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  1. I'm surprised she hasn't been already! The few Democrats I know despise her and say she's a nuisance.
  2. I did this once and pretended I only spoke French.
  3. Star Trek Online 10th Anniversary starship bundles beautiful, pricey Worth it, not pricey.
  4. I'll be taking a study break to watch this.
  5. Studying for an exam and watching over these wonderful forums.

    1. Captain VG

      Captain VG

      Studying is very important.

    2. Alexa M

      Alexa M

      So, was the exam today?

  6. Recently it was discovered that member "Kathy S" was someone that had previously threatened our head admin "Captain VG" on a prior Twitter name back in mid-2018. Forum admin Supergirl banned her "Kathy S" name. https://twitter.com/DWZM_forums/status/1223746977034145792 Bullies are not welcomed or allowed on the forums. Then it was decided that we delete "Kathy S" https://m.facebook.com/DerWilleZurMachtForums/photos/a.187365335973348/188279332548615/ Then "Kathy S" rejoined again under the name "Blenda". She was suspended right away by forum admin Zenon. Forum admin Zenon checked the email account for the forums and saw an email from this woman claiming she never attempted to join. Evidence showed otherwise. Not long later, other emails from this banned member had shown up. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=190235949019620&id=100908261285723 As suspected originally, banned member "Kathy S" (aka Blenda) was in fact "Kathy Scott" a known trouble maker online for making legal threats over petty disagreements, when things don't go her way, and when she doesn't get what she wants from someone. In her emails, Kathy Scott, attempts to make it seem like the forum was named "Der Wille Zur Macht" as a means to come after her. She also attempts to make other wild claims and threats. About the video with threats, here it is. Any further sign up attempts by Kathy Scott will be immediately suspended and then she will be removed. This is our last and final statement regarding this trouble maker. We prefer to move on and in the direction of positivity. Forum Admin: Norrie Calvert
  7. When the PS 4 came out, games were still released on the PS 3 for awhile. So assume the same is true for the PS4 when the PS5 is out.
  8. Same here. I just don't tolerate bullies.
  9. I'll report any bully I come across! Bullies ruin the game.
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