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  1. The part about him attacking her for being unable to have kids catches my eye the most. I think he is upset he can't possibly try to trap her.
  2. This man needs to understand that women aren't his playthings or slaves.
  3. Wise choice. People are obsessed with using him to make fake racist claims. Not fair to the actor.
  4. I sense that you're holding back. No mention about the male immortal.
  5. Crisis on Infinite Earth's is about a girl who lost her make up.
  6. I would say " You've always been rude. You mistreat people. So no." Then close the door in their face.
  7. I would tell that person not to call, text or contact me again. Then I would block them.
  8. Does Alex have a girlfriend in this? If so, who? One request, please don't add Black Lightning.
  9. Any thoughts about this?
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