checking their feeds, they're trying to say we are all the same person. They're trying to involve as many as possible to play the victim. You and @CaptainVG313 aren't bothering them. But they put their time and effort to whining so much. I think they need to get jobs.
  7. Tell me about it. I looked at some of their Twitter feeds. They are still raging like mean girls.
  8. Haven't you noticed that @CaptainVG313 has moved on and they are still obsessed with getting her harassed?
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