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  1. I think Chromebooks have a special purpose. Not sure what it is or why.
  2. How did you get the idea he could have been a jazz musician?
  3. I was right too! Country music singer.
  4. Member "Kjnk.star has been banned from this forum permanently for the following reasons. 1) A known bully that's participated in some malicious mischief. 2) Attempted to stir alot of drama. 3) Joined this forum for malicious reasons. 4) Wishing death and coronavirus on people on the forum. Proof: https://archive.is/zp28P 5) Lying in an attempt to defame the character of her victim ( @Mandy Girl) 6) Slandering her victim ( @Mandy Girl) 7) Raging upon her Twitter page (@Kjnkstar- http://archive.is/Adv1m) in an attempt to rally people to her side. All in hopes people might be willing to harass her victim ( @Mandy Girl) for her. Our member " @Mandy Girl" blogged about what happened with her original Twitter account. https://www.derwillezurmacht.com/blogs/entry/81-mandybaby40-account-stolen-and-reclaimed/ "Kjnk.star" chose to viciously attack her with lies and slander for speaking the truth. "kjnk.star" forum registration information: http://archive.is/zp28P This person is not welcome on the forums. Should she make another attempt to join, she will be removed as will anyone who joins on her behalf in an attempt to harass @Mandy Girl.
  5. A little while ago another admin noticed a blog comment made to this blog by someone that had just signed up. https://archive.is/zp28P Right away member "Kjnk.star" was banned. Around the same time she is ranting and raging upon her Twitter page (http://archive.is/Adv1m) slandering our member @Mandy Girl. Not just that, she is telling some made up story in an attempt to garner pity to her lies, defamation, and slander. She also makes an attempt to say those that have @Mandy Girl's back is the very thing she is, a bully. A statement regarding this shall be posted shortly.
  6. I think there should be serious consequences for those that don't listen.
  7. Have you forgotten all the evil things Tessa has pulled?
  8. Tessa has caused so much trouble. She should try to forgive.
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