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  1. Avenger K

    Alita: Battle Angel {2/14/2019}

    Despite the previews, we really don't know much about this movie and all.
  2. Avenger K

    Aquaman {12/21/2018}

    The evil brother is hot.
  3. Avenger K

    Captain Marvel {3/8/2019}

    I can't wait to see this on opening day.
  4. 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer,' Charlie Brown and other holiday classics sparking controversy Are people that bored with their lives they try to make classics look like something so terrible?
  5. Is he just going for maximum pain and all?
  6. Avenger K

    R.I.P. "George H.W. Bush"

    Isn't he 60? What was wrong with him?
  7. Happy holidays. :snow2:

  8. Avenger K

    Right now the game I am playing is...

    Halo 3 Xbox360
  9. Avenger K

    What time is it now?

  10. Avenger K

    Random picture post

  11. Avenger K

    Christmas Harmony {Premiere- 11/24/2018}

    No offense to the makers and all, but this movie was terrible.