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  1. All I hear is "We will not tolerate being stood up to or people knowing our corrupt practices of censoring!"
  2. Happy birthday.

  3. Blizzard entertainment has that take over the world mentality.
  4. Why do I get the feeling Ray is going to die during Crisis on Infinite Earths?
  5. Actor A just pulled a hit and run on me in Twitter DM! He told me I needed to shut up and I talk too ghetto! Then he blocked me. Now the DM is gone. Slick b*st**d!
  6. Samus is just too nice. Sorry it had it to be said.
  7. If I was in your shoes, I wouldn't have been so nice in my words.
  8. That would make sense in why they censor people for Blizzard and all. They both can't handle anything they don't agree with.
  9. Blizzard is taking its censorship too far and they are censoring what's left. There is no hope for them and all.
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