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  1. Preparing for work a little early.

  2. Facebook wants to help people with their dating life? That is obsurd.
  3. Flash

    Twisting the Tale

    He is attempting to make himself appear as the victim. Hence why he is now "private".
  4. Allegiant.
  5. I hope you had a great birthday yesterday.

  6. At the minimum, the individual, and willing household members, should be court ordered to never own another pet. As for jail time, 2-10 years. Also restitution to rescue units that put efforts into rescuing the pets and forced to pay any medical expenses.
  7. 1. Potential information (or talk) on the next World of Warcraft expansion. 2. Anything on Goonies 2. 3. An article with news involving the US Military. 4. A recent Wikipedia article. 5. Photo of a tiger striped tabby with tiger colors.
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