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  1. I don't think it will. It's 2 years away. That's 2 years to work around any bullsh*t.
  2. I see it as it is more time to make it better.
  3. My husband and I were at a restaurant eating, we didn't even have masks off for more than a minute before the waitress told us we had 2 choices. Leave or no talking while we eat. We were quiet until she walked away. We talked as we ate. She then came back. She took our plates and told us we were done and needed to leave. Neither me, nor my husband, were halfway done. He asked she give us our plates back. She walked away with them. We put our masks on then asked another waitress to get a manager. We spoke with the manager. Apparently the waitress told him m
  4. I am sure @CaptainVG313 and @Goldenforce772 feel the same way. So many mask wearers overdramatic about short time mask removal to eat or drink.
  5. Not seeing it in theaters. So I don't care about the release.
  6. Would you rather watch 4 hours of Barney the purple dinosaur or work 48 hours straight without overtime pay?
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