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  1. The intelligence that just oozes from some of this and all.
  2. Avenger K

    Out of work?

    What's everyone's job status and all right now? Did this stupid Coronavirus cost you your job?
  3. I am going to have to watch the first 2 movies just before this one to get the whole effect and all.
  4. Only 7 days. I'm sure that people appreciate knowing this minor change and all.
  5. I hope so and this this one is scarier.
  6. I am sure it will be delayed again and all.
  7. I think it will happen and all.
  8. Can someone put this on the calendar here and all?
  9. Washington DC can become a state? I wonder what @Goldenforce772 or @Admiral Dakota would have to say on the subject and all.
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