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  1. Hello.

  2. These people involved in attacking Person A make the TV Luthors look like saints.
  3. Good news for loyal PS4 owners everywhere.
  4. Christmas is fine anytime in small doses.
  5. Welcome.

  6. Always trust a Luthor... to be evil.

  7. It doesn't matter who beats the most responsibility. All who do need to face consequences.
  8. I think #Optrump is the stupidest OP yet.
  9. Yesterday I briefly saw a new member post a reply to a blog ranting and contradicting what he sent someone in Twitter DMs. It seemed like he was there to cause trouble. Was he banned?
  10. Lex

    Twisting the Tale

    This person that came at your friend made a poor judgement call. I can see she said that this other cat can't have tuna because of his condition. Then she told his own to give him treats. I do not see anywhere where she suggested anything that would harm that one sick cat.
  11. Hello gorgeous.

  12. Donald Trump is able to start collecting social security at any time since he is past 65.
  13. I had to take a friend's son to see this. He hated it. So did I. I have never seen anything more terrible.
  14. I just saw this movie. Trust me when I say it is far beyond good. It exceeded my expectations.
  15. Where did the shooter get his guns? If legally, then was a background check even done?
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