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  1. Some women ruin lives by not telling the father of their child that they have a child. Unless there is a good reason like abuse or threat to life, there is no excuse and back child support should be forfeit. But child support from that point on, should be paid.
  2. Small dog euthanized after being sexually assaulted, man gets 60 days in jail 60 days is not enough!
  3. Federal judge: Flint suit against Snyder can advance I say, hit that son of a b***h for everything he has.
  4. Cloak & Dagger Episode 2.04 Promo Teases A Different Breed of Monster
  5. Are Rey’s Parents in the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Trailer? It could be a similar ship. Not necessarily the same one.
  6. Emperor Palpatine Returns in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker This should make for an interesting movie. I wonder what chaos Palpetine will stir up.
  7. The Star Wars: Episode IX Title is The Rise of Skywalker! This raises so many questions.
  8. Very interesting rivalry.
  9. Flash

    Raging Teen Bully & Co

    Something is not right with this girl.
  10. It's good to know you are doing better. Hopefully this is the beginning of far better health for you.
  11. I remember when Ice Crown Citadel was the raid everyone just had to do. The guild I was in insisted on raiding it 3-4 times a week, which would require alt characters. My guild took raiding very seriously. Everyone was required to have atleast one DPS, one TANK, and one HEALER character. That I could understand. But the guild also required all raiders to give their cellphone number to the guild leader. one time when I was working, my guild master called me. Luckily I gaqe him a burner number for this app I had. He kept calling and calling. He wouldn't stop. When I did answer, I told him that I couldn't talk and had to work. He yelled at me at the top of his lungs telling me I need to focus on what is important and get in this scheduled raid. I hung up after I told him I had to work. Later on when I got on the game I received 31 letters to my in game mail box telling me I am a failure at life and always will be until I can prioritize. I put work first before a raid and I get told to prioritize? This is why I quite that game on May 4, 2011.
  12. I watched the movie with my wife. We liked the movie, but the entire time we were hoping psyho-logist Jill would end up a stain somewhere. She was very annoying with how she acted as if everyone she spoke to was beneath her.
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