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  1. Isn't this one girl from Switched at Birth in this movie?
  2. I don't care if there is a kickoff show or not. I'm greatful the event is even happening.
  3. Too bad it couldn't have been delayed only a month.
  4. Why should Tessa forgive Mariah? She cheated.
  5. Later this year. i wish we didn't have to wait, but it is what it is.
  6. I can see why episode 16 won't happen. Post production is doing work on something after it has filmed. Being it is the season 10 finale, it needed some work to make it look even better. That can't be done right now due to the spread of the Coronavirus.
  7. This is such a tragedy for The Detroit Police Department to lose one of their own.
  8. If you speak of who I think you are, he's not an essential worker in my opinion.
  9. Also, full medical costs paid should they get Coronavirus due to working.
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