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  1. Big perk: No more pain and lots of bleeding. Major perk: No periods or PMS. Well I assume no pms. Huge perk: If people bug you about how you should have kids or grow up and have kids, if you mention you had a hysterectomy, most will shut up quick.
  2. Hellboy Remake Is Rotten with Just 11% Score on Rotten Tomatoes I tried to see this today. It was terrible! Looks like the bad score on Rotten Tomatoes wasn't trolls being trolls.
  3. Yeah. They want to call it a dojo of sorts. Seriously. I would call it a landfill.
  4. This article shows just how little morals Blizzard has and all.
  5. In most stories involving that trash heap of a company, they never last long.
  6. I see that Blizzard slips and admits they ignore bullying and negative feedback on their blunders and all. So pathetic how they try to change that later in the article. You can't polish a turd people!
  7. First Ghostbusters 3 Teaser Poster Reminds Us Who to Call
  8. Watching San Andreas on DVD. The Rock is so hot! :love12:

  9. Welcome to DWZM.

  10. I played a long time ago. I was only like level 20 or 21 and was getting pressured to hurry and level up so I could be raid ready. I was bullied by guild members because I wasn't leveling fast enough. I got a speech on priorities. I bit back mentioning I have a job and college course work to do. I got a return speech about how I can spare some time to get raid ready so I can help fill out a raid team. Those nut jobs expected me to let my grades suffer and use my little spare time so they could get their bits and bytes of shiny new gear. While I don't mind helping, I make real life a priority.
  11. Bikini-clad bride weds groom in overalls, caps off Florida wedding with roll in the mud Florida is so weird.
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