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  1. Happy 34th birthday. :bday5:

  2. A child 7 and under should be committed to therapy for an appropriate term based on the degree of the crime. I know murder is murder to some but some kids that young have no idea what they're doing.
  3. I bet if more were allowed to vote, it would turn out different.
  4. How is this farce of "Pluto is not a planet!" allowed to continue.
  5. I pity the next woman that gets with him.
  6. New Yorkers don't ave to be so greedy. They can have the courtesy to share that snow.
  7. 9-1-1: Lone Star Teaser Previews First Look at FOX’s 9-1-1 Spinoff
  8. The focus of a Law and Order SVU episode was abortion. That's what SA's tweet said. There's nothing about it that would remotely justify BT1960's approach.
  9. If bullying was involved, the bullies should be prosecuted to the fullest extent allowable to set an example.
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