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  1. He might raise her to think she should be submissive to men. If he can't be respectful to women in the slightest, how can he be trusted to raise a girl?
  2. I doubt he will. He is in his 40s and too set in his ways. I just hope he doesn't get custody of his baby girl. Who knows how he will treat her.
  3. You have more sense than alot of women. Some are so desperate for attention that they will be with anyone, just to say they have someone.
  4. What concerns me most is this man's sincerely acts as if a woman has to be submissive and be willing to do what he wants, when he wants, just to be worthwhile.
  5. On The 2nd Day Of Christmas
  6. I hate working during the holidays. But it's necessary. I want my XBox One X now!

  7. If it is severe to the point that the person harms themselves, even not meaning to, then yes.
  8. Happy birthday :smile2:

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